Nicki Minaj's "Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded" Debuts At No. 1

Nicki Minaj's sophomore album bows atop the charts.

Nicki Minaj’s sophomore album Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded has debuted at number one on the charts.

According to Hits Daily Double, the Young Money rapstress moved 251,551 copies of her second release in its first week at retail. The Harajuku Barbie's latest was initially projected to sell 200-250,00 copies, making its first week sales slightly above expectations.

Minaj recently spoke on how she returned to her rap roots for PF:RR. "[The evolution of my career has] just been peeling back the layers and now, it's like the ultimate layer was me saying, 'Now I'm going to do whatever kind of music that I want to do'…[it's] not always going to entail a hard Hip Hop beat, but sometimes it is," she said.

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  • GBtha G

    at the end of the day niki iz nuthin but stupid ho. I dont give a fuck how much it got coz its a worthless bitch.yall muthafuckaz will be the 1st ones to buy the ticket to see its show so stop posting bullshit. fuck yall imbeciles.

  • Swag

    I wanna smell Nicki's feet.

  • Sin_HooRide_160's_

    She ain't sellin because she's just like everybody else. Nowadays rappers rather just imitate than innovate. That's why hip hop ain't selling, people are not gonna buy the same bullshit over and over again.

  • Loc

    This album FLOPPED, yall! No man or woman in his/her sobriety would ever buy Menage's music. For a famous person like her, 251,551 ain't shit. I bet it won't sell more than 100,000 copies next week...

  • 30,40,50,60,70s babies vs 80s,90,200,2010,2020babies

    Dam Nicki flopped.I thought she was going to do better than 2500000!!!She need to work on her lyrics.Like Her words be to basic,step her metaphors up.Lil kim sayed shes a burning match i hope its not true!!!!!!!!!!

    • Jacc

      ^^^^ Good lyrics ain't gonna help this bitch out, dog. This is not the 80s. Back in the days, if you couldn't rhyme good, you would be over. Today, half these new rappers don't know what sacrifice feels like. All they have to do now is throw money at the camera, and if they're bitches, shake their titties. That ain't shit for me, though. If I don't feel a rapper, I don't give a fuck about how rich he is. Money can't buy skills.

  • Swag

    I would love to stick my cock between Nicki's toes.

  • mobfatha


  • John-Boy

    That has to be pretty disappointing. She tried so hard to become a crossover act but I guess the teenage white girls weren't buying especially when they already have a lady GAGA and a Madonna. Can't wait to see those second week drop off numbers. Prediction. Her next album will veer away from the fake ass Madonna music.


    yall suck, just suck Nicki dick coz yall are nothin but fuckin trolls

  • Nicki Minge

    I Didn't land a number one album this week but at least I ain't a SELLOUT. She could have come out with some more spacey, forward, aggressive hip-hop, and further affirmed all kinds of underestimated female MC's but no - she wants to be Madonna.

  • Anonymous

    this bitch music is shit hip hop is dead

  • GBtha G

    Well with so many comments on dat female dis showz niki is a muthafuckin superstar. She will like the fact dat she's controversial..... I really love her hips.But I'm a G no matter whut.

  • Whoreson

    shes gonna go platinum! her first album didnt go plat right away .it took like two to 3 weeks or something. Dont worry faggots and lil white girls are gonna make sure she get that money! Not for nothing,I dont like her music at all and I dont care if that ass is fake. I will do a jackknife into that big fake ass!!

    • I Love

      So, you hate females, white people and gay people, huh? You have a bigger problem than your taste in music. Your problem is reality.

  • Anonymous

    People just need to stop putting Nicki in the same lane as Wayne and Drake, she doesn't have that type of fanbase. Her numbers are always gonna be in the 200-350k zone.

    • Anonymous

      Women in rap music and basketball can never be bigger at selling albums than the men. Why do you think Queen Latifah moved on to other avenues of entertainment?

    • Anonymous

      I doubt that she appeal to the average straight man.

