Juelz Santana Plans To Release Two Mixtapes Before "Born To Lose, Built To Win" LP

Juelz Santana plans to drop two mixtapes, with "Reagan Era" coming soon.

Last fall, Juelz Santana revealed that he planned to drop his Reagan Era mixtape on a holiday, followed by his Def Jam album Born to Lose, Built to Win in December. But after both projects failed to surface, the Dipset member now assures that fans will have plenty of new music to add to their collections.

During an interview with RTNY (via HHNM), the Harlem, New York native revealed that Reagan Era will release next month and that he will drop a sequel before putting out Born to Lose, Built to Win in the fourth quarter of 2012.

"Everything’s coming soon. Reagan Era coming soon, sorry for the wait. I’m back though. I’m ready to go," he said. "The album is coming after the mixtape. I’m probably going to do two mixtapes - I am going to do two mixtapes before my album. The album is still titled Born to Lose, Built to Win. Long awaited. Still going to be on Def Jam Records. That’s going to come at the end of the year though, fourth quarter, after the second mixtape, Reagan Era Pt. 2."

He also addressed his hiatus from Hip Hop and how he's only dropped verses for the past few months on other people's tracks. Santana makes mention of his recent performance with Dipset at Paid Dues 2012 and says that everything is cool with the squad.

"Things normal. Everything is good. Me and Cam, we just did our first show on the west coast the other day. That shit was crazy. Five, ten thousand people out there. They don’t make them like us no more. It’s perfect time for my kind. Took a little hiatus if that’s what you wanna call it, but I ain’t really go nowhere."

Watch the interview below.

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  • Yup


  • Renz

    I've been a Juelz Santana fan for a while. The man can rap, he just needs to DROP SOME DAMN MUSIC!

  • Anonymous

    This nigga is like the Tracy McGrady of rap, so much wasted potential.

  • QM

    Damn !!!!!!!!! That's How You All Gonna Do Juelz...All It Takes Is 1 Single And Everybody Will Be Praising Juelz Again..Stop Hating We Don't Know What That Man Been Going Threw As A Person..It's Easy To Judge A Person On The Outside..He's Human Just Like Us...Somebody Said Juelz Only Has Himself To Blame..That Person Is Correct For The Most Part..Killa Cam Gotta Take Some Blame & Jimmy Gotta Take Some Blame..Hell They Both Fucked Up The Dipset Movement..I Love Dipset To Death But That Run Is OVER...G-Unit Is Done Too, So Are The Lox..Sorry Everybody But Them Groups Could Never Recapture That Moment Again..

  • Anonymous

    Its not fair that Juelz didn't blow up, I always thought he was better than Wayne. Even on the Best Of Both Hoods mixtape, he outshined Jeezy.


    Laziest rapper alive!! WE DONT BELIEVE YOU!!! ...oh, and yeah Wayne stole ur style back in 07 (around the BALLIN era with the belts and XSmall tees lol) and ran with it..and left u behind LOL I bet it hurts

  • Twan

    Too late, nigga is gonna sell like 10,000 if that first week. He got punked by Wayne, nigga should have called him out like a man instead of allowing another nigga to steal your style and act like it's nothing.

  • Anonymous

    juelz u fuckin burnout reagen era was suppose to come out years ago and its a fuckin mixtape wayne jacked ur swag and through u in the bushes like baby prrrrr

  • Anonymous


  • Mike

    These better get released this year, I feel like Juelz is gonna package us with 50 songs. Juelz 2012 come on man the game needs you.

  • Anonymous

    this was my favorite rapper back in the day. Damn he fell off hard on the grinding tip. This nigga must be in the streets or sum.

    • thafranchise24

      Man this nigga was on of my favorite also but I need music for him to get back on my favorite rapper list. Like him and Banks did the same shit!!!!Hopefully he can come back with that fire. I stil have both of his albums(What The Game Been Missing,From Me To U).

  • hag

    I honestly can't believe anything dude says, i gave up on him, too much let down with his whole career.

  • Mr Flamboyant

    Juelz is at fault for himself. Such an ill MC in the beginning but just fell off from being lazy as hell mainly. Hopefully he gets it going back in the right direction and make some great music and not conform to that "what's hot now" sound like he did which threw a lot of people off with him. The Diplomats were on top of the world with Heatmakerz and Just Blaze on the boards.

  • Don Juan Gomez

    At least he never married any of his whore baby mamas. All he has to do is pay child support. Lames like Lamar Odom, Hulk Hogan, Tiger Woods and Kobe have to give up half of thier money and property to them whores. He did right by treating Kimbella like the slut that she is, by just getting her pregnant twice and not marrying to make her respectable.

  • Anonymous

    Juelz is fake to me, because he claimed his career was on hold, due to Cam'ron stopping him. Cam'ron sold his azz to Def Jam 4 years ago for 2 million dollars and Juelz ain't had an album yet. He blamed Cam when all along it was his fault.

  • dmfslimm

    his duet with 2 chainz will put him back in the game. yall know its gonna happen.

  • Anonymous

    one of the best rappers in the game hes one of the niggas on top...if he had not fell off a couple years ago and put all fans in a drought fuck this nigga man lil b put out more mixtapes this year than santana in the last 4 years

  • Anonymous

    juelz is done no ones checking for him anymore...thats what happens when you drop 3 songs n 5 features in 4 years...

  • Kev

    And it's no knock against Juelz as a rapper I think he's dope..

  • Anonymous

    nigga what happened to i cant feel my face tho

  • Kev

    Shit ain't never dropping... Cam fucked that up for you.. No buzz at this point.. And if it drops it's aint selling..

    • Anonymous

      Cam sold his contract 4 years ago. He was featured on The Carter 3, which sold platinum in the first week. Juelz isn't a good business person. Fans were checking for him hard right after The Carter 3 and he wasn't under contract with Cam anymore, so Cam didn't mess nothing up.

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