Lupe Fiasco "Food & Liquor 2: Great American Rap Album Pt. 1" Tracklist

UPDATE #3: Lupe Fiasco enlists Bilal, Guy Sebastian, Casey Benjamin, Poo Bear and more for his upcoming album.

Lupe Fiasco has revealed that he has completed recording his new album Food & Liquor 2: Great American Rap Album Pt. 1 and is previewing the project for his label Atlantic Records in New York City, New York.

Announcing the news on Twitter, Lu revealed that the LP is "in NYC" and that he's having the "1st Label Listening Session" for the follow up to Lasers.

For the release of Lasers, the Chicago, Illinois rapper's LP was delayed on account of the imprint. With Food & Liquor 2, Lu said that the only thing that could keep it from releasing would be whether or not it's a double-disc project.

"Food & Liquor 2 is done. Release date? I dunno. Let's just say...July," he said during a recent performance. "The only thing that's holding Food & Liquor 2 whether or not it's gonna be a double CD or not."

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Food&Liquor2:GreatAmericanRapAlbumPt.1 is in NYC...1st Label Listening Session....
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[April 9]

UPDATE: Last night, Lupe Fiasco took to his Facebook page to reveal that his new album Food & Liquor 2: The Great American Rap Album Pt. 1 will release on September 25th.

[June 3]

UPDATE #2: Lupe Fiasco has revealed the cover art for his upcoming album Food & Liquor 2: The Great American Rap Album Pt. 1, which touts an entirely black image.


[August 23]

UPDATE #3: Amazon (via FSD) has revealed the tracklist for Lupe Fiasco's upcoming album Food & Liquor 2: Great American Rap Album Pt. 1.

1. Ayesha Says (Intro)
2. Strange Fruition Ft. Casey Benjamin
3. ITAL (Roses)v4. Around My Way (Freedom Ain’t Free)
5. Audubon Ballroom
6. B*tch Bad
7. Lamborghini Angels
8. Put ‘Em Up
9. Heart Donor Ft. Poo Bear
10. How Dare You Ft. Bilal
11. Battle Scars (with Guy Sebastian)
12. Brave Heart Ft. Poo Bear
13. Form Follows Function
14. Cold War Ft. Jane $$$
15. Unforgivable Youth Ft. Jason Evigian
16. Hood Now (Outro)
17. Things We Must Do For Others

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  • Chi Kid

    Best project I've heard all year so far

  • lupe stinks

    worst hip hop album in history

  • deeshank504

    if u hateing on lupe u hateing on -----pac-----they talking bout the same thing

  • Anonymous

    If you liked the cool this is your taste... BEST ALBUM OF THE YEAR SO FAR

  • JOE

    go to WWW.YUCBEATS.COM lupe's got beats from there for this album!!!

  • Anonymous

    Food & Liquor 2 Best Rap Album for these year easy GOD DAMN No one in LUPE FIASCO LEVEL WOW

  • J_Iceberg

    The Cover Is Unimportant. It's All About The Content. He Uses Words That Sound Good, Lyrically. But Content Or Should I Say, His Album Has No Structure, The Songs Make No Sense At All. But Really Though. . .Bicth misspelled in purpose. . .Is The Only Good Song On Part One.

  • J_Iceberg

    Smh! There are only two songs that are good, the rest is garbage, no wonder the label didnt like his conceptual ideology, i see why they are dropping him after this album. Smh!

  • Alex

    Someone leaked the album. thepiratebay(.)se(/)torrent(/)7653758(/)Lupe_Fiasco-Food_And_Liquor_II-The_Great_American_Rap_Album_Part

  • Alex

    Someone leaked the album. thepiratebay(.)se/torrent/7653758/Lupe_Fiasco-Food_And_Liquor_II-The_Great_American_Rap_Album_Part

  • Alex

    Someone leaked the album.

  • lupe back

    what about the thing he said about making a double cd?

    • xJECx32

      It originally was but Atlantic Records didn't like that idea so it's being to be a two part album. Part 1 9/25, Part 2 early 2013.

  • lupe back

    looks awesome, would love to see 1 or 2 big features tho:P but give him probs for doing it all on his own:) respect from the netherlands , amsterdam!

  • Anonymous

    Would really love to hear Lupe rhyme along side the rappers he admires....Nas & Canibus

  • jr88

    take notes rappers this is how SOLO albums should look like atleast have 6 or 7 songs by yourselves...smh

  • laughing at you

    Lupe along with Skyzoo is the best breathing.

  • ORLY

    Guy SEBASTIAN? You ditch Matthew Santos for Guy Sebastian? Come on Lupe, lay off the drugs.

  • Tariq Beats

    sounds classic.

  • Fuck Chicago

    That's by far the most unoriginal album cover ever.

  • Fuck Chicago

    "Lupe is the GOAT" That would be Immortal Technique.

