Tupac Coachella Hologram Mastermind Explains Creation

The creators of the Tupac hologram that appeared on stage during Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg's set explains how it came to be.

Fans at Coachella 2012 yesterday were shocked when a hologram of Tupac Shakur appeared on stage to perform "Hail Mary" and "2 of Amerikaz Most Wanted" with Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg, as if he were really there in the flesh.

MTV chopped it up with Nick Smith, president of hologram creation company AV Concepts, who explained how the collaboration with Dr. Dre came to be. "We worked with Dr. Dre on this and it was Dre's vision to bring this back to life," he said. "It was his idea from the very beginning and we worked with him and his camp to utilize the technology to make it come to life."

Smith remained mum on the details regarding the mechanics of the hologram, but said that it took nearly four months to create. A typical hologram can go for anywhere between $100,000 and $400,000, but Smith wouldn't reveal how much it cost. Instead, he said that his company can recreate deceased persons and recreate them in the studio.

"You can take their likenesses and voice and ... take people that haven't done concerts before or perform music they haven't sung and digitally recreate it," he said.

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  • tim

    They need a 90s to early 2000s Eminem at an Eminem concert. I'm tired of his stupid duck walk and arm swinging.

  • Galvin "Yung Tronik" Dawson from 8-Ball Boyz

    ya betta rekonize this piece is fuckin hot shit ya betta rekonize!! fuck @ hatas

  • Dan

    THIS PERFORMANCE WAS FREAKIN EPIC! THE ENDING BLEW ME AWAY!! THE WHOLE THING IS EXPLAINED HERE... http://www.danielmallfilms.com/tupacatcoachella2012.html FREAKY

  • I'm At Work And Bored

    Diddy: Holy shit!!! Yo, secretary, cancel all my appointments and drop ALL my artists signed to Bad Boy Diddy's secretary: Huh? Why? Diddy: Did u not see this 2pac hologram performance? I don't need anybody anymore. All I need is Biggie Hologram and I can do an entire tour now!!! Just when I thought I couldnt make money off Biggie no mo. ye,ye,ye,ye, yeah. Take that, take that, take that! Diddy's secretary: So you want me to drop Machine gun Kelly too? Diddy: Especially him.

  • D East

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  • remaste

    and let the trend begin

  • DJ Voltron

    This was awesome. Cant wait to see the next biggie or nate dog concert now.

  • Anonymous

    How much you wanna bet some religious nutcase like Jerry Falwell or TD Jakes brings out a Jesus Hologram next easter??

  • Anonymous

    Resistance is futile, the industry will do anything that draws eyes, so we might as well just list off some requests Can we get a hologram of Eminem circa 2000 back when he actually could perform, nowadays he looks lost on stage Might as well do a Hologram Nirvana concert while we're at it, a fake Kurt Cobain would be better then a living My Chemical Romance any day of the week I wonder how long it'll take a casino in Vegas to fire there show acts and put in an Elvis Hologram, he pretty much built Vegas you know there having a meeting about it right now Bring Back Left Eye while your at it, TLC >>>>>> All the R&B groups out right now

  • Anonymous

    Shit was corny, let the dead rest in peace for fucks sake, lol, I understand your generation sucks and you never got to see the good MC's before they died or fell off but some things you just gotta let go of


    What if obama was a hologram ? O.o

  • Anonymous

    mrcasper662: To re-create someones likeness or vocal's is an insult to their memory. Posted2012-04-16T16:08:08-05:00 ^ like Jesus and the Bible? pac didnt fuck with anybody dude was an angry dude when he died. ^ never heard Naughty By Nature & Wu-Tang say that That crackhead sells 2pac verses to the highest bidder and lets people like Eminem ruin her sons music with his Fruity Loops ass simple simon beats, she'll agree with anything you pay her for, who gives a fuck about her opinion ^ I bet if Pac was around and heard you say that about his mom he would stomp the vital organs out of your nose This is the start of Project Blue Beam. Look it up seriously. ^ it's too late to tell the assimilated to wake up, best thing to do is if you see it, prepare yourself.

