Fat Trel Says He Won't Respond To Rah Digga Diss

Fat Trel says he doesn't plan to ever release a diss track towards Rah Digga.

Rah Digga came out with her fists swinging on Friday (April 6th), releasing the diss track "The Nigga in Me" that went at Tyler, The Creator and Fat Trel. She already patched up her issues with the Odd Future leader, and Fat Trel says that he doesn't plan to take the situation further.

During an interview with Jae Murphy on WEDC Radio, the Washington, D.C. rapper said that he has no hard feelings towards Digga but that he stands by his initial line, "The bitch might be a nigga, for reala, she Rah Digga.”

"Like she said, it’s all sport. I respect her for what she did. I don’t respect her for comparing herself to MC Lyte, but it is what it is," he said. "People diss me all the time. Everybody wants to diss Fat Trel when their mixtape is about to drop. I understand the hunger in these artists’ stomachs. But as far as responding, I don’t respond to no diss. The lines that I said in my intro was not a diss. It was the truth. She look like a nigga, the bitch might got an Adam’s apple. As far as her music, she’s not relevant to me and my city streets. My city don’t know no fuckin’ Rah Digga except, you talkin’ about the bitch who walked 100 miles to get the cheesecake? We compare that bitch to [Da Band's] Babs, dog. Nigga, my city don’t know nothing about her. She’s irrelevant. She’s not supposed to be compared to MC Lyte, but it is what it is. I’m not going to diss her or talk shit about her. I don’t know her."

Despite his flammable response to Digga's diss, he insisted that it won't go any further. "I’m not responding to her. I don’t do diss tracks at all. Period. Point blank."

Listen to the full interview below.

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  • theunfamiliar

    you don't know who Rah Digga is? Then how'd she end up in your song?

  • Anonymous

    stop sayin who is fat trel nd joust youtube him,,,he doin numbers

  • Fonzi The Bronze

    If DC doesn't know who Rah Digga is, why mention it? A punchline only works when all parties are privy to all the info provided.

  • HH-iz-dead

    I love it...another nobody who is not capable to hold his own with another mc so he acts as if not responding is the "cool" thing to do. In the days of respectable Hiphop, this was the chance for a nobody like this guy to make a name for himself and earn some stripes. Instead this dude is scared of a female mc...there is no other explanation, he's not taking the high road cuz he still dissed her in the midst of saying he won't respond. He can talk shit but he can't rap it...so in turn we get 1 irrelevant artist claiming the artist that just got in his ass is irrelevant. If this cat and his "city" gave a shit about Hiphop and knew some history they would know Digga has always been able to hold her own on the mic

  • dmvfuckeverybodyelse

    Trel aint no wash-up. The nigga has only been in the game since 2010-2011. DC/DMV giving him love, he gets love down south, bricksquad reached out to him when they were in DC. He just gettin started. And the niggas that are hating, go and download his mixtape No Secrets and Nightmare on E. St, shit was crazy. Trel's new to the game and only starting. He should reply though, he'll get more shine for that

  • Spindarelly

    Bamma a$$ Jae Murphy is one desperate dude. If Trel had any sense he would run wit this...But "He wont respond lyrically cause he's not capable" Digga killed him. LMAO in NE

  • Fixed Headline

    Fat Trel Talks More Shit About Rah Digga, Says He Won't Respond To Rah Digga Diss

  • Anonymous

    My city (DALLAS) dont know no fuckin Fat Trel

    • am

      til a bit ago he aint been known outside the DMV, then the nigga got love from carolinas and the ATL. trels comin up, youl see more of this nigga soon. get his shit nightmare on e st fuckin bangs no bullshit

  • Anonymous

    dont speak for dc or for dmv, the only niggas that dont know rah digga , are the pop listening teens you want to help brainwash with that radio bullshit. they dont know rah digga because they dont listen to hip hop they listen to trash.

  • Anonymous

    fuck fat smell and i wanna fuck rah digga...and fuck yall...chuuuccchh

  • Anonymous

    He wont respond lyrically cause he's not capable And Rah Digga, even today, is more relevant then this local ass nobody motherfucker, I had never even heard his name before that diss

  • Anonymous

    I never heard of this nigga till that digga joint and I live right across the way in maryland, lol

  • Anonymous

    im with ya'll. who the fuck is Fat Trel? he looks retarded

  • clm83

    who the fucks fat trel?

  • Poppa Clippin

    "People diss me all the time. Everybody wants to diss Fat Trel when their mixtape is about to drop." I haven't ever heard of this guy until this story. Put it in perspective, Digga held her own on the Fugees album alongside Lauren Hill, which sold over 6 million records. She also was part of the Outsidaz, along with Young Zee and Pacewon, who had plenty of solid music as well. This guy needs to fix his face, nobody good has come out of DC.