  • Anonymous

    He's one of the only blackbelt MCs left in the game. A true lyricist in a era of fools. I just hope he doesnt got someone singing the hook on every damn song. Can somebody drop a hip-hop album please instead of this Rap/R&B/dubstep/electronica/soft rock bullshit that we get on every album.

  • Anonymous

    Why is Lupe so boring though

    • ETK

      because you'd rather bump to some tracks about hoes, cars & money Yeah Lupe is one of the most conscious out there, conscious = boring but not necessarily... either way, Lupe is one of the best at what he does, and he got the mainstream crowd to listen to what he saying, partly thanks to records like Lasers


    OKAY Who hasnt coppied an idea from another artist before, you can go back 30 years and find something somebody did before. Lupe didnt have "Hoes,cars, or the same tired as blunt cigar with the perfect Smoke Stream. He changed it up. SMH

  • perisher

    that black square cover art,presumably, partly inspired by Kazimir Malevich painting, guess which, - "Black Square" . you can google it, very controvercial and famous event in contemporary art


    Ladies and gentleman, that cover art is going to go down in history as one of the most provocative, incentive, genius album covers of the next few generations. What I think it implies is the void, the emptiness, the darkness, that our world has become. If it wasn't for Lupe, I really wouldn't know about politics or real world issues, and that's why Lupe Fiasco is the greatest of all time. Lasers was a masterpiece, and I can't wait to see how this new classic album comes out.

    • Anonymous

      He's an extreme fan, he isn't trolling.

    • Anonymous

      dude said lasers was a masterpiece.. and you cant tell he is trolling? smarten up son

    • Anonymous

      Milehigh... are you remedial?

    • milehighkid303

      You "types" of fans RUN RAMPANT on here. What's innovative?? the FACT he STOLE this idea from PREDECESSORS??? UMMMMMMMM, PRINCE!? Fuckin' YOUNG BUCK, that has been used TIMES before. Yea, I like Lupe too, but you fuckin stans are UNREAL, lol like GET A FUCKIN grip. Dude is an above average rapper, his shit DOES NOT go over folks head like yall would LOVE to think. Besides.....Talib n Mos Def BURRY lil homie when it comes to this INTELLICTUAL tip, so run along with your verbosa about this dude. N before you respond lil boy....I'm coppin' the album. Just needed to sit you down.

  • Anonymous

    disapointed mathew santos isnt on this?

  • Check It

    The comment section on this site has REALLY fallen way the fuck off. Niggas Lupe grief for having his album black...but don't give niggas grief for having the same old tired ass "niggas smoking blunts, rockinga million chains or hoes or cars" on their covers. I understand that most ofyou don't understand half the shit in Lupe music, but everytime you down the man you honestly jut make yourself look stupider....

  • X

    I am just an inch dissapointed. Wanted Go To Sleep on here. Hopefully it will be a bonus track or there is a deluxe edition. Otherwise another good quality album to look forward to.

  • that truth

    yo hhdx, make this into a separate, new post. nobody wants to scroll past year old posts to see the info. but anyway no guest verses, you dont see that too often. nobody wanna get slaughtered by the goat. and the amount of hate on here for somebody who dropped 2 classic albums by time he was 25 is unbelievable

    • Cudder

      Lumpy Fiasco ths isn't a motherfuckin wrestling match, nobody let alone Lupe cares about getting slaughtered on tracks or not even if someone like Nas or Eminem rips Lupe apart in ONE song, it won't change anything for what Lupe doin

    • Anonymous

      ^ Truth. Lu stans feel a higher sense of empowerment because they feel they have an inch of an understanding on what he's really about and they're more inclined to express that.

    • Anonymous

      Lupe fiasoc has proved he's an amazing young rapper but his fans need to face it the dude isnt the goat by any stretch plenty underground veterans have surpassed lupe intellectually and musically but yet their stans arent as prevalent and arrogant as the lupe fanatics this lp will be another colossal piece of quality rap music despite that abysmal shit-sandwhich "Lasers" Lupe is re-focused now and thats what rap needs

    • Lumpy Fiasco

      You mean the "goat" didn't want to get slaughtered by his features.......

  • milehighkid303

    Dude swagger jacked a TRUE GOAT in Prince wit this cover. I'll still give it a listen but homie contradicts himself more than Game. Although the shit he said bout the kids in the Chi was some real shit.

  • Big Boss

    Can't wait to get this and listen to form follows function. Lupe puts out real music

  • No

    Lupe is a pretentious, preachy, pompous dick head who is constantly contradicting himself. He claims he doesn't like gangster rap like Chief Keef but brags about how he was a "gangster rapper" himself before he blew...He says he thinks all presidents are corrupt but supported Hilary Clinton when she was running, he complains about not having enough "real hiphop" artists but praises dudes like Lil B constantly, while shitting on artists like A Tribe Called Quest.. I just can't take this dude seriously anymore...He probably doesn't even have any real opinions on any of the shit he talks about...He just enjoys being a prick.