  • Anonymous

    its 2pac..in mass effect 3

  • rydasix10

    someone need to make a hologram of Big L and get Jay Z on stage at the B.E.T awards so they can re-create the bobbitto freestyle they did together to show all the youngins who don't know who the greatest rapper of all time really was...but nah this won't be the last time we will see of the reborn rappers through hologram. I think the best reincarnation would be of eazy e on stage with n.w.a. with a introduction by bone thugs n harmony..

  • Anonymous

    If they can do this to concerts...what do they do in the gov't! Thank you Dr.Dre for opening our eyes!

  • Anonymous

    Nah man, 2pac is back from the grave, that was no hologram, WEST COAST BITCH!!!

  • Dare

    This is like faith in god. Evry other artist must be in grave for 16 years for this appearence.

  • Anonymous

    aaliyah - at a missy elliot concert jimi hendrix - at a Prince concert Selena - at a Jennifer Lopez concert Old dirty bastard - at a wu tang clan concert

  • blitzlegga

    So you know this opens the flood gates for dead artists makin a comeback. here are some dead artists i think will make a guest appearance at some concert soon: Biggie - at a Puffy or Jay-Z concert Eazy-E - at an Ice Cube, Dre, or Bone Thugs concert Big Pun - at a Fat Joe concert (of course) Michael Jackson - at a Janet Jackson concert John Lennon - at a Paul McCartney concert Johnny Cash - at a Kid Rock concert Whitney Houston - at a Bobby Brown concert Harold Houdini - at a Cris Angel magic show that's all i can think of for now, but feel free to add to this post with some other great dead acts

  • J

    Loyal to the game was off the hook by the way better than pacs life and all the albums released after i did like better dayz but this holagram performance was odd but pretty cool. Next these holagrams are gonna be able to touch us its crazy shit but straight

  • Anonymous

    pac hated everybody you niggas complain everytime someone pays tribute to him because pac didnt fuck with them. pac didnt fuck with anybody dude was an angry dude when he died. let that shit go. it was 16 years ago.

  • Anonymous

    It would have been really cool to see this in person. It was kind of eerie at the same time though. What's next? Project Blue Beam


    this is cool I would go see that because I was to young to see a 2 pac show but I just hope they don't milk this hologram thing and put other rappers on stage.......I swear if i see Lil Wayne or rick ross with pac I will personally burn that stage down!!!!!

  • DJG

    So many people on here moaning about money and previous fallouts etc, who the fuck cares, if you didnt find this shit exciting your crazy! Pac would loved to know 15odd years after he died hes still killin it on stage! bottom line is id rather watch that hologram perform than a LARGE majority of the rappers that are alive and im sure most people would agree! next up biggie pac and big l concert please

  • murdock

    shit is bugged out I didnt even think we had shit like this yet..dope

  • watever

    my only problem with this is that the actual artist has no control over THEIR performance. most artists are so protective of their own art that imo it's not authentic. it's bad enough when unfinished music is released from dead artists, but now they're creating their LIVE performances, and putting words in their mouths. it's disrespectful.

    • DJG

      I respect what your saying, but I think the artists themselves would be happy to know that people are still excited to be able to see hem perform. I think unfinished music being released in certain ways is different to this. I think its exciting and that definately looked like the real pac up there as far as stage presence etc..

    • Loeo

      I agree, I mean I respect Dre, but this is pretty disrespectful. Hopefully it is never exploited outside of Coachella, which is probably the only concert big enough to make an excuse for this kind of theatrics. Though it was pretty cool and well done.

  • Humz

    I'd like to know how this was done. Like in detail. I mean did they CGI some lookalike dude, film it and then project it, or did they actually use footage from a concert?

