G. Dep Responds To Guilty Verdict In Murder Trial

G. Dep talks to MTV about being convicted of murder and says that it was God's will.

Two days ago, former Bad Boy rapper G. Dep was officially convicted of murder for the shooting of 32-year-old John Henkel in 1993. Earlier today, the Harlem rapper spoke to MTV about the conviction and the mandatory minimum sentence of 15 years in prison that he faces.

G. Dep took the murder conviction in stride, saying that it was God's will that he take accountability for his crimes. Although he has yet to be sentenced and could face a lifetime sentence for the murder, Dep added that life goes on and that he will make the best of the situation to reform his ways.

"However it went down, it was just one of them things where I knew I was facing some type of charge, so whatever the verdict was, I knew it was God's will," he said. "Someone was taken from [the Henkel] family, so I can't feel like I was robbed in any kind of way," he said. "I just want to thank everyone that was involved in the case. I don't have no ill thoughts towards anybody."

He added, "I'ma just stay strong and hopefully I'll see y'all in the near future or the far future. I know life goes on, praise God. And one day maybe I could say hello to y'all again."

Sentencing in the case will occur on May 8. Listen to the full interview below. 

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  • M-Double

    @CrackPipe The guy wasn't homeless, check the interview from his wife. You think a woman like that would support a total sucker, that's never there for his kids and has no respect for her?! My ignorant friend, like I said, almost 20 years ago, if you can't comprehend that then I guess you haven't got alot of life experience yet. I never said he shouldn't get punished but a 5-7 year sentence would be more in its place in my opinion. @the cat below CrackPipe, racism has nothing to do with THIS CASE indeed but if you really believe the justice system is sound and not racially biased then you know less than nothing. @ the last cat responding, indeed he has to pay my man but like I said 5-7 years is sufficient. You know how long that is when you're locked up...

  • Anonymous

    M Double - In a perfect world it would happen like that, but then you have to ask yourself can the victim's family spend the rest of their lives accepting that G Dep is a better person now? Would that help them sleep better at night? No way. They may eventually forgive him, but it's clear he has to pay.

  • a$$hole

    god ain't got shit to do with it. This scumbag being thick as shit is why he got a guily charge... too dumb to look beyond his ego. He desrves every minute.

  • A$$hole

    he deserves to pay and he is doing just that.

  • Kevon

    This is crazy go to Streetleaguemovement.com they got some old pics have to see this May God bless you G-Dep

  • M-Double

    I can't believe this shit, the law system in the US is so shortsighted, ignorant, racist and above that inhuman. Giving a man 15 years for something he did almost 2 decades when he was a young, dumb, poor kid with nothing to lose?! The man wanted to come in the clear with himself and admitted to a crime the cops wouldn't solve in a million years anymore. Now he's a dedicated father and husband, with a good character and his heart in the right place. The mature G-Dep has to pay for what the kid G-Dep did. That's what you get for having judges with absolutely no feeling of reality, poverty and everything that comes with it. 80% all come from high income families, don't know shit about hard times, have not enough true experience on how life is and are ignorant in so many ways.

    • Anonymous

      You're dumb! Racism has nothing to do with it jackass....why don't you read a book and stop jumping on the racism bandwagaon?

    • CrackPipe

      G-Dep himself has admitted that he's had a PCP addiction for the last 5 years, the guy was basically homeless so I don't know where you are getting this dedicated family man shit from. And all you are really saying is if a man from a poor neighborhood, with a rough upbringing kills another man but then goes on to be a relatively good person in his own life, they should get off with no punishment...are you fucking stupid? Grow up and stop talking about shit you clearly know nothing about.

  • Hypestyle

    this is what's wrong with rap today, too many people feel like they have to live the trife life, drugs, shootouts, robbery, pimping, just to justify wanting to be involved in music.. leave the silliness alone, remember the words of Slick Rick, "Straight and narrow or your soul is cast.. good night."

  • Anonymous

    I still say this does more harm then good, his son now gets to grow up without a father and with a single mother to support him, which puts him in a position to wind up right where his father is, statistically proven He could have made his peace with god or whatever by helping the community, I dont know how much another black man sitting in a prison cell really makes a diffrence. When this case jumped off a newspaper interviewed one of the victims family members and even they said they had moved on and Dep was an idiot. I'm inclined to agree SMH of the decade award, give this man a dunce cap

    • CrackPipe

      It's funny how you act like you know EXACTLY how Dep was feeling at the time he confessed. maybe he couldn't live with the fact that he took another man's life and this was the only way he felt he could make things better. Not to mention his son was already being raised by a single mother as Dep has been a PCP addict for years now. I doubt he even saw his son regularly before he turned himself in.

  • Anonymous

    complete oj move, getting away with murder then going to jail years later...

    • CrackPipe

      This is the dumbest, most retarded statement I've ever read. OJ was found NOT GUILTY of murder then got locked up on some robbery bullshit over a decode later. COMPLETELY different situation, moron.

  • Anonymous

    At least he came clean we all make mistakes whether BIG or small but he owned up to it I respect that not what he did...but think about how many people kill and NEVER feel anything

  • Oaklands Own

    This is so sad man.... Special Delivery is a classic. Im gonna pray for all involved. You gotta remember that someone lost their life in this ordeal.

    • Desperado

      He robbed the man then shot him in cold blood. fuckin stupid. he had no reason to shoot the man. he gets what he deserves

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