    • ETK

      he praised Lil B only because he was somethin different, and that was at the peak of Lil B's hype... now nobody checkin out for him, you actin like Lupe's a top 5 fan of him... stfu Lupe went on record praising Slaughterhouse and nobody mentions that... bitch ass nggas

    • Anonymous

      Lupe did say he had a gangster-rap style, but Lupe's style is a more intellectual approach. Keef's is barbaric and unrefined.

    • Idiots

      When did he brag about his past rap style?? Your like a female making up stories to prove a point that's very bitch like... What a female would see as preachy, is nothing but facts explaining there future demise if they continue there ignorant ways... Only and evolved species of humans can truly understand the FIASCO. You two are not and will rot and decay with your simple bitch states of mind. ONE LOVE..........

    • Lumpy Fiasco


  • Mike

    Good stuff debating if I wanna cop it. Cause I'm not feeling 2 tracks on here that I heard but it should be a good album.





  • Dream Tracklist

    Food & Liquor 2: Great American Rap Album Pt. 1. 1. Ayesha Says (Intro) 2. Strange Fruition feat. Pharrell (Produced by The Neptunes) 3. Around My Way (Freedom Aint Free) (Produced by Pete Rock) 5. Audubon Ballroom (Produced by The Neptunes) 6. Bitch Bad (Produced by Soundtrakk) 7. Lamborghini Angels (Produced by Needlz) 8. Put Em Up (Produced by Kanye West) 9. Heart Donor feat. Phonte (Produced by 9th Wonder) 10. How Dare You feat. Bilal (Produced by Soundtrakk) 11. Battle Scars feat. Guy Sebastian (Produced by Soundtrakk) 12. Brave Heart feat. Poo Bear (Produced by Black Milk) 13. Form Follows Function (Produced by The Neptunes) 14. Cold War feat. Marsha Ambrosius (Produced by Just Blaze) 15. Unforgivable Youth feat. Kanye West (Produced by Kanye West, add. Mike Dean, add. Jeff Bhasker) 16. Hood Now (Outro) (Produced by The Neptunes) 17. Things We Must Do For Others (Produced by Soundtrakk)

    • Anonymous

      Proper producers, proper features. I'd buy an album like that. Twice. At least! Is it just me, or all these features are not so well-known? (Expect Poo Bear & Bilal ofc.)

    • Anonymous

      ^^NVM I just saw your name was Dream bad lol

    • Anonymous

      Fake...B*itch Bad wasn't produced by Soundtrakk neither was Battle Scars. And I highly doubt Kanye is on here...

  • Skoolzda Teacha

    At this point Lupe and Nas took similar paths right around age 30....hmmm. Nas is to Lupe like Kanye is to skinny jeans; its father in rap lol

  • Anonymous

    he wants this shit to sale? motherfuckers wont be able to find it haha

    • Mr. Anderson

      That's just it...he says he could care less about sales. If so Im sure we'll be looking at Lasers 2.0 and not this.

  • Obviously

    This nigga done took the 2 Chains off the 2 Chainz album...You stans need to grow a pair



  • unfortunately

    this shit sounds like its gonna be the hiphop SchoolHouse Rock.

  • dentaldamboy

    Got to give Lupe props about speaking out against Chief Keef. The worst part is that Pusha T has been biting Chief Keef hard lately. Pusha knew his old stle wasn't going to sell, so now he wants to sound like a 16 year old kid. Pathetic!

  • Anonymous

    This album looks mega gay

  • geeee

    i was waiting for something to load...

  • imTravi

    I'm really waitin to hear the explanation for it though

  • da1

    I wonder what the cover for part 2 is gonna look like?

  • maddog

    Boring as fuck. It's been done.

  • Interesting

    Looks like the cover is working...

  • ETK

    blacker than The Black Album.. not even a fade like Jay-Z had on his lol

  • Flamez

    I bet if you put a black light to it it shows a image.

  • gbladdr

    There's something this that is so black, it's like how much more black could this be, and the answer is... none, none more black...

  • MusicFan


  • AOHH

    Well this is disappointing. If Lupe was taking the more artistically unconventional approach to album covers he should have followed Kanye's lead with MBDTF, Watch The Throne and Cruel Summer. There are many great musicians that have had nothing as an album cover so I'm not going to shun him for that. Artistic freedom and all. But this just looks like Lupe is trying way too hard to seem "deep" and instead just comes off as pretentious.

  • Deftly

    and i thought 2 Chainz album cover wasen't creative lol - PS: i know what he's doing IT'A JOKE CALM DOWN

  • HipHopHead

    Damn, can't believe how idiotic some people are nowadays. This album cover is just a big MIDDLE FINGER to the industry and everyone who doesn't listen to Lupe because he can seriously give 2 shits about you. Real talk. Lupe is intellectual AF and most of you can't comprehend his rhymes so you're mad at him and his fans. Yes, he's a rapper. Why can't he be political. Ya'll mad cause he's not talking about money, cars, and hoes? Get a life.

