Hip Hop Album Sales: The Week Ending 4/15/2012

Trip Lee is the latest Christian Hip Hop artist to prove hugely successful on the charts, as J. Cole crosses the 600,000 mark and Nicki Minaj maintains a Top 3.

The big addition to the charts this past week was Trip Lee's fourth solo album, The Good Life. The Dallas, Texas native is the latest Reach Records artist to make a significant debut on the charts for the Christian Hip Hop label - joining LeCrae, who is featured on the project. Additionally, J. Cole's debut album Cole World: The Sideline Story crossed the 600,000 sales mark, as E-40's second of three March LPs was the last one standing on the Top 200.

For Trip Lee, It Is A Good Life

116 Clique founding member Trip Lee scored a Top 20 debut with The Good Life. This is over 40 spots higher than Lee's last solo album, Between Two Worlds, which was released in 2010. The Texas native who now lives in the Washington D.C. area called on LeCrae, Andy Mineo, K.B. and others to appear on his latest work. With label-mates, Trip performed at 2012's South By Southwest Festival, as the first showcase by all Christian Hip Hop artists at the historic music gathering.

Nicki Minaj Holds Top 3 With Roman

After last week's #1 debut, Nicki Minaj did not have a sophomore week slump with Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded. Barbz appeared at #3, behind Lionel Richie's #1 debut and the eight-times-platinum 21 by Adele. The Cash Money/Young Money artist was a mere 10,000 units behind a #2 rank, in her 81,000 units sold. Cam'ron, Nas and 2 Chainz are featured on the sophomore solo effort from the Queens, New Yorker, in addition to label-mates Drake and Lil Wayne.

Hip Hop Album Sales: The Week Ending 4/15/2012

#3. Nicki Minaj - Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded - 81,000 (335,000)

#17. Trip Lee - The Good Life - 22,000 (22,000)

#28. Drake - Take Care - 14,000 (1,683,000)

#41. Tyga - Careless World: Rise Of The Last King - 10,000 (191,000)

#53. Young Jeezy - TM103: Hustlerz Ambition - 7,800 (560,000)

#74. Jay-Z & Kanye West - Watch The Throne - 5,400 (1,412,000)

#78. Odd Future - OF Tape, Vol. 2 - 4,900 (64,000)

#88. J. Cole - Cole World: The Sideline Story - 4,300 (601,000)

#110. Diggy - Unexpected Arrival - 3,400 (42,000)

#196. E-40 - Block Brochure, Volume 2: Welcome To The Soil - 2,000 (13,000)

* data comes from Nielsen Soundscan, rounded to nearest thousandth for units above 10,000, nearest hundredth for units below 10,000. Each week, HipHopDX presents top albums in Hip Hop/related, and five notables.

Will Lushlife's Plateau Vision crack the charts next week? Stay tuned to HipHopDX.

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  • Anonymous

    Yo jeezy pushing almost 600,000 units ain't nothing to scoff at, that's dope, good for him



  • Anonymous

    "You still believe in soundscane bro!?" Canibus

    • Anonymous

      quoted from the biggest failure in the history of hip hop LOL, Canibus is the Ryan Leaf of Rap, if he told me it was sunny outside I'd bring an umbrella with me, he's never been right about anything in his life

  • Jack the ripper

    Jeezy first Gold Album on a major label, The label purposely shelve jeezy to promote ricky ring around the rosay, who never sold and never will sell a million unless def jam buy records,

  • John-Boy

    Nicki is fading fast. Maybe now she will remember she is rapper and not Nicki Gaga.

    • Anonymous

      I don't see how she fading fast, with a number one album that still sold 81,000 in it's second week......lol. Stop hating.

  • DaTruth

    Fuck Trip Lee with his imperalistic views, your dumb

  • Anonymous

    Adele stays laughing at the competition While everybody else in music complains about downloading and the recession she's just keeping her mouth shut putting up 2002 numbers Goes to show you, people will still by your music if they like it. She outsold Lady Gaga, Lil Wayne, Drake & Taylor Swifts last albums combined

    • Anonymous

      @ Violator Teenage girls make up Lady Gaga, Rhianna & Katy Perry fanbases as well, and Adele outsold them all combined I think her outsellng everybody by this wide a margin is a victory for TALENT over MARKETING

    • Anonymous

      That's when you know that a rapper has made it, when people are comparing your sales to other genres of music. YMCMB has crossed over and are extremely successful at what they do, which is making a whole lot of money.

