Fat Joe Calls Mobb Deep Situation "A Sad Day In Hip Hop"

Fat Joe says he doesn't know about the details surrounding Mobb Deep's situation, but says it's a loss for Hip Hop culture.

Yesterday, Mobb Deep shook the Twittersphere after an alleged hacker posted bitter tweets towards Prodigy on Havoc's account. Though Havoc later claimed that his phone was stolen, Fat Joe weighed in on the implications that the situation had on Hip Hop and how it's a "super duper sad day in Hip Hop."

"I know nothing about it. But what i'm saying to you is it's like a 9/11 in Hip Hop, because when you refer to Mobb Deep, you refer to them as brothers, you refer to them as the purest form of Hip Hop," he told Peter Rosenberg. "Every time you try to do something that's so authentic in Hip Hop, you always refer to 'Shook Ones' and Mobb Deep. Overall, it's a super duper sad day in Hip Hop. This group has been together for 20 years. I don't know the details, I'm not taking sides. What I can say is that it's sad for Hip Hop, the whole Hip Hop culture."

He said that if the situation was real, it would be difficult for them to preserve their brand. "It's up to them, but I don't think so. I don't think so. It's a sad day in Hip Hop though. We lost a Gang Starr. We lost pillars of our community."

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  • da1

    thats hard how u say u we lost them. i like that.

  • Anonymous

    Fat Joe is that guy!

  • blacks smell

    fat joe is super ausome,so ausome that i give a fuck ,i wish eminem would just start dissing ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL these faggots him,souljer girl,basicly anything on the radio

  • What

    Fat Joe need to shut up, aint he got enough worried as it is, Yo fat Joe cuban linx, Remy Ma and Big Pun wife still trying to see you keep runing nigga the BX aint big enough.

    • Afi K. James

      And your talking about fat hoe being an industry snake, cuban link's no better, he's the same person who arranged pun to have guns in his house and more recently several years ago, former clk members figgaraw, level and d cell aired him out, because he double crossed them.

    • Afi K. James

      because joe did the right thing to help pun's family, but due to the DVD of pun pistol whipping his life, joe's no longer helping pun's family, because of pun's widow.

  • Anonymous

    "But what i'm saying to you is it's like a 9/11 in Hip Hop" Horrible comparison.

  • Anonymous

    "Don't One Of These Niggaz Got Sickle Cell, Or Somethin?" ~2Pac

  • Anonymous

    Twitter is the worst thing that ever happened to hip hop, bar none, Fuck the bootlegging, giving fans this kind of access is the worst thing you could do. You never see Rock fans doing this kida fuck shit on twitter, its always hip hop fans with no life that gotta do stupid shit like this because they have the maturity level of a 7 year old and are desperate for attention Any rapper who still uses twitter or any other social networking media after seeing yesterdays bullshit should smack himself

    • Anonymous

      Twitter has its uses. But of course on the flip side you get this fiasco. Artists should use Twitter/Facebook primarily for promotion, networking and fan interaction. Its a valuable technology and if all artists were to stop using Twitter there will be another medium to use because of the importance of quick, free and instant promotion, interaction and networking that reduces cost etc.


    The only fag shit that been proven is Birdman tongue kissing Lil Wayne and Nicki's Silicon ass

  • Anonymous

    fat joe is nore bitch thats whe he made a cooment he stold puns money and ran to miami ny dont fuck with you for that

    • Blaze

      ^^^So you tell someone to learn how to write, but you just wrote "but I'ms tell it like it is".. You really should just shut the fuck up..idiot..smfh....


      I'm not even American but I'ms tell it like it is. Yo Fuckboy, go learn how to write LMAO BIG GHOST STEPS OFF LAUGHIN

  • Andre

    Who gives a fuckin shit about what Fat Joe thinks!? BIATCH!

    • @The bitch who said "super super"

      SUPER DUPER!? Nigga what the fuck is wrong with you!? Ain't nothing super duper about this bullshit! I fuckin hate Mobb Deep, but I agree with Havoc. Prodigy is gay, and you know that. Once a nigga goes to the pen, you can bet he'll switch to gay mode, like or not.

    • ChiIll

      Co/Sign Anonymous On This One!

  • a

    who cares about mobb deep or fuckin fat joe?

    • ^^^ Fuck this nigger

      ^^^^^^ I fuckin hate you, faggot. Fuck You. You can stick Mobb Deep, Drake, Tyga and Fat Joe in your anus, fuckin faggot. All these bitches are doing nothing but disgrace hip hop with their bullshit.

    • Anonymous

      apparently not little metrosexual faggots like you, go listen to drake or tyga you queer

  • Ciro

    Fat Joe is an idiot for commenting on an unconfirmed rumor...