    • Mr. Anderson

      @AOHH The first half of your argument actually sounded intelligent although I completely disagree. Then you went all ignorant on me with your entire last paragraph. Whats up with that?? Money, cars, and hoes is what dominates the radio and Lupe goes against that and still gets radio play. Instead of wasting time going against someone trying to do something positive how about you delegate that energy to someone glorifying what half of the listeners will never have.

    • Anonymous

      lol i'm a lupe fan, but ur a stan. last album was alright, and a big reason for that is this pretension rebellious bullshit, when he couldn't even get creative control of his own fuckin album. this cover concept is tired. when jay z did it it was tired. haha

    • ETK

      really, AOHH you got the nerve to call Lupe's concept unoriginal and boring, what the fuck does that make a Lil Wayne, 2 Chainz, 50 Cent, Rick Ross, etc album? ever since you came out with the word "dickriding" I knew you were one of those people. people dig Lupe and tout him as a genius not just cause he's doing this shit, but because he's bringing this shit to the mainstream. I got women on my FB page who don't even dig hip-hop sharing the Bitch Bad video. he's doing something right, and something outta the norm in hip-hop while still being out of the box now you call that "unoriginal", and you catch feelings whenever someone directs you to a Lil Wayne track? get used to it nigga. I'm not sayin you have to like Lupe's shit but saying THAT NIGGA is unoriginal, among this wave of hip-hop that's talking about the same, motherfucking, bullshit day in, week out, month in, year out is somethin special, b. Lupe's tryna come out the woodwork with something different and it's working. got the female fanbase on lock now with Bitch Bad, he's only goin up from there Oh, and Lupe's the only rapper who's full of himself? FUCK OUTTTA HEEEERE

    • rish

      @ AOHH You speak the truth.

    • Anonymous

      @AOHH Don't bother feeding the fucking 9th graders who think this shit is deep. Obviously his views on hip hop are extremely limited or else he wouldn't be listening to Lupe Fucking Fiasco and thinking he was an Einstein.

    • AOHH

      "Ya'll mad cause he's not talking about money, cars, and hoes?" Why do all pseudo-intellectual "Hip-Hop heads" automatically default to this baseless assumption to drive home their arbitrary arguments? Being able to comprehend what Lupe raps about or his artistic direction doesn't make you intelligent. It's not hard to do. It isn't about whether or not people can comprehend his message. It's about stans touting Lupe as some genius or revolutionary over an unoriginal and, frankly, boring concept. He's a better than average rapper who's too full of himself. How about you and the rest of you dickriding faggots do yourselves a favor and stop worshiping ordinary men as if they were fucking Gods.

    • loverofmusic

      I agree 100% homie.

  • anon

    i just want the dude to stray away from the mainstream. lasers was decent but very radio friendly

  • Anonymous

    oh look...the lupe stans are back again. I thought you guys all committed suicide after hearing lasers? Still not quite as bad as just before lasers released when you plagued multiple websites with your "Lupe is the Goat" message

  • Mike

    The cover is genius I was expecting an american blue red and white flag or black and white type flag. Lupe Fiasco so far so good on the singles sounds like it's gonna be a classic!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    The cover is genius I was expecting an american blue red and white flag or black and white type flag.

  • asdf

    lupe is a pretentious fuck and some of his fans try to interpret his bullshit lyrics with more bullshit.

  • Anonymous

    he just took the 2 chains off of 2Chainz album

  • whitehawk

    i like the idea. the album is called greatest american rap album and the cover is... nothing really. just empty

  • Anonymous

    Oh, the fucking creative genius is back.

  • Anonymous

    this is stupid af

  • Obviously

    AHHHH the lighting...the way the black color reflects off a persons subconscious at the angle to which they look at it. AHHHH I could see the drive and determiation of a Homosexual centered in the midst of the black abyss...PURE GENIUS

  • yeaaahh

    I can't believe people are saying, "Lupe sucks now because all he does is complain/hate on others." It's called having an OPINION, dickheads.. it's not like he forces his views onto the public.. people will sit here and complain all day about the state of hip-hop but when you get a lyrical guy like Lupe.. you STILL complain!! You should be glad there's at least one rapper who actually cares about his content and music..

  • w h o k n o w s

    Nas, Killer Mike, El-P, Big K.R.I.T., Ab-Soul, Kendrick Lamar, Lupe... 2012 is shapin' up pretty nice

  • lol

    Lupe has become a contrarian/hipster type dude in the last few years...Ever since he started growing those dreads he's been doing corny, meaningless shit like this.

    • triPAUD

      @lol, @LJofSpades real talk. first two albums were dope, somehow now he comes off as gimmicky and hollow now. and yeah i'll probably get it too.

    • LJofSpades

      I'm a fan of his music but increasingly not so of him himself. I bought 'Food & Liquor' and 'The Cool'; I still listen to his Fahrenheit mix-tape series; and I'll probably buy this album. And, yet, I agree with you.