  • Anonymous

    i think that vma performance really affected her sales

  • KO

    Her numbers are considered a flop when you look at the machine thats behind her, the gimmick as a whole and the buying back of units her label is capable of. Alot of people are in denial about loop holes that allow labels to buy back units but there have been artists that got charged upon getting caught doing It. Some of these major labels are so powerful, they could never get caught doing It and so Its often accepted. As for her music Its terrible but Its not a new concept to have a wack rapper getting accolades. Vanilla Ice's first album went platinum.

    • Anonymous

      Name the artists that got caught doing it. How do record labels buy millions of albums from the stores? Digital sales account for only 30% of total sales, so please tell us all the secrets. You don't know nothing.

    • Michael

      Man just shut the fuck up, hopping on the man's post trying to start an argument for the sake of an argument. Obvious troll is obvious.

    • Anonymous

      im not in denial about anything. it just that i have not seen any evidence of any label buying back albums. the artists who sell large numbers have the fanbase to back up their popularity. and you just said yourself "they could never get caught doing" so how the fuck do you know? and you say "some artists" have been charged with buying their own albums... what artists? this is why people don't with a basic level of sensibility do not listen to you conspiracy ass bloggers. your ability to argue is of a 4th grade level. im not in denial about anything. its just that the morons like you who try to expose shit would be the worst defense councils on the planet.

    • Anonymous

      dont get me wrong this was a definite flop with all her crazy promotion. but im sick of that buying albums bullshit. "they are capable of it" is not PROOF...let alone substancial proof. that's hypothetical speculation and conspiracy theory. unless you can prove nigga shut the fuck up. saying someone is capable of doing something is not proof... jesus christ read a book.

    • Anonymous

      smh so when they sell alot of records you scream "they bought their own albmums" and when the dont sell as many records, but still a relatively respectable number you says "its a flop they should have bough their own albums. im not a fan of nicki but brah you are a hater. these niggas cant win against your 360 logic.

  • Anonymous

    She didn't really promote the album to well, she promoted the starship single like a popstar would, rappers need to promote albums to do big numbers ... Unless your Em, Wayne, Jay or Ye.

  • Africa HD

    hhhh flop hard mothafucker Go to sleep bicth fake ass

  • Darius

    You don't have to like her or her album...but selling a quarter million copies the first week can never be considered a flop. Just this year she's performed at the Grammy's, All-Star game and the Super Bowl. Now she has another #1 album. I highly doubt her career will be over anytime soon. I'm not a fan at all but you guys just sound dumb as fuck saying she flopped and her career is over. If you don't like her or what she does then you shouldn't waste your time hating in the damn comment section.

    • c.c waterbound

      look who she appeals to people who accept foolish and silly ass behaviour its just oh god horrible what the industry has come to.

    • Anonymous

      Exactly, you perform at all those events and still only sell a quarter mill? And like KO said, major labels buy back their own units all the time. Of course, you have to account for people illegally downloading it.

  • Anonymous

    Doing big numbers and real hip hop are most of the time inversely proportionate, it is funny that people dont realize this.

  • Cash Money killaz

    so 251,551 faggots bought her album. You deserve to die

  • Anonymous

    and thank you Nas for adding street cred to this ym release. Corey Gunz the only cat out of there to hold it down.

  • Anonymous

    stop wishes people to fail u hating fucks

  • Anonymous

    madona sold more and she been chillin in her hammock!

  • joja

    Just compare the numbers with her first album. Beginning of a long fall... Although its about time, didn't expect it yet.

  • Mr.cooper

    Only nicki can have a bunch of men hating like some pussies.... Success brings envy and hatred..... I don't know why you people waste your time hating. Go get you some money. Until then hate and stay broke you ungrateful hating faggots!!!! Good day.....

    • Anonymous

      Go to you youtube and watch all the videos of teenage girls rapping and singing her songs into a camera and then uploading it. Then you know why we hate when we hate and how we hate. hate. Its embarassing.

    • Anonymous

      nicki is laughing her way to the bank while you three losers are on Mr coopers neck for telling the truth, STFU

    • Jason

      Don't be an idiot dumb fuck, more than half the songs on this excuse of a hip hop album aren't even hip hop

    • chris36

      You must be one of those idiots that use, hater, swag and yolo in every a book fucker

    • Anonymous

      please PLEASE stop using HATE n every fucking sentence. read a book!

