David Banner To Use Fan Donations To Fund "Sex, Drugs & Video Games" Album

David Banner seeks donations from 2 million fans for his next project.

David Banner's next album, Sex, Drugs & Video Games, will be funded by his fans - or so he hopes.

“I have one of the dopest albums that’s gonna come out this year, period,” said the rapper in an interview with forbes.com. “We’re going to show you how dope this album is by every two weeks dropping a new single … By the time the fans get to May 22, they’re [going to be] like, ‘Damn, this is worth at least a dollar, but we may give him $100 on the effort!’”

Banner is asking fans to donate what the can via his website, davidbanner.com.

But unlike Public Enemy and Ras Kass, who solicited donations to record projects, Banner's project will be released regardless of whether he meets his goal or not.

The album drops as soon as Banner reaches his goal of 2 million donations or on May 22, whichever comes first.

Sex, Drugs & Video Games, which features Lil Wayne, Snoop Dogg, Chris Brown and more, has a production budget of $500,000.

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  • Cuda B

    Some of you guys should read the actual article or go to his website. 1) The album will be released on May 22nd, regardless of whether he hits $2 million. 2) The album is actually free. He's banking on the album being good enough that you'll donate at least a dollar. The goal is to get paid. If you like an artist wouldn't you want them to get paid? If this works it could literally change the game as a way for talented artists to get paid without major label backing and radio spins. I mean, damn. I buy singles for 99cents. What's $1 for a 16 song album featuring a bevy of industry talent?

  • 1love

    lol this is the most ridiculous thing i have ever heard in hip hop.

  • think people

    He is sell his music by himself and wants to make a profit,whats so hard to understand?

  • T$$$

    The idea is to donate at least a $1,its free regardless,he spent $500,000 he is cutting out the middleman(label)basically just give the money to him instead of the major label,and of course he should profit,its his job!!!

  • Anonymous

    hey if his is the only way the artist can get paid for makin a good alubm then i hope it spreads

  • BlazeDatIshUp

    This doesn't seem legal although it probably is. Why would you pay to fund his ish, then pay to buy it. If it turns out to be wack, then you end up owning an overpriced coaster.

  • Anonymous

    Is this even legal?

  • Anonymous

    You all on this site just broke what's a dollar?? It's not even that deep but I bet you would pay full price for a wack album..banner always bringing on his albums , you can't get everything for free even though he putting it out for a free download a dollar is not going to hurt my pockets or more

  • Anonymous

    so basically nobody buys this dudes albums cause theyre straight garbage and now hes broke cause he spent all his doe before he had it and now hes askin for help...nnnaaa id be happier with the dollar and without your album

  • Patches

    Make fans pay for you to release it, then make fans pay to buy it. Genius. Haha.

  • unclesam

    The album costs 500,000 to make but he wants 2 milli? Eh....

    • NONO

      He made that statement a long time ago. I guess it's only reached 500,000 out of the 2 million expectancy.

  • bigfoot89

    this nigga's buggin

  • Grizzle

    Should be using KickStarter.com instead of his own website.

    • Hoodgrown

      Actually this is better than using Kickstarter because he gets the money whether he reaches his goals or not.... Always better to have YOUR OWN platform....

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