  • Anonymous

    he lost his damm mind cheep ass

  • Anonymous

    outside of wiz and wayne, lupe has to be the most homosexual looking rapper out

  • Anonymous

    Must've took him AGES!! It's like the opposite to a Kanye cover.

  • R.Pgh

    Can you really consider this 'artwork'? Also, The Roots did this on Organix. Still excited for the album though.

  • Cody Argumaniz

    i liked lupe till he grew ugly ass shit locks and started preaching all the time. he is the ultimate hater. hates on everyone who has a diff style of rap. not everyone raps about the same stuff plain and simple.. he is like that one friend you cant stand cause he thinks he is better than everybody.. fuck fiasco. i will not buy his fuck america cd..

  • yoo

    Lupe going Indy after this the 2nd part of the album anyways.. Trouble for other rappers

  • Yamz

    I feel sorry for the artwork designer, must have taken months of hard labor

  • Quez

    Album aint all black. At least there will be a parental advisory label.

  • Kaz

    Can't wait to cop dis album. Having high expectations for this. But with Lupe, he won't disappoint.

  • Trent

    I wouldn't be worried about this being pop if his three singles are Around My Way Bitch Bad Lamborghini Angels Things look good for Hip-Hop

    • Mr. Anderson

      Maybe you were tricked by those two albums but I am pretty sure most people were not. He said Lasers would be more commercial sounding. He said FOTP would contain a good amount of dubstep beats. I guess you didnt hear.

    • ^^^^^

      Even with those 3 singles, he's gonna trick everyone with his album. Just like he did with Lasers & Friend of the People. Just watch.

  • bitterjewishwoman

    Lupe Fiasco stands out and is unique. Also, autotune is like anything, it can be really useful if not abused, and in this case, should be used in small doses, as was done on Lasers. Also, Everyone has role models. Nas is not god, he fucking beat his wife, contributing to another stereotype about angry black men.

  • bant

    why isn't Lupe on G.O.O.D.? he'd fit right in over there

    • X

      Plain and simple. Fucked up atlantic won't let him leave. Otherwise he would have left way before Lasers came out.

  • buckeyez1974

    Lets hope its like Food and Liquor and The Cool and not like that Lasers bullshit. Dude is way to talented to come out with that pop, autotune shit.

  • Anonymous

    Nas = goat. Lupe is one of Nas Deciples.. End of story

  • Anonymous

    u guys are 2 weeks late on this news

  • onelove

    I swear to god if lupe fiasco drops another laserz he is falling out of my top 20.

  • iddle1

    Lupe is the best. I'm buying it

  • khordkutta

    is fandl 10 years old, if not you cant name it fandl deux, just my rules

  • Anonymous

    thats cool and im happy but its going to get push back.

  • da1

    Atlantic Records has to be the worse record label to work for,even worse then Bad Boy. If you were to know the history of 2 albums of the same project being dropped seperately they always have a bad outcome. They should just let him do a double disc CD for Food and liquor 2. He minus well call his second disc for F&L2 - Food and Liquor 3. It makes no sense. If the label new any better they would know that they would make more money off of the album if it was a double disc. Double disc sell for close to double the money for what it cost to buy a CD.

    • Anonymous

      exactly. besides lupe can't really do everything he wants to do with his music cuz the label is holding him back. it took fiasco friday just to get lasers. what do we need food and liquor sunday??

  • ETK

    This is in no way going to be a classic. Only bitch punk fool niggas in their high would buy this shit. Lupe has no flow, lyrics, mic presence or good beats, and he is the most arrogant person of all time.

  • Anonymous

    that nigga better stay away from that electronic music

  • smoke

    i wish lupe luck but he stepped on too many toes and probably is going to disappoint. look he dissed watch the throne and the only producer he seems to be cool with is the neptunes. i am just sick of lupe being an asshole. he acts like he is an activist and cares about political social issues like some type of martyr but really is ignorant. all talk and really just an actor not a factor. he has not been fighting with OWS he has been just biting on them while having ties to corporations

  • Mike

    Then once he releases Pt. 2 he needs to make it a double disc

  • pienman

    push back, anyone??? i will wait & see on this one

  • Anonymous

    lmao....niggas thinkin of Lupe as GOAT....yall need to quit smokin that weed niggas....yall overrate him too much

  • So Icy Boi!

    Fuck Lupe Fiasco! He's not a top 100 rapper. I'm going to put 2 Chainz in my top 10 dead or alive! why you ask? because he drops more work than yo favorite rapper out there! I'll go as far as to saying he's in tha lane with Tupac & Biggie because they have an endless amount of songs some of which have never been released! 2 Chainz has a lot released and unreleased tracks! people are gonna say why is he even putting 2 Chainz, Tupac, & Biggie in tha same conversation? because he's a dedicated hip hop artist! dudes been out since 1997 and he's still here in 2012! that's a real rapper! he's not retarted he can rap better than most of these rappers in tha game it's just media never gives him enough credit! swag

  • Alf Capone

    *need this album to be good*

  • Alf Capone

    i this album to be good really badly. none of that lasers bullshit

    • PHX

      this shit is supposed to be the old lupe because the last album was forced by the label. i fucking hope so.

