Ma$e To Possibly Appear On Rick Ross, French Montana's Albums

French Montana says that Ma$e may appear on both his and Rick Ross's upcoming LPs.

It looks like Hip Hop fans may be welcoming back Ma$e for a third time in his career. In a recent article from XXL, Bad Boy signee French Montana revealed that Betha may join him and Rick Ross on their upcoming respective albums.

Last night, a picture featuring Ma$e, Rick Ross, French Montana, Omarion and Rico Love surfaced on the Internet (see above). Now, French explained the context for the pic, saying that Ma$e joined him and Ross in the studio in Miami to record together. He said that the trio ended up recording two tracks together, and that they may end on on either French's Excuse My French or Ross's God Forgives, I Don’t.

“We were in a Miami studio last night and Ma$e just stopped by,” Montana said. “We were just workin’ on my album. We recorded two songs together—me, Ross and Ma$e. You might hear [Ma$e] on either my album [Excuse My French] or Ross’ [God Forgives, I Don’t] or both...Ma$e sounds good, sound like he never left. His flow is crazy. We’re going to let the world hear soon enough. Stay tuned. Just stay tuned.”

Ma$e and French had previously worked together on the remix to his track "New York Minute." 

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  • drew

    Murda Ma$e from the legendary children of the corn is back!!!chhhheaaaa

  • Tony

    You idiots Rap is Music you half Christian half religious nuts are always yapping,... He s human he can be who ever the fuck he wants to be dude has street cred he held Harlem down he is from the era of Big L Biggie PAC Jay Z , he is going to hell for making music? Fuck outta here everybody has mistakes you fickle as rap fans need to stop... Fuck a comment section you idiots have no jobs no homes no life just a Internet connection or at ur local library typing shit just because... Mase getting money and in America you can get it don't knck the hustle period.. You can believe in God and admit to our sins I thought that aw the chistian way ? None of you live effect lives fuck outta here

  • Mason Betha?

    Mase is a weird guy. He leaves rap to preach, comes back in the early 2000's as a "clean" rapper...Doesn't work out, so he leaves and goes back to church again...Then he comes back and tries to sign with G-Unit as a gangster rapper...Diddy won't let him go to G-Unit so he goes back to preaching...He randomly briefly returns in the 2010's and raps over some Drake beats, declaring his return...But then he leaves once more...Now he's back, I guess as a gangster rapping, trying to rap with Rick Ross...? lol

  • mr

    mA$e who????? I dont want to hear another welcome back song

  • Alf Capone

    mase should just stick to his church and his trannies

  • row

    ahahahhaha watch ross sign mase to mmg... THIS NIGGA IS COPYING 50s CAREER MOVE FOR MOVE!!!!! FIRST REEBOK NOW THIS

    • realtalk

      swizz beats was on reebok and came to ross with the idea. 50 had to beg reebok for a deal and the gunit sneakers flopped. but we can agree that 50 copied ja rules career!! 50 sang like him in songs. had braids like him weave at that one time. 50 cent wore tanktops like ja rule. 50s doing movies like ja rule with casts that ja rule did movies with already. now 50 trynna sign a female to gunit like how ja rule signed vita. paris is a wanna be vita. 50 wishes he had the life ja rule did. thats the only reason he even made it this far. him having the determination to be what ja rule was. now that 50 has all that nigga cant even drop a decent single or an album @ that.

  • realtalk

    get mase on mmg!!!

  • Anonymous

    Ma$e on "God Forgives, I Dont." I dont think God's gonna forgive dis nigga anymore. Cant seem to make up his mind

  • hypestyle

    I think that Ma$e was more honest with his "hustle" as a rapper than as some microwave-minister mentored by the likes of Creflo Dollar. If Mase is Harlem-raised, what the hell is he doing giving sermons with a deep southern drawl? Absolutely ridiculous. Ma$e's S.A.N.E. ministry does nothing but disrupt people's lives, especially young people who were otherwise on a good path..

  • Anonymous

    a fake pastor and a fake drug kingpin whoa ahahah

  • Anonymous

    I believe maybe went to the studio to talk to them and maybe tell them some positive things about living life. I hope he mentioned the title of rick ross' album title. I mean "God Forgives, I Don't" is borderline blasphemous. THINK ABOUT IT!.. Mase has had some struggles probably with living right himself. So i'm not going to judge him for stopping by the studio. To rap is natural for him, so I understand why he said a few lines on a track. I hope what he spit is positive!

  • The_Observer

    Mase would perfectly with MMG, since they like making sounds with R&B hooks....he is a perfect fit...but then there is greedy Diddy, Puffy whatever his name is these days who will not want to release Mase from his Bad Boy contract

    • Anonymous

      Puff released Mase from his contract several years ago jackass!

    • B

      Ma$e is not signed to Bad Boy anymore, there was a video online a couple years back of Mase going to a radio station while Diddy was there and he asked for his release and Diddy reluctantly signed it, he looked pissed about it tho

    • sissykiss77

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    • Anonymous

      Puff is Rick Ross's manager I'm sure they could work summin out

  • RhymesReasons

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  • Anonymous

    One thing you can say about Ma$e is that he has never been arrested for nothing domestic. That has to be applauded in this day and age.

  • Never fails

    As usual the hiphopdx haters are in full force..... And to the comments below who are you to judge someone..... Like y'all life has been extra clean and perfect.... Maybe made needs some money and the rap community still respects him. Good day haters...



    • Anonymous

      No, my life hasnt been perfect & Clean ......but I never flip flopped around on god like that if your gonna preach then preach, how you gonna preach out one side your mouth and rap with a guy who glorifies dope dealing out the other?? You lames need to toss that word "Hater" out and stop using it to deflect every piece of criticism you see I dont hate mase, hating would for be for me to say "I hope mase gets cancer and dies", that would be a hateful comment....... I just want this hypocrite to think about what he's doing and stop selling out god every time he thinks he can get a rap check Do christian Rap if you still wanna spit, go holler at Copywrite and Lacrae and form some kind of supergroup, dont be passing the mic to a wanna be pablo escobar and then go back to church on sunday and tell us to do right, Fuck outta here....

  • Hip Hop Fan

    I fail to see how a preacher makes an appearance on two rappers albums who glorify the drug game. Whoever attends Mase's church is an idiot because all their donations have just gone down the drain. What does he even say to the people if they ask why he did this? Is he going to say God told me to rap on French and Ross's albums because selling and glorifying drugs is okay. Who knows...rap is just a big drama sitcom anyways..bunch of phoneys all hanging out together

  • Anonymous

    Rapper (Bad Boy era) turned preacher, turned rapper (G-Unit era) turned preacher, turned rapper (MMG era?)

  • remaste

    he's gonna kill them on those tracks

  • Anonymous

    cuz diddy owns him. diddy prolly told him to jump, and he had to

  • Anonymous

    Talk about a fucking phony.

  • Anonymous

    you go from reaching to rapping with niggas who glorify drug dealing?? God has a special place in hell picked out for this motherfucker, live it up while you can

  • MasonBetha

    I feel sorry for whoever follows his (coughs and clears his throat) El Elyon International Church and Mason Betha Ministries...shit this is worse then that puerto rican dude frm Miami who claims to be the recoming of Jesus Christ. People will believe ANYTHING you say nowadays. CMON SON??!!

  • MasonBetha

    .......This nigga is going to Hell. How you gonna be a rapper turned preacher turned rapper...TURNED RAPPER AGAIN? wtf is going on with this niggas head? Ma$e...your prime passed fam. Kick rocks back to ATL

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