    • M.A

      I agreed with that until I heard Fat Trel's shit. Wale sucks ass. A friend of mine told me to get Trel's first mixtape, No Secrets, and no bullshit its probably in my top 5 favorite projects of all time right now. I suggest you check him out.

    • IAmControverse

      Don't forget when she was in the Flipmode Squad. Miss those days.

  • Anonymous

    So this guy says he won't diss and talk shit, but talks shit?

  • Anonymous

    this the most shine his career is ever going to get he probably should respond

  • Anonymous

    fat trel must be doin something right for rah digga to know who he is nd to have heard his mixtape...salute to fat trel keep grinding

  • Mr.Jenkins

    Im actually in the DC area and the only peeps that really fuck with Fat Trel are followers, sheep, and people with no aspirations in life. Dude actually posted a pic on Twitter of him eating a chic's ass out. That pretty much sums up all you need to know about this garbage dude.

  • Daarkchyld

    Can someone please tell me who the f#ck is this clown? He needs to go sit his a$$ down for he get bombed on again, never heard of Rah Digga GTFOH!!

  • QB

    Niggas.. "I won't respond to her diss on record, but I'll just diss her again in this interview right now.." I never heard of a Fat Trel until this foolishness..

  • Anonymous

    who is dis nigga?

  • skinny trel

    fat trel you bitch ass nigga, rah destroyed you before your career began thats why you wont respond

  • Anonymous

    fat trel said he won't respond, just talk alot of shit in these interviews. He had his Ass handed to him by "FEMALE LEGEND" the best way to cop out of this very unprofitable situation!

    • Game Talk

      on the real though Fat Trel like 20 y/o right Rah Digga look like she pushing 40, so for his city streets that would almost mean his age group. Most of dc just listen to go/go so him to even be pushed this far by DC is incredible because Wale gets no love. But that goes back to Trel really buying from the streets of DC a dangerous different city thats never had its story told. A lot of you I'm sure dont know him and now and why would yall hes on the come up, but on everything that way yall seeing French 2chainz and etc hype his on the way to that or even. You think Joell Ortiz Big Krit Smoke DZA Pusha T don't know what talent is, do your research. Rah Digga is nice and has a lot of clout in the game for her past and etc so how she even heard a rapper out of dc named Fat Trel lets you know his buzz is around.

  • msradio

    i suppose to did an interview with him but it never took place. thank god. How you going to diss Rah when nobody outside your area knows you. ugly azz! ran may not have been as big as nicki but trust the chick name holds weight dumb azz. let's see if you become a pioneer in the game.

  • Anonymous

    no i wont make a fucking diss song but dam girl look at ur adums apple

  • Anonymous

    i tried to google fat trel nothin came up someone shuld help!

  • Alf Capone

    fuck fat trel. whoever that nigga is. fuck rah digga. i havent given a shit about rah digga since the outsidaz. i dont listen to female rappers anyway

  • Anonymous

    the nigga aint even fat.

  • Anonymous

    i never heard of fat trel. who is he?

  • @SmeezeF

    He knows who Rah Digga is enough to use her name, ctfu. I know who she is and I never heard of him until she blasted his dumb ass. I like how these new artist take shots and then say he's not going to respond to her after he started the shit. He won't respond because she will melt dude. CTFU

  • Anonymous

    um i been in dc like 8 yrs and i nvr heard of dude

  • Anonymous

    im from DC...fat trel u are a bitch...speak for urself only

  • ill

    Rah Digga has done MOVIES(CarmenHipHopra, 13 Ghosts) was in Flipmode, featured on a few gold and plat albums with Busta AND somebody tell this LAAAMME if NOBODY KNOWS WHO SHE IS WHY DID YOU MENTION HER THEN??????? DUMBASSS.. This dude is and is prolly gon stay local...GTFOH

  • Guys

    Guys instead of talking about who is relevant and who isn't relevant why not do some research and find out just who this guy is. I'll save you the trouble, he recently released a mixtape, Nightmare of E Street, which was pretty decent. Who cares about relevance? Talk about the music and their contributions

  • Anonymous

    Exactly! WHO is this guy and who gives a rats ass about him? not me, thats for sure!!

  • c4 triple plat

    who the fuck is fat trel?

  • John Knox

    who is fat trel? i literally have never heard of him until this article.

  • Anonymous

    Nobody outside of your city has heard of you tho, lol, your the definition of "Local" Rah Digga's Relevance >>>> This nobodies relevance

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