Willie D, Scarface Release Song In Honor Of Trayvon Martin

Willie D teams up with Scarface, Propain and D.Boi for a new song dedicated to Trayvon Martin.

Trayvon Martin's killer may have finally been arrested on second degree murder charges, but that isn't keeping Hip Hop artists from speaking out. Now, Willie D and Scarface of the Geto Boys are the latest to join the fight a new song titled "Hoodiez."

Earlier today, Willie D released a new song titled "Hoodiez," featuring Propain, D.Boi and Willie's Geto Boys partner Scarface. The song, which is dedicated to the late Martin, critiques race relations in the United States and the judicial and law enforcement systems that unfairly discriminate against African Americans.

Willie D also spoke out on Twitter to discuss the song and the tragic death of Trayvon Martin.

"Please retweet, repost and share this video with everyone in your contacts, Youtube, your Tweeter followers, Facebook friends, etc. If you truly believe in Justice for Trayvon, consider yourself a Godly person or just care about people, you will do it without a second thought. For those who think Hip Hop is dead, I say no. This song and video is proof that it's alive and well. This is easily one of the most powerful songs ever. The message is strong, dead on and it needs to be heard. Let's show law enforcement and the powers that be in Congress that we are fed up. Let's make sure they hear our voices loud and clear by the attention we give to this artistic masterpiece of a song. Again retweet, repost and share, share, share. Thank you."

Willie D is expected to appear on a number of news programs to discuss the song. The video for "Hoodiez" can be viewed below and can be purchased on iTunes.

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  • what

    The song is wack, but at less he got up and speak out unlike haft of the fake ass rapper that only use the hood to make money

  • Anonymous

    Zimmerman should sue Willie D and Scarface for portraying him like a crazed hillbilly.

  • for_life_roger@hotmail.com

    Hail to the niggas from The Geto Boys! #FuckKanye

  • l loc

    what i tell you people hateing on the truth when real niggas do it its garbage but when a fake ass rapper do it its fire you young niggas are lame and this beat is hard ass hell you dumb ass cats dont no real music hate that bitch

  • Anonymous

    i thought willy d was injail for 30 years or something

  • Anonymous

    My dirty south uncle Willie D. Got to luv that south Mane! Hold up!

  • kennyken

    willie d tries to get at the crowd however he can. real talk. he don't even care about the beat. this dude is so political, no joke. but i'm with you, this beat is so damn garbage, i'm just trying to listen through it, because i know its for the young pop generation, but those are the ones who need to listen to this.

  • STAN

    This shit looks like a joke, when the hook came on I thought this was some dave chappelle shit. With the exception of scarface this shit is garbage. GARBAGE And dont even get me started on that white kid

  • illy

    this shit wack i expect classic material from the geto boys not this

  • l loc

    mother fuckers hate on real niggas saying something but i bet you if this was lil wayne you mother fuckers would be all on his dick get a life dont hate the fucking truth

    • Anonymous

      I ant hating and fuck Lil Wayne and these niggas trying to capitalize off of this situation instead of actually getting directly involved. They had a 2 hour march! A fuck 2 hour march and that was all! Black communities has lost all unity and its sad.

  • mrdoozie

    i sit alone in for cornered room

  • Anonymous

    Making a song ant going to change shit! smh What is wrong with our country? You have to get out in the streets yo have to actually do something not make songs and tweet!

    • Anonymous

      You know the sad thing is you are probably right, fuck these niggas!

    • georgel

      its for money and to get their names back in the news not to make a difference. do u really think athletes,celebrities and musicians do good things in the community just to help people.

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