Dr. Dre & Snoop Dogg Perform With Tupac Hologram At Coachella 2012

Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg resurrected Tupac during their performance at Coachella.

During their headlining slot at Coachella 2012 festival this year, Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg performed alongside Tupac Shakur as a hologram.

The West Coast veterans resurrected the slain emcee to run through "Hail Mary" and "2 of Amerikaz Most Wanted." It was originally rumored that Nate Dogg would appear as a hologram, but instead, Kurupt and Warren G came out for a tribute to the fallen singer during "Ain't No Fun."

Additionally, Wiz Khalifa made a cameo for "In the Air Tonight/Young, Wild & Free"; 50 Cent and Tony Yayo popped up for "What Up Gangsta," "P.I.M.P. (Remix) and "In Da Club"; Kendrick Lamar dropped by for "The Recipe" ; and Eminem made a surprise appearance for "I Need a Doctor," "Forgot About Dre" and "Till I Collapse."

Watch the full set below (via Yardie).


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  • Drefan since 91 but it'sover

    Dre washed up. Still performing the same old hits from the 90's and not havin the inspiration to produce some classic new shit. Never thought this would happen but he fell of hard.

  • Phani

    I hope I could make it to the festival this year. but for those of you interested in Coachella, here is a link to an unofficial guide book that they're selling on Smashwords: http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/151795. Thanks, Phani

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    as long as his mom's getting paid, then it cool if she not dre and snoop need to stop

  • Slick

    Pac was gonna leave the row to sign with Dre so i dunno what the big deal is,. Just appreciate that we can now get to see pac perform

  • Ricky Rozay

    most of these rappers aint real niggas. Word, Nas bankrupt never was a drug runner, Lil Wayne aint no blood, Jeezy aint no BMF, 50 a snitch, Game a stripper, Dre was gay. None of these niggas real you guys. If they was all real they all be dead now. Like it or not Ross is the new biggie. BAWSE!!!!!

    • Slick

      and ricky ring a around the rosey is real? Get the fuck out of here. If u wanna sound like a pussy end your comment with boss and YMCMB.... Bitch

  • r

    This is amazin to see but scary as FUCK when u think about it.... imagine what the world powers can already do with this type of shit

  • Rod

    That's It. Pac Greatest Ever point blank period.! DON'T CARE WHAT ANY GUCCI,FUTURE,OR ANY FANS OF RAPPERS TODAY THINKS. 2PAC G.O.A.T

    • Anonymous

      Pac has solidified himself as the greatest ever because a hologram of him performed a couple songs? your reasoning is strange.

  • TylertheDestroyer

    " The only way for me to come back is by Makaveli..." 2 pac never had preformed to a crowd so big ..The man would be smiling down for sure.. rest in peace big homie.

  • Chris

    That hologram shit was corny, wack, and retarded PERIOD!!!

  • Makaveli The Don Lives On

    hmm so i watched this concert, must say the idea of using a hologram is pretty interesting and Pac looked realistic, but at the same time it is disturbing and in a way disrespecting toward Tupac. He got shot, let him rest in peace, no need to bring his hologram up, cuz he still among us, in the music, hearts of millions... but honestly when i saw his hologram on stage, even though i knew it was fake, but looked very realistic, something clicked inside... Rest In Peace G!

    • Anonymous

      this is in no way disrespectful. I'm willing to bet less than 1% of the people there ever got to see Pac perform. This is an amazing thing to witness live. And Pac would think this shit is bananas. I know I would be if someone spent all that time creating a hologram of me.

  • Anonymous

    The truth is, after Pac dissed De La Soul over absolutely nothing, he showed he was just tripping. I mean, all that shit we saw during the beef? That wasn't 2Pac, that was Pac playing Bishop. Pac was just playing a role in there. He really had no business dissing those people. That's why I'm cool with Dre using Pac, because Pac didn't diss Dre, Bishop did.

  • whatup

    As all should know...50 was there...that's why game wasn't. They got beef still.

    • @whatup

      Shit, what you thought? Game's ego is bigger than himself. Nigga know damn well he ain't shit without 50, but he still act like he's running shit. The only time Game really shined, the Aftermath and G-Unit chains were around his neck.

  • Coachella was fire though

    Shit, c'mon Snoop, you knew Pac, you were his homie, let him rest in peace. Don't be putting his hologram onstage with niggas he didn't like.

  • Dre Day Only Meant Eazy's Payday

    How would you feel if somebody used your image without your permission? I mean, c'mon Dre, you know that nigga didn't like you. Even if he did not share the stage with Pac (the hologram), he still played a Pac song he was featured in. If Pac was alive, he would have ran all these niggas out of the stage.

  • Assassin221

    That was some trippy shit homes.

  • GBtha G

    Its still Dre n Snoop niggaz!!! Watch out 4 Detox muthafuckaz!!!!!

  • Sean "Lil Rated-R" Royce from Roc Citay Clique

    this is fuckin cool shit ya niggaz mad over nothin!! fuck da hatas

  • anonymous

    listen here you little bitches, this was just a tribute to pac, whats the fn difference between watching him in a musicvid or in a hologram, real eyes realise real lies suckaz " The only way for me to come back is by Makaveli..." -2pac And like my man saigon said: "They brought Tupac back to sing Gangster Party? Why not 'Keep Ya Head Up'? or one his other MANY great songs. We need that more right now!" - Saigon With snoop & dre touring with Makaveli da don, they can make this world a better place.. Especially if they let my man k.dot the good kid from compton shine in front of millions of 2 pac fans.. Thats some poetic shit.

