ScHoolboy Q Says 50 Cent Saved His Life

ScHoolboy Q explains that Fiddy probably saved his life by inspiring him to rap.

Last month, California foursome Black Hippy announced that the has officially signed with Dr. Dre's Aftermath imprint and Interscope Records. Now, Black Hippy's own ScHoolboy Q speaks on Aftermath  and Dre's protege 50 Cent

In a recent interview with Vibe, Q discussed 50 Cent's influence on his music and career. He explained that he really connected with 50's bravado, and that the Queens rapper probably saved his life by inspiring him to pursue Hip Hop after he was released from jail.

"We got the same shit going on. Everything he talk about is the same shit I did. I relate to Fifty," he explained. "I can listen to 50 Cent and tell he really mean what he's saying. He's one of them niggas that got a way with confidence. Fifty ain't got the best bars, he ain't got Jay-Z bars but his confidence on a can't deny it. I seen where he was doing an interview about Ja Rule during the beef shit, he was saying that any nigga that just getting out of jail that don't know what to do with himself is getting into the rap game. Recently when I just got out of jail I didn't know what to do. I wasn't going to try and finish playing football. That's when I was fucking around with rapping, I wasn't really rapping but when I heard that I was like fuck it...I really went hard at it. Fifty probably saved my life on some real shit."

Check out the full interview below.

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  • Anonymous

    i like Q but fifty's whack as fuck, used to be sick.

  • Yung T

    50 Cent has got to be the illest rapper I ever heard. Nobody puts songs together as well as 50. Seriously. They sayin he isnt a good lyricst but he really is. He has good lyrics + great hooks = Great tracks.

  • Tariq Beats

    Fif wanted to rememberred he is!!!

  • Anonymous

    LMAO. 50 is fag, he wanted Ja out of the game, so he could take his spot.

  • qboro

    real nigga for that when fif come to the hood its all love i remember he was ryding around with ciara in the hood dolo just him no security at all the hood is his security.queens already knew how ja be on his superstar bullshit fif never felt like he was better than the people like most rappers today SALUTE!!!

    • gangsta nikka

      Hell yeah he even helps me clean my butt when he's around because I got introduced to street life at a young age so the last potty lesson i had was to get an adult after i doo doo and i can always count on him.


    Heard about Q on A$AP Rocky's mixtape....been a fan of this dude since then. Keep it up homie.

  • Aaaaa

    Im a Game fan. I really dont like fif but Get Rich Or Die Tryin' is a fucking Classic. No Doubt


    50 ain't no legend and he ain't dropped one classic album. Get rich or die trying is one of the most overrated hip hop albums of all time. Power of the dollar shows that fiddy can actually spit some real ish but that ain't no classic album.

    • dakid

      nigga you bought and still listen to that get rich or die tryin dont front

    • blah

      50 has nvr been da best rapper. But u cnt deny his talent in making hitting records and street records. He evolutionized da mixtape game and dropped a Classic debut albulm dat really delivered and lived up to da hype. GRODT had a good balance of mainstream songs and street songs. It's a hands down classic

    • big dick bastard

      I love 50 cent!!! We are alike in so many ways. The most obvious is that we are both muscular and have big dicks. WORD!

    • Anonymous

      50 got waaaaaaaaaaaay too big for his actual skillset, dude is straight trash. GRODT is for dudes who start with rap.

    • Anonymous

      Get Rich or Die Trying isn't a classic or even close. 4/5??? FUCK OUTTA HERE....Power of Dollar was the best thing he dropped, but even that isn't a classic.

    • GRODT = Best Hip Hop Album

      Fuck your goddamn selves for talkin that homosexual bullshit. GRODT is the best hip-hop album in years, full with great club songs and shit. If you don't like it, you're either gay or retarded.

    • Anonymous

      I agree - 50 aint got no classic's - GRODT is close - but it has 4/5 filler tracks and some radio pop shit in there...

    • D.

      You're an idiot. 50 is headed towards legendary status. He laid the blueprint for todays mix tapes. How'd you think your favorite rapper mix tape sound like an album?! Also if you want to hear the best of 50 cop the "Guess Who's Back" mix tape.

  • noahc313

    Q's Habit and Contradictions is amazing. Still banging the shit out of that!

