A$AP Rocky "LongLiveA$AP" Cover Art & Release Date

UPDATE #2: A$AP Rocky eyes a winter release for his major label debut.

A$AP Rocky has announced the first single from his forthcoming debut album Long.Live.A$AP, which he hopes to release on July 4th.

Breaking the news on Twitter, the Harlem, New York rapper revealed that the first single from the project will be titled "Goldie" and is produced by Hit-Boy. He also said that the track will drop Monday and to "get ready for that jiggy shit."

A$AP previously revealed that production on the project will come courtesy of A$AP Ty Beats, Clams Casino, Beautiful Lou, SpaceGhostPurrp and Pharrell. The Kickdrums-produced "Ridin'," featuring Lana Del Rey, is also expected to make the final cut.

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[April 12]

UPDATE: During an interview with Mina SayWhat, A$AP Rocky has revealed that his major label debut LongLiveA$AP will release on September 11th.

[June 26]

UPDATE #2: The cover art for A$AP Rocky's debut album LongLiveA$AP, releasing on January 15th, has been revealed. Check the official art and GIF cover below.



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  • Anonymous

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  • Dan F

    YES. A$AP Rocky! This release is going to be insane. I can't get "F**kin' Problems" out of my head; imagine what the rest of the album will be like. http://bit.ly/TmQfsU.

  • Anonymous

    oooh this jig so 'quirky'... love those big brown eyes looking up his coporate massa's nutsack

  • Anonymous

    Fuck A$$WIPE!! and fuck NYC that would let this talentless piece of shit even pretend a career in show business. Rap music really is the fucking worst.

  • Anonymous

    Dope cover art. That, along with the production credits, should give fans the vibe they'd imagine his debut to have. Let's see, come January 15th.

  • FY

    as long as ASAP will live, rap will be dead

    • Anonymous

      So, 1 artist/group being involved destroys all of hip hop, regardless of the fact that there are other rappers out there that you prefer to listen to? Simple-minded. Don't worry though, you're far from alone.

    • Anonymous

      WTF I love real Hip Hop and I love ASAP. ASAP is fucking creative as fuck! And quite lyrical, not super lyrical but good enough combined with decent beats and mad creativity. He def ant wack.

    • really?

      ASAP? Really? Because it's not like Waka Flocka, Gucci Mane, Mike Jones, Soulja Boy, and Future are dead. If you think any of those rappers didn't already kill rap, then please stop listening to music.

  • Eniii

    the cover alone makes me interested in the project, way to go Rocky!

  • Anonymous

    I don't doubt ASAPS ability to make good music at all. hopefully he can be in the same league with the kanyes and the jayzs. All one individual has to do is believe in himself and he can make it. Penis inflammation. Inflammation of the clitoris and labia. The hulk's dick.

  • Anonymous

    he doin' dope house music. i love me some house music

  • jerry

    Stop with the hit boy bullshit. He is not a top notch producer. That whole sound is played out. None of the songs he produces are classic..theyre for the moment garbage.

  • Hell Yeah

    Duuude finally, definitely gonna buy the album. been waitin for this

  • Anonymous

    A$$WIPE! Someone do a chromosome check on this fucking retard, though granted he's smart enough to suck white Sony cock for a career in showbiz/payola...

  • Anonymous

    onifc is actually dope. It's better than the first one you can still tell that he couldn't fight off the label for some of the tracks but it;s actually good i was suprised. While you should expect much of the same, he actually talks about some different things and gets "conscience" on a few cuts. Support thee man!

  • Killuminati

    Yup, I see that Baphomet.

  • urrr

    wiz shit leak, i got mine copy

  • Anonymous

    Honestly, the dopest cover art I've seen in a minute.

  • jairo

    wait a minute. how the fuck is this news. In the world im living in not only have i heard goldie already but ive seen the video countless amount of times. how is this news? Now am i trippin or am i the only one that feels like this

  • dilli

    hope he has some dope shit coming with spaceghostpurp :))

  • BK

    Great news...Thx Rocky. Oh btw fuck that faggot below counting tear drops b/c he has strength in the hood. I'm tired of all these "Push Play Thug Experts".

  • Anonymous

    2 Albums to buy that day, this ASAP joint and the Saigon LP.

  • dentaldamboy

    Take a look at A$AP Rocky's face, a real close look. How many teardrops does he have? That's right, none! This guy is not a thug. I don't think we should listen to the garbage he spews if he's not a thug. You know how many teardrops Lil Wayne has? THREE! Plus he's got a jail ID. Wayne is really about that street life. Rocky is a kid from the suburbs who talks about being depressed cause some chick left him. People like A$AP Rocky are responsible for the pussification of America. People who want common sense and integrity to dominate people's lives support YMCMB.

    • dentaldamboy????

      your screen name drives me nuts.. you know a dental dam is what a bitch (or guy in your case) puts in there mouth when they suck a dick to stop the semen from going down there throat..

    • dentaldamtocatchthecumfromboysdicks

      your a kid from the suburbs. this kid is the same geek who always post some young money dick riding bullshit. you wanna kiss wayne don't you.. you wanna be culkin to kiss m.j.

    • jairo

      wtf r u on crack or something? lil wayne can have a million tattoos on his face that dont mean shit. he went to prison and was guarded heavily at all times, cuz he was scared of getting butt raped. asap are from harlem, that aint no suburbs. i assume u r a kid or really retarted to think that ymcmb is better and that they have common sense and integrity. u know nothing of what u speak of and im literally on the floor laughing at your comment

    • Jack Compton

      Haha, your funny man, like it.