    • Anonymous

      LOL and you need a fake image and a hologram to do that? I thought Pac said he wanted to be remember through his music. He came back as a ghost as he said he would through his music genius if you ask me the hologram is fake and is not needed to pay tribute to Pac his music is more then enough. Now with Dre and Snoop saying there taking it on tour it's clear this is another business venture. But that being said respects to Dr. Dre I didn't watch Coachella from what I heard he did his verse from Cali Love and bounced. I respect that because even 16 years later after his death and there beef Dre still didn't act or pretend like Pac would share the stage with him what they do in the future what this shit is yet to be seen.

  • Anonymous

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    Dope concert. But why niggas have 2bring Game in this shit. Why must he give a fuck when Pac's beloved Outlaws were not even there, who was feat on da original Hail Mary track, until dose niggas get that respect dey deserve I DONT BELIVE U, U NEED MORE PEOPLE? GTFOH,YAYO was there gosh how real is that. Am not mad about da hologram, always been a Pac fan,this is a great tribute. But that being said, lets not defend motherf who ducked and dived when he was still alive, these rappers who dey are. And I truely understand why some Pac fans in this page here are mad though,cos real Pac fans knew how that nigga felt,and da pain he went thru. His words in his last few days. Fuck blaming Suge for everything!!!!!!! Pac had his own mind and opinions and most were real from da heart. Fuck pay tribute,bring him to life,do whatever but dont avoid da truth........

    • Anonymous

      Real shit BLACK JESUS and while I disagree with the Hologram I don't think it's a big deal I think what's been done to his music especially with albums like Pacs Life and Loyal To The Game should matter more and i'm sure it's what Pac would have cared about as well.

    • Anonymous

      wheres game @

  • Anonymous

    It was a dope concept and a brilliant performance. I think they pulled it off well and the reaction was overwhelming considering that Coachella isn't even a hip hop festival. I had goosebumps watching it, and I wish I was there even though the shit was creepy watching it online because it seemed so fuckin real. RIP 2pac and Biggie.

  • Dre Day Only Meant Eazy's Payday

    They really have no respect for the dead.

  • T-Streets

    Everyboy needs to quit hating & complaining!..I can bet any amount of anything that the ones who saying it was "disrespectful" are the same ones who said they wish 2Pac was here, now u got him so STOP YOUR WHINNING!! 1st thing 1st, if u look at the video Dr. Dre DID NOT share the stage with Pac...all he did was ply his music that he was featured on with him like he's been doing & no one had a problem with. 2nd thing...Dre & Pac were beefing, but if u're a REAL Pac fan like myself...u would know that that's only because Dre decided to leave Death Row PLUS Suge Knight hyped 2Pac up to that & Pac went along with it because he was loyal AND he owed Suge because he bailed Pac outta jail (even Snoop had a small beef with Dre for that same reason). Also let's point out that Eazy-E & Dre HAD beef then what did they do? They squashed it before Eazy died..it was they media who like to keep the beef going, just like yall doing now. If some of yall claiming to be "real niggas" then be grown azz men & move past the beef that happened ages ago! Another thing..Snoop & Pac really never had beef so I don't know where that came from. They were always on stage together doing the exact same song they did in the video at Coachella. Snoop & Pac always rode together til the day Pac died! So to the so called "I've been a 2Pac" fans, what's the real reason u're mad? I personally luv'd the show...it gave me chills that he came back to perform once again for the realness of Hip Hop. Besides, 2Pac did say he was gonna be reincarnated someday & there he is...So to all us true Pac fans, let's keep on apprecaiting what he brought to this world in his music!I'm glad I witnessed this online, it brought back memories of childhood listening to his music

    • Anonymous

      SNOOP GOT SHOT AT IN NY BECAUSE OF BIGGIE. Biggie went on the radio and said 2Pac and Dogg Pound are in NY recording a NY diss and BIG didn't know it was Snoop not Pac because he was cool with Snoop. The track wasn't originally a diss but after they got shot at it became a diss. Pac and Snoop did have tensions in there final days I wouldn't say it was beef because BIG and Pac had beef Snoop and Pac just had a lot of tension listen to Sixx Minutes off Doggfather second verse touches on it and what Pac said to Snoop.

    • T-Streets

      Duh! I seen the video..so what is your point besides it's a hologram?? It was a life-like Pac period...so again what point are u trying to make to defeat the purpose of?

    • yep

      "now you got him" wtf u talking about, it's a hologram

    • T-Streets

      Ok Pac was mad about that...SO WHAT!! That whole "beef" was between Pac & Biggie, not Snoop, Pac & Biggie. What happened after that?? Pac & Snoop STILL kicked, at a Tyson boxing match & was about to party until he died. So again, what's ur point?

    • Renzo rollin

      Pac was mad cuz Snoop said on a radio interview that he was cool with Biggie and Diddy. This happened a few days before he died.

  • Renzo rollin

    Would be cool if the hologram started kicking Snoops ass and started calling Dre gay. We all know Pac was not cool with Snoop anymore and wanted to make a song dissin Snoop.

  • jack johsno

    imo this is disrespectful to 2pac, If you had died, would you want people making a fake image of you and editing your words to make you say things you never said? and would you want this to be done by the very people you happened to be beefing with before you died? and would you want these people making money off it? Coz this is exactly whats happened to 2pac here

    • Anonymous

      oh, it is going on tour with them.

    • Ludicrous

      I understand what you're saying. And I'm not saying you're wrong. But I think they just wanted the fans to experience 2Pac one last time because it's not like the hologram will just go on tour with them or that it'll happen with everyone else who died. That's at least what I got from it.

  • Antoin

    Thats some nice effect. The next bug thing is MJ Elvis & 2Pac trio show

  • Michael Ward

    Great show for all old school rap fans. We all sat and watched it in our Denver Office. Even the haters liked it.

