Immortal Technique Details Funding An Afghani School

In an interview with OutDaBoxTV, Immortal Technique explains his world outlook and how he's helping to fund a school in Afghanistan.

As Immortal Technique fans await the release of the documentary, The (R)evolution of Immortal Technique, The Viper Records emcee has been traveling the globe expanding both his musical presence and increasing his philanthropic efforts. In a recent sit down with OutDaBoxTV, Immortal Technique explained some of his latest outreach efforts.

“I’m working on a few different projects…we’ve completed the Afghanistan school, but we’re continuing the funding on that,” Immortal Technique said. “We just expanded it again. It’s a blessing to be able to help so many people.”

He added that he’d eventually like to start a foundation to increase such outreach efforts, his current plan is to “take on one long project and see it all the way through to fruition.” The Lima, Peru born Harlem, New York-bred Technique also explained how taking a larger world view shaped his thinking.

“I always took pride in being someone that was worldly,” he explained. “Not just understanding my hood, but other people’s hoods—other people’s conditions. And I remind individuals who feel like they’re oppressed…like they’re beaten down, if they really are, there’s no way you can tell me you have it worse than anybody in history because you exist. Go look upon the tribes and peoples that are no longer a part of the world’s sphere, because they have been completely destroyed and wiped off the face of the earth.”

Check out the full interview, courtesy of OutDaBoxTV, below.

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  • youngmoney4life420

    Fake and Gay

  • the truth

    hiphopdx good job writing like a paragraph and a half on one of the few positive influences left in hip hop. although his means to an end are debatable, his core ideas resonate universally, i.e "Not just understanding my hood, but other peoples hoodsother peoples conditions" I mean cmon, brother building schools and shit thats real nigga shit smh step up and recognize.

  • Dre Guevara

    U can't knock the brother 4 what he's doing whether it's here or overseas, he's making a difference

  • koth561

    What kind of books is he going to supply? U.S. propaganda or legit textbooks?

    • koth561

      It doesn't have to do with the economy. I hope you guys realize that a lot of the hatred against America stems from what the Afghans read in textbooks at school, which are supplied by the CIA

    • Anonymous

      yup, germany has the best model-economy imo their strong

    • blaze

      He's not gonna do that he hates the American System more than the people of Greece, Middle East, China and Russia. It's bullshit I mean Greece listened to America's economy and political system and where's Greece now? The only country in Europe to be considered a 3rd World country by listening to the "American Way".

  • Anonymous

    Amazing person! realest in Hip Hop ever!

  • 1984

    Hip Hop DX you dumbfucks. Its afghan not Afghani. Afghani is the fuckin currency. FUCKIN FAIL

  • Nationalism

    Rapper makes a career about highlighting the injustices of America's international policies and how they don't put that same work in at home and then funds a school not in America but in a foreign land... not judging but I do find that interesting... Take care of home, no?

    • ac

      yea gonna have to back anon. on this. My hs put in a 2 million dollar sports complex but couldn't afford to keep on half it's teachers? get fuckin real

    • Anonymous

      who needs the money more?? plus our domestic schools waste money all fucking day in construction projects that are top heavy- no money get to the abroad goes alot further..think "utility" dipshit- for you critize the realest why dont you do some active shit in the community you jackoff then holla

  • Anonymous

    He is a Raptactivist!! in its realest meaning! I fux with dude tuff and he as progressed along with me from a teen to a man..Damn near influenced me to be a social science major the man is a historian!!

  • Anonymous

    this guys needs less talk more music

  • Assassin221

    This dude is annoying as hell to listen to, but at least he's doing something real with his success. Can't hate on that.

  • Griot

    I HATE YOUR MENTALITY. It doesn't matter where you're from it's where you're AT!!!! If you think NOT, then let's SQUAB!!!

    • Griot

      Btw, I was responding to Anonymous down there... Love Immortal! Keep revolutionary thinking ALIVE!!! THAT'S WHAT'S REAL HIP-HOP!!! Not that NWA gangster nonsense, as fun as it is.

  • Anonymous

    Immortal technique is the truth.

  • Jus10

    I hope I can make a difference someday. Bless Immortal Tech!


    It's because of individuals like him I love this culture

  • Anonymous

    WHo cares? I don't because he isn't even from the ghetto. Ole fake kid from the burbs trying to act like he from the struggle. He fake just like Lil Lonnie (Common).

    • Anonymous

      Didn't know Lima, Peru & Harlem were the 'burbs. Where you from since you're talking struggle and ghetto?

  • Jacc

    Immortal Technique is hands down one of the best (if not THE best) MC's to ever touch the mic. He just have mad talent, know what I mean? If you don't know Immortal, check "Dance with the Devil" out. That shit is just fire.

  • R2die

    thats true! yall are witnessing one of the realest dudes in hip hop Ever.. period! ive been a fan for a while and i honestly feel like ive somehow grown and matured mentally just by listening to this dude.. keep doing what u doing my nigga!!

  • Anonymous

    Immortal Technique got to be 1 of the realest niggaz in hip hop ever and he also 1 of the best and most slept on

    • ye nigga

      I remembered first time listening to him and I was like ' wow who's this dude ?' He gon be a hot dude someday

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