DJ Khaled, Cool & Dre To Co-Executive Produce Game's "F.I.V.E."

DJ Khaled will join forces with Cool & Dre on Game's upcoming fifth album.

DJ Khaled is slated to join Cool & Dre as co-executive producers on Game’s upcoming fifth album F.I.V.E.

Breaking the news on Twitter, the production team confirmed that Khaled will have a hand in the project. “Just got off the jack with @thegame and I’m proud to announce @djkhaled will be joining forces with us on FIVE! Oh it’s a problem now!” they wrote.

Game echoed their sentiments, tweeting, “@COOLANDDRE Just got off the horn with @djkhaled & made it official. He’s co-executive producing F.I.V.E. with me ! #WeDaBest #BW$MG #Epidemic.”

Game is currently at work on the project, whose title is an acronym for “Fear Is Victory’s Evolution.” He previously speculated that it could be his last album for Interscope.

@COOLANDDRE Just got off the horn wit @djkhaled & made it official. He's co-executive producing F.I.V.E with me ! #WeDaBest #BW$MG #Epidemic
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Just got off the jack with @thegame and I'm proud to announce @djkhaled will be joining forces with us on FIVE! Oh it's a problem now!
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  • pope chuck paul

    all executive producing means is that theyre gonna over see the project. do you want the same person responsible for ace hoods career responsible for yours?

  • Jack Compton

    Cool & Dre fine, but DJ Khaled?! I'm glad he's not going back to 1500 or Nothin' though.

  • Anonymous

    Correction. Those aren't releases. Come on Fiddy. A man with your sales shouldn't be scraping the bottom of the barrel. You got money. Start your own label. Do it independent. He could probably have 2 albums a year if he just stopped trying to get back in the good graces of Jimmy.

  • Anonymous

    Anon - Fiddy's last studio album was 2009, dumbo. Since, he's released mixtapes that aren't even for sale in stores. Those are releases. Black Magic went nowhere. Now he's talking about some other album that Interscope has no interest in releasing. At least Game got The Red Album out. Plus I see his mixtapes in indie stores, so there's still awareness about him.

    • Anonymous

      black magic was just a title interscope released a single that he did not support he not trying to put out some party bullshit nobody had any intrest in the red album 95k on a major he has no fans 50 released a mixtape did a major tv show for a mixtape song.

  • Anonymous

    someone should tell Game that hoppin on the MMG/YMCMB train and his Soulja Boy collab are not exactly helping with his career. used to be one of my favs now i could care less

  • FUCK

    DJ KHALED CAN SUCK A FAT DICK, cant stand him, if i hear him shout dj khaled once on the album im going to stab my ears with a tooth pick, cool and dre arnt bad but...fuck there are nothing special. game needs 1500 or nuthin, dr dre, dj quick. producers like that for this album. LESS FEATURES, BETTER FEATURES GAME.

  • Anonymous

    in other words game needs them to put up the money for the album

  • Anonymous

    so now game running to miami wsup with some westcoast producers?

  • Anonymous

    khaled albums always flop ahah

  • Anonymous

    dre dont fuck with game

  • GAME

    Man stop crying like a bich punks. Who produced these HITS? Hate it or Love it Big Dreams The City Dope Boys,etc.

    • Anonymous

      Only dope song on there is the first one, rest was generic trash. No wonder, the best Game were realized iwith the help of Fif.

    • dockevoc

      The one hit you mentioned was produced by Cool & Dre with additional production credit given to Dr. Dre...don't really care about those other songs

    • Anonymous

      i only see one HIT on that list

  • blaze

    Game let the wackness begin

  • Anonymous


  • DK

    Another mixtape from this clown that gets marketed as an album.

  • dockevoc


  • Hip Hop Fan

    I am a Game fan but I have noticed that most times when he has a feature on his album he tends to copy the flow of the rapper on the track with him. Don't believe me just check the RED album. I noticed it and it was very annoying that he did that.

    • Anonymous

      I agree, not that its always a bad thing, but it doesn't make him an individual, it makes him a conformist, check out the song Standin On A Corner, from candy coronas, he sounds like a fool

  • Koollie

    Fuck this, we will get 1000000 featurings on a album with 15 songs. You wont even be able to call it a Game album. He cant do shit alone, just take a look at the tracklist of his mixtape...fuck me...he should be ashamed for putting his name on that mixtape. once more..fuck this.


    Wack as fuck already...

  • Anonymous

    I'm just glad dr dre isn't doing it. He's got more important shit to do

  • thafranchise

    He had Pharell and Dre overseeing the last project and now Khaled and Cool & Dre. How about you executive produce your own album. I mean you to far in the game to not be a boss.

  • Anonymous

    Memo to Anon. Nobody cares what you don't like. Yes, Game has fallen off, but he's still getting new music out at a faster rate than his old buddy 50 Cent. Plus, generally, he seems to still like the process of making music as evidence by his need to give fans free mixtapes all the time. I bet once he parts ways with Interscope it will open up better lanes for him.

    • Anonymous

      What's 50 gotta do with this? He put out a lot of music and videos last year while Game had mixtapes and an album, 50 dropped an album when Game couldn't get a release date for RED. They're both scheduled to put out an album this year while Game dropped Cali Republic, 50 will have Gangsta Grillz. Similar output from both parties, they're both working.

  • row

    this is just makes me sad when i remember seeing 'hate it or love it' video. there are no more legends....