  • Michael Ward

    Great show for all old school rap fans. We all sat and watched it in our Denver Movers Office. Even the haters liked it.

  • Anonymous

    gotdamn that dope i never thought of that. it would tight if that made some type of electronic device that you could use to rap in pac or bigs voice.

  • Dan C

    Over 100,000 people in attendance last night for Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg. This was an iconic performance by some of rap's greatest and all you can do is hate. Last night was exactly what Hip Hop needed. An All-Star lineup sharing the stage in honor of Hip Hop music. That set last night will be revered and go down as one of rap's greatest moments. The Tupac hologram obviously was the most exciting thing about the set. Dre never shared the stage with Pac (in honor of their broken friendship)and got permission from his mother (who, by the way, loved it). YOUR opinion doesn't matter; sorry fellas. I loved watching that concert on Youtube last night. It is something I will never forget as a rap fan, and I'm sure it's something the 100,000 people in attendance will never forget. One thing, however. AFTERMATH IS BACK! And last night was the perfect opportunity to showcase it. P.S. You see the crowd's reaction when Eminem came out? I swear I've never heard an applause that loud.

    • Anonymous

      here is that comment you were waiting for. fuck snoop. fuck dre. fuck a muthafuckin detox. that shit was disgraceful. snoop and dre should be ashamed of themselves.

    • Anonymous

      Couldn't agree more, iconic show that will be remembered for a long time. Could not give a toss about any negative opinion (waiting for ridiculous comment below).

  • Anonymous

    I wanna see tupac and the o.u.t.l.a.w.z. not sell outs like snoop and dre those arent even pac's real friends.

  • Anonymous

    doesnt even look like 2pac its a body double

    • deadboy90

      no it's not look at pac's head when he first comes out, the reflection off the instruments behind him go right through his head.

  • showcase

    MJ next but get the ufo's out already come on

  • Anonymous

    That wasn't even Pac's body nor face. That was a look alike.

  • Kizman

    I feel for game. Was prob sittin in front of his computer ready to watch his homie dre perform. Then he realizes he's the only one not invited to the party. Even a dead Tupac and 50 showed up before Game.

  • reggie

    Watched the whole thing and I really hope all of the high school white kids in the crowd that listen to Wiz Khalifa and think hes the best rapper were like whoa...I didnt know what rap was until now

  • Anonymous

    Some of you dumbasses blow my mind if Pacs mother is cool with it everyone should be cool with it.. this shit was fucking classic some of the greatest of all time with the exception of a few on the same set! Dre sounded great but Kendrick and Em killed the mic ..great set all around

  • Anonymous

    But why the hell does tony yayo and 50 cent gotta be on the set.

    • Anonymous

      Because they are a part of the Shady/Aftermath clan and were asked to perform. Were you one of those fans who thought since Rozay got some music from Dre that it verified your hatred for 50?

  • Anonymous

    May be off topic - but this video here is also for all the people that say that old people need to hang up the mic - see those forty plusers on the stage? They still kill it.

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous: Holograms? What's next? Hand puppets? ^ smh People are walking around with little computers called smartphones, now they can't understand a hologram in 3 dimensional form.

  • Anonymous

    How did they get Pac to say Choachella

  • Hater

    Every one lets all hate on everyone else cause that's great! (Apart from SuperGucciRap cause hes a fag!).

    • @richard

      Eazy. Biggie. Big L. Big Pun. DJ Screwed. Soulja Slim. Ol Dirty Bastard. Pimp C. Eyedea. Apacha. Guru. Nate Dogg. Heavy D.

  • gone too soon

    man fuck baby lane or whoever shot him. he should be living & not a hologram

  • whatever

    Let that man rest in peace and people need to except that he has passed. If you were lucky enough to see him perform live, good for you. If you didn't .... oh well get over it. I wanna see Miles and Hendrix perform but I know that ship has sailed, and a computer generated hologram of them won't do the trick. If it ain't the real deal then fuck it. Next thing you know Puffy and Fat Joe are gonna...... (you know the rest)

  • Vagabond

    Dont understand how Pac fans are mad. His mom approved so if she doesn't feel it's disrespectful let it ride. And if you feel that way about a hologram then I hope you don't listen to makaveli, r u still down, still I rise, until the end of time and the rest. Why still be mad at the dre situation. It's old. They grown, if Pac was alive he'd be grown too and settle whatever petty difference they had like grown men do. And dre knows its a lotta ignorance out there so he at least didn't share the stage with him. This was monumental and as a fan of tupac it gave me chills. And I don't care if they profit from it or not they should you act like his family is exempt from bills. I hope they do a tour so tupac fans can seed him live if they didn't get the chance or re live it if they did.

  • SuperGucciRap

    Why the hell would anyone see a dead perform let alone a shitty rapper like 2pac? At least bring Biggie and Eazy-E back real rappers who were OGs. Not Ice Cube doing kids movies, 2Pac the ballerina racist Makaveli worshipper, Dr. Dre the homo, Snoop Dogg with his lame reality show doing songs with Bruno Mars & Katy Perry, Eminem the emo white boy, 50 cent the snitch, or Kendrick Lamar the Kermit the Frog rapper. Listen to Gucci Mane! A real setlist would be Bricksquad, Odd Future, Funk Volume, AOTP, and Justin Bieber doing an awesome Cypher Show. It's Gucci Time!

    • Dubya

      Man, you have no taste. Your probably 16, white, borrow your parents ride and front all day!

    • Anonymous

      Negative, disrespectful, and some what uneducated opinions should be removed! And you my friend should be, shot, in the face.

