N.O.R.E. Says He Confirmed Havoc's Rant Towards Prodigy "To Be Funny"

N.O.R.E says he couldn't actually hear the audio as they were playing it.

After alleged audio of Havoc putting Prodigy on blast and calling him gay hit the radio airwaves, N.O.R.E. called on air to Power 105’s The Breakfast Club to confirm that the clip was of Havoc. But during an interview with Vlad TV, Noreaga said that he couldn’t actually hear the audio as they were playing it and simply identified Havoc to make a “spirited moment to be funny and take a couple of shots back.”

“They didn’t ask me if Prodigy was gay. They asked me if it was indeed Havoc who was saying this audio. To tell you the truth, I didn’t really get to hear the audio when they was playing it. But I didn’t really care. It was a spirited moment to be funny and take a couple of shots back, so I said it was. But I have no idea if he is. You have to ask Havoc.”

Watch the interview below.



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  • Anonymous

    N.O.R.E was always a garbage rapper, I swear I wanna beat the shit out of everybody who says some dumb shit like "Man Nore use to be dope but he sucks now" Have ya'll ever actually listened to the lyrics on the N.O.R.E album?? Aiyyo, we light a candle Run laps around the english channel Neptunes, I got a cockerspaniel We on the run now, yo, it aint no fun now And where I go, you niggas cant even come now You aint the law, nigga, break it, I dont care And when ya get caught, remember that I dont care N.O.R.E., nuthin but the atmosphere Yo for now we on the run, yo if that aint clear Weak niggas wanna stick, you but that aint fair You we down in vegas, money, skies too courageous And yo, Im on the run, but still rip stages And call me animal thug, when Im in cages I used to proof phrases, rolled dice with no aces Now Im just included in the oasis Gotta take faces, no time for car races Check my SkyTel, I got five pages ^^^^^ Which part of that verse was suppose to be the dope part, I cant figure it out, somebody tell me

    • Anonymous

      ^^^^^^ I agree but lyrically this dude was always trash, he hasnt gotten any worse, his beat selection is what fell off, lyrically, he was already dog shit, cant fall off when your at the bottom to begin with, lol

    • Jason

      well i liked Noreaga's first 3 albums. the reggaeton one was shit. ok i admit lyrically he is weak a tad compared to say Tash from tha liks who is another half spanish half black rapper but NORE's production on his first album was fucking dope. Neptunes then you got all those beats with international flava using instruments like maracas and citars and kyotos i mean shit he had all countries on lock beat wise.

  • Anonymous

    Sensaye - It's not like their mentality was/is any different now than it was back then. They're older, probably richer, but still prone to these stupid publicity stunts, and getting mixed up in stupid back and forth war of words. No wonder most of these dudes never reach Jay, Em's, 50's plateau of success. They aren't built for the long haul. Instead of bettering their craft, they waste time on Twitter and calling radio stations.

  • Anonymous

    i think they are all a bunch of faggots

  • Anonymous

    Nore's a faggot. But that is in fact Havoc...

  • Sensaye252

    Damn, these rappers are just like a bunch of little girls. If these niggas in 1996 could see the type of shit they'd be doing and talking about in 2012, they'd all be ashamed of themselves. No wonder Nas Cormega separated themselves from all these clowns.

  • Anonymous

    Why should Havoc or Prodigy be afraid of Nore?

  • Anonymous

    yess capone is back. good to se you in this video...C.N.N is back

  • Untitled

    Nore a hoe fa dat....niggaz be attention hors out here.......

  • Mr Flamboyant

    Stop it, Nore. You're only making yourself look worse. Amazing what this dude used to be on the mic to what he is now. Sad but true.

  • Anonymous

    ABOSULTE BULLSHIT!!! Now I understand why Nore would work with a snitch like Capone!

  • DutchWeazel

    When Nore is on his rap shit, he's a nice MC (f*ck record sales) The man got skills and sound right on the mic.

  • Anonymous

    A 'sprited' moment? Not surprising from an alcoholic. Royce and GZA are fucking drunks too but at least Wu had their moments. Noreaga never did and Royce ain't allowed to anything unless he asks a white man if it's OK first.

    • Anonymous


    • GoReadABook

      haha what an ignorant ass comment. You realize that you just presented a load of half ass conjectures as facts, like you kick it tough with these famous rappers and know how often GZA drinks or that Royce contractually is obligated to ask Em if he can drink(an outrageously unbelievable statement in its own right). Then, of course, you gotta bring irrelevant race issues into the mix, and blame the white man. haha fuck man, do you realize how ironic it is that you are making fun of NORE for saying some shit that he didn't know shit about, while simultaneously doing the exact same thing?? Go read a fuckin book

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Fuck you you fat reggaeton snitch. The fact that Noreaga even has the shadow of a career in show business instead of bagging groceries like the goddamn retard he is is one of life's mysteries. This dumbass should kiss Tragedy Khadafy's feet every day for even paying attention to him back in the day.

  • s

    nore is all the dweebs combined in one man. prodigy is rude dog.

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