Producers Ryan And Smitty Talk Making Nicki Minaj's "HOV Lane"

The beatsmiths behind Nicki Minaj's "HOV Lane" explain how they made the YMCMB rapper the beat from scratch.

While critics may have greeted Nicki Minaj's sophomore release Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded with more or less sour responses, the song "HOV Lane" has earned praise from fans and detractors alike. Now, the track's producers Ryan and Smitty speak on how the song came into existence.

In a recent interview with Hip Hop N More, the Los Angeles-based duo discussed how an encounter with the album's co-executive producer Safaree led them to collaborating with the YMCMB starlet. They said that their friend Young Lo introduced them to Safaree, who was so impressed with their production that he asked them to send Nicki beats. They also added that the beat was made from scratch with Nicki specifically in mind.

"One of our good friends, the homie Young Lo, brought over Safaree who co-executive produced Nicki’s album, to our studio and took a liking to some of our stuff," Smitty explained. "And he encouraged us like, 'Yo you need to start sending beats to Nicki.' So me and Ryan got together and started making all kinds of crazy beats, with her in focus and the sound they wanted. Eventually we sent something to them. And Safaree hit us back saying she really likes it. From there, she had us make a couple of changes to the beat to make it for her liking and from there it was pretty much automatic. It was really exciting. Shows you how far proper connections can take you in the business."

Ryan added, "Yeah, what’s really cool about that beat is that we made it specifically for Nicki. There was no other artist intended. We wanted to get on her project and we did."

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  • 100K

    I thought beat was dope. A lot of different elements and changes if you listen. If Hov jumps on it then it's the hottest shit in the world lol..quit hatin it's hot.

    • Anonymous

      What song are you listening to? Change ups? dude those are just random sounds. What have you been listening to if you think this was dope? lol

  • Anonymous

  • Anonymous

    Safarees that dumb chick from reality tv right?

  • DjAzmatic

    "Yeah, whats really cool about that beat is that we made it specifically for Nicki." And that was the only thing cool about it. Sorry guys it got placed, but its not hot. Congrats on getting on the project.

  • ummmmmm

    What Atari plug-in did they use? Beat was extra wack.

  • Alf Capone

    shit stinks. havent heard it but i dont need to. i mean whats the difference

    • Jay

      Who said I'm a Nicki fan? How the heck can you get that from my comment? Wow. See what HATE does? It starts making you see illusions. Im not a fan. But I did at least listen to the song before i decided that it sucked. I can already tell that you are not successful in your REAL life homie. Your thought process is seriously lacking. Working on Assumption is not even the thought process of a successful person. Why are you even addressing me? I said you were a hater. You agreed. move on.

    • Anonymous

      i bet jay still sucks his thumb

    • Alf Capone

      same reason youre on here.......entertainment value. oh and to spread hate. why r u a nicki fan? if youre a guy and youre older than maybe 13 thats sad. unless ur a homo then its cool if u wanna listen to nicki

    • Jay

      Not trying to insult. its just corny for you to even read an article on nicki if you dont even like her music. you just came to spread hate. but why? lol.

    • Just born hey???

      Youtube J... Albums' been their for two weeks...

    • Alf Capone

      i guess im a hater then. ive heard enough niki songs to know that i wont like the album. every niki song ive ever heard has been shit. why would this one be any different? niggas callin other niggas a hater like its the ultimate insult or some shit

    • jay

      it sucked but YOU are a hater because you didn't even listen before you got an opinion.

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