Nas, Common Praise Tupac Hologram At Coachella

Nas and Common react to Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg including a hologram performance from Tupac at Coachella.

It's been three days since Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg debuted the live hologram performance of their late partner Tupac Shakur at Coachella, and Hip Hop is still weighing in on the results. Now, two of Pac's '90s era peers - Nas and Common - react to the infamous performance.

Nas recently caught up with Billboard to explain his reaction to the posthumous performance from the Death Row star. He said that the performance was a stunning reminder of Pac's sheer talent and prised Snoop and Dre for making the performance happen.

"Tupac has almost become Elvis, where people still think he's alive, so the hologram thing I thought was genius of Dr. Dre and Snoop," Nas explained. "It just shows you how amazing Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg are, and how they hard they're riding for their West Coast brother Tupac, in the name of Hip Hop music. I thought it was a great look for Hip Hop as a whole - it stepped Hip Hop up a notch. And it was also revolutionary on a performance scale...that's what it's all about. We love Tupac, the world loves Tupac, and he's one of the greatest hip-hop artists who ever lived. He deserves that, to be celebrated like that and remembered like that."

Common also weighed in on the performance with Global Grind, saying that is was a shining moment for Hip Hop culture. He added that he feels the performance's publicity will help keep the slain rapper's spirit and music alive for a younger generation who didn't get the chance to experience it when he was alive.

"I think the fact that we can continue to pay homage to what Tupac meant to Hip Hop and to music and to the culture [is] great," said Common. "Unfortunately the brother passed, but the fact that we can give people the vehicle for people to enjoy and remember what he means to music and our culture is great as a whole. The good part is you have artists like Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg...who knew Tupac and at the same token, have a high regard for Tupac and keeping the tradition alive and keeping that spirit out there and reminding people, 'Man...we loved him.'"

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  • Anonymous

    Pac hated Dre and Dre's dumbass knows it, Dre & Snoop did it for money, and Pac's praise these days is getting a bit annoying, Pac is definitely one of the best, but dont you think its already enough they released 2 cds of 'his'after he died? and made a film about him? imo this is extremely disrespectful.

  • Anonymous

    fuck this shit, that hologram shit is wack.... let the dead rest!!!!

  • E

    "On the reals, all these crab niggas know the deal When we start the revolution all they probably do is squeal"

  • land lord

    West coast stand up!! Dre & Snoop did it again. RIP Pac

  • 805'r

    Anybody who disses 2pac now is dissing probably there favorite rap artist now. He was ahead of his time and his style was/is timeless. His style/lyrics are all over the map right now. From LIl Wayne to Jay Z. People still copying his style.

    • Anonymous

      lmfao! no on are even close to 2-pac dumb ass, next they bring the dead back WTF??? AND YO 2-PAC WOULD NEVER LET THIS GAY ASS SHIT HAPPEND, ONLY FAGGOT DICKRIDER LIKE THAT WACK ASS HOLOGRAM...

  • nickrazor2000

    If anyone has a problem with or offended by what nas and common said, then you are just a sad pissy little bitch. I co sign 100%! call me a dickrider or whatever, real recognize real. period. long live the legend 2pac!

  • Dr No

    One of the most disgusting sights ever!

  • Chris

    No one cares let him be dead

  • scallywag

    So what exactly does this mean for the future of the entertainment industry. In an industry thats already known to manufacture stars and mold artists into profitable products, can we be on the verge of a technologic revolution equipt with a new breed of celebrity? One can only wonder if celebs will now be able to perform in multiple venues at once only increasing their marketability among other high-tech additions. Or how about a new breed of celebrity all together? A virtual Bread?

  • Anonymous

    Nas transformed into such a cocksucking whore, is there anything in this game that he doesn't like? Scared of destroying a moneymaking possibility?

    • ETK

      Being open-minded is being a cocksucking whore? smh sit down nigga before you get your Internet bloggin heart attack

  • LoooLfromBelgium

    and is not a question Of disrepect..Fuck that Isn't a disrespect its a hommage ..ya 'all praise A god everydayz ..the Guy is on a cross and Blendin in a horrible suffering and you celebrate this isn't a disrespect??huh?Stop sayin abusrdity Let the Dead Dead ANd Celebrate Him For they Make For Us...SO FUCK That

  • LoooLfromBelgium

    "H.A.T.E in Your Eyez" Rlly pathetic Cry More The Haterz Cry Plz.. & If you're not happy with this Just Cry.. This Moment Is a Legendary moment 4 the Hip Hop & the World..Even the mother of Tupac agreed with his..STOP rage on the forums..still & always hatin behind your desktop.. dr,dre do this Do That.snoop do this did that; JUST Pathetic ;FUCK YALL & Go listen Wacka..You do no better than he Vallez..Stupide CrappyBoyz..Nuff said

  • rahjigga

    I'd take a hologram Tupac or Biggie over any of the new crop of rappers on the charts today. that's how sad the state of hip hop is right now--we gotta bring back the dead ones smh. LOL

  • Anonymous

    Yes, I'm sure Tupac loves Dre whoring 2Pac's rap image. GTFOH.


