Immortal Technique To Tour Europe In Support Of Documentary "The (R)evolution Of Immortal Technique"

Immortal Technique announces European tour dates in anticipation of his upcoming documentary's release.

On Friday (April 13), Immortal Technique will begin his first European tour of 2012.

DJ Static, AKIR, and Swave Sevah will accompany Tech on the tour, which will hit seven countries in less than two weeks. 

The tour is in support of the upcoming release Immortal Technique's documentary, The (R)evolution Of Immortal Technique.

The documentary chronicles the emcee's experiences as he tours cities and countries over a span of six years, as well as discussing Hip Hop and social issues with Ice-T, Dr. Cornell West, Chuck D, and others.

The tour dates are listed below:

4/13/12 - Hard Club in Porto, Portugal
4/14/12 - Rote Fabrik in Zurich, Switzerland
4/17/12 - Melkweg, Oude Zaal (Old Hall) in Amsterdam, Netherlands
4/18/12 - Pumpehuset in Copenhagen, Denmark
4/19/12 - Mejeriet in Lund, Sweden
4/20/12 - GOTA KALLARE in Stockholm, Sweden
4/21/12 - Spikerboks in Oslo, Norway
4/22/12 - Nosturi in Helsinki, Finland

The (R)evolution of Immortal Technique is set for a July release.

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  • oisin mc

    seriously needs to add a Dublin date to this!

  • Anonymous

    is Killer Mike gonna be on tour with him?

  • thechange

    I'm copping this. Immortal Technique needs to be a teacher, he is so smart & knows what he is speaking on. I learn just as much from him as I do from teachers & parents or the world for that matter. #SupportIt

  • uh oh


  • Tellafriend

    Immortal Technique the legend. In Europe. But no London !!!!!!!!! =/

  • Rescuemefromherbs

    Just watch poison pen reaction as he runs off stage hehehehe

  • Rescuemefromherbs

    I know for a fact from people who were there that Technique duffed out Iron Solomon's pops. Therefore anything you have to say about that is kind of irrelevant. Besides Solomon use that line against 5 other people. Maybe you're mad abut the politics in his music, fine. I was at first too. But since Vol.2 his flow is better and lyrics sharper. Sorry you lose. But hey let's promote that new iron solomon record. C'mon put a link up mr. anonymous

    • Ecuador

      Dissing Immortal Technique is soooooo 2004 he a legend who has supporters in every city in america and in Europe....... Sold out shows everywhere he goes ... Technique wack??? thas just about the dumbest thing I ever heard on this site. usually its just people hating on immigrants or trying to divide black and brown. tech aint perfict but hes a good thing for hiphop

    • Testing1212

      This took place in 2002 it is now 2012 since then technique has opened orphanages schools taught in prisons helped with the relief in Haiti and fought against racism and bigotry. Not to mention that lyrically he is just undeniably dope. Dope enough to sell 275k independently ! Anonymous comments are silly and with a bias agenda. But rescue me you shouldn't glamorize techniques violent past. After all he doest

    • Anonymous

      Punching somebodies father doesnt change the fact that he still LOST the battle IT is an ex convict, I'm not surprised that he would be too Immature to handle defeat and would attack somebody cause he's a SORE LOSER Your comment just made me lose respect for him

  • Gabe

    the realest motherfucker in the game.. the martyr is his best work. if u think this due fell off you will never know what hip hop means PERIOD!

  • Anonymous

    after vol. 2 he became garbage stop dick riding. he's talking with no merit and a monotone flow. Solomon ate him up on stage, youtube it. "ONLY TIME HE GOT 5 MICS WAS IN A GAY ORGY"

    • Anonymous

      Immortal technique got destroyed with like 5 lines lol. It was all fun though.

    • blaze

      he's 10x times more of a person than you will ever be he's in a certain group of rappers and artists that sing and rap about real shit.

  • Anonymous

    Aww damn you lucky fuckers

    • Hoye

      Just saw him in Boston. Show was fucking insane man the guy puts on a great show and he's nice DEAL WITH IT

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