Kendrick Lamar Says He Has Recorded 30 Songs With Dr. Dre

Kendrick Lamar reveals to DJ Whoo Kid that he and Dr. Dre have recorded nearly 30 songs together.

After Kendrick Lamar's camp released the single "The Recipe" featuring Dr. Dre off his impending debut Good Kid in a Mad City, fans have been pining for more music from the duo. Now, in a recent interview with DJ Whoo Kid, K. Dot revealed that there are a lot more tracks where that single came from.

Kendrick explained during the interview that he and Dre have recorded nearly 30 songs together. Lamar even said that he got the chance to record with both Dre and Snoop Dogg for a song off the long-awaited Detox, adding that it was incredible to see the two west coast legends record together given their history of hits.

"We're looking around summertime [to release Good Kid in a Mad City], pushing around at the end," he noted. "I'm in a tight space right now. They're trying to get that motherfucker out immediately, but I continue to keep on working…I've probably got about 30 records with Dre, bro. For Detox, I locked in with Snoop and Dre…to see the two of them in the studio together, man, it just makes me think about all the old joints that they used to do on The Box and BET, 'cause they've still got that same chemistry where Snoop is the little wild homie and Dre is the mentor."

Check out the full interview below.

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  • Ohjayy

    I have faith in Kendrick Lamar. I doubt he'll start making shitty music once he blows up. He is a VERY humble person. Now, as for that nigga J.cole,

  • ready to die?

    i hope he has as much success as game did and atleast 1 hit dope record out of the ''30''It could happen

  • K.O.L


  • KKKendriKKK Lamar

    Fuck KKKendriKKK and his annoying ass voice, fucking faggot I hate this motherfucker bitch made nigga die motherfucker die

  • hip

    to obviously and truth.. dre won't put out detox, it it's not 100 percent perfect he won't release it obviously expecting a dam near perfect album if detox were to come out. ain't going be that

  • ahh

    kendricks album this summer. hope detox drops just after that, even tho that album should have dropped when games 1st album came out. if detox dont drop this year, it will never come out. and dre will just sell all the beats what were going to be used for detox. FUCK, atleast drop 'hey young world' that snippet is sicckkkkkkk

  • ClearVision

    At what cost does success come in the rap game? Kendrick represents something more important than money but that is difficult for most dead heads to understand. Music with a relevant message has been on the decline since the '90s. Out paced by dumbass party and bullshit lyrics on some paper chase shit and yet many of those same fools are broke now. In the grand scheme As a community what do we have to show for all this supposed money and power niggas are quick to talk about - not a damn thing. Our babies can be murdered and you bitch-made ass niggas will still run your mouths about dumb shit! Hell we don't even buy most of the music - white teenage girls do! So that says what? Why don't you all just start wearing skirts cuz you act more like bitches than anything else. 5000

  • Anonymous

    For that dope Boom Bap sound check out

  • casper21

    I'm more excited about Good Kid in a Mad City than Detox, only one of the two is ever coming out.

  • Anonymous

    GAME OVER!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    WESTCOAST stand up!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • ^^^^^^^ Fuck you

      West Coast lay low! Fuck that, nigga, I ain't got no love for no West Coast bitch, you slut, get the fuck outta with that bullshit, you dicksuckin slut fake motherfucker

  • Anonymous

    Honestly, the Dre cosign is a plus, but I wish Kendrick just went his own way. I'm usually not a fan of artists with their "yeah, I recorded this and this number of songs," bc at the end of the day, it's just what the fans want to hear. Creating a demand with a fake supply. I'm probably going to get a lot of hate for this, but I don't think Kendrick's album is going to be top notch. Section 80 put this kid in a league of his own. And he preached about industry fakes, and the commercial bullshit, but yet he's fallen victim to all the stuff he rapped about. Remember how he rhymed about if Dre gave him a handout he would cut his arm off? Yeah, I am not seeing anything of the sorts. And also how he would stay dedicated to his in house production. Yeah, that lasted long. Let's be real, Black Hippy isn't going to last with his stardom, and he will fall in line with all the artists we all wished would've, could've and should've. It was a blast while it lasted, but now all we can do is wait for the next real emcee to come out like all others before Kendrick, and go through the same ish...

    • ETK

      we shouldn't ignore him, I never said that, he's a great talent just don't bitch when he moves up the ladder and becomes subject to the industry's issues, which he will keep moving up on as we keep bigging him. bigging him got him out of that in house production. bigging him is what got him attention, enough for Dre to pick him up. then you come on internet sites and talk bout how, "oh he ain't stay true to what he done talked about, industry fakes, blah blah" I'm just sayin the fuck did you expect? he's a tremendous talent.. oh he can stay in the same place regardless? yeah lol for how long?