    Yall taking this to serious, Even if Pac had beef with both of them it was 17 years and 6209 days ago, let it ago. I am a Pac fanatic, his mom gave permission and the hologram choked me up a little, I respect that. Dude music saved my life, changed my life. Strictly For my Niggaz by far my favorite album made me realize I wasnt the only one going thru things.

  • Anonymous

    No doubt it was a great look much respect

  • Digga

    And if u know your hip hop, you would know that he never had any beef with Snoop and Dre. Suge Knight made him do that. I don't think you were growing up in that area because I remember PAC wasn't thuggish like that til he got shot in front of the studio in New York. That's why I hated 2Pac on Death Row and still do to this day( the music was good but he disappointed me with that image) that's the reaso he beefed with Nas and Jay. BecausE of Suge Knight

    • Jay London

      What actually happened was he either rightly or wrongly put a lot of faith in his squad/homeboys/comrades and he actually felt he was at war with Big, Bad Boy etc. So when Snoop went on the radio and said he loved Bad Boy, and Big and Puff were his homeboys (this was in the run up to Pac's death) he was like fuck Snoop...... With Dre, he felt he was not working hard enough at Death Row and felt Dre didnt support Snoop during his (Snoops) murder trial, then Dre was on Nas's It was Written around this time when he left Death Row on a track called 'Nas is Coming' in the interlude Dre mocks rappers involved in the east West feud, so it was a direct diss to him, so it wasn't all down to Uncle Philip Banks aka Suge. What is sad is that Dre shouldn't really be using his legacy or rapping on his records as like Nas and Jay Z (who have also done this) he didnt like them had a real issue with them. If he was hear now he'd be as big as Deniro in Movies and he'd drop an albulm every 7 years 'like Paul Mcartney,' those were his words.

    • DavidATLHIPHOP

      Dead Wrong

    • Anonymous

      you are wrong.

  • Digga

    Meant to say it was hot. Typed too fast

  • Digga

    That joint was not. That was not a disgrace. Dre and Snoop had admiration for that man. I know you are a fan but these guys were with him when he made those hits you love so much. They bonded while making those tracks with him. Knew his life. They have every right to do what they did. One of the greatest moments in hip hop in a long time. Think about that for a moment

  • Anonymous

    This just shows me how fake Nas and Common are. Real recognize real. Anybody who respect 2Pac condemneded this. Just by using his image without his permission, that's very disrespectful, and using it on a Dr. Dre concert?

    • rahjigga

      Common said on CNN/HLN that would be strange to have a Tupac hologram on tour, but what went down at Coachella was a nice homage (although a little creepy). He said he thinks the artist should be alive to endorse it if they were touring around and I agree. This kinda stuff needs to be done sparingly but watch, a gate is opened now....people are gonna run with it until there's a backlash.

    • Anonymous

      Nigga yall stupid niggas is just paying homage. Now go back to ya wack cbo cds and stfu.

    • @Grinch

      That's what I'm talking about. You don't act like you cool with somebody who dissed you. What about that "Toss It Up" song? "We shook Dre's punk ass, now he's outta the closet", what about that? And if they got permission, that was from Afeni, not from 2Pac himself. I really didn't like that.

    • Grinch

      They did get permission. Dre got permission from 2pac's mom and in return he contributed to the Amaru foundation charity. The thing that pissed me off was that Snoop and 2pac had a falling out and Snoop was badmouthing 2pac after he died. Dre was mad at the fact that Deathrow signed 2pac and didnt want anything to do with him. Them bringin out 2pac was fake as hell. They werent boys with him and now they bringin his image out to capitalize.



  • Anonymous

    I'm hopin my true motherfuckers know This be the realest shit I ever wrote Against all odds Up in the studio, gettin blowed To the truest shit I ever spoke 21 gun salute!

  • Tony Faggerone

    My Cock Aches For Pac - NaS

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