  • hagdjfidbsvh

    Might b trash he came out wit it to fast

  • well

    his song "failure" shits on everything

  • So Icy Boi!

    nobody waiting diz wack ass album. this nigga think thinks he is an activist or Black Panther Pary member? this nigga look like a hobo. lmao. I AM NOT A HUMAN BEING (PART 2) will outsell diz nigga and yo fav rapper. swag

  • Anonymous

    Not excited at all, probably gunna suck. Wish it wouldnt but probably will smh

    • Anonymous

      what are you an idiot? how can u say it will probably suck when two out of three Lupe albums were incredible and amazing? Only Lasers sucked and that was because of the label pressures.

  • Blake

    Can't say that I'm a big fan of the album name, but I'm definitely a fan of the artist, and that's all that matters. I'm hoping that Lupe's album doesn't make him "dumb it down" again because there were a lot of questionable songs on lasers that I couldn't stand listening to. I'm hoping he gets back to his style on the original Food and Liquor and The Cool.

    • Mado

      this comment wasn't cliche at alllll. Wasn't expecting ANYONE to say these exact words. woooo!, your creative

  • Anonymous

    It's 2 part 1 just like a movie. It's not F&L Part 2 GARA Part 1. It's F&L2 GARA part 1

  • LeftHook

    I hope it's good, but that's probably the dumbest title I've ever seen. Why not just call it The Great American Rap Album. Sick of this stupid lame uncreative lazy trend of artists numbering their friggin albums, and Lupe just did it twice in the one friggin title. Seriously... Blueprint 2/3 The Carter 2/3/4 OB4CL2 Hunger For More 2 Pain Is Love 2 Loso's Way 2 Doe or Die 2 HNIC 2/3 IT'S RIDICULOUS! And that's just off the top of my head. Rappers can write a whole new album of lyrics, but they can't put a handful of words together for a new title. SMFH!

    • Anonymous

      I don't mind sequels to albums but "The Great American Rap Album" is probably the worst title I've seen. I think he should've just went with FnL2...

    • Lookitup

      Regardless of whether you like the title or not its quite interesting. one interpretation is that at the corner of every street in chicago, or any city, there is either food or liquor stores, it runs our commerce; 1 means that hes connecting back with the roots in F&L...I'd say the first title was so good it didn't need to be changed. Seems pretty deep to me.

    • LeftHook

      Wow didn't know this would cause such a stir, people getting their feelings hurt left right n centre. I am looking forward to this. All I'm saying is the title is dumb, get over it lol For the record, in most cases I think the only reason artists number their albums is to cash in on the success of the original. @ETK I get where you're coming from with movies, etc. But even then, it doesn't make sense to call this number 2, because The Cool was F&L 2 (it was a sequel that continued some of the stories etc). So really if this album has to be numbered, it should be part 3. It's like if they called The Bourne Ultimatum, The Bourne Identity 2.

    • ETK

      yeah, cause it's god damn stupid. I don't discondone complaining, I complain about shit too, the world does, long as it's about things that matter. jesus. It's been happening for years, you see it in books, movies, video games, why does it not have a place in music. what is this OCD punkass obsession with wanting to see completely different titles at EVERY album turn. "nah can't use that name again nigga, it's not exceptionally good, it played out" c'mon LH I ain't trying to change your mind. just letting you know how petty ppl like you are.

    • FUCK YOU!!!

      I like how all of you are complaining about someone complaining about an album title. Hypocrites to the MAX!! I swear all of you are stupid as fuck!!!

    • I know rap

      Shut up, don't worry about the title you dumb ass just be happy its coming out

    • Anonymous

      It's just a name of a fuckin' album. Alot of bands do it, so what's wrong with rappers? You sir are just a whinny little bitch.

    • LeftHook

      @ETK You may be right. If he had named it something else we probably wouldn't have commented on it. If someone does an average job of something, you don't praise them, you just go about your business. Someone has to do an exceptional job for you to bother to give praise. But by the same token, if someone does an exceptionally bad job of something you will give criticism (as is the case here in my opinion). To be honest, I don't care that much about titles either. It's just that this one is so god awful I felt the need to comment. So if the sand in your vagina is still bothering you after reading this, just queef... because commenting again is not going to get it out.

    • ETK

      this has NOTHING to do with creativity or lack thereof. creativity isn't in the fuckin equation here, there is next to none required to name an album. it's just an album title. ain't nobody tryna be groundbreaking with a fuckin album title. if he named his album something else, you guys would've thought nothing of it. all of a sudden it's a sequel, and it's a failure at creativity? always looking for shit where there ain't none man, it's disgusting

    • LeftHook

      @ETK so because they're not trying to be creative that makes it OK? Since when is not trying an excuse for anything lol That's like saying "I failed my exam today, but I wasn't trying to pass, so my teacher should pass me" lol

    • R.Pgh

      In all fairness, I felt that Breakin' 2: The Electric Bugaloo was better quality than Breakin', so there's that.