    • Violator

      I like Adele, but ya'll need to remember that teenage girls/women are her biggest fans - and females don't download as much as men. Instead of figuring out how to download like most dudes, they'd just prefer to shell out $14.99 and get it over with

    • John-Boy

      The difference between Adele and the artists you named is that Adele actually has a true talent. Her songs have actual meaning and are not cookie cutter pieces of crap put out just to try and make a quick buck. Adele is not forced down people throats like Wayne, GagA, Drake, and T Swift.

    • Anonymous

      Adele's showing these clowns how it's done.

  • trulo

    roman reloaded was not a hip hop album.. just sayin!!!!!!!!!!!

  • IAmControverse

    CONGRATULATIONS, TRIP!!!!! I love what God is doing through artists like him and that people are listening. Talk about REAL HIP HOP!

  • jr88

    she will tap out at 500 or 600 thousand...its still good but half of here fan base is gone...i think its because she trys too hard to be gaga and now rhianna....not too mention she is getting really bad reviews from critics and he former fans...have you seen all the blogs and youtube convos?..they hate her now...i think in the end she is gonna become like kim k and release cloths and perfume but not music....drake isnt writing her shit no more...drake sucks but his rhymes are more suited for a female....rip nikki

  • Anonymous

    why you think diddy makes more money with no gold albums in the last 10 years? Album sales do matter. Diddy profited big time from Biggie, especially that second album, plus Black Rob, 112, Mase, etc. all went platinum at one time. Diddy's smart. He made his money off other people, then used that to put himself in a position where he never has to see another gold/platinum album ever again. But of course sales matter. Just not to him.

  • Donald Passman

    The entertainment industry is a very lucrative business to be in. Stay true to what you feel and you will make it big eventually.

  • Tech N9ne

    I HATE BLACK MUSIC AND BLACK ARTISTS AS WELL (Typical bitch made talking)

  • Hip-Hop Sales This Week


  • Anonymous

    You gossip kids are so busy talking about issues that will that have no true value and ignore the science, math, and knowledge needed to succeed in the world we called reality. Hip Hop as already been defined. Very few folks are truly doing something new. Electronic music been around for over 30 years and you lil nigs think its a new craze. ^ Mr Wow be dropping jewels

    • Anonymous

      1st anon: You just co-signed Mr Wow by saying you need knowledge. Case closed. 2nd anon: Get out your feelings. Everybody is allowed to dream, just make sure you're ready when you wake up to reality.

    • Anonymous

      who are you to sit there and tell people what is best and most valuable to them. get over yourself nigga. cant stand people like you who act like your understanding of people's lives dreams and needs are superior. what are you doing that's so "new" nigga? what new numbers and scientific formulas did you discover from inside your cubicle today? lol next time get off your high horse and look in the mirror before you start acting like a condescending tool.

    • Anonymous

      You're not making any sense at all. Music is a billion dollar business and knowledge about the business of it, can help you succeed in it.

  • Anonymous

    album sales do not matter.......it's all about brand building these days. why you think diddy makes more money with no gold albums in the last 10 years?

    • Anonymous

      Thank you last anonymous. That's why PP is first.

    • Anonymous

      Press Play went gold. So did 8Ball & MJG. Those numbers are actually legit. Look up the RIAA database suckers.

    • Anonymous

      diddy is a mogul with multiple ventures. this was a dumb ass post.

    • numbers false

      sales don't matter to diddy and all of those numbers you put up came from wikipedia......lol. diddy hasn't had a gold album in over 10 years.

    • Teddy

      Because he does business and music is not his main career. Album sales actually matter if your main proffesion is music.

    • Anonymous

      The Saga Continues-gold Press Play-gold We Invented the Remix vol 1-2x platinum Da Band-gold 10th Anniversary-gold Carl Thomas-gold Mario Winans-gold 8Ball & MJG-gold Ma$e Welcome Back-gold New Edition-gold Biggie Duets:The Final Chapter-platinum Young Joc-platinum Cassie-platinum Danity Kane-platinum 2001-2008 SALES DO MATTER. THEY JUST DON'T MEAN YOU'RE THE BEST BECAUSE YOU SELL

  • Numbers Game

    Lauren Hill has children, Rah Digga has children and Khia has children. I hope Nicki doesn't end up like Latifah, Lyte, Eve, Lil Kim, Foxy, Trina and Mary J with no kids. Such a shame.

