Kanye West To Collaborate With Chief Keef

Chicago producer Young Chop reveals that Kanye West and Chief Keef are planning to hit the studio together.

Fake Shore Drive recently caught up with budding Chicago producer Young Chop to discuss he recent production deal with Warner Bros. Records. During the interview, Chop revealed that fellow Chi-Town artist Kanye West reached out to him and frequent collaborator Chief Keef. He said that not only did he send Yeezy about a dozen of is original productions, but that the G.O.O.D. Music impresario is looking to link up with Chief in the studio.

"[Kanye West’s] digging it. He has like 12 Young Chop beats right now as a matter of fact," he said. "He’s a fan of [Chief] Keef...[there's a collaboration] that’s happening."

Chop also spoke on his production deal with Warner, who he explained discovered him through Chief Keef's single "3Hunna." He explained that while the deal isn't exactly a traditional record deal, it will allow him to get his records to major artists. 

"I had a deal on the table. The Warner deal was on the table for a little while. And after looking at it, my manager and I decided it was the best look. So we took the deal with Warner Bros," he explained. "The record that got their attention was '3Hunna.' Then they started looking at the 'I Don’t Like' and everything that I did for the Chief Keef movement. They really loved all of that... it’s somewhat like a record deal, but it’s more of a publishing thing. You’ve gotta get your beats to artists, and get placements. You’ve gotta make the beats hot enough to get placements on major albums."

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  • Nempho Da Professional

    All i gotta say is Chief Keef is wack as hell #1 he cant fight he said it in his rhyme he'd rather shoot (100%BITCH)and he's not saying anything I could learn from. He may need hooked on Phonic's cause all he knows how to say is Bang Bang lol, he reminds me of Bam Bam from the flintstones.

  • T

    I think this is great. I would much rather see this guy doing this than robbing or killing folks. We as a people need to support those who are trying to follow a dream. Who cares if his lyrics are not the best. At least he is trying to do something with himself.

  • Barbara belfrey

    First this young man is my cousin,and second why not be happy for him I know first handwhat he been through,and this was not a easy ride,he couldn't even go to school for motherfuckers shooting at him,he'll he couldn't even walk down the street where I live because of where he live,so please stop hatin,let him have this moment! You better believe I hoping like hell it will be longer then a moment. Kanye! Thank You!

  • carlos

    what is YOLO when basedgod lives forever BLF

  • corey

    Totally agree with you. He would destroy any rapper lyrically. Reminds me a lot of when tupac was starting up.

  • clay

    Lil b made history!!!! Living legend. No one i mean no one even comes close to him lyrically. his music is out of this world and has changed rap forever so bow down to the basedgod.

  • Its Um

    just looked him up on youtube, and Anonymous was right.

  • Anonymous

    chief keef beats are hip hop trash

  • bkstylz

    losing more respect for Kanye. Have any of you heard Chief Keef? This nigga is worse than Jasper & Taco from Odd Future. That 3Hunna track is one of the worst I've heard in a long long time.

  • Negro

    I appreciate Chief Keef's music. It's rather addictive once you start really listening to it. There's just something relieving/therapeutic about it.

  • Anonymous

    i gave this guy a listen the other day and the music is terrible no hate just keeping it real

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  • Anonymous

    now people are gunna jump on keef dick cause ye did this baby ass cosign and act like this unknown ass nigga is good

  • Anonymous

    "Fake Shore Drive recently caught up with budding Chicago producer Young Chop to discuss he recent production deal with Warner Bros. Records." HE recent?? Great editing as always.

  • Anonymous

    call me clueless but I have no idea who the fuck these dudes are, lol

    • Anonymous

      Well go and do some research, there are millions of talented people that you haven't come across yet, get off your couch and take time to discover what is happening outside of YMCMB and MMG.

  • mrdoozie

    im from chicago and i hate everything coming out of the city besides common and lupe because they channel the big daddy kane's and rakim type of hip hop that really speaks to our people

  • ZimmerKiller

    I youtubed this dude and he's GARBAGE. I don't get why people like stuff like this...It's not even music, it's just a bunch of bullshit. Kanye isn't a fan....He's just being nice because the dude is young and from the same city.

  • Nice

    But hopefully a Kanye/Rockie Fresh collabo happens soon, that or a callbo with Curren$y, or Jay Electronica.

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