    • ETK

      whining ass bitches. it's a fuckin sequel. get over it. artists have been doing it since the beginning of time, and it doesn't mean it's uncreative. BECAUSE NO ONE'S TRYING TO BE. Lupe didn't come out of the shower and say "I have the most original idea for my album title!" he quipped a sequel because he wants to continue within that album's path, that's all. what, only movies are allowed to do sequels now? naming all the sequel albums doesn't even argue your point, stupid shit to whine about

    • Anonymous

      Word, this is just shameful.

  • Tariq Beats

    gon' be classic!!!

  • steve

    hopefuly it sounds more like the original food and liquor album and alot less like lasers.

  • Anonymous

    that title sucks. just sounds weird having part 2 and part 1 at the same time.

  • jg

    hope lupe goes back to his roots. Im expecting a hiphop classic

  • Bom919

    Pretty excited about this but for everybody saying "that Lupe verse on the Games track was tight and thats the kind of Lupe Im hoping to hear." Yea it was a tight ass verse and me too but that song was recorded before Lasers came out. Game was talking about that song at the end of 10 and it never made the final cutt on the RED Album.

  • Anonymous

    he should get jay z to exec produce again

  • Anonymous

    Lupe Fiasco is better at rapping than more than 99% of the world

  • ETK

    Just lube me up and insert that skate P...get it?

  • Anonymous

    I hope it has that go go gadget flow

  • SuperGucciRap

    LOL, Lupe Fiasco will make another pop album with 90% shitty electro beats and tons of guest features on the hook. Lupe is trash. Hopsin already exposed him that he can't skateboard. Go listen to Gucci Mane! It's Gucci Time!

    • jason

      L.A.S.E.R.S. was a forced studio release. If you listen to it, then go back and listen to The Cool, Food & Liquor and Fahrenheit, it's not really Lupe at all. A few of the tracks were decent, but his not being commercial bit sort of came back to fight him when he was forced to do so. He's still dope as hell though. He's up there with Common and Kweli lyrically as far as I'm concerned.

    • Werd

      LOL dude you're a fucking retarded douche. Really? Of all the emcees you could have tried to compare Lupe to, you choose GUCCI and HOPSIN? Seriously? The only thing Hopsin could say about Lupe is that he doesn't skateboard, but lyrically, neither Gucci nor Hopsin could touch Lupe... Ever. Even on LASERS, Lupe was more lyrical than either of those two will ever be. You ignorant piece of shit.

    • FUCK YOU!!

      Hopsin better than Em?? Y'all must be fucking stupid or smoking something wild. Eminem could serve his little ass whenever he wanted, but Eminem doesn't need to prove anything. He's been their, he's done that & he's made the blueprint to Hopsin's biting ass style.

    • Anonymous

      At this point Hopsin is better than Em and thats fact

    • Anonymous

      Hopsin is better at rapping than Eminem

    • Fuck You!!

      Hopsin is SOOOO FUCKING WACK!!! A wanna be 90's Eminem with half the skills. He needs some medication & a new career, stupid ass fuck!!

  • Anonymous

    Lupe had a dope appearance on the Game mixtape, so this might be mmkay.

  • Anonymous

    Lupe Wack. . . J Cole all day !

    • Kanye West

      I'm sorry Lupe and Cole Ima let you have you 15 minutes of fame BUT Talib Kweli is the best lyricists alive! I would know all I make is G.O.O.D. music and everyone agrees.

    • Anonymous

      Lupe is the most well-rounded lyricist of all time, there's virtually nothing this nigga can't pull off. GOAT talent.

    • jg

      yea J.Cole sucks forreal. Lupe is a visionary

    • ETK

      people expected too much out of J.Cole man. his debut album was so anticipated like Lasers was. I agree Kendrick Lamar bodies him tho

    • J Cole is ASS

      Lupe Fiasco is wack? But J Cole is nice? J Cole that disses 17 year olds and lies about fucking half-famous women in the industry. That nigga? The one who's Cole World turned out horrible after all the hype? Lupe Fiasco is a way better lyricist (Arguably the best lyricist to pick up a mic) and speaks on meaningful things in life so maybe you just can't understand. Go download Farenheit 1/15 Part 1,2 and 3. Go Download Food and Liquor, Go download Touch the Sky, Go download Return of the Jedi, Enemy of the State, Before their were LASERS, Go download Friend of the People. J Cole is decent but that's it. Kendrick Lamar is the same age and way better than J Cole

  • ThatDude

    IT's gonna be a double disc that's why he said part 1 is done this is gonna be a classic cause atlantic has had no say on it so far

  • Mike

    Lupe Fiasco is the best lyricist ever....can't wait

  • Mike

    Hip Hop Classic on the way

  • Anonymous

    Hopefully it is better than Lazers an that it is comparable to the 1st Food and Liquor................................. CHECK OUT THE VIDEO

  • Jack

    Lupe is a fucking sellout now. Fuck him and his pretentious ass.