    • Anonymous

      wow i know your trolling but DX needs to get rid of comments and clowns like you

    • @SuperGucciRap

      Nigga, don't even waist your time, we all know you're gay just be analysing your comments. I just hope you are a white man living on a nice neighborhood, because niggas in the hood really kill people for talking that homosexual bullshit.

    • SuperGucciRap

      After much thought on my above comment I would like to say that I'm sorry, I would love to see a legend such as Tupac, please forgive my ignorance. Whilst I'm reflecting on my above comment that was made in the past I would also like to tell you about my past. For years I was in and out of relationships with girls, some hot some not, and have come to understand that I am gay, so for all those lovely girls it was not you it was me! I'm now free, I'm GAY! Its like the whole world has been lifted off my shoulders. I'm not longer in the closet!

    • Dre Day Only Meant Eazy's Payday

      Meanwhile, in the trap, Gucci Mane is getting raped by ho's wearing strap-ons while his records cannot sell more than 100 thousand copies.

    • Anonymous

      ur fucking stupid!!!

  • $P!T

    I wish I was there to see the Eminem tracks especially "forgot about Dre" If you look closely at the pac hologram, it is extremely well done no doubt about that, but it kinda looks a bit fake too, fukin weird but epic. Strange times...

  • Ricky Rozay

    most of these rappers aint real niggas. Word, Nas bankrupt never was a drug runner, Lil Wayne aint no blood, Jeezy aint no BMF, 50 a snitch, Game a stripper ,2pac a ballerina. None of these niggas real you guys. If they was all real they all be pushin daisies now. Like it or not Ross is the new biggie. BAWSE!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      ^^^^^^ That also goes out to every YMCMB artist and every other rapper that claims to be something he is not.

    • Anonymous

      Bitch, don't try to make me laugh, cause that's not even funny. Officer Rick Ross is the worst human being to ever step on Planet Earth. Everytime I think of that bitch, I puke. He really does not deserve to be living, seriously. I pray everyday that somebody breaks into his house and rape and kill everybody inside, including Officer Rick Gay Ross and burn his house to the ground.

    • Anonymous

      Anonymous: Can you do us a favor and provide the link data to Nas' US Bankruptcy Court filings? Thank you in advance. Posted2012-04-15T23:13:38-05:00 +++++++++++++++++++++ STILL WAITIN'

    • Anonymous

      Officer Ricky is the least real rapper in the game

    • Anonymous

      The irony in this is somebody using the next man's name is calling out everyone else for being fake. Am I am speaking about YOU, not the rapper.

  • West Coast G

    Niggas who keep complainin bout the performance can now shut the fuck up. Tupac's moms gave her blessing. For niggas like me who grew up on 2pacs music, last nights performance was epic. It was a reminder that 2pac was one of the greatest rappers alive and even a hologram of him fuckin outdid half these lame ass rappers out now. West Coast baby.

  • Sir Stax

    Hot!! Hot!!! Hot!! 1luv to Hip Hop Dx for the full video. Thats hip hop together as 1 for 1 big Show. Dr.Dre always no's the cure for hip hop!

  • Vandal

    Yayo needs to shut the fuuck up

  • Anonymous

    HoloPac just ushered in a new technology and is getting great raves across the globe. The same people on here crying are most likely the same people who have the latest iPad, iPhone, Droid, XBox, Playstation, Jordans, etc. You guys' image of "respecting his legacy" is having someone perform the music ONCE IN A WHILE, or release unheard music where MOST PEOPLE ILLEGALLY DOWNLOAD. YOU ARE ACTUALLY LEAVING HIS LEGACY TO ROT. NONE of OUR opinions matter more than his mom and what she wishes to do concerning HER SON. Tupac Shakur once again has created a HISTORIC moment for Hip Hop, and YOU SELFISH ASS FANS can't see it, because you want it the way YOU want it to be.

    • Anonymous

      Correct ETK.

    • ETK

      Nigga do not act like you're entitled shit, even if you bought all his albums from day one. Foolishness

    • Anonymous

      If our opinion counted they would have asked US FIRST. Do you have a job? Like your boss? Co-workers? Or do you ALL work TOGETHER and handle that BUSINESS to GET PAID? Does Nike ask people what to put out or do they put out WHAT THEY WANT, THEN you have the option to buy or not? The world population has made Phil Knight super rich by supporting his sneaker line. I can keep going with plenty of examples.

    • Dre Day Only Meant Eazy's Payday

      What you mean, nigga, "NONE of OUR opinions matter more than his mom and what she wishes to do concerning HER SON"!? We are 2Pac's fans, not her. We all should know damn well he ain't supposed to be there rockin with niggas he didn't even like! Even though that's still a hologram, it's way too wrong for you to say our opinion don't matter, because we as 2Pac's supporters kept this nigga's ass rich by buying his stuff! Well, at leat I did.

  • Tech N9ne

    Shit, is really weird to see a Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg show. Their music is allright, but is really laid-back; it's not made for playing loud in arenas. But is still way better that Wiz's and Kendrick's bitch made shit though.

  • Anonymous

    The word for the day is "POSITIVITY"

  • Khalid Muhammad

    "We shook Dre's punk ass, now he's out of the closet!" I would love to see them playing this with Dre onstage!!!

  • Anonymous

    this foo snoop dogg got dreadlocks now lmao

  • blitzlegga

    When i first heard about this shit I was mad cuz Pac wasn't even fuckin with Dre like that before he died. but now that i watched that shit, i did notice that Dre did NOT share the stage with Pac. he did his California verse then bounced. at least he kind of honored the dead by not acting like him and Pac would have shared a stage.....even in the afterlife. good shit

  • sniperk

    *threw ... why can't you edit this isht?