  • Anonymous

    Project Blue Beam Look It Up

  • Anonymous

    if 2pac's own mother gave her blessing then who the fuck cares how you fucking bloggers feel about it?

    • Frei

      just because loyal to the game didnt work out youre gonna blame afeni? when em did the resurrection soundtrack everybody loved it! tracks like "ghost" and "running" were actually dope and people were dickriding that shit hard. of course she was on board with em doing the album. how you gonna blame her cause it didnt turn out great? that's some pussy shit

    • Anonymous

      word definitely a white guy. either that or a bitch ass nigga. if you had a mom worth shit you would never fix your mouth to disrespect afeni shakur like that. especially after everything she did not only for pac but for blacks. i agree your mom can catch the left breast.

    • Anonymous

      doubt if he is black...a black man is not going to really disrespect tupac momma like that we love OUR moms. Now you white guys cough EM cough...lol. Dont rush to pull the reverse racism card...

    • Kyle Orcan

      I second the cancer in your mom's left breast. piece of shit.

    • Anonymous

      @anonymous I agree you mom needs to die of cancer, but only after she loses her hair in chemo. bitch ass nigga.

    • Anonymous

      so you show respect to tupac and care about his legacy by dissing his mother? fuck outta here

    • Reply

      "Loyal to the Game" is ok an better than most of his posthumous albums...

    • Anonymous

      ^^^^^^^^ Did she not smoke crack??? and LOL @ wishing death on my mother I hope your first child is born with downsyndrome See, I can be an online scumbag too

    • Anonymous

      eminem requested the project it as a privledge in honor of pac. and afeni showed good faith and gave her blessing. and given eminem's respect in the game i dont blame her for letting him do it. and fuck you for calling her a crackhead. i hope you mother dies of cancer in her left breast.

    • Anonymous

      ^^^^^^ Way to jump to conclusions I'm a fan of em......AS A RAPPER but in 2004, she let Eminem remix 2pacs "Loyal to the Game" record with his horrible production, go listen to it, the worst 2pac record ever She'll do anything they ask her to do

    • lyrical kung fu

      yeah you're right!

    • yerp

      people like Eminem? you realize Eminem is one of the all time greats right? i haven't heard the song you're talking about, so i can't judge the song myself but the way you referred to Eminem suggests you are probably one of those black people that basically hate Em just cause he's a white dude with a HUGE name in a black mans game.

    • Anonymous

      That crackhead sells 2pac verses to the highest bidder and lets people like Eminem ruin her sons music with his Fruity Loops ass simple simon beats, she'll agree with anything you pay her for, who gives a fuck about her opinion

  • Anonymous

    I laughed when they made him say "Whats up Coachella", that festival started 3 years after he died I can see them having Elvis in next years half time show in a Ginats jersey screaming "Gettem Eli, you aint nothing but a hound dog, everybody remember to buy Gatorade and vote for Obama!!!" Fuck this jetsons bullshit

  • Vicki

    Obviously, people are getting too butt hurt about all of this. I think it was a dope idea to make him "come to life" again. Who cares if its a hollogram or not, smh, y'all aren't getting the message. It was for entertainment purposes, not to make him appear alive, he is a legend and always will be. You don't like it, Gtfo. No body cares ! Kk, thanks (;

  • Anonymous

    this gave me goosebumps lol

  • bee

    ...some money hungry people (including gayass dre & snoop) just tried to ressurect pac the cheapest way u can imagine. so let a dead man rest in peace and listen to his music u retards. Besides there was no hologram type of shit in '96, so how do u know if he would agree to this shit. Tupac stood for realness...this shit right here stands for fakeness...like the whole music industry nowadays... a dead man shouting out people in 2012...lmao! Use the shit he recorded back then and listen to it. BUT stop creating new shit in the name of a dead person thats disrespectful!!!

    • lol

      lol okay. when it comes to realness i've got to ask Forrory. What do you think what "real" is? Obviously you don't know?