  • Anonymous

    if he spits like he did in friend of the people, ill be happy.

  • Anonymous

    Please, Lupe, drop a classic. F&L is the modern day Illmatic to me and the only album that came close to it ever again.

    • Anonymous

      Its good, but not that good. I haven't listened to it for about 3 years cause I've had better music to listen to that's been coming out. Even The Cool was better IMO.

    • AP

      I will never forget the first time I listened to food and liquor

  • hmm

    it says '1st label listening session' the label are faggots and want pop songs. (lasers) this album will not be out anytime soon, defo 2012, but more than likely after summer is over.

    • Anonymous

      yeah, he has a 5 album contract. He tried to get past it with lupEND

    • ETK

      Lupe has a contract to fill out with them, and if he doesn't respect it.. shit's gonna go down.

    • Anonymous

      and pay you*

    • Anonymous

      cuz the label will do all the paper work and shit, all that borin shit in an office. why would you wanna do that yourself, u may aswell have a label to do it for you pay you. musically it would be a better idea to go independent cuz you would release the music you really wanted to. swings and roundabouts

    • Anonymous

      why would lupe not go independent then?

  • Alf Capone

    lupe makes good music. fuck yall niggas

  • 1love


  • New001

    all u haters listen to go to sleep by lupe, that shit is on f&l 2

  • Anonymous

    Naahh, I don't buy that 'another F&L' shit. This title makes me sceptic. You were a completely other guy back then, it was a whole different time, point is, you would think of another title if you'd fully believe that the music speaks for itself.

    • ETK

      well I disagree first off cause every artist thinks their music speaks for itself.. what you said is fuckin redundant. don't you hear whenever a rapper's about to drop an album: "man, it's gonna be special/like nothing you ever heard before/my most personal album/etc" every damn time. whatever Lupe tells us about the album, not everyone's gonna buy it. he knows a lot of fans aren't bumpin Lasers, he's gonna let em know that this time, Atlantic Records had considerably less input on this album and that shit's gonna be different and I don't buy this "it was a whole different time, you a whole different person" shit. just another excuse for more nostalgia filter or assuming things we can't prove. Lupe's verse on Game's Cali mixtape sounded like vintage Lupe, so I'm not trippin'.

    • Anonymous

      That is actually a very good point. I'm a Lupe fan but I have to agree with you there.

  • harveybabyyy

    i loved lasers. & in no way does that make me less of a hip hop fan, than you. it's just I didn't mind the beats that were dubstep style. also looking forward to the new albums

  • rap legend thy name ia Future

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  • #freebandz

    Counting $$$ cooking work at the same Damn time At the same damn time at the same Damn time at the same dame time at the same Damn time at the same Damn time At the same damn time at the same Damn time at the same dame time at the same Damn time at the same Damn time At the same damn time at the same Damn time at the same dame time at the same Damn time at the same Damn time At the same damn time at the same Damn time at the same dame time at the same Damn time at the same Damn time At the same damn time at the same Damn time at the same dame time at the same Damn time at the same Damn time At the same damn time at the same Damn time at the same dame time at the same Damn time at the same Damn time At the same damn time at the same Damn time at the same dame time at the same Damn time at the same Damn time At the same damn time at the same Damn time at the same dame time at the same Damn time at the same Damn time At the same damn time at the same Damn time at the same dame time at the same Damn time at the same Damn time At the same damn time at the same Damn time at the same dame time at the same Damn time at the same Damn time At the same damn time at the same Damn time at the same dame time at the same Damn time at the same Damn time At the same damn time at the same Damn time at the same dame time at the same Damn time at the same Damn time At the same damn time at the same Damn time at the same dame time at the same Damn time at the same Damn time At the same damn time at the same Damn time at the same dame time at the same Damn time at the same Damn time At the same damn time at the same Damn time at the same dame time at the same Damn time at the same Damn time!!!!!! Future #traprapgoat

  • Anonymous

    Lupe's last chance to make a hip-hop classic and keep his core fans. Originally, this is what LASERS what supposed to be. From that point, there is no turning back when it comes artistic coherency and significant sound. I hated his last techno/dubstep-oriented efforts, also, I have to notice that 30-40% of the LASERS were good. For God's sake Lupe, please don't dissapoint us. I know your last album sold as much as The Cool in significantly worse economic conditions, but believe me, sacrificing quality for sales is not your way.

    • Anonymous

      God damn, I wouldn't be able to put it in a better way. Espcially the last sentence is what I thought about Nas and think about Lupe now.


    renaming a album to cap off old success yeah bitch all you want lupe fans I wont buy ever again I am sick of the weak shit(lasers)


      Eminem has done sequels for his albums but no one talks about that.. smh. Slim Shady LP & Marshall Mathers LP, The Eminem Show & Encore, and Relapse & Recovery. lol c'mon



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