    • sasas

      Really? it's our fault for cosigning him? so when an incredible talent like Kendrick comes around we should ignore him and not support him so stays being nowhere? Where is the logic in that? Kendrick isn't gonna go the total bull shit route on us he just now has more access to bigger stages (figuratively and literally), and hopefully because of his deals and obviously vast catalog with Dre, more people will become aware of him and not many people are. Kendrick can't change the game for the better if most don't know about him and/or his fans are talking about not cosigning him even though he is a great mc so he can stay in the same place.....

    • ETK

      he was always gonna fall victim to the system BECAUSE all us niggas are co-signing him. the more you co-sign him, the more this is gonna happen and that's why you niggas need to stop holding onto that "anti-commercial message" hype for too long. at the end of the day, you're preventing him from staying where he's at because of the hype. Jay-Z had similar beginnings, Eminem had the same beginnings, Lupe, so on. but what happened with those rappers? y'all started co-signing them. and they got huge or just pretty big. did you really expect him to stay dedicated his in house production? again, you niggas are bigging him so you are PREVENTING THAT, cause that little place offers no fuckin potential. it's wack talkin about him not respecting his message about the industry when it's hardly his fault & you(and I) are the cause

  • Truth

    WE want DETOX fuck a kendrick plain ass lamar

    • Fuck Truth

      Detox better be great or I'll rape this nigger Dre and his whole fucking family a bunch of nasty bitches and fucked up whores

    • Obviously

      Detox better be a MF'ckin Masterpiece or else I'm gonna be livid. 9.5/10 aint gonna be enough for that shit better be 10/10. If you gonna make the masses wait so long, it better be pure bliss listening to that shit.

    • fuck outta here

      fuck you, wigga. YOU want detox...... lots of people dont give a fuck about detox no more. kendrick is da truth

  • ItsTheTruth

    god damn im gonna love this summer. Live from The Underground Welcome to: Our House Good Kid in a Mad City Krit, Kendrick, and Slaughterhouse. Fuck the rest and fuck your opinion.

  • Doug

    This motherfucker can go and record 30 random songs with Kendrick and yet we've been waiting going over a decade for Detox. It's obvious he has no interest at all in actually finishing that damn album. Duke Nukem of Rap, but at least Duke Nukem got finished.



  • Young King

    Finally... somebody besides me who remembers what "The Box" was and i'm from this generation (unfortunately)... Fuck wit me lol.

  • Young King

    Finally... somebody besides me who remembers what "The Box" was and i'm from this generation (unfortunately... Fuck wit me lol.

  • AxeMurder

    Kendrick Lamar. Bishop Lamont. These are niggas projects with Dre that will never see the light of day.

  • 1love

    As long as the music doesn't sound like "i Need A Doctor" I'm up for it.

  • Anonymous

    every rapper, here now has an alter ego.

  • Anonymous

    everyone that listens to the radio will eat this niggas dick like they do ymcmb when he finally blows ..then when you ask if they bumped that overly dedicated and they gonna be confused as a mofo hahaha just watch

    • Anonymous

      OJI is right...

    • bdjs

      ^ CO FUCKIN SIGN. especially the last paragraph why do people not want to see him blow up even if it means he makes a few singles we as his fans should want him to garner a lot of success and garner more fans. not many people know who he is and he has the potential to change the game, so we should want him to blow up and we should want him to have big label support so long as they dont completely fuck him over and it won't likely happen. If the result is Kendrick's making moe singles like The Recipe, can we really complain?

    • OJI

      man who fucking cares whether you started listening to and artist from the beginning or just yesterday. you niggas act like youre entitled to a niggas music more than the next man because you listened to him longer. isnt the whole point on music to discover it? nigga i aint gotta pass a history exam to have the right to listen to an artist's music and become a fan. gtfoh here with that elitist bullshit. this artist or any other artist doesnt belong to you. they are not YOUR artist. you dont own them so stop trying to claim them. if a white girl hears a song by an artist you like guess what? she has just as much right to listen as you do. this is why you bitch ass fanboys turn your backs and falsely label artists as sell outs when they blow up. because you feel like they are cheating on you and owed you something. he wasnt yours to begin with. emotional "he was mine first" ass niggas. yall sounds like fucking teenage girls.

    • k dot aka kendric lamar

      yea fuck all these fake ass fans of mine! no one remembers my first mixtapes training day, c4, and no sleep till nyc with jay rock! games the nigga that put all us on too! niggas just be jumpin on my dick now that im hot right now but none of yall bumped me in 06! f yall i took a page outta mike jones book" back then yall didnt want me, now im hot yall on me"

    • thafranchise

      Or the Kendrick Lamar E.P. that dropped in 2009. He used to be K.DOT. Does anybody remember the Top Dawg mixtape that dropped a couple of years ago. That mixtape went under the radar. Shit was dope!!!

  • Anonymous

    him and nas would be flawless

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