  • Gaanjafor

    Today 50 is the only gangster rapper left in the rap game. He aint a MC like Nas or Jay-Z. But he is a gangster rapper like back days with Ice Cube, Tupac, Eazy-E, NWA, Notorious BIG. Hate it or Love it, but aint nobody these days that is hot with gangster rap. Only 50 cent is the person who is relevant from all the gangster rappers. It is he's genre, it was his life, it was his REAL life and nothing was made up. It was for the people like SchoolBoy Q that could relate to him. Unfortunately we got too many fake rappers these days. Respect and Love for 50 Cent to be left here alone as the realest in the game.

  • row

    props to Q for not being afraid to show love to a real legend

  • Anonymous

    'I walk around like I got an S on my chest' 50 was just epic back then.

  • Anonymous

    50 is the realest nigga ever in hip hop what other rappers really sold weed crack heroin and was beefing with big time gangstas and now he living the good life and niggas hate

  • Anonymous

    And that my people, is why anyone can be a rapper. And yeah, GRODT was dope, but let's be honest, everything before that was heavy as well. But back to my opening statement. I remember back in the day when it was practically a sin to come out in the open and be like, "yeah, I just started rapping" when the real respect went to those that did it for a minute.

  • huh

    I get what hes saying, but this is going a bit overboard and sounds like blatant dick riding to me, and i am a fan of Q

  • jason

    real recognize real!!


    U KNOW WHO JUST SAVED A GREAT GAME?!?!? BRIZGALIYA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FLYERS WOOOOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SUCKA A HUGE PHILLY DICK CROSBY!!!!

    • Tim

      lmao I agree. Random ass shit to see on this website but that was fuckin amazing. Plus I'm lovin his Mets jersey he wearin there.

  • HipHopAintDead

    Shit, they need to do a song together, it would be crazy, like 50 coming back to his gangsta roots !

  • 50 Cent

    What that nigga mean i dont have the best bars? coming with the hoodie and my skully bitch ak with dummy clips for dummy trick im all about my money bitch fuck snickers and skittles my candy on some gummie shit 50 cent and i run it bitch Now yall know i got them bars nigga aint nan nigga in the game fuckin with me i got shot in the mouth and hours later i was still kissing my niggas lloyd banks sexy lip ass and tony yayo aint cute but he know how to kiss and young buck was such a thug with it the only reason i might work things out with him is because he gave me 50 kisses one night and a nigga was lovin that shit g-unit bitch

  • Wow

    Funny cuz 50 sucks and Schoolboy Q is dope.

    • Anonymous

      GRODT is not a classic album. It was hot as fuck at the time and i still listen to it from time to time but its not that great of a hip hop album. Mostly club tracks and gangster song with catchy hooks. 50 was never hip hop just a gansta rapper with a nice flow and catchy hooks. hes not a legend

    • DAA

      ^ that's not a love song

    • Anonymous

      ^^ the first single off of TOS was Ryder pt 2 and he was singin all over that

    • DAA

      ^ I have yet to hear a song by 50 cent where he's actually singing a love song like ja rule use to do. Even now when he's trying to keep up with the times by making club/gay rap songs he's still not singing love songs. And he had M.O.P and Mobb deep in G-unit at the time/ and yea yayo sucks but when he first came out he actually did have 2 good singles and did pretty good on the mixtapes

    • EdmontonRDS

      All i should have to say is Tony Yayo. 50 also started making music that he dissed Ja Rule for making, and alienated pretty much every rapper in New York at the time.

    • Anonymous

      If you've never heard Power of The Dollar...shut the fuck up. If you've heard Power of The Dollar and you think 50's wack...shut the fuck up.

    • DAA

      get rich or die trying one of the best rap albums of all time. The massacre was a good album. About 8 mixtapes that are all good and in the year 2001 he had the album power of the dollar which is almost as good as grodt

    • Wow

      Eminem is still ill on the mic.

    • Pat

      ^^^ Get Rich Or Die of the best albums ever made. enough said

    • Anonymous

      ^^^^^ 03 - 06 50 still sucked, people just got fooled by the promotion and the background story Em at one time was actually ill on the mic, 50 never was

    • DAA

      From 03-06 fifty was one of the best around. So obviously he doesn't suck. Eminem isn't anywhere as good as he was before like 50 but people still love him over 50 for some reason

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