    • Anonymous

      maybe she dont want children, lol, there's no law against that, I dont want kids either, they annoy me

  • Numbers Game

    Pink Friday sold 376,000 pieces in it's first week and 103,000 pieces in it's second week for a two week total of 479,000. Roman Reloaded did 254,000 in it's first week and now 81,000 in it's second for a two week total of 335,000. So, she is off by 144,000 pieces, which isn't bad at all. Roman Reloaded will go platinum before the year is out and her third album will be the breakout album.



    • Anonymous

      shut the fuck up nicki is so commercial and cole is not and you know it i think its a great effort from cole especially cause its his first album so he is not as recognised as nicki...

    • Anonymous

      Are you sure she has a different audience? Would you be able to tell me who has what type of audience? The last time I checked, ANYBODY has a choice to buy ALL of those people named CD's.

    • Anonymous

      She has a completely different audience idiot.



    • trix

      drake,s numbers are bigger than kanye n jay um lovin it..

    • blaze

      your name is hater slayer go listen to your "Best Rapper Alive"

    • Hater Slayer

      the charts don't stop at the top 200 lol. just because an album isn't selling in the top 200, it doesn't mean that it's not still selling copies. 500-1,000 copies per week add up. i'm not a human has sold between 980,000-995,000 copies so far, so it ain't too far from platinum.

    • blaze

      are you retarded i am not a human dropped off the charts two years ago.

    • Anonymous

      "i'm not a human" is about to go platinum, "thank me later" is about to go 2x platinum and "take care" will go 2x platinum by the end of the summer.

  • grown woman

    young money entertainment has 4 gold albums, 3 platinum albums and 1 multi platunum album in the last 2 years. that doesn't even include singles and worldwide sales.

    • Jimmy the Boss at Interscope

      aftermath had a nice run, but no limit records had about 12 different artists go gold, platinum or multi. nobody will ever do what master p did with no limit. he owned the whole company 100% with no partners. puff daddy owned only 50% of bad boy and clive davis owned the other 50%. jay z, kareem and dame owned 33% of rocafella together as partners. dr dre owned 50% of aftermath and jimmy iovine owned the rest. 50 cent was signed to interscope, aftermath and shady, so that money was split 3 ways. game was signed to interscope, aftermath and g unit. in other words, interscope was getting 75% profit off of all of eminem's albums as well as the game and 50. jimmy is a pimp.

    • TheMaster

      Yeah, but not like aftermath from 03 to 05

  • Holy Shat

    Holy fuck Adele went 8x platinum. I didn't think anyone could sell that many albums nowadays. Unbelievable that a fat white chick can sell that much shit.

    • Anonymous

      thats cause adelle has talent unlike the whole ymcmb who are a bunch of talentless retards

    • Anonymous

      he has a point though people are so shallow these days. if youre not a 90lb white girl with a sex tape people wont support you. so it is surprising to see that a woman like adele could break the scale. no pun intended.

    • I hate Racist people

      this is a hip hop site, so why are you bringing up adele? sit your racist stan azzz down.

    • Alf Capone

      what does her race and weight have to do with her ability to make music. i think that was one of the dumbest statements that has ever been posted on hhdx. youve gotta be one dumb nigga. i feel bad for anyone that has to be around u on a regular occasion

    • Anonymous

      its called talent

  • Anonymous

    tyfromthechi speaks the truth

  • tyfromthechi

    Fuck is you talking about man

  • tyfromthechi

    For a artist.of j Cole caliber his numbers are a huge success roc nation was suprised with the numbers he put up if Cole drop some hot joints and get on some hot features his sophomore album should surpass his first album as for Nicki alot of marketing dallors was wasted on her and her the label,let her do her own thing cause they thought she had lady gaga status but what they fell to realize is hiphop fans will turn they back on you once u go pop everybody new the direction she was going with that album thats why alot of her hiphop fans dint buy it and pop fans really only buy singles Nickie is done all the money she make off her tour will be going back to the label cause they put alot of money into her.........Nicki if your reading this stick to your roots let the people love u for who you are dont try to be something your not you not pop Michael Jackson is pop Madonna is pop lady gaga is pop Brittney spears is pop pink is pop Christina Aguilera is pop Kattie Perry is pop Nicki minaj is not and thats why you flopped.....but she will go gold