  • sniperk

    Dre...Snoop...Nate...Kurupt...Warren G...Pac...50 Cent...Em even through in some new cats with Wiz and K. Dot... That was dope... why the complaints? I do agree with others that it would have been a cool hiphop moment if either Game and 50 Cent performed or, even better, if G-Unit reunited with Banks and Buck also but still a wicked concert.

  • beatrixkid

    I feel for game. Was prob sittin in front of his computer ready to watch his homie dre perform. Then he realizes he's the only one not invited to the party. Even a dead Tupac showed up before Game.

    • Peace to the God's & Earth's

      No y'all, fuck that nigga Game. The only time nigga really shined and showed skills, the Aftermath and G-Unit chains were around his neck. He knows without Dre and the others, the only time we'll see him, his will be fucking around with Chris Brown.

    • Anonymous

      Lol no shit huh. Game gonna make 436 Bars dissing hologram 2pac now.

  • Dre Day Only Meant Eazy's Payday

    This is a insult to my inteligence. I mean, c'mon Dre, you know damn well Pac wasn't fuckin with you by the time he passed away. So why the fuck you put a Pac hologram on your fuckin show and act like he's your nigga!? Fake ass bitch!!!

    • ETK

      Shut. The. Fuck. Up. You stick-up-the-ass niggas who think they matter because they were a fan need to drop dead. You're the last kinda person who should tell 2PAC'S MOTHER what the fuck to do. With all this whining about today's generation, sure seems some among the past one aren't better

    • blitzlegga

      but watch the video again. Dre and Pac still aint fucking with each other. Pac (hologram) is never on stage with that nigga

    • Dre Day Only Meant Eazy's Payday

      ^^^^^ Nah, to me that ain't hip-hop, is just lack of self-respect. You don't act like you cool with a nigga that dissed you. As a 2Pac fan, that's exploitation to me. Using a nigga's name and image without his permission!? If Afeni had any respect for her son, she would have condemned this just like me.

    • Realshit

      When you establish real relationships you learn to move pass the past as you get older. Dre and snoop old as hell. At one point even snoop wasnt fuckin wit dre like that. Moral of the story.let shit go. Hip hop culture needed that moment last night.

  • Anonymous

    Project Blue Beam is well on it's way after this hologram ish!

    • Anonymous

      yessir! u know if they doin this for a rap nigga they got stupid dumb shit on lock ready to make niggas shit they pants!

  • mrcasper662

    This is some disrespectful shit!! The (obviously) used someone else's voice to say "Cochella". A hologram? For real How about Hiphopdx.com show respect to the dead by taking this shit down!!! Dre & Snoop obviously don't honor 'Pac's memory with this, it was all done in the name of "showmanship" (if you can call it that.) This makes me sick to my stomach as at rue 'Pac fan,who was a true fan when he was alive & 20 yr's old when he died.Not someone who jumped on the bandwagon after he died!

    • Anonymous

      So should we stop showing Pac videos too? They used existing performance footage to create the hologram - the fuck are you complaining about?

    • Anonymous

      Cool story bro, but it went down anyway, MANY people felt it was a cool showing, his mama liked it, and life is going on.

  • Anonymous

    Too bad Pac can't rise like The Crow to come back and end all this silliness. Holograms? What's next? Hand puppets?

  • Anonymous

    According to TMZ, Tupacs mother, Afeni Shakur, was positively thrilled about his virtual appearance during the show. She was not in attendance, but instead watched it on the Internet. For Afeni, the moment was thrilling, yet bittersweet. Prior to the show, Dr. Dre asked Afeni for her approval and she said yes. In exchange for allowing his likeness to be used, Dre made a donation to The Tupac Amaru Shakur Foundation. ^ the person who's opinion really matters has spoken. Case closed.

    • C.O.B

      you are right afeni said ok then its ok its her son if anyone should b complaining its her and shes not it was great hopefully they do this agian cuz i was never able to see pac on stage i would lik to get the feeling

    • JM

      LMAO @ Pac Man. Nigga, who the fuck are who? If you honestly think your opinions matter as much as 2Pac's mother's, you are deluded, son. Fuck outta here.

    • ETK

      Can only hope Pac man was using sarcasm

    • Anonymous

      No it doesn't, if it did they would ask you FIRST.

    • Pac Man

      ^^^^ Nah, fuck that. Our opinion matter as much as her's, because we are this nigga's fans!!!


    and thats why Em is the greatest... crowd goes crazy for this dude



  • C.O.B

    he is resting in peace and this is helping to keep his music alive priccs just enjoy wat u can see it gave fans who couldnt see him before some wat of a feeling of wat that was like it was a cool thing to do r.i.p. makaveli

  • Anonymous

    I'm sad for Mankind

  • Jahbulon

    "2012 might not be a funkin' legend" Kendrick Lamar

  • Anonymous

    Wack should have just played Pac's music. Stop disrespecting his legacy with these wack ass holograms. You don't need a hologram to pay respects especially to a legend like Pac all you need is his music.

  • jason

    all this "let a man rest in peace" statements are retarded. this was awesome and very cool to see him on stage again. i'm sure he is still resting in peace kiddos.

  • row

    50 and snoop doin PIMP made me smile such a dope collab

  • Bishop

    fools on that bullshit again....what tha fuck y`all trippin about...they we`rent tryng to ressurect pac in any fuckin way, they were simply trynna pay respect to the big hommie by making it seem like he was alive again, and you see lame ass niggaz not being able to appreciate that.....shame...R.I.P big hommie

    • Anonymous

      That's what YOU want anonymous, but guess what? YOU don't get to determine what Pac would have liked or not.