  • Anonymous

    The formula of making F.I.V.E. ****************************** 1. Pick random beat from Cool&Dre / Neptunes / 1500 or Nothin / however hot. 2. Let Game namedropping two verses. In case he forgot to mention Dr. Dre / Jay-Z / 50 Cent at least once in 8 bars, remind him. 3. Choose between T-Pain / Akon / Chris Brown for the catchy hook. If it contains more than 5 words, imitate that you're on the phone with Drake, talking about "some work to do together". 4. Feature #1: Tell Rick Ross to pause eating for a second, grumbling with a mouth full of chickens sounds awful. Backup plan: put some pre-recorded Weezy verse to the song. If you happen to run out of them, he can do anytime for you. In 35 seconds, off the dome, over the phone, for 50k$. 5. Feature #2: Hardcore street rapper mode ON: Young Jeezy / Plies. Maybe Ace Hood, but he's getting good lately, could be too risky to pick him. 6. Feature #3: Wee need a "hip-hop legend" who is just the ghost of himself from back in the day. Tough question - Snoop Dogg or Busta Rhymes? Oh wait, we can get Fat Joe too, just for diversity! 7. Final touches. Before mastering, send it to your next boss, Mr. Birdman. So he can decide if he wants to jump on it. Or one of his artists. One from the "one hunnid". 8. Put the well-known trademark to the song from DJ Khaled - "We the best!". Greet his idea that he want himself to be named as co-producer of the song, even if he hasn't done anything besides that one sentence. 9. Track is 99% done, last thing we need is a title. Write words like "hood", "win", "grind", "thug" etc. to slices of paper, mix them in T-Pain's hat, pick a few and put them together. There you go: "We Winning the Hood Takeover", "All I Do is Grindin' Hard", the number of options are limitless. Ps.: No, I'm not a hater and yes, I'm a Game fan. A fan who doesn't like where he's going since LAX, and bored to witness the fall of one of the dopest from the new era West Coast.

    • Anonymous

      jesus christ... somebody should check the dictionary for the meaning of 'irony'... lol guys you take this ish too seriously... btw every recent game project flopped so bad so it can only get better...

    • Anonymous

      I agree 2nd anon, all that wasted time. I skimmed thru that. LISTEN, a TRUE fan would WAIT UNTIL THE PROJECT IS FINISHED and LISTEN to it MULTIPLE times in it's ENTIRETY before JUDGING IT. It's EASY to type on the 'net dissing some music YOU NEVER HEARD, then when you hear it and POSSIBLY LIKE IT you run around STANNING like YOU knew it was going to be a hit and you're a big fan. We call that being TWO-FACED. Second, executive or co-executive credits on an album do NOT necessarily mean creative input (music).

    • Anonymous

      The fact you typed all this shows you have nothing better to do..Live your life instead of critiquing others..Let's hear your non-existent album..

    • Alf Capone

      wow that was impressive. you wanna produce my next album? sounds like you know how to market. good stuff my nig. shit was actually worth my time to read

  • Anonymous

    This dude is such an IDIOT. When are you going to learn that these dudes are not winning. I know that you are cool with them. But they don't produce results. When is the last time Cool & Dre made a hit record? Khaled is never sold records. EVER! So why are these guys considered to executive produce? Game has sold less albums each time. Stop messing with losers.

  • anon

    the game should just give up. nobody's listening to these shitty ass albums where you have five hundred features and you just dickride other artists.

  • ETK

    Lol DJ khaled will provide the 30 features for his album, he'll gather niggas around

  • Anonymous

    this is terrible

  • Anonymous

    fuck game. i used to be a big fan but he done changed a lot! ..

  • Anonymous

    not only will we get thousands of name drops but also dj khaled screaming his own name before, during and after tracks on the album.

  • Anonymous

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO If his working with Khaled Bin Abdul Khaled thats means there will be even more wack features than RED

  • but

    But I like 1500 or nothin' on production

  • jg

    R.E.D. was a banger, one of the best of 2011, hoping FIVE will come hard too

    • Plus+1

      Thank You his album was top 6 of the whole year underground and main stream better than lil waynes and drakes and WTT. people love to hate when people branch out.

  • itwasallaboutfuck

    So..... I have to listen DJ khaled yelling his name on FIVE...that' s so annoying.

  • 50 Cent

    That was too funny. I told you could be anything so you be comedian? Shit . STFU and produce my album

  • CrackPipe

    who gives a shit?

  • Dr. Dre

    Oh shit. I misread the title. I just noticed that my name is behind at 'Cool &'. Haha

  • itopia

    Cool & Dre were right when they said "oh its a problem now".

  • Anonymous

    fuck Dj Khaled faggot ass bitch but yeah shout to game big homie right there you know I am saying but fuck fuck YMCMB cause if game joins that hip-hop will be in one of the worse positions

  • Anonymous

    if this helps his sales then good for him

  • buckeyewu

    I'm not sure how I feel about this. I like Game. DJ Khaled, not so much.

  • Stefan Restuccia

    I feel this is a stepping stone for Game to move to YMCMB or somewhere like that

  • Anonymous

    game and khalad.. should have a "game - red light" type of feel, add cool n dre this gonna be a prolem.. im lookin forward to this



    • buckeyewu

      Is that what he does? Match beats with the right people? I only ask because I know you cant be the most talented dj in the world of you dont make beats and ummmm... well... DJ.

  • WTF

    Who the hell is dj khaled ? i've always been wondering who is this sell out tubby , and by the look of the story i promise y'all five is going to be worse than red.

    • buckeyewu

      DJ Khaled doesnt even produce shit. What a joke. I agree, this could be his worst album if he lets that fatboy joker speak all over it about that "we the best" shit.

  • me

    Cool & Dre make great records, but Kahled??? fuck him man.

    • buckeyewu

      Yeah, fuck that fatboy poser of a producer. I'm still trying to find a video of him actually making a beat.

  • Anonymous

    Game and Cool & Dre make great records together but the fat arab will only say you need more features let me call william wayne and drake



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