    • bee

      Wow - u motherfuckers are sweet! lets get to the point..if i read this shit ive got to wonder if anybody here ver saw a school from the inside. @Anonymous - I never mentioned that on my first comment. so u better learn to read homie. and how come anybody broke down... i dont see any breaking down. The only thing i see is Farroytards gayass talking about going to the wax museum with me and totally missin the point talking about flesh and blood. So your gayasses have been just proven wrong! @greg - u are either mantally disabled or just stupid. I just mentioned dre & posted the link because your buddy Farroytard started talking about dre has enough money...blabla. So its absolutely legit to remind retarded bitches like you about the fact that they where no friends... But anyway first comment was about "RESPECT FOR DEAD"...simple & plain! Maybe u should read comments before your bitchass starts writing. so u missed the point homie. + stop talking like a fagged bitch ---> "you act like you aint never been in a fight with a friend and said fucked up shit about him"

    • bee

      whats the point 905..u get mad defending a hologram? maybe u should write a letter too homie. lol

    • greg

      @bee you act like you aint never been in a fight with a friend and said fucked up shit about him. grow up man you missed the whle point. just by the way you construct arguments i can tell you went to community college

    • Anonymous

      nigga we know already know pac and dre had a falling out. you said that shit on your first comment. posting a link to it after a niggas just broke down your entire point doesnt change anything.

    • bee

      Farroytard here is what 2 Pac had to say about dre: http://vimeo.com/25904740 So now u tell me why should dre do this shit...because they where suck good friens??? lmao! & How come u know dres account balance? :D i didnt mean it either like flesh & blood u zombie type stupid motherfucker! more like creating shit and adding new lines to tracks in the name of a dead man seems disrespectful and fake to me.

    • 905

      You're a stan too homeboy...you could shut the fuck up as well.

    • Forrory

      what is fake about paying tribute to pac using technology? i'd hate to visit a wax museum or universal studio's with your oversensitive bitch ass. you probably catch feelings watching a movie because its not "real". you clearly dont even know what "real" means. pac didnt mean it literally like flesh and blood, moron. dre does not need to make money off pac. eminem sold more records than pac. the crowd cheerred louder for em than they did for the hologram. this was tribute. stop acting like pac is some fucking cash cow god. dre is a fucking multi millionaire and he's got 50 cent and eminem if he wants to "exploit" anybody. lol. fuck outta here acting like dre NEEDS pac to make money. he did this by choice. why are pac fans so damn stupid? how can such a smart nigga have such dumb ass fans? shits amazing.

  • scvsdfhg

    Its only a projection of an ACTOR, previously recorded in a studio.. Why not just have the actor on stage for a 100th of the price.

  • Anonymous

    dumb shit just stupid

  • Anonymous

    scary shit? the ghost of tupac? man you dumbfucks below me cant enjoy this technology. this hologram stuff is cool. yall dumb as fuck for complaining

  • Anonymous

    A Hologram had the best performance of the whole set, I wont get into the specifics of how wrong this is cause if you dont see it your an idiot and I'm not gonna waste my breathe arguing with ignorance, but Dre & Snoop should be ashamed of themselves for getting outperformed by a computer generated image

    • Anonymous

      man shut the fuck up. ashamed of what. obviously the new technological advancement would attract more attention and interest. add that with your bias ass of course you're gonna say some dumb shit like that. you could have the jabawokees doing their best dance routine next to the hologram and it would be as interesting. that's not a reflection of them the point was to pay tribute using new technology. stop trying to undermine niggas just because pac's dick is in your mouth.

  • Anonymous

    i think we should just let this nigga pac be forgotten. cause every time someomne tries to show him love these bitch ass 1996 ass niggas come out bitching. pardon us for trying to keep this niggas name alive. maybe we should let him die... that way you can complain about lil wayne every day and how hip hop is dead because we forgot about pac. there's no pleasing you dumb niggas. fuck it.