    • Anonymous

      LOLLLL pay respects. Read my comment above you don't need corny ass holograms to pay respects you need MUSIC. Should have played 2 Of Amerikkas Most Wanted, Cali Love, All About U, Hail Mary, Ambitonz Az A Ridah and that would ahve been more then enough and a lot better then some wack ass holograms. Pac is dead respect his legacy and play his music he left his music behind so it can live on forever. I'm sure if he wanted to be remembered he would want to be remembered through music and not some corny ass hologram.

    • v

      But guess what, tupac is not alive anymore u groupie!

  • Ferrarii

    Yeah, Snoop Dogg whats right GGG GGG UNIT at 27:35. G G G G GG GUNIT!!!!

  • Brandt Hardin

    This was absolutely phenomenal and shows the brilliance technology can bring to art. It is through art that we can carry on the legends of the most brilliant performers and minds of our time. What a tribute this was to a legendary hip hop artist. You can see some more 2Pac art on my artists blog with a surreal illustration I made in memoriam recently at http://dregstudiosart.blogspot.com/2011/09/in-memoriam-tupac-shakur.html

  • Koollie

    Damn I got goos bumps all over my body at 20:02 when 50 Cent came up. Damn, legendary performance by 50...

  • Anonymous

    They should've performed California Love to get Dre involved too, but otherwise, it was a great performance.

  • bowdown

    this is what pac had to say bout dre: http://vimeo.com/25904740 R.I.P. Tupac!

  • cv

    fuck dre & snoop for this! r.i.p. 2Pac!!!

  • ss

    this shit is wrong!!..a dead man performing "hail mary" on stage!

  • a

    but the funny thing is they cut off the #killuminati part from 2pac ..hahah cuz all those guys are part some how in the illuminati..lol

  • bee

    ...some money hungry white people just tried to ressurect pac the cheapest way u can imagine. so let a dead man rest in peace and listen to his music u retards. Besides there was no hologram type of shit in '96, so how do u know if he would agree to this shit. Tupac stood for realness...this shit right here stands for fakeness...like the whole music industry nowadays... a dead man shouting out people in 2012...lmao! Use the shit he recorded back then and listen to it. BUT stop creating new shit in the name of a dead person thats disrespectful!!!

  • toby

    hologram is dope lol! http://lovekarmaloop.com

  • shaan

    Tupac is still relevant.....if anyone at coachella didnt know about tupac....there he is. They caught his persona very well. And for a moment it felt like Makaveli returned to us in full form. Thats the ultimate respect for a lost soldier of the pen. u guys need to get ur conspiracy hats off and throw ur middle fingers up for the big homie ....Dre & Snoop done well x

  • Anonymous

    LOL @ people saying this was Epic They came up with a computer generated image of a dead rapper and put it on stage with people he never met & didnt like Only thing this proves to me is that greed has no limitations But fuck it, since we're doing this, why dont they just do holograms of Dre & Snoop Circa 94 back when they didnt suck

  • Anonymous

    This was amazing I personally loved it as a 2pac fan and you guys need to stop bitching, straight up. Pac would want us to keep him relevant and lead the way for the next generation, get with it.

  • Anonymous

    People these days have no shame

  • Powerphi

    This is a amazing set.

  • 909

    soon rappers wont appear on concert and use hologram.. mo money ..they gonna be somewhere else getting more money ..

  • Anonymous

    Very cool. I enjoyed that.

  • Anonymous

    Dre and Em need to get their shit back together before it really gets too late... This version of Forgot About Dre is sick as hell too.

  • ETK

    They wouldn't have used a hologram of him if you MFers didn't think so highly of him, think he was hiphop's messiah and still use him(And Biggie) as the standard for hip hop quality All of y'all who's bitching about it... You only got yourselves to blame

  • vtr

    50 was there, but Game wasn't. lol Game lost.

  • kate

    They resurrected a dead man and made him wear stone washed jeans in 2012?

    • Anonymous

      Same thing I was thinking... Like it's sick, but he looks he woke up in 1996... Hasn't aged a bit

    • Stevie

      Da fuck you want him to wear? skinny jeans? Leopard jeggings? Oh wait this isnt a Fag Money concert. Son shut up and witness the most epic moment in recent rap history.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    no lie, they didnt even mention that but when I heard that nigga say "What up Coachella" I got a litl sick in my stomach, people have no class at all anymore

    • kate

      I agree - what's to say he would even like Coachella? if anything, I would guess he probably would hate all that hipster shit.

  • Anonymous

    2pac was my favorite rapper but that hologram shit was just wrong on every level possible If god wants the dead to walk the earth again he'll arrange it himself I'd imagine, plus they computer altered his voice to shout out a festival that didnt exist when he was alive, all the while he was on stage with a man that he hated, SMH Interscope hit a new low with this shit

    • lmao

      I agree!...what god had to to with it??? Well, Pac was religious, he made tracks mentioning god ( a lot)...and some money hungry white people just tried to ressurect pac the cheapest way u can imagine. so let a dead man rest in peace and listen to his music u retards. Besides there was no hologram type of shit in '96, so how do u know if he would agree to this shit. Tupac stood for realness...this shit right here stands for fakeness...like the whole music industry nowadays... a dead man shouting out people in 2012...lmao! Use the shit he recorded back then and listen to it. BUT stop creating new shit in the name of a dead person thats disrespectful!!!

    • nigga

      honestly if god didnt want the mothafucka to walk on earth he would make people smart enough to make a hologram you dumb mfs. stop bringing god into this shit like he has anything to do with this. this MAN made concert was fucking epic and your god had nothing to do with it

    • Anonymous

      ^^^^^^^^ What you just said makes absolutely no sense. pac recorded those vocals when he was alive,granted I'd rather they not switch his beats around but this hologram shit was totally manufactured, one has nothing to do with the other

    • Jus10

      Stop getting religious. If God wanted the dead to speak... there would be no need for cds. So stop listening to Pac if you wanna let him rest... but I agree with the Dre part.