    • Anonymous

      weezy dresses like a 14 yr old boy and rides around on a skateboard and the nigga is 30!

    • Allah_Knight

      WTF? when did teardrops make anyone a thug?

    • Nemesis

      dude your lame as fuck...lil wayne kisses men an was rich since he was 11 u faggot...plus idk what asap rocky you listen to but the one i listen to has no songs about some bitch leavin him...get a life homie, you sound like a mad bitchy kid who gets no pussy

  • Anonymous

    So is it July 4th or September 11th? Just right a new article fors God's sake. LOL

  • Anonymous

    first off why not drop an albumn ASAP is prob the hottest rapper out right now on the east coast he def should have been on the freshman 2012 XXL magazine cover but he got screwed 2nd all you rookies Asap has 2 banging free mixtapes DEEP PURPLE everyone keeps missing out on so get your shit straight and 3rd the dude has already toured with Drake and has learned how to make money quick and the right way even though i dislike drake and finally who is out there who can spit bars like bone thugz who can have also make a name for himself coming from harmlem (Dipset Big L) and who can also have that true purple swag southern texas codeine style (Pimp C bun B) and make it all work this dude is going to blow up if u havent noticed he has been geting features with everyone from swizz beats to lloyd banks etc. This kid is the next thing for harlem!!! plus ASAP has a fan base that inclueds all hipsters and white boys across the globe his sales will blow up he is already touring europe and has major producers hittin him up rollin blunts rollin doobies up!!!

    • cockmeisterkinghoe

      asap didnt make the deadline for the freshman list because he was on tour with drake

    • Anon

      ASAP turned down the Freshman list.

    • Anonymous

      you are the reason you cant have nice things. you literally just wrote 30 consecutive sentences with no speech punctuation. what the fuck is wrong with you. are we supposed to take one deep breath before we read that shit? get your shit together nigga. its 2012 sort your fucking life out. that shit is unacceptable. jesus christ

  • Alex

    Why not drop an album? In my opinion, these fools like Flocka, French, Gucci who drop 10 mixtapes for free are fools. Go get that money while you can.... Everyone can see how "Triple F Life" and Gucci's latest records have sold. Go get it A$AP....PUN INTENEDED

  • mental yoga

    swedish rapper check it out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K73jAd8aQVc

  • Annoymous

    This guy looks like Chad Ochocinco

  • TrakBoy

    Check Out This Up Coming artist Out Of California www.reverbantion.com/therealtrakboy



  • chuck

    he needs to work with clams casino more. didnt care much for his mixtape, but that song palace with clams was a banger.

    • Anonymous

      Clam's production was great but quit overrating him, the best beats were ones he didn't produce such as Brand New Guy and Purple Swag.

    • hachitori

      Co-sign that! Clams MADE that tape. At least 5 of the tracks are Clams produced. ASAP owes Green Ova big time for showing how to flow over them shits.

  • SunzQB

    No room for hating that mixtape is still fire for me to this day..fingers X the album aint on sum Bullshit.ota b HOT.

  • Anonymous

    ASAP making a jiggy type record ? I'm not ready for that yet. This dude only has one mixtape out and he's already dropping an album ? has that even been done before ? all the new artist had big catalogs before they dropped their LPs.

    • nemesis

      lmaoooo plenty rappers kid...how many mixtapes did nas, wu-tang,biggie,tupac,eminem,jay-z,bone thugs,or lil wayne have before they dropped there debut albums? none...unless u count eminems Infinite album

    • CJB

      gotta strike while the irons hot man-why wait to put out a new mixtape when he's ridin a massive wave now

    • Anonymous

      this comment though. every few months there's an ignorant ass nigga comment posted. this is it.

    • Anonymous

      kids are pathetic these days

    • Anonymous

      Not EVERY artist had huge catalogs before dropping, just the new generation artists. In the 90's a new artist didn't have the Internet to drop all these mixtapes.

    • GoReadABook

      Uh-oh, we got a Wiz stan on our hands...

    • HUH

      ??? Scratching my head at this comment here. A LOT of rappers didn't release mixtapes before they released an album. What are you 10?

    • Anonymous

      are you really asking if someone has ever dropped an album after only 1 mixtape? you must be young

  • Anonymous

    they are putting out the album way to early he only got 1 official mixtape and only been known for a little while its all hype

    • tyler

      did rakim put a mixtape out first, did wutang, dig biggy, did pac... think first

    • Anonymous

      all hype worked for 50 cent he had 50 is the future mixtape and in da club sold 850,000 out the gate thats all u need in todays music one huge hit song and buzz

    • Anonymous

      hype worked for odd future though they had quite a catalog to back it up

  • Anonymous

    hit-boy is wack, way to jump on the bandwagon homie, the producers you were using were just fine

    • CJB

      Come on-I know hit-boy only really got one hit song, but it was probably the biggest song in hip hop in the last 5 years-dude is 25, respect his hustle. And jay you can't really put a lotta credibility in artists tweets, we dont know if thats them or some rep postin that stuff for buzz. Plus kendrick already said in an interview that all his mainstays (sounwave, tae beats, willie b) are handlin production on his debut. k. dot aint change ha.

    • Jay

      lol. thats what they do. Kendrick Lamar is doing he same thing. Talking about just blaze, pharrell, and his most recent tweet is talking about looking for swizz beatz. them niggas aint help you build section 80. niggas change up when they get signed.

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