    • @YESSIR

      You're trash. J Cole is a better rapper than all of YMCMB period J Cole>YMCMB and assosiates

    • YESSIR


    • room2roam

      its so annoying when mf's say shyt like dont try to be something you;re not. wtf does thatmean when you have no idea who the person wa sin the first place. just bc she didnt dress like this previously doesnt mean this isnt who she is. CLEARLY it is. not saying i like it or agree with it but i dont know her personally so i dont know who she was or what shes become or what how she evolved or changed and neither does anyone else on here. shyt just sound silly.

    • Alf Capone

      her first album was a bunch of pop shit too

    • Anonymous

      Nicki's "roots" are Pop..always have been, always will be

    • Anonymous

      Last time I checked, J Cole had 4 multi-platinum artists feautured on his debut, expensive samples, featured on Jay Z Blueprint album, performed at the Grammy awards before his album dropped. Sony lost alot of money on this J Cole album......lol

  • Streetzzzzzz

    Ain't it funny how stuff be, when you send out as much love as YMCMB does? Those gentlemen over at YMCMB never send out hate, so that's why they still winning. The last time they did something negative on wax, was in the mid nineties with UNLV song called "Drag Em From Da River". They even made up for that, by signing the artist (Mystikal) that was the target of that diss. Positive vibes last longer than negative ones.

  • Kap Diva

    Wow, Young Money Records sold 105,000 copies while Roc Nation Records has only sold 9,700 copies. With all the money Sony spent to promote J Cole's album, it took him 6 whole months to go gold while Nicki is probably be gold in 6 weeks........lol.

    • Mr.Wow

      How is drake selling millions of records good for the culture? The only benefits we see from most these rappers are bad stereotypes. How does any artist on YM/CM help you in your daily life. What it encourages you to bob your head, dance like a coon, and dress like a person who most likely won't finish high school, or college. Time to wake up my people. If you want to be inspired by music you should check the history of black music all of it. Listen to the music and think about all the ish they was going through in a world where they had to sit o the back of the bus, and use black only restrooms. You gossip kids are so busy talking about issues that will that have no true value and ignore the science, math, and knowledge needed to succeed in the world we called reality. Hip Hop as already been defined. Very few folks are truly doing something new. Electronic music been around for over 30 years and you lil nigs think its a new craze. Don't let music, judgment, or the social ills of the world define you.

    • Huh?

      considering this is nicki's sophmore album, she's been on everything and anything to promote herself, and the fact that every bitch is in love with her music, plus she has a lot of gays on her side, yeah none of that shit helped her out. Yet, her album is still a flop considering the first Pink Friday sold more in it's first week.

    • ?

      how did Sony promote J.Cole? All he did was tour b4 his albulm but had no videos or radio play. While YM pretty much runs the radio and have their music in heavy rotation way b4 their albulm even has a released date

    • Anonymous

      Jay Z promoting WTT more than he is with J Cole. J Cole can't even get a real headline tour. Jay had to send on tour to open for Drake. If I was Birdman and Wayne, I wouldn't allow any Roc Nation Artist to open for my tour.

    • Anonymous

      When these Stan's favorite artists are losing, they call it bad taste from the kids. Drake went gold with his first major EP, 1.7 million on his first major LP and now his second major LP is soon to sell 2 million copies. That's not even counting singles and overseas sales. He generating alot of cash for our culture. Stop with the hate and just appreciate that he has had a great 3 year run. Everybody gets a turn, so your artist will get a chance maybe.

    • Anonymous

      just goes to show how kids these days have horrible taste in rap


    Future - Pluto in stores now with hot singles "Same Damn Time", "Magic" ft T.I., & "Tony Montana" ft Drake! We Global NOW

  • email

    i can't believe drake has sold more. j cole and his album are far superior.