  • merk city

    live & let die ~ Let the dead rest in peace. The higher frequency will be disturbed....I bet you that Dre will commit suicide or something because Tupac's ghost is haunting him if he keeps doing ill shit like this.

    • merk

      you need to get laid, dude

    • Anonymous

      dumb ass that song was specifically made for the james bond movie "live and let die". it means he is going to live and let every one is go die. there's no different interpretations that was the point of the whole song. a spy killing people. idiot.

    • merk city

      are you paul mccartney, motherfucker your interpretation may differ; do you understand context clues?

    • Anonymous

      that's not even what "live and let die" means dumb ass. smh

  • Brandt Hardin

    This was absolutely phenomenal and shows the brilliance technology can bring to art. It is through art that we can carry on the legends of the most brilliant performers and minds of our time. What a tribute this was to a legendary hip hop artist. You can see some more 2Pac art on my artists blog with a surreal illustration I made in memoriam recently at http://dregstudiosart.blogspot.com/2011/09/in-memoriam-tupac-shakur.html

  • Anonymous

    idiots forgot the thug life on his stomach fucking fail

  • Shuttaman

    Unless I'm in the same room with the nigga working on that shit..... I don't believe you, you need more people nigga TUPAC IS ALIVE BABY!

    • Anonymous

      yet you've never been in the same room as pac but believe he's alive. typical reverse logic from a low iq person.

  • Zombie Pac

    How dare they do that! Fuck gay ass Dre!

  • Anonymous

    SMH, it was Dre's idea to bring a guy who the world knows didnt like him back to share the stage with him, this seriously disgusts me, lets bring John Lennon back to perform with Paul McCartney while we're at it, who cares if they hated each others guts by the time he died, there's money to be made and that seems to be all that matters nowadays

    • Oriaoi

      what money? seems like dre reached deep into his pockets to show an old friend love. you really think this nigga dre needs pac to make money at a concert? did you not hear the crowd when em came out ? you do know that em has surpassed pac in sales right? and if em died tomorrow his sales would probably sky rocket even more. everything costs money. a fucking fundraiser costs money! that doesnt mean you're exploiting an organization to make money. dre does not NEED pac to make money! much less with fucking eminem there! Get the fuck outta here with that bullshit! I love pac but stop dickriding that nigga. dre showed some major love by doing this. just say respect and keep it moving. fuck all that bullshit youre talkinng fam.

    • Anonymous

      right so if you fall out with someone and they happen to die. you are not allowed to pay tribute with them for the rest of your life. because that's disrespectful. to focus on the good in people and grow up and let the negative shit go is disrespectful. Only a bitch ass fanboy who never even met either or had a relationship with either of them says stupid ass shit like that. exavctly what disgusts you oh mighty supreme judge of the earth? what is so disgusting aboutcelebrating a man with whom for most of your time together you were close and had a good relationship? exactly what is so disgusting about that, bitch ass nigga? except the fact that youre still mentally in 1996 and pac is in heaven recording hitemp part 40 dissing lil wayne and drake? Man I finally understand why NOBODY fucks with pac fans NOBOODY. All sensitive ass dickriding bitch ass niggas. I'd rather have a conversation with a biggie fan any fucking day. jesus christ youre cunts.

  • Anonymous

    Scary shit Nothing is real

    • Anonymous

      One word...Hover Boards. Just one.

    • merk city

      "scary" - i agree. our personal cell phones are more advanced technologically than NASA when man landed on the moon. What is next?

    • shta

      everything fake nowadays! ...mothafuckas should concentrate on makin fuckin new real music instead of disrespectin the legacy of a dead man! music is about "hearing"...back in '96 and still in 2012!...not about creating ridiculous cartoon holograms!

    • Anonymous

      right, this one hologram prove nothing is real! melodramatic ass nigga.

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