  • quantrell bishop

    this bitch music is terrible

  • Nicki is a whore

    Disgrace to hip hop. Hell I'll take it further, disgrace to music. Even further, disgrace to women, awww fuck it, this bitch is a disgrace to the human race.

  • DavidDanielz

    Wow didn't she say she was gonna do 800k or something like that? uhm Does anyone know what female artist sold the most records in the history of hiphop? I'm wondering???

  • Anonymous

    YESSIR aint got shit to say now. That's the second YMCMB flop this year.

  • Anonymous

    Bitches are dumb, what can I say, they will buy anything even this trash smh

  • Nuff said...

    If u a man 21 yrs old or older, and u listen to nikki manaj.....youz a fuckin faggot... nuff said..

  • Code

    didnt even know it dropped. who cares though

  • Black ppl

    Dear white ppl, please stop supporting nikki manaj. She's a disgrace to rap music. She dosen't make a whole lot of sense in her songs, and she is just flat out annoying. She's nice to look at but i mean, fuck. download some pics off the internet of her and call it a day. we really, really. dont wanna hear this broads mouth any more. Please, enough is enough. Stop giving this bitch attention!!! Sincerely urs, Blk ppl

    • JM

      @ mcmastermind: let's be real here, most of Nicki's fans are pre teen-teenage white girls. That's her target audience. Besides, everybody knows white people buy albums. I'm not disputing that Nicki has black fans, but the majority of her fan base are probably count for over 70% of the population anyway.

    • blaze

      whoops meant to be 5% for Caucasian females and males

    • blaze

      I'm white too but did you look at the stats on who brought that garbage 75% caucasian adolescents 15% Asian Adolescents 10% Cacuasian Females 5% Cacuasian Adults

    • mcmastermind

      Please don't blame white people you douche. I'm white and I fucking hate her. I know plenty of white people who hate her and I know plenty of dumb white and black bitches than love her. I think some black people are too blame, not just us white folks.

  • Anonymous

    Should have sold more considering all the press behind it Watch it drops by like 50% next week

  • blah

    i guess no1 expected her to sell big she did beat expectations but still, dis is pretty low sales for a big Artists like Nicki..Idk how well she promoted it, Starships is the only song of hers dat I kno gets radio play but compared to Drake who did like 700k first week, dis is wack. I was hoping for like 100k tho jus cuz her albulm was so horrible

  • Mr Flamboyant

    Yeah it's number 1 but let's please get some perspective in here. The type of nigga to brag about something that is just circumstance is the type of nigga that's a bitch ass nigga. This is a flop LP. Dead on. And who in their right minds as heterosexual males listen to this bullshit anyway? And will this talentless hack of a reporter stop referring to that harakju barbie bullshit. Ok clown? Damn. Horowitz is the absolute worst. Just basically means she has 251K stupid ass people who bought her LP or that Wayne and Baby bought a gang of LPs to write off on their taxes.

    • Anonymous

      i actually like mr flamboyants first few arguments. im tired of people bragging about artists being number 1. that may be technically true, but look at the circumstances. who were you up against and how much did you sell? if you only sold 60k congrats but stop bragging that your albums is number one because those numbers are still low. those are great number however you look at it... but relative to her young money counterparts, and her own debut, that's numbers are underwhelming and actually quite alarming. that's why she went pop in the first place i think,. because of the pressure she was under from drake's numbers. but whatever

    • @Yo

      She might have hits, but they suck Dick.

    • Yo

      Keep hating while she got hit records bitches.

    • Anonymous

      "YO" shut the fuck up. u smokin. u probably got a nicki manji tattoo

    • Anonymous

      ^ you are a retard. Everything you just said is a lie.

    • Yo

      Chill out bruh. She actually is talented or else she wouldn't be as hot as she is. Flop? You dummy, it's #1, will go gold and has the potential to go platinum. While she has hit records, you behind a computer. Let's see who is the flop in this situation.

  • Anonymous

    I wish we knew the truth about Nikkis ASS.. is it real or implants?? what ya'll niggas think??