  • mary_yayo@hotmail.com

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Take that fuckin faggots. I knew from the fuckin start this bitch would sell less than 100.000 copies. Look at the previous number, it was plain to see it was a flop.

  • FucKKK NicKKKi Menage

    Damn sales are WEAK! How come Nicki Menage sells 80,000 and still be on top 3?

    • YESSIR


    • flop report

      since when is 80k the second week winning when you have a multi million dollar budget. You need to stop acting like she is winning hell even she deleted her twitter and she is talking crazy to her fans about not hearing her voice. She knows that they took her in the wrong direction and thats quite evident when drake sales 200k more then his first album in the first week and she sales 200k less. They really drop the ball big time and pink friday needs to be called red friday now because she is n the red big time. LoveForHipHOP

    • Anonymous

      Because she sold more than every other rapper 2 week total, with the exception of Eminem, Lil Wayne, Drake and WTT. Stop hating and trying to act like she ain't winning.

  • Anonymous

    LAUGHTERHOUSE has ads (fake articles) on here constantly and wow, ** NOBODY ** is checking for their bum-ass back catalog... what a surprise! Make another dogshit mixtape Joell, you're a "beast"!

  • Cole World.

    Cole's album was wack but I'm glad it's still selling and hope he releases an album of better quality like his mixtapes, the new songs he's been releasing have been fucking sick so J Cole ain't flopping anytime soon. Glad Nicki has flopped, fucking disgrace, ugly ass untalented bitch.

    • flop report

      A Flop: when an artist does not meet sales expectations. Its that simple. Flop: Drake sold 200k more first week then his last album this thing sold 200k less. But let me say this, if you like her music then buy it and stop worrying about what other people have to say getting your panties all in a bunch. You know its a flop when people call it a flop. If she did big numbers then the album wouldnt be called a flop. A lot of people dont like drake but nobody could say that he flopped a lot of people didnt like wtt but nobody could call it a flop. OK enuf explaining this to a bunch a idiots who will only say these numbers are good and just disregard her comments about selling a milli the first week, see flop even according to her

    • @Anonymous

      with the amount of appearance she's made on TV and promotion she's been doing for the album, it's a flop. Pink Friday sold more than Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded in it's first week. It's a flop.

    • Anonymous

      Nicki sold more than J Cole's second week and first week, so how she flopped?

  • All American

    You guys never mention the white artists. Even if you dont like Hoodie Allen or Chris Webby they are still making hip hop music and both of them debuted at number 1 on itunes when their albums dropped but nothing from DX. I'm not even white I just think its not fair to talented artists, my favorite rapper is tech n9ne but still these artists who are putting their lives into their music and making better shit than jokes like Nikki and Tyga get ignored by websites like this

    • Anonymous

      yo i never even heard of trip lee before and he sold 22 k, that shit crazy

    • Gill

      No he's right, if Nicki Minaj is included (who's album shouldn't be classified as hip-hop) than everyone should be included. You may think Hoodie Allen isn't a "big name" but if he's debuting at #1 he's obviously a bigger name than most...

    • Anonymous

      Thats the way it is. Just deal with it. People dont come here for those names. Big names is what its about. Sorry nobody knows who Chris Webby is but I will tell you this why dont you start your own website and put the artist you want on it. Thats all you got to do that is all

  • Jaymalls

    Yea Nicki Minaj is a flop... How you perform at the Allstate game, Grammies, Super Bowl, GMA, American Music Awards, Jimmy Kimmel, David Letterman, among other places all in a span of 2-3 months before you album drop and putting up these numbers???


