Big Sean Shares Kanye West's Advice, Talks New Album

Big Sean shares that Kanye West wants him to be better than himself and Jay-Z before speaking about his approach to his next album.

Recently, Big Sean, a member of Kanye West's G.O.O.D. Music team, spoke on advice he's gotten from his mentor. According to Sean, West has shared "secrets" with him in hopes that he progresses in the cultural conversation. During the interview with Power 106, Sean also commented on his approach to his new album, saying he wants to speak to those who look up to him.

“Kanye said, ‘I want you to be better than me and better than [Jay-Z]. I want you to be the best because you’re the younger generation. We’re passing our secrets on to you. If you don’t take this to new heights and new levels, then what the fuck are we doing this for?’ That’s the point, to evolve,” Sean shared.

Kanye's advice has also been instrumental to Big Sean's next album, one that he says he's excited about. In adding that he feels his next album will be much better than his first, Sean also explained why he's trying to make a statement with his lyrics, saying that he doesn't want his time to be "wasted" or "forgotten."

“When you got the crowd, you got the mic, you've gotta make sure you say something for these people, man, especially for these ones who look up to you, or your moment in time will just be wasted and forgotten. You've gotta make sure you leave a legacy,” he added.

For more from the interview, check the video clip below.


  • Anonymous

    Hey, big sean is good in his own way, those that dont like it shouldnt be talking about it... People on this website need to stop talking shit, im getting over it forreal.

  • Kyle

    Why is Ye grooming this guy to be a legend? don't get me wrong I love Sean, seen him in concert twice, loved his album... but he has a limited ceiling. He's one of the weak links in GOOD music. That's saying something. Ye should put his energy towards Pusha

  • Ducey

    Big Sean will go down as a legend. Be mad FFOE.

  • Anon

    "Finally Famous 2"? I bet the first single will be called 'Titties' and Lil Kim will do a remix of it.

  • Mullaa

    I wud luv to fight little sean so I could break his neck. I would beat his ass in a heartbeat and I mean it.

  • Anonymous

    Big Sean is capable of way more than what he's putting out there these days. People who say certain artists have no talent expose themselves as lacking music knowledge. It's more meaningful to say "get back to making real music", because it shows you've really been listening. This new album better be good, less booty tracks and more heart.

    • Anonymous

      cmon man, did you see the interview where he said hes gonna work with justin bieber? this guy will never be on kanye or jays level even if they came down a few stories

  • Kev

    Yeah leaving a legacy? Listen to his verse on "Mercy" that's all i gotta say SMH

    • Anonymous

      but he doesnt so fuck him hes wack, go make some more kiddie records, he should join young money, he would fit in perfect with those homos

    • Ced

      How about you go studu his verse on "dont look down" with Kanye and Mos Def..Probably big sean's sickest realest verse ever hes more than capable of out rhyming these new rap cats in his class

    • rell p

      I agree.. he does talk abut sex, money & drugs A LOT! but he has some meaningful music out there. As far as being the greatest he has time to grow. I'ma an artist myself, he won't be the greatest with me round lol. all jokes aside sean is nice though. check me out>>

    • Anonymous

      say ye? say ye? dont we do this every day day yeah i agree this nigga has never said anything in his records and hes talking like hes saying something meaningful to these people but all he talks about is sex money and drugs

  • Anonymous

    lil sean is the definition of bubblegum music

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