    • Anonymous

      Its fake homie. Theres even before and after pics to prove it. Jus look at it. I mean reaaaally look at it u can tell its fake. Look at her vids, she moves around a lot, but her ass dont. think about it....

  • Swag

    I wanna lick the bottom of Nicki's feet.

  • dark man x

    so much hate on this site. Congratulations to this Trini beauty. Even if the music is not quality.

  • chief rokka

    she went snap, crackle, POP!

  • GBtha G

    Yeah muthafuckaz betta do they own thang. nicki minaj iz a sexy chick believe it or not.I really find her amazing when she poses. But I'm not her fan. yall fell Me?

  • Anonymous

    is yall mad yall cant sell a album? get yall selfs together if yall hated her and the album yall wouldnt be looking it up!

  • genocide_cutter

    This is awful news. Hip-hop lost

  • Anonymous

    The funny thing about this was that in 2010, Nicki sold more copies in her first week for her debut album and that album only went No. 2 that week. The game done changed. Rappers take note.

  • Anonymous

    You can complain about the promotion and whatnot. But the fact is the album is trash. And Nicki did not help by putting Stupid Hoe out there. That song alone made her lose several fans. Not to mention that Grammy performance too. So in the end, if Nicki doesn't sell well, the only person she can blame is herself.

  • ETK

    I can at least pull one or two tracks outta this one. her first album was def shittier. couldn't even bump the eminem collabo for long

  • Anonymous

    The problem with Nicki is that most her audience are black females...We're a minority...Black people can't get you the sales you need...Rick Ross has the same problem...She needs to make more "Super Bass" type singles if she wants white people to buy her records.

    • JM

      LOLOL no. The fuck? Nicki def has black fans, but a looott of her fans are white. WTH are you talking about.

    • blaze

      do u live in a box 85% of people that bought the album were white.

    • Anonymous

      More black people like her then whites...Whites only that one song she had not her

    • Anonymous

      ur 100% wrong. Nikki's majority fan base is white! Why do u think she does all the pop music and calls herself Barbie, and wear blonde wigs, etc....think about it

  • michigan

    to me this is a fail. her first album sold 376,000 units its first week. With all the marketing and promotion behind it she should have sold around 500,000 units in its first week. This album was garbage! Her first one was nice.

    • BlazeDatIshUp

      ^^I agree the talentless bitch is wack as fuck and has an annoying voice. I'm waiting for Lauryn Hill's album, hopefully some Wu-Tang and a couple other albums.


      Her first album was shit and this one is even shitter. Everything this stupid talentless bitch utters is garbage.

  • Anonymous

    ugggh album is meh, deserved to lose almost 40% of her previous albums sales.

  • Anonymous

    That pop single that she dropped already outsold the entire album by 4 million lol.

  • Mr. Wright

    Hate it or love. I hate to say it , but alot of people like pop /rap music. :(

  • Anonymous

    im telling u this album will outsell drake's last album by the end of the year. she didn't even drop the best singles off the album yet plus those damn sexy videos

  • Burmy

    Still won't outsell 400 Degreez...that's STILL the best-selling album in Cash Money history!

  • Chris

    Looks like Wayne and Drake will continue to rule YMCMB. Sorry Nikki, looks like you lost some fans with this one haha

  • well...

    considering how hype she's gotten after the first one, I figured she would have put up better numbers than that.

  • John

    People just hatin it was a great album :)

  • she aint even close to hip hop

    couldnt care if it sold 2 mill first week its a really really bad album just like her first one. Selling out might make you rich but you will always be a joke in hip hop circles with no legacy just known for stupid voices and pulling retard faces

    • JM

      Nicki's verse on monster was hella overrated. The only reason it got so much hype is because 1) she's a female, and 2) it was better than the usual nonsense she talks about. If that was a dude with that verse, it would have got nowhere near the same amount of praise. Tbh the best thing about it was nicki's delivery, lyrically wasn't all that. If you honestly think her verse was better than Kanye and Jay's you need to clean the shit out your ears and take another listen. Jigga especially, he was the only one to stick to the monster theme throughout his whole verse.