    LOL THAT'S RIGHT NIGGA'S J.Cole still racking up some sales after over 8 months of being in stores alittle over 600,000 and counting LOL and ya'll haters said his album was a weedplate flop LOL! U STUPID ASS DUMB MOTHERFUCKERS PLEASE WEEDPLATE FLOP MY GAY ROC NATION HORNY ASS J.COLE'S Sideline Story album was a damn near CLASSIC that album was the SHIT! a album that u can listen to over and over again face it ya'll even if J.Cole is a average rapper which I know THERE'S NOWAY IN HELL HE IS!, J.Cole still makes real Hip Hop music that the people like to hear and he's going to keep on doing it just wait for his second upcoming album to come out OH YEAH! we going PLATINUM on that one ya'll cause J.Cole is a real Hip Hop artist as well as the whole entire ROC NATION EMPIRE so come support the real GAY HIP HOP MOVEMENT ROC NATION FOR LIFE BITCHESS LOL! people suck of these YMCMB wack assess! don't nobody give a shit about your second album NICKI face it BITCH U REALLY FLOPPED on this one STINK FRIDAY ROMAN JUST FLOPPED IT'S OVER YMCMB'S days are numbered WANYE, BIRDMAN, NICKI, DRAKE, TYGA YOUR END IS NEAR START SAYING IT cause ya'll are FINISHED from here on out 28 LETTERS FOR U ROC NATION, DREAMVILLE, GOOD MUSIC................... WE THE BUSINESS SO THROW YOUR DIAMONDS UP LOL!!!

    • NOSIR

      How did J.Cole barely go GOLD DAMN U HATIN ASS NIGGA'S SO DUMB the sales mark for a Certified Gold album is 500,000 and where is J.Cole's album sales at currently let me see oh 601,000 so over 100,000 more than what is needed to qualify and ya'll say he barely went Gold LOL seriously some of ya'll that be hatin on J.Cole just need to lay off that HATERADE as well as the CRACK PIPE and learn your math or just get a life, or suck a dick or something cause being a J.Cole Hater is not the job for ya'll RETARDED MOTHERFUCKERS YA'LL TO STUPID JUST SAY ANYTHING THINKING IT MAKES SENSE LOL! IT'S KIND OF FUUNY but the truth is there ain't no flopping for J.Cole cause he is the shit and people love and support him cause he is real Hip Hop sure he didn't sale quite like I thought and go PLATINUM like I thought but he sold well pass what was expected of him by both fans and the record label also he produced most of his own album himself with limited features and also J.Cole hasn't really even had big promotions like Drake and Nicki have, but J.Cole still is gettin PLATINUM SINGLES and puttin up decent record sales and alots of love from fans as well as grammy nomations etc. It goes to show u J.Cole can pretty much kind of manage himself without much help from the CEO and the label so really Jay-Z has put J.Cole in a position where he can be selfmade and promote himself and allow his talent to reach the fans and win them over u see I maybe a GAY ROC NATION GROUPIE but i'm a very smart one I know success when I see it and J.Cole is definately finding success already at the start of his career and I know he will only get better as he evoles more in his career so who cares if he sold only 4,300 this week SHIT! what matters is he is still puttin up some numbers after almost 9 months now of being in the stores, so sometimes the long run really counts especially if u been doing good numbers from the being so sometimes when it comes to record sales it's not how u start it's how u finish u may start your first week sellin only 51,000 but when it's all said and done u may end up with like 911,000 in sells just saying IDIOTS, u can sometimes get the last laugh so face it, it's a COLE WORLD out there and it's only going to get COLER so ya'll better bundle up your hate and dress warm BITCHESS!!! 28 LETTERS FOR U ROC NATION DREAMVILLE GOOD MUSIC

    • Anonymous

      Lol......he sold less than 5,000 copies this last week and barely went gold. You know all of you Stans thought he was going platinum like Drake and Nicki.

    • Anonymous

      mediocre album


      all j.cole fans are young high school kids and females which is cool wit me keep it real dude not sellin no million

    • Keenan

      I agree 100%. Cole fans are gonna ride with him. I still bump sideline story every day just waiting on him to drop some more music. COle is leading the revolution baby. Real Hip Hop is about to about to overthrow mainstream and become prominent once more!! Kendrick and Krit up next, let's get it! Support real music and real musicians who make the music for the people!!!

    • Anonymous

      that nigga barely went gold, dont make ot bigger then it is

    • Anonymous

      I agree, Cole has one of the most loyal fanbases of all time and I believe that his sohopmore joint will be a huge improvement over an already great album.

  • tyfromthechi

    Nicki flopping its to.early in her career for her to do j Cole numbers with all that publicity she been getting American idol grammy allstar game performing she should be gold in the u.s by now but thats what happens when you think you better then life and you the best to ever do it shiiit Kim got 3 multi platinum albums Missy got 4 foxy 2 brat 2 Lauren 2 its to early in Nickie career to flop out these numbers are terrible from a artist of her caliber

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