A$AP Rocky Performs At Coachella 2012

A$AP Rocky hits the stage in Indio, California to perform during the festival.

Yesterday, A$AP Rocky hit the stage in Indio, California during the 2012 Coachella Festival.

During the hourlong set, the Harlem, New York native ran through a handful of cuts from his breakout mixtape Live.Love.A$AP, as well as some new material. He debuted an untitled cut, which was previously believed to be his new single "Goldie" that's releasing tomorrow (April 16th).

Rocky is currently in the process of recording his major label debut Long.Live.A$AP, which is slated to include production from A$AP Ty Beats, Clams Casino, Beautiful Lou, SpaceGhostPurrp and Pharrell. It will also include the Kickdrums-produced "Ridin''" featuring Lana Del Rey, which was originally set to be included on the producers' latest project Follow the Leaders.

Watch A$AP Rocky's full performance below (via Yardie).

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  • Phani

    Eagerly waiting to make it to the festival this year. On Smashwords you can find an unofficial guide book that they're selling. Here is a link: http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/151795 if you are interested in Coachella. Thanks, Phani

  • o.o

    its that asap mob! that pretty flacko was cracking! the purple light was dope, way sicker when you see it high and drunk.. next time he comes to la its going down.. hiphopdx has some dumb ass nigger fans lol laughing at you monkeys

  • Matt G

    This is why artists like A$AP will never have a long-term home in the music world. He's over hyped nonsense. He may make decent tracks in the studio but if you can't rock out a live show like coachella without 20 assholes on stage and rap over you're own vocals, get the fuck out the game. THAT WAS ALL THE PROOF I NEED TO KNOW HE'S GARBAGE!!! I wish these kids knew the difference real M.C.s and overrated nonsense

  • Anonymous

    i like dudes music but.. this performance is absolutely terrible. thank god i saw this before paying ticks to see a real concert.. yelling over an mp3? wow.

  • Anonymous

    you shouldnt be allowed to play big shows if you dont have even instrumentals for your songs, rapping over mp3s is pretty amateur

  • bob

    were they chanting golfwang?? the fuck.

  • Anonymous

    Everybody want hate on the south but you jocking our style. Its cool but dont think we stupid.

  • K.O.L


  • handome me

    why yu finna click on this article just to hate on anotha nigga. thats some basic ass shit. i fuck wit asap rocky. i like what he doin right now. everybody entitled to they own opinion but thats lame as fuck in my book .

  • Anonymous

    damn i guess they will let anyone play coachella, shits too bad it used to be a legit music festival before it became a hipster circle jerk

  • I Hate Wack Shows

    wack. tired. whole crew looked gay. crazy thing is i liked some of his songs b4. white girls dancing on stage that looked super burnt out. who was dude with the tight leather pants and vest on? foreals? booty boys. not hating, either people loved the show, or giving a honest opinion, it was wack

  • Anonymous

    asap & acid da savage

  • Buster

    A$AP Rocky sounded more like a hype man than a actual rapper, he needs to practice is live performances because it was kind of wack... Still he gave the crowd a lot of energy and I think they enjoyed his performance

  • TigerPawRaw

    i mean, really, you gonna just rap (calling that "rapping" is being extremely generous)over mp3s at coachella? really? that shit is wack man, and rappers need to quit doin that amateur-ass shit. i'd feel cheated as a fan if all the guy i paid to see was doin was yelling, half outta-breath, over an mp3 of his song. thats just not cool to me. maybe this is acceptable these days, but if so, what a damn shame. and i fuck with asap rocky's music.

  • Anonymous

    who is a fan of this guy?? Dudes wack

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