B.o.B "Strange Clouds" Deluxe Edition Tracklist

UPDATE: B.o.B enlists Nicki Minaj, Taylor Swift, Morgan Freeman and more for his sophomore album.

B.o.B has revealed the tracklist for his upcoming album Strange Clouds, due May 1st.

Releasing the tracklist via Instagram, Bobby Ray reveals that his sophomore album will be an eclectic affair. Morgan Freeman contributes to the opening track "Bombs Away," while country-pop starlet Taylor Swift appears on "Both of Us." OneRepublic's Ryan Tedder is featured on "Never Let You Go," while Chris Brown and T.I. stop by for "Arena" and Nicki Minaj delivers on "Out of My Mind."

The Southern rapper previously explained why he's able to switch from rap to pop at a moment's notice.

"For me I feel like I been going through phases. And I feel like I’mma always go through phases,” he explained. “When I first started the first song I ever released was ‘Cloud 9.’ And that was like a smoker’s anthem. The first whole half of the song I was just singing on it…I  kinda went through that phase. Went through [an] alternative phase where all I wanted to do was make rock music. Now I just feel like rapping. I feel like naturally I’mma sing, throw a melody here and there but I’m in emcee mode now.”

Check the official tracklist below.


April 9]

UPDATE: The tracklist for the deluxe edition of Strange Clouds, which will be exclusively sold at Target, has been revealed.

16. MJ f. Nelly
17. Back It Up For Bobby
18. What Are We Doing
19. Guest List f. Roscoe Dash
20. Ms. Professional

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  • J

    I liked his last one a little better but there are some good tracks on this one, also some I could do without... on all but the best there always are.

  • MD

    He may be mainstream but his music has always sounded the same. He didn't change for the money, he stayed the same for his fans.

  • Swag

    Tyler destroyed this faggot's career.

  • jeff kim

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  • Anonymous

    Oh is this the version where you put the actual good songs on? Get the fuck out of here with this shit. Be you not what the mainstream wants you to be. Rappers getting punked out for same cash, you straight ass.

    • ETK

      someone tellin B.o.B to be himself is the stupidest shit I've heard on this site. (@1st anon) he's one of the few in the game who is being himself, if anything there's too many niggas who are tryin to be what hip-hop wants them to be.

    • SupaDupa

      ^^^^^ Truest shit on this site

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, he should really just cater his music to the "Real Hip Hop Heads" who dont buy anything lol, he gives you what you want on mixtapes and gives them away for free cause he knows you wont buy it anyway, his retail release is how he pays his bills he should be trying to target people who still remember what a record store looks like Paying your bills on time>>>> Internet respect Pop Fans who spend money >>>>>< Internet downloaders

  • CN

    I really like B.O.B. but damn that's a lot of features....he gets a pass cause most of them aren't rappers though

  • Andre 300


  • Anonymous

    what happen to eminem being on there

  • Anonymous

    another mainstream pop album where hip hop

  • ThisGuy585

    This will be on the very, very, fucking long list of albums I'm not buying this year

  • shady83

    thot Em was suppose to be on the album!

  • Anonymous

    yall need to calm down cause the reality is it's still gonna sell more than 5000 in the first week, plus it's good music, believe it or not there are different styles of hip hop, so stop ridin Kendrick lamar's dick and listen to some new shit as well. this site's wack

  • Anonymous

    TOO MUCH YMCMB!!! this shit is getting old and annoying

  • jay

    wow, no illuminati reference on the cover. thats rare nowadays

  • Tron-r

    Where's that Nelly track I heard at the demo party that shit was jammin!

  • yeaahhh

    You guys are stupid!! These features aren't for targeting a specific audience...if you pay attention you would know that he's a fan of all these artists...that's why he worked with them. B.o.B makes dope music..you "hip-hop heads" need to chill..


      may be you need to get off this site, its a HIP HOP site and im sure you're clever enough to realize that

  • Anonymous

    Hip-pop fuck this nigga. I thought he had a bright future after i heard some nice bars waay back. Even when lupe cosigned him during that whole All State chess club or whatever but seriously fuck this cornball

  • LOL

    LOL yall niggas think "Hes Gay" and "Fuck him" because of his features? WTF you want on his album??????? Hes doing BOB and you guys are subliminally dick riding LOL WHO CARES WHO HES GOT ON THE ALBUM? IS IT YOUR ALBUM????