  • West Coast G

    West coast niggas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fuck what you heard. 2pac, Dre, Snoop, K.Dot the West Coast is coming back.

  • Anonymous

    THIS concert wud look soooo dope if it comes out on Blu Ray

  • deez

    like whats up with ppl, like damn at least they keeping 2Pac relevant damn just let it go it happened, and u not gonna do shit but write on websites

  • Anonymous

    I hope this performance gives dre the motivation to complete DETOX

  • onelove

    fuck... how can u drop "i need a doctor" after pac, he would've busted a cap in both dre and ems ass for that shit.

  • Anonymous

    that was eerie and sad if u think about it, i kno snoop had to have been close to tears lol

  • Anonymous

    wow Dre has the biggest muscles HGH, steroids, testosterone could be... Too bad his son OD'd on heroin... Nice work, Dad!

  • Anonymous

    man 50's teeth are hella white

  • Anonymous

    Tupac must be turning in his grave..... Can't help thinking bout THAT interview with Snoop looking real shifty sitting next to Pac not long before he was shot dead. As for Dre, well , we all know how he felt about his bitch ass!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      truth!! You think Snoop knew what was up?? Shit nigga I do... Snoop was prolly in on the hit.... remember all those stories about Suge bitch slapping snoop... also at the beginning of makaveli a voice says "SUGE SHOT ME" RIP Tupac! Greatest rapper ever!

  • wtf

    fukc holograms man...just make real music dope enough so u don't need fukcin holograms to compensate the missing of good music/art nowadays. ...tupac is a legend but nobody...including no ridiculous reality type show can touch his legacy! WHATS GONE ITS GONE...its over when its over bitches!

  • jerrycur

    Watched the whole thing and I really hope all of the high school white kids in the crowd that listen to Wiz Khalifa and think hes the best rapper were like whoa.....we have no idea what the fuck rap is

  • Anonymous

    "make some noise for Wiz Khalifa"-Dr.Dre ooooooooooooh i bet that killed all the self proclaimed hip-hop poser nazis

  • Anonymous

    the Pac hologram gave me chills

  • gg

    This was dopest show I ever performed in '94

    • Your Opinion Means Nothing...

      gg & Anonymous, thank you both for making me want to pull out my Chappelle's Show The Lost Episodes DVD. I really appreciate it.

    • Anonymous

      Fuckin' ?uest Love.

    • Anonymous

      Listen close, as life turns its pages Makaveli here, kickin' rhymes for the ages Seen things in stages, wise words spoken by sages From SkyTel to BlackBerry pages Your crew don't phase us, we'll make you bustas pay us Run up in your spot like CJ from San Andreas I wrote this song a long time ago A real long time ago Feel me! I wrote this song a long time ago It was the dopest song I ever wrote... in '94 What can a {nigga} do when half the people voted for George W. It's a bitch, {fuck} George W. -- can't be true -- I wanna choke him, because he's a snitch I'm talking about George W. Smith From city council, he ran in '93 Out in Oakland, you probably didn't hear about him I wrote this song a long time ago A real long time ago Way before Slim Shady was in demand Way before we dropped baloney on Afghanistan I wrote this song in '94 How am I doin' this? Look around the club, see everyone in the place Showing 'Pac love got a smile on my face The girl in the miniskirt has bad taste Because her shirt don't match And there's a puddin' stain on the back What the {fuck} is that? It might be doo-doo And you in the back, you ain't {shit} You bought a gin and tonic but you didn't even tip And if you hit the table one more time then the record might skip Might skip... I told you, stop hittin' the table Tupac Shakur I wrote this rhyme in 1994 I'm not alive! Thug life! Dave Chappelle, that ain't your wife A married man, you've got two kids Go home! I wrote this song a long time ago A real long time ago Way before Beanie Sigel had to do a bid Way before Dave Chappelle had two kids No friends, and no future

  • Johnnie

    So I showed the Tupac performance to some friends. Technologically - yeah, that was dope. But doesn't it sort of beg the question of how much does someone own your image/person after you die? I mean... they seriously resurrected his image to perform. Permission from his estate or not... something about that just feels a little morally unsound to me. I'm not hyper-religious or anything like that -- it's just sort of like digital slavery.

  • Anonymous

    Damn... if Tupac was still alive there would be NO JAYZ.... Pac woulda put an end to that nigga's career years ago!! WESTSIDE!!!

    • NY 777

      In the words of 2PAC--- "JayZ die too, looking out for Mobb Deep nigga when I find you"

    • rightthinker

      haha... here's my issue with jokers like you well show cased. think "grow and let grow" man. instead of piggybackin on a successful artist like Jay-Z and insinuating what he woulda done. truth is you can't do shit about nothin.

    • Anonymous

      jay was around and poppin when pac was alive.so yes Jay would still be here and would still be killin shit.

  • UG Royal

    I can't lie that hologram was dope but creepy at the same time

  • Big Up Dog

    The shit was EPIC in all senses of the word, if you look up word epic in the dictionary you'll see this performance in there. BUT the highlight for me was the Tupac back moment, that was just bananas. I wish I could've been there, anyone who was able to go is a part of something legendary. Hopefully this isn't the swan song of Dre, Dre if you out there you still have lots to give to hip hop, so please don't retire! Next step, bring the show overseas and I'll be there 1st in line, then bring out the Detox and then, maybe then, call it a day. But not just yet, as you can see n hear there's still huge demand!

