Lauryn Hill Performs First U.K. Show In Five Years At Indigo2 In London, England

Lauryn Hil ran through cuts including "Nothing Even Matters," "Everything is Everything," "Ready or Not" and more.

Last night, Lauryn Hill gave a rare performance at London, England's Indigo2, marking the first time that the elusive singer-songwriter has played a show in the U.K. in over five years.

During the set, Ms. Hill ran through a wide-spanning variety of cuts from her catalogue including "I Get Out," "How Many Mics," "Ready or Not," "Ex-Factor," "Nothing Even Matters" and "Lost Ones." The short-haird singer finished the show with her classic single "Doo Wop (That Thing)."

Watch clips from the performance below, and check out more high quality clips at vinnymahen's YouTube page.

"Ready or Not/Fu-Gee-La"







"Lost Ones"



"Nothing Even Matters"



"The Sweetest Thing"



"Doo Wop (That Thing)"



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  • BlazeDatIshUp

    it looks like that must have been fun and great to be there. I'd like to see her do a track or two with MC Lyte.

  • Anonymous

    Nice! The Queen is back! Ahem, no offense Queen Latifah, Lil Kim etc. But on the real...

  • 1ncredible

    I was there is was the GR8zt gig I ever attended and I am 33 and seen many. Last saw her approx 10 years ago. She's definitely back although the vids can't capture how off the chain it was. She says she is coming back with more music and wants to do unplugged in London. Afta she aksed us if we wanted that and crowd went wild. She said "funny they keep telling me no-one wants to hear that stuff" Said it was real hard what she's been thru but "we just cut thru" and she missed us as we missed her. Talked about emancipation and "enfranchisement", sang about "the state of the world we're in" and people need to "say something". She's da Queen of Hip Hop fo'sho'. Quality not quantity. Well worth the wait. Hope she realises how much we all love and support ha.

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