  • Anonymous

    what happened to the em songs???

  • The MG

    I liked B.o.B's first album. He's one of the few who can crossover and still spit nowadays. Kinda disappointed that "Play the Guitar" is absent on the tracklist.

  • A..

    What You Guys Dont Realize Is All Hiphop Artist As Used R&b oR Pop To Sell Records..Psh Jay-Z,Kanye West..Lil Wayne..Its Only Alternative Its Not Gonna Kill Yall Ears lol

  • Bom919

    Im def copping this B.o.B has been killing it lately and his first album was fire and from what Ive heard off this one, its gonna be a banger too, even though I feel like he could def do without the Taylor Swift song just fine, but whatever I guess you gotta target the white girl audience these days to sell mad records

  • SuperGucciRap

    HAHAHAHA.... people say this nigga is talented and yet he features pop singers that will murk him on his own tracks. Also I'm surprised on how the rap features are as in actual rappers. T.I., Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj and Playboy Tre? I'm surprised he didn't go with usual freshmen faggot rappers like Kid Cudi, Drake, Wale, J. Cole, or Big Sean. Gucci Mane will murk this nigga and so will Justin Bieber. Tyler already murdered him on one line. It's Gucci Time!

    • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    looks like another disaster for a rapper with a hell of a lot of talent. This dude needs to get booted from the pop world right away so he gets some sense kicked in him.

  • gsonii

    Intrigued by hearing this.

  • Mike

    The track with Taylor Swift will be the biggest track on the album and will make him the most money. I liked airplanes with Haley and im sure this one will be great too. I have mad respect for Taylor, you guys are just hating cause she's a blonde white girl. Get a life and enjoy. Some great business moves by B.O.B

  • Anonymous

    you fake ass hip hop elitists still wouldnt buy this cd if 2pac was on every song.

  • Anonymous


    • ETK

      he's not a sellout.. he basically came into the game like that. he never spit some boom bap underground shit, even the Boom Bap track on his mixtape(which he murdered) had some degree of melody in it

    • TheGoon23

      He's gay because he got a white girl on a track? If anything he's a sellout but if you don't like it don't listen

  • Meh

    You guys can see into the future? Dope. Some of these do look destined to be pop hits, but so what? He makes his money off his albums and puts his raw shit on his mixtapes that you assholes wouldn't even get up to buy anyway.

    • Anonymous

      hes only makeing music for white people...bumps sells

    • Anonymous

      We use to call that selling out, now its the accepted norm I cant blame him tho, real hip hop fans just steal you blind, pop fans, at least a few of them will buy shit I'm still not listening to him do duets with Taylor Swift tho

  • Anonymous

    ..not gonna lie, Morgan Freeman=Greatness,...but people realized how "pop" his music is now?? his 1st album was "pop" too...music is music though, can't be mad, u want "hip-hop" listen to Slaughterhouse, Roots, Tech N9ne, etc, don't check out B.o.B. and expect some super gutter hiphop stuff


    I like B.O.B. but Nicki and Taylor Swift REALLY??? Dudes got skills but need to stay away from that crap... Not sure what to think about this album now

  • chrisxpaul96

    10 features...why does every major label record have a shit ton of features?

    • ETK

      nooo it's because underground niggas have to play phone tag just to get a decent amount of features when you're sellin units, you get connects

    • Anonymous

      Unfortunately cuz that's supposed to be cool with mainstream albums.

  • Anonymous

    I find it amusing how many of you are really trying to argue this kid isnt a pop artist His biggest hits all feature Bruno Mars, Hailey Williams, and you already know that the Taylor Swift song is gettin released as a single And still ya'll wanna argue about the shit, LMAO, I bet you people could talk yourselves into believing gravity doesnt exist, or that the world is flat

    • Cudder

      no one's arguing he ain't a pop artist nigga, people are sayin he can spit.. and he can he don't even rap about partying and poppin bottles with bitches all the time.. he's pretty diverse and personal in his lyrics that's better than "hood" niggas rappin about things they did 10 years ago and still frontin hard like they never lost it.. fuck that shit I see right thru em