  • HUH


  • G-Bee

    They should have let Pac perform "Fuck Friendz"

  • Anonymous

    i love that the south came up and they get money off rap + make some bangers, but they got nothing on this right hereeeee

  • digga

    this shit was like going to a graveyard to visit a lost one: when you get there, you're reminded of the memories and reminisce about the good time, then when it's time to leave, you know it's ove. when you leave, you realize it's the "now" we live in. RIP for Pac and good to see the legends perform again

  • Monsta Killa

    The shit was EPIC in all senses of the word, if you look up word epic in the dictionary you'll see this performance in there. BUT the highlight for me was the Tupac back moment, that was just bananas. I wish I could've been there, anyone who was able to go is a part of something legendary. Hopefully this isn't the swan song of Dre, Dre if you out there you still have lots to give to hip hop, so please don't retire! Next step, bring the show overseas and I'll be there 1st in line, then bring out the Detox and then, maybe then, call it a day. But not just yet, as you can see n hear there's still huge demand.

  • Left of Centa

    get em icy!!!!!!!

  • jr88

    daaaaamn...those were dope performances!!!! look at everyoneone that was their and compare it to todays hiphop....i wish hip hop was like this instead we get wack cry baby shit....smh

  • Monsta Killa

    The shit was EPIC in all senses of the word, if you look up word "epic" in the dictionary you'll see this performance in there. BUT the highlight for me was the Tupac back moment, that was just bananas. I wish I could've been there, anyone who was able to go is a part of something legendary. Hopefully this isn't the swan song of Dre, Dre if you out there you still have lots to give to hip hop, so please don't retire! Next step, bring the show overseas and I'll be there 1st in line, then bring out the Detox and then, maybe then, call it a day. But not just yet, as you can see/hear there's still huge demand.

  • So Icy Boi!

    they done resurrected Pac to get down with my Icy Movement! this is a problem! yall heard it first. Cha Boi ICy and Tupac baby! together at last RESPECT MY HUSTLE YMCMB ICY MOVEMENT OVOXO PAC this is life. ya smell me?

  • Anonymous

    This shit is too sick west side foe life bitches...Sho-nuff

  • moresickaMC

    one of the most epic moments in hiphop in a looong time. it is things like this that keep hiphop alive. great sh*t

    • digga

      couldn't had said it better than you. even though i always hated pac on death row (not the music, just him) he's one of the greatest and now we suffer through crappy rap without big and pac.

  • Anonymous

    fuk u hiphopdx for all these damn advertisements i feel like im on yahoo news

  • gay ass dre

    this shit is disrespectful considering the beef 2pac had with dre at the end of his life now dre is acting all cool so he can capitalize off 2pacs legacy

    • Donnie

      Dr.Dre donated a good amount of money to the tupac shakur foundation.

    • Anonymous

      yall dont get it, 2pac did not fuck with these niggas no more. he thought they was bitches

    • noahc313

      yea exactly they got paid a long time ago for this shit it's not like the hologram brought tens of thousands of people to the show and made them any additional money.

    • Anonymous

      no one made any money of this? nigga please? do you think dr dre (one of the greediest guys in hiphop) and snoop play music festivals for free?

    • Jones

      Shit man, this beef was ages ago... Hip Hop changed so much since then, so I'm pretty sure they would have made up eventually. Just chill and enjoy this tribute

    • noahc313

      it's not like anyone made money off of this. People always play other people's songs during their shows to get a little break and set up for the next set of songs. I'm pretty sure they were just showing respect to one of the best from the West.

  • MusicFiend420

    This was ill

  • noahc313

    Seemed like a legendary show! The hologram was really trippy. Lol at eminem lip-syncing the forgot about dre hook. I guess he can't get that squeaky anymore or something.

    • Your Opinion Means Nothing...

      Em was probably as spooked by the hologram as everyone else. Seeing a legend in that manner can do that to you, no matter what anyone says.

    • JoeA

      I'm glad some one else noticed that em was doing that...PAC hologram was sick. And to me, tupac is the only rapper who deserves and is acceptable to come back in such a manner

  • Anonymous

    pac never liked dre

  • Anonymous

    Thank you! How cool! :)

  • LKR

    I love how it's only white people there, Hip-hop a music by black people and adored by white people! They are showing love for the culture!

    • Your Opinion Means Nothing...

      Classic Rap music so to speak. But, I can't front, white people do respect Hip Hop legends (Public Enemy, KRS-One, NWA, etc.), not to mention the essence of the culture more than we do.

  • We are at War

    Nothing more demonic than Gitmo and two wars. It was good to see Pac and not just hear him...8^D

  • Anonymous

    Didn't 2pac diss Dre? And I don't think him and Snoop had much more than a working relationship. Seems like a cynical money making exercise by exploiting 2pac's death and naive sentimental types. Holograms are probably gonna be the new lyp synching..

  • jerimahcollins

    that tupac hologram was some serious demonic energy

  • Anonymous

    Classic mathafuckers 2pac & Slim Shady & Dr.Dre & Snoop Fuck YMCM gay shiiiiiiit

  • Anonymous

    Was amazing to see 2pac! And Eminem with Dre was insane and original as well! Respect to Snoop, Dre, Lamar, Nate and Em.


    Full concert in one video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sW6hruacxds&list=UUkMYIHY2gWyMtFeztU3gEpA&index=1&feature=plcp

  • Anonymous

    check out the end of the full set. Guitar goes off at the end of Still Dre. Dope stuff.

  • wow

    Wow that is actually so sick, I wish they resurrected Biggie too.

    • Your Opinion Means Nothing...

      Don't worry, Big will be back... at Diddy or Jay-Z's next concert, which wouldn't surprise me after this event.

  • AccidentalGenius

    heres the link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Ka_x5IL9vQ

  • Jon

    Tupac's performance sent shivers down my spine! Dre and Snoop killed it!

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