Rah Digga & Tyler, The Creator End Beef

Rah Digga and Tyler, The Creator patched up their beef at the Paid Dues 2012 festival.

A day after releasing her scathing diss track "The Nigga in Me," Rah Digga has officially deaded her beef with Odd Future ringleader Tyler, The Creator.

Both Dirty Harriet and Tyler tweeted that they were hanging out together at the Paid Dues 2012 festival. "Awwww look at lil Ty-Ty and Auntie Digga," wrote Digga, retweeting Tyler's picture of the two at the event.

Digga also took to Twitter to reply to a fan who claimed that she was dissing Tyler and Fat Trel as a publicity stunt. "The facts are...he clowned me b4...I clowned back...I'm stage right DOLO waitin to see them perform its NUTHIN #PAIDDUES2012," she wrote.

Check out the tweets below.

deshaung Roseal Goss
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@deshaung The facts are...he clowned me b4...I clowned back...I'm stage right DOLO waitin to see them perform its NUTHIN #PAIDDUES2012
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Awwww look at lil Ty-Ty and Auntie Digga #PAIDDUES2012 RT @fucktyler: AND I TOOK A PHOTO WITH RAH DIGGA AYYYE http://t.co/As0n60yA
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  • Anonymous

    she killed him and its over move on

  • Ridiculous

    The shortest and fakest beef in hip hop history. Makes me wanna puke when I think of this bullshit. How the fuck this nigga disses a bitch on one day and hold hands with her the next day!?

    • Anonymous

      It's the culture now. If you diss it's for publicity or you are a "hater". Plus Tyler's a bitch ass troll. Strait up. I got a friend that's like Tyler, and all I do is tell him to grow the fuck up. Just like I'd tell Tyler, because all he does is troll. Then he gets a reaction and says "Aw calm down, I was just kidding after I called you an ugly bitch a million times on Twitter even after you asked me nicely to stop. What's your deal?"


    tyler the creator prooves americans will cosign anything alternative, just for the sake of it being alternative, not realizing thats how its being branded to the them. Frank Ocean is the only light that came out tof the Odd Future movement, other than that its a whackstep back, both swagweed rap and skater hop are like 15 years too late, woulda been cool when the style was actually being formed not as its become the norm. But Stay Tuned, Real Shit COMING!

  • bendoggy

    WOW!!!!! Digga blazed that shit, that was a good comeback, man or woman...Dirty Harriet!!!!

  • Swag

    I would love to suck Rah Digga's toes.

  • famooo

    lol damn dud i agree

  • Real Rap

    1st of all i read all these comments and there the dumbest shit i've heard all damn day....lets start off by saying rah Digga and Tyler the creator are both talented rappers if you listen to ALOT of there songs which i mean by actually listening to more than just the number 1 singles or hits to actually listen to there mixtapes or albums. so stop saying bad things about both artist until u guys really fuckin listen to there music and im pretty sure Tyler doesnt give a fuck because as u can tell he started it but it makes him even more popular and following by all the success and tv show he has and being on tour all he cares about at the moment is the money he's finally making. if u seen his behind the scene videos you'll see that all bastard was was a mixtape of how he feels about rape and rap lol to be honest but it had a reason because throughout bastard to goblin its a story about himself and alter ego wolf haley so he doesnt care what people think anyways and im pretty sure rah digga just wanted to warn him not to fuck with her and as u can see there cool now so stop picking your dick about it. jeez u kids these days are dumb and dont look at facts nor behind the artist

    • Anonymous

      LOL Bastards is what he felt about rape? What does he feel about rape, he wants to do it? STFU, Tyler isn't as deep as he thinks he is, or what people want him to be. He's a shock rapper. I like dudes music, but don't try to say there's more behind him when there really isn't

  • Anonymous

    lmao she kinda went in



    • Re-Trolling


  • man

    for real I feel like Tyler throws shots and then wants to end the beef before it ever can get started.

    • fjfj

      tyler dont give a fuck bout beef. he dont give a fuck bout 90s rap battle old-ass tradition bullshit. he just getting money

  • slickwatts100

    is it me or does tyler bite biz markies facial expressions? idk why he would want to, but i swear he does

  • IG-88

    Beef in hip-hop has always and will always exist, whether its 24 hours or 24 months. That being said I gave this "battle" to Rah Digga.

  • Wolf Gang

    Tyler would have destroyed this bitch regardless.

  • Anonymous

    i hate u tell i see u wtf lol tyler looks funny as hell in that pic

  • Anonymous

    I hate this say a person name on a track then squash it b4 they respond shit. WTF has hip-hop come to............. CHECK OUT THE VIDEO http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r5WCC5PLVmo

  • noBackbone

    Emcees with no backbone. Why even "battle" to become friends immediately after. Makes you wonder if this was planned from the jump. Soap Opera better yet Novela rap...

  • georgel

    This beef bs is bullshit anyway, it only happens on a daily basis in rap music you dont see taylor swift or lady gaga fighting. You would think black artists would stick together more

    • BlazeDatIshUp

      ^^^Exactly. It's still the same person from the black comunity, just he/she is in a better financial situation than they were before. Same shit different tax bracket. Unfortunately us black folks are our own worst enemies sometimes, cuz a lot of us would rather hate on each other and bring one another down, instead of helping each other. In this case an artist would rather attack someone who is on another level, and start pointless beefs. I agree that a good beef where it's a good battle between two grown ass people can let both parties showcase their talent, without a gun or any other weapon, and who ever wins, wins, but these beefs are just nonsense for the most part.

    • @SmeezeF

      If the black community can't stick together what makes you think that black music artist who are basically from that community would. It's not like you spend a year away from the shit like say college or abroad before you enter the business. You go from being broke in the clubs to have doe in the club. shrugs.

    • Miles

      ^^^ i agree with this comment 100%. R&B and Hip-Hop music would be much better today if it was like this and the artist sticked together without beefs

  • bkstylz

    Glad it is dead. Regardless, that track was still hot. Digga showed she has more skills than most of the female rappers out now. She did herself a disservice by going with flipmode back in the day.

    • bkstylz

      She had one album while with Flipmode then sat on the benches. How many of those other flipmode dudes really got any shine? I am a die hard fan and I know what I am talking about. I always thought Digga had too much talent to take a back seat to Spliff Star.

    • Anonymous

      Did herself a diservice by going with Flipmode? I don't know what the hell has happened to the hip hop fan, with comments like this there's no telling what kind of disasters the future holds?

  • jason

    Damn well that was brief!! she must want to get in on that new improv show money lol

  • Such an overused word


  • Alf Capone

    and nobody gave a shit

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