It wasn’t long after Tupac’s death that the theories began. There are some 30 reasons given as to why Pac is really alive. Among those reasons is the “7 theory.” September 13th will mark the seventh year since the infamous shooting in Las Vegas. Supporters of the ‘alive theory’ claim this is the day Pac will return.

To make things more interesting, there is a song that is being sold on Ebay (for $500) that is supposed proof. The song contains lyrics chastising Ja Rule for dick riding and Jay-Z for stealing “Me and My Girlfriend.” Apparently, the song will officially be released on September 13th.

The song, “Fuck Murder Inc,” contains the lyrics; “I gives a fuck what these niggas tell me/I’m tired of all these niggas claiming that they Makaveli/a Ja Rule killa/how the fuck you think you’d get away with that/rapping on Pac beats, you know you wack.” And for Jay-Z, “And while I ride, I might as well mention Jigga/jacking ‘Me and My Girlfriend,’ bitch ass nigga.” If you can get your hands on the song, decide if it is really Pac or a really, really shameless publicity stunt.