XM Sirius/Hip Hop Nation Cancels DJ Premier's "Live From HeadQCourterz" Show

After seven years ruling the digital airwaves of Friday night, DJ Premier and Panchi part ways with XM.

After rumors last week, it was confirmed today that XM Sirius satellite radio and its Hip Hop Nation channel has cancelled DJ Premier's long-running "Live From HeadQCourterz" show. DJPremierBlog.com confirmed the cancellation this week.

The Friday evening program had been running for seven years from the Gang Starr member and legendary Hip Hop producer/deejay. Premier's co-hosts included Panchi from veteran duo NYGz, as well as guest-hosting from Non Phixion's DJ Eclipse. No reasons have been specified yet for the cancellation.

Archived shows from the weekly program can be heard here.

Two weeks ago, Premier and longtime collaborator Bumpy Knuckles released The KoleXXXion.


  • Anonymous

    There went my subscription to XM. 3 reasons I had XM. Back-Spin, Premo and Kids Place Live. I know you saying what the hell, but My 5 year old can't listen to Shade 45. Contrary to the dumbass comments that will follow, Shade 45 kind of fell off a bit as well. They used to bring that off the cuff unheard music, but I can hear some of what they play on the radio for the most part. Not everything, but some of. Personaly I have been listening to Conspiracy Theory worlwide Radio instead. They are across the pond, but name a show better? Premo was the only thing close and now they took that away. Man the Rape Over is official. Mos you predicted it. Damn.

  • RhymesReasons

    If you like hip-hop, you might like my blog, Rhymes and Reasons. Its a series of interviews with hip-hop heads who discuss their lives and a few songs that matter to them. Pretty powerful stuff. Checkem out here: http://thisisrhymesandreasons.wordpress.com/

  • junMaf*ckn

    This is Wack Juice! And I Dont Even Have XM radio...

  • RC

    Gusse there is no room for real Hip-Hop on the airwaves anymore, not even on satellite. I'm cancelling my subscribtion to XM I have no more use for it, sad, sad day for Hip-Hop.

  • Anonymous

    this station is absolute garbage, there is nothing redeeming about it anymore shade45 or backspin is where its at if you dont want to hear drake and 2chainz all day

  • Doubl Negative

    A sad, sad day for hip-hop which'll alter the culture's landscape like when Yo! MTV Raps was cancelled. Premo's show was an alternative to all of the junk clogs up the radio. To the asshole whose decision it was to cancel this important, legendary hip-hop show, I just wanna congratulate you on putting the final nail in hip-hop's coffin. This is why I've started to fuck wit Lana Del Rey.

  • nibs

    Good. He makes dope beats, noone on the nets will deny that, but his ego is retarded. Not a good person.

  • Anonymous

    Low ratings, as much as nobody wants to admit that because its premier

    • Anonymous

      i been asking them for years to replay the show at any other time so i can listen to it as i dont tend to be at my home on friday nights between 10pm and midnight it was kind of a shitty time slot

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