Big Sean Confirms Possibility Of Nicki Minaj & Justin Bieber On "Finally Famous 2"

Big Sean discusses his sophomore set, "Finally Famous 2."

As Big Sean celebrates his hit song, "Dance (A$$ Rmx) " hitting the double platinum mark, the young emcee readies his sophomore album, Finally Famous 2.

During an interview on Power 106 Los Angeles with Yesi Ortiz and Justin Credible, the G.O.O.D. Music emcee was asked whether Nicki Minaj would make an appearance on his next album. "Probably so," he replied. "We've got a couple of things in the works, so we just gotta see how it comes out. She's the homie though. Shout out to her."

Sean also confirmed that he would be working with No I.D. again for his next project. "Of course. No I.D., Kanye. Working with a lot of new producers. Working with my producer Key Wayne, my homie Jalil...who else? We've been in there with lots of people. We've been in there with Salaam Remi, Young Chop...just a lot of new producers."

The Detroit emcee stated that it was even possible that Justin Bieber would appear on his new project. "Shout out to Justin Bieber. That's my homie, too. We got something in the works. You're gonna see it sooner or later. Either my album or his album." 

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  • I Know Rap

    I swear if he does a song with Justin Beiber and its on the album his gonna lose a lot of respect from people who liked his old mixtapes

  • not your friend

    3 of the greatest is gonna be awesome can't wait !!!

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  • Tru Playa 4real

    Big up to Big Sean for not being a hater and for being an incredible rapper.



  • HAGE

    Like xzibit said : It's a shame nigga's in the rapgame only for the money and the fame.

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous: so you coomplain when nas does pop collabs for a check smh. but now its get money sean? fucking hypocrites ^ church they were burning their jerseys when Rae did a song.

  • Joey Nailz

    Big Sean is a faggot. Nicki Minaj I can understand but Justin Bieber what the fuck!!!!!!!!! Fuck outta here with this lame ass nigga. Shit gon flop.

  • So Icy Boi!

    wuddup its cha boi icy. here with the icy movement. i wanna know how many you niggas down with me? lemme here ya. big things coming this year from me and my crew. i have this rap shit on lock baby! aint nothing yall can do. king kong aint got NOTHING on icy! #swag

  • da1

    Why is he coming out with a sequel to an album that was a brick?

  • Anonymous

    of course to this industry manufactured ass nigga goin pop. what else you expect? and for everyone telling him get his money, i hope he does. just rememebr it'll be a new nigga next year, and we don't want yo ass back.

  • JETSGo6

    "confirms a possibility" lmfaooO! nigga thats like saying "im getting ready to announce an announcement in the future.."

  • WTF PT 2

    i was joking of course, but really???

  • WTF!

    I literally want to kill big Sean now along with these crappy journalists.

  • Cudder

    "confirms the possibility" sounds stupid but it kinda makes sense, maybe a collabo with Bieber was a wild rumor, and Sean came up and confirmed that it MIGHT happen.. either on his album or on Bieber's, they're not sure where their collaboration gon end up, or if it'll get cut from both albums

  • ummmmmmmm

    da heck does it mean to CONFIRM a POSSIBILITY ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? yo thats not even journalism. with that said, i'd like to CONFIRM the POSSIBILITY that Im going to smash Beyonce in 2 year. Jigga is going to set the whole thing up.

    • Mr Flamboyant

      I'd like to confirm the possiblity that Sofia Vergara and Eva Mendes will fight over who gets to give me head first. I then would like to confirm the possibility that I then tell both of them to calm down and let them give me head at the same time and kiss each other doing it.

    • Anonymous

      I'd like to confirm the possibility of getting Kate Upton pregnant.

  • Anonymous

    'confirms a possibility'..........this site smh

  • Lol

    I bet most of ya'll niggas would commit suicide if someone like Nas decided to collaborate with Justin Bieber.

  • Anonymous

    confirms the possibility but its not for sure but its confirmed that it could/might/probably will happen haha

  • Anonymous

    Your hate didn't stop him any.

  • Anonymous

    Sean's smart. He doesn't care about street cred. It's all about those checks. And as for whether Bieber Cleaver writes his own music.... When you're that rich, it don't matter if your butler writes them for you. As 4 Bow Wow.... People never hated him. They just outgrew him.

    • Anonymous

      so you coomplain when nas does pop collabs for a check smh. but now its get money sean? fucking hypocrites

    • Anonymous

      naw son i hated that lil nigga and i still do fuck these industry manufactured child singers and rappers, shit is wack

  • ETK

    J.Bieber.. watch yourself Sean meh, IMO every artist is allowed to go their way, it's up to them. Big Sean is on the heels of a 2x plat single, he's gonna try to make his buck even further betchu he'll be spittin on some degree on the rest of his album but because of that one song with the Biebs close-minded niggas gon say he's not hip-hop

  • Miles

    ppl act like Justin Bieber is the worst musician alive. He is not a bad artist at all... do i bump him? no. But the only reason he recieves so much hate is because he started as a white teenage idol Thats like Bow Wow who also recieves hella hate for no reason. He is no worse than artist like Wayne, Tyga, and hella other ppl on top, but he recieves hate because he started off as a 13 year old rapping about puppy love

    • Anonymous

      why you spending so much time and energy analyzing Beiber and other men tho, "killer"?

    • killah_casp

      no bieber gets hated on for being a cocky little faggot the dude loves himself hes a poofy looking piece of shit as for this it is not really news big sean sucks anyhow so its no surprise he wants to work with commercial shitty artist and tyga and wayne get zero respect from me dunno many people who like the artists apart from fags

    • Anonymous

      rare to see a singer that writers their own music? maybe if you follow the top 40 pop charts but as far as real musicians go, they write their own music

    • Miles

      but what I am saying is, a lot o artist don't write their own music. Its rare to see a singer that does write their own music. And there are ppl who praise rappers like Wayne, Tyga, 2 Chainz, ect, and hate Bow Wow, when neither is worse than the other. I just feel as though if you hate on them you should also hate on every1 else like him

    • Anonymous

      i dont hate bow wow he is just not a good musician when left to his own devices and pen game.

    • Anonymous

      do you think he writes his own songs? i doubt it,

  • Anonymous

    all the connections in the world and you get the two most played out artists that aren't even hip-hop on your next record. smh big sean was way dope when he was doing mixtapes now he makes corny ass songs. I thought after his debut he would take chances and go outside the box but nope

    • NEGRO

      if saigon slaughterhouse and papoose are unknown why did u mention them?! Fail son

    • NEGRO


  • Anonymous

    lil sean makes bubble gum music for school kids

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    well its not like we didnt already know this guy is a flaming homosexual

  • Alf Capone

    way to keep it hip hop with that bieber track nigga. never liked big sean any way. rap isnt what it was. imagine if big daddy kane or slick rick did tracks with new kids on the block. rappers these days

    • Mr Flamboyant

      "Plus, JB isn't exactly wack...He's an alright singer. Fuck it." ETK is that you? First it's about being normal to dickride and then this? What's wrong with these nondescript misled and misinformed niggas?

    • Anonymous

      ^^^ this nigga listen to justin bieber, what a queer

    • Anonymous

      Who gives a shit? This nigga makes garbage like "Ass" all day long already...He was never really real hiphop...Why are you acting like this is something brand new? It is what it is...It's not like it's Nas or someone like that. Plus, JB isn't exactly wack...He's an alright singer. Fuck it.

    • Anonymous

      these niggas will do anything for a buck

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