  • Anonymous

    im surprised a fat joe why would he even comment?oh yeah because he need the attention.

  • raffael77

    Fat Joe is dead too, Biatch

  • Jay-Z

    who cares the mobb been dead since 2000. they not relevant anymore

  • Anonymous


    • Afi gay James

      Yes bitch, d.i.t.c. Is the rap group diggin in the crates and fat Joe was the weakest in the group, big l was part of the crew too see Im cool too since I know this...

    • Afi K. James

      Anonymous: what you don't know is that Fat Joe used to be raw messing with the D.I.T.C crew (do yall even know who was in D.IT.C crew) & messing with Big Pun But once the industry went in a downward spiral that's when he sold out for money Fat Hoe was never a good artist to begin with.

  • my opinion

    The day fat Joe decided to pursue a rap career and make quality albums was the super duper saddest day in hip hop #swag

    • Anonymous

      what you don't know is that Fat Joe used to be raw messing with the D.I.T.C crew (do yall even know who was in D.IT.C crew) & messing with Big Pun But once the industry went in a downward spiral that's when he sold out for money

    • makes sense

      What a cowardly small dicked retort, you must be white :-)

    • Anonymous

      the day you showed up on this site is the saddest day.

  • Static Shock

    Remember that video where Prodigy dissed all those rappers? The one were he said Joe Buddens is the worst rapper in the world? I could have sworn he dissed Fat Joe in that...Maybe I'm wrong if he's speaking positively about them now..

    • Anonymous

      i googled for it but all i could come up with was an interview where fat joe said prodigy isn't relevant, which is basically true

  • ETK

    he's not comparing the situation to 9/11, comparing it would be "this is really bad, just like 9/11", what he said is "this is like a 9/11 in hip-hop", the wording is different and implies that the situation WITHIN the hip-hop genre is pretty sad and grim on the respective subject's scale

  • Northwesterner

    9/11 to Hip Hop? Seriously? Nobody even died! Thank God Fif took you out the relevant side of the game so you can't further embarrass yourself like this.

  • chuck

    And this shows exactly why the hip hop community is often ostracized. Fat joe gonna really compare Havoc's phone being stolen, a fake tweet being posted, to fuckin 911? How ignorant. And this site even running the story? Ignorant. Its a damn shame.

    • Kanye West

      Yo Nas dont mess with Chuck Norris he'll beat the quality music out of both of us. And especially in 2012 we need that quality music cuz everything else sucks ass.

    • matt

      CHUCK FOR PRESIDENT! chuck is awesome:P

    • Penis

      Chuck, Let me start off by saying your an idiot. A comparison is only a matter of perception and if i'd say biggie is the jesus of rap some people would agree and idiots would e.g. say : he didn't die for our sins. Who the fuck cares ? PS: Is this you ?? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wf_ZwFyfA1M PPS: You know you love me :)

    • effya

      i was at home buyin it online u prick...it's 2012, don't nobody coppin cd's in stores no more

    • Anonymous

      LMAO at people acting like they cared about Mobb Flop in 2012. Where have you all been when there last CD's were in stores?

    • chuck

      I appreciate the intelligent response, but comparing an event where thousands of people died to a fake tweet is still ignorant. an analogy is a noun while ignorant is an adjective. The adjective ignorant describes Fat Joes analogy as ignorant. The more you read and understand the english language.......

    • The Auracle

      Chuck, chill. The impact of a certain devastation moment or tragedy - believe it or not - is and always will be boiled down to perspective. That's what humans have done and will continue to do. Fat Joe is well within his rights to draw parallels at one event that shook a massive concentration of people (ie: 9/11) with separate event that shock another massive concentration of people (ie: Mobb Deep's situation). It's only ignorant if you perceive it to be that way because - let's face it - some people aren't going to see things exactly how you see it. So stop trolling and gain some perspective. PS: that 'ignorance' you're referring to? That's called an analogy. Google that shit, dude. The more you know.

    • Anonymous

      dumb ass hip hop fans should shut their mouth, they always act like bitches when a hero of them is attacked.

    • chuck

      andddddddddddd here comes the rest of the community to prove my point further.

    • the doc

      chuck u one dumbass...he was jus tryna get his point across...dumbass

    • Nas

      Chuck I think all that penis has gone to your head. And ass.

    • chuck norris

      But what about the amount of penis you are consuming daily. Surely that is clouding your judgement chuck

    • chuck

      wait, so he did compare it to 911? thanks for proving my point.

    • Anonymous

      He said "like a 9/11 IN hip-hop" you idiot. Learn how to read before you end up making yourself look stupid.

    • chuck norris

      I totally agree with you chuck thats why you enjoy penis

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