  • BGG

    ya'll need to chill out wit the BoB bashin tha lil nigga got skillz and makes good music u aint gotta kill ppll and talk about sellin dope in every song he is a breathe of positive3 fresh air

    • recke

      its some real dumb fucks on here. all they do is sit back and criticize. bob clearly one of the best right now. the single strange clouds already platinum and so good will most likely follow. quit fuuckin hatin thats why he where he at at you on the sideline lookin on bitches

    • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    just a Andre 3000 rip off but with gay singing and Tyler parry clothes

  • Anonymous

    i thought back in the day b4 this guy made it that he was gonna be a good viable hip hop artist The labels got him and now they got another puppet to do whatever they want POP HOP artist it's a shame too because he can rap pretty well but i don't want no radio crap man who wants to hear the same auto tuned edited chorus over and over again sung by some stoopid pop artist in between those pc cheesey verses lil kids that don't know better

    • AH

      I thought No Genre was pretty good overall though. It's worth checkin out if you haven't already. I think its some of his better stuff

    • ETK

      Fair enough if you don't dig pop shit but to label him as strictly pop is mad ignorant... That's why he makes the mixtapes he does, to show he CAN spit real rhymes when he wants to, and he spits harder than most mainstream rappers in the game today Now I aint gonna check his track with taylor swift but shit I give my respect where it due, and if you think about it B.o.B is one of the realest rappers in the game because he's a kid from the ATL who's bein himself... How many of these "real hip hop" artists yall talk about are actually on the up n up about what they're spittin about... Answer me dat

  • GOD

    Let em hate. He makes music for himself. But... Where's Play The guitar?

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, just about to ask that, leaving Andre 3000 out of your tracklist seems a lil bit luxury to me ... Anyway, B.O.B. is a versatile artist and excellent performer so album will be dope. Even I don't really like his latest efforts, he deserves the support.

  • Mr Flamboyant

    Eh... Good for him.

  • Anonymous

    trash, trash, super gay pop album. someone point me to real hip hop please..

  • Doug

    B.o.B. makes the albums with that pop crossover appeal to make the money. I don't fault him for it at all if he's still putting out good mixtapes. Best of both worlds as far as I'm concerned.


    another fine pop rap album. this is what we need. pop rap is da best

    • So Icy Boi!

      yes this is what my icy movement is all about! real hip hop stand up! im tell you im finna fuck up the game this year! GRand Hustle YMCMG MMG and now the icy movement! theres never been a better time. forget bout those clowns like Jay Electronica, Murs or any of those other suckers its icys time baby

  • Anonymous

    You can't get an extent of the talent B.O.B has from one of his albums. It's a shame that talent doesn't sell, because not only can he spit with the best he also can sing and play guitar very well. I still play his "Who the #*!$ is B.O.B" mixtape to this day. Now he is doing songs with taylor swift...lol. I'm gonna check out that Morgan Freeman track though.

  • db

    And I find it funny you consider him pop. Just cause he can crossover and do diffrent shi*? Listen to his no radio style music and listen to his mixtape. Listen to boom bap he kills tip and mos def. So naw he's not pop but whatever he noot paying me so y should I give a f nevermind

    • Desperado

      @anonymous boom bap was on his mixtape E.P.I.C. (every play is crucial) just released a few months ago, that and his No Genre mixtape is insane. its obvious u havent listened to any of these so why post senseless hate on a rapper you know NOTHING about..smh fuckin get a life

    • Anonymous

      He has to make songs songs with Taylor Swift, Bruno Mars and the chick from Paramore to get where he is, I dont care if he spit 100 bars on a mixtape 5 years ago, good for him, He's still pop, argue with it all you want to, I dont need you to agree with me to know I'm right about this, lol

  • T-Mac

    B.o.B. vs Bobby Ray ? Please, that alter ego shit is played out long time ago. And this tracklist looks wack as fuck. Too pop for my taste. His first album was ok though.

    • Anonymous

      You judge an album by the tracklisting without listening to it first? Everyone has an opinion but at least have some content before you lash out on your battered keyboard. Happy Trolling!

  • Anonymous

    I still think its funny that this pop dude sonned Tyler the Creator, for that alone I respect him, but I cant get into his music

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