Kendrick Lamar Recalls Seeing Tupac When He Was Alive

In an interview with MTV, Kendrick Lamar compares the time he saw Tupac with this weekend's hologram performance at Coachella.

Kendrick Lamar was fortunate to have seen Tupac Shakur—albeit briefly—before the controversial emcee, poet and actor died in 1996. In an MTV interview conducted by Rahman Dukes, K-Dot explained that he caught a few glimpses of ‘Pac and Dr. Dre while part of the original “California Love” video was being shot in his hometown.

“It was almost live because he was shooting a video on Rosecrans in Compton with [Dr.] Dre for the original ‘California Love’ video,” Kendrick said. “I actually got to see him perform just a little bit before they shut that shit down…before it got too crazy.”

In addition to his own solo set the Top Dawg Entertainment emcee performed his new single “The Recipe” with Dr. Dre. He said Dre confirmed the rumors of a Tupac hologram that had been circulating days before their Coachella performance, but seeing it in person was both “crazy” and “organic.”

There were rumors of a similar Nate Dogg hologram being used at Coachella, but ultimately Tupac’s was the only such performance. But Nate’s longtime recording partner, Warren G (who also knew Tupac personally), said he would be open to such a performance in the future. Warren G further went on to say Sean “Diddy” Combs might be just the one to orchestrate a tour featuring some of Hip Hop’s fallen legends in hologram form.

Watch the full MTV interview below.

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  • Yep

    I promise you that hip hop dx is going to be the sole reason that Kendrick Lamar gets played out quick. They posting on every little comment he makes. Actually they are skimming the internet looking for Kendrick interviews. Kind of stalkish dont ya think?

  • Anonymous

    Im a big fan of Kendrick Lamars music but am getting fed up with everyday the blogs and sites posting anything about him up getting boring

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  • Holla

    Tupac died in 1996. Kendrick is supposed to be 24. But he remember seeing Pac? Hmmmmmmm

  • Yup

    Damn it Warren G! Now we have a Biggie hologram concert to look forward besides, if anyone has watched the flick SimOne? Yeah, that's going to be the future right there. But to make it even crazier, it won't be holograms of the deceased, but just made up images. Very soon, artists in the flesh won't be relevant. Just song writers, programmers, developers, just watch. 15 years from now, y'all will be like "damn, that kid was on point!"

  • Yo

    This nigga lying. Just another one of those bitch ass niggas using Pac's name for fame. Smh

    • MalcolmLittle

      Why he gotta be lyin though, what he gotta gain by sayin he saw 'Pac shootin a video when he was a shorty? Ain't like he said he was kickin it with the nigga or no shit like that, he said he got to see fam get busy for a half a piece of a second. I understand though, niggas probably wouldn't believe you either if it was you that saw him.

  • SpecialK

    the last line about diddy starting a "hologram tour" almost me throw up. the last thing we need is leeches like diddy trying to make more money from the deceased. i personally viewed the tupac hologram as an homage, but once they start doing it en masse, that's when it's all going to turn to shit. you just know the mainstream industry is going to try and cash in on this...

    • dd

      Co-sign both of you

    • MalcolmLittle

      Hell yeah. Instead of just lettin the 'Pac hologram be a monumental moment in history, they're gonna run the shit into the ground til it becomes nothin but another pop culture fad that our kids'll be watchin on VH1's I Love The '10s. Damn shame too.

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