    • michigan

      i agree with you 100% if you take away the breast and ass implants no one would be listening to her shit. all them wigs and weird costumes is a gimmick to keep people talking about her.

    • HAHAHA!!!

      Nicki's verse on Monster was STUPID ANNOYING!!! but at least it was better than Jay-Z stupid ass verse. The whole song was mediocre to began with. What a joke!!!

    • @lil yessir

      Her verse on Monster was good, but it wasn't anything to write home about. To me, I feel like people are saying that her verse was incredible just cause a female wrote it. Cause if a male spit that same verse, I guarantee you people would've just thought it was alright. But I guess since a female wrote it, it's the greatest thing ever. I've heard better from other female emcees but Nicki's verse was pretty good. But I will say that her verse on Monster was better than both of her albums. lol

    • lil yessir

      Dont forget she had a better verse than jay and kanye on monster. And she had a better verse than nas on her new album shitting on them niggas

  • Anonymous

    thats alot of people bumpin shitty music

  • Duyrect

    Nicki Minaj is going to become another B.G. and Drake will be like Juvenile. Cash Money stay using artist up and moving on to the next

  • DrectMoody

    Proud of Nicki Minaj. No one knows how hard it is until you're in it.

  • roachd

    kids will buy anything these days and ymcbollocks is a kids label for ringtones nothing more than that none of em have any creativity skill, flow or lyricism the only one close would be j cole and even he isn't really that great nas will shit all over this when he drops itand crooked i and slaughterhouse will just squash it

  • Hampton Dream

    Damn, she sold a quarter million with no top singles? I didn't even know she had a new album out.

  • Anonymous

    So Wayne sold like 700,000 more copies than her, and Drake sold 400k more. I thought Nicki would outsell Drake oh well.

    • NOSIR

      FUCK DRAKE COUSIN YESSIR! SHIT J.COLE that nigga just wait till he puts out his second upcoming album he going PLATINUM ON THIS ONE YEP! YA'LL NIGGA'S BETTER BELIEVE IT LOL COLE WORLD BITCHESS

    • YESSIR




    • NOSIR

      NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Sorry cousin YESSIR Nicki just flopped only 251,000 she couldn't even top her first one face it cousin Nicki sucks along with the rest of YMCMB I mean come on how many copies of Nicki's album did Lil Wanye and Birdman have to buy this time for Nicki LOL SHIT! they probably brought like 195,000 for her while her fans brought the rest and look she still flopped LOL pretty soon YOUNG MONEY going to have to change the name to NO MONEY if Wanye and Birdman have to keep buyin copies of their rosters shitty albums for them that just shows how WACK! THE YMCMB team really is ya'll wait real Hip Hop then ROC NATION is where it's at just wait till JAY ELECTRONICA'S debut album comes out and J.COLE'S second album comes out as well the rap game will change for the better cause unlike YMCMB we the ROC NATION team actually have true talent and rap about real shit that's what makes us not only better than YMCMB but also makes us the real faces of what Hip Hop is today so YMCMB enjoy being on top for now cause it won't last trust me once the ROC NATION team gets more established and more hyped up we will take ya'lls spot at the top without question so hate it or not ROC NATION is where it's at while YMCMB SUCKS ASS!! 28 LETTERS FOR U ROC NATION DREAMVILLE GOOD MUSIC.....WE THE BUSINESS

    • michigan

      hahah this was a flop take into effect how much young money had to pay for all the marketing and promotions plus for all the producers and features she had and she aint making shit! shes gonna make money with her tour but not off the album putting up only 251,000 on a major label is a fail!

    • phil

      shut up Alf you bloody tosser

    • Alf Capone

      aye my nigga i dont like nicki either but to say when she sells as much as tupac come talk to me is fuckin stupid. i dont think anyone is sayin nicki is better than pac. yall niggas know yessir is just typin that shit for kicks and giggles right? he dont believe that shit he types either

    • Anonymous

      Look, when Nicki Mnage sells more than 75 million records worldwide like my man 2Pac, you come talk to me, alright!?

  • Anonymous

    always with the harajuku barbie, this guy never gets tired of throwing that in there.

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