Theraflu Releases Disapproving Statement About Kanye West's "Theraflu" Single

Theraflu is none too pleased that Kanye West used its brand name for a song.

PETA aren't the only ones unhappy with Kanye West's new single "Theraflu." The company Theraflu has released a statement to TMZ stating that they do not endorse or approve how their product was portrayed in the song, which details his tryst with Kim Kardashian.

"We in no way endorse or approve of the references or use of the image and likeness of Theraflu in this manner," said a Theraflu representative in a statement. "Theraflu is an over-the-counter product used to help relieve cold and flu symptoms that millions of consumers rely on."

Yesterday, PETA lashed out at 'Ye for the line "Someone tell PETA my mink is draggin' on the floor." "What's draggin' on the floor is Kanye's reputation as a man with no empathy for animals or human beings," said a company spokesperson.

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  • jason

    what the hell is that sitting on the head of the boobs? a bottle of kool-aid?

  • soooo...

    I guess I'mma be the hated guy here because I can completely see Theraflu's issue with this situation. It's their product and brand, it's in no way being portrayed in a positive manner. The mentioning of the product is not my gripe though, I think the SONG is good. It's when you blatantly take the actual likeness of the Theraflu bottle and use it to promote the song. If there were no legal agreements in place that allowed him use of the likeness of their product is all I see is yet ANOTHER lawsuit ahead for this nigga.

  • Anonymous

    Man fuck PETA its survival of the fittest if i want to kill an animal to wear its fur i will, best believe if i'm in the woods a bear wouldnt care bout my fucking rights. CHECK OUT THE VIDEO

  • Camaro

    Muhfuckas is funny on here talking about how Kanye sucks. Keep typing the hate and jealousy while he lives at the top of his field. Too bad none of u will ever achieve that kind of success doing what u love. Like he gives a fuck what u faceless internet asses think.

    • GoReadABook

      @Jg haha what a lame fucking insult...god damn 8 year old

    • jg

      your more respected by your peers than Kanye? Holy shit! Are you like the best burger flipper at Mickey D's?!

    • beezlebud

      keep waving them pom poms son, but dont assume you know anything about anyone online because personally I dont rate Kanye and I am more successful in my field than he is in his and alot more revered by my peers, only thing Ye has that I dont is excess millions, and if that is your bench mark for what defines "success" I pity you

  • Jc510

    Ye is pissing everybody's like his a Rebel. Makes him even more cooler

  • anon

    i dont know what yall talking bout i never heard of theraflu we got fucking nyquil round this bitch

  • Anonymous

    This is extremely funny.

  • Anonymous

    Kanye is funny though. This is better than his music

  • Resurrected Black Yeezus

    fuck dem wicked pussy ass genetic recessive crackas.

  • Anonymous

    people take life and music wayyyy too seriously

  • The Ice Cold Phenom

    Kanye is so funny with this LOL. He knew damn well PETA and Theraflu would more than likely respond when he made the track. Plus Theraflu validated what Kanye was saying in the track since he is "so cold" millions will need Theraflu. This shit is so funny.

  • Anonymous

    Really Theraflu.??? Why so serious tho.???




    West fell off long time ago, he's a joke now

  • BlazeDatIshUp

    I didn't even know theraflu existed until I heard Kanye's song, so if anything he did their bitch asses a favor by even mentioning the name, and using it as a song title. I still won't ever use their product though.

    • Anonymous

      Theraflu is called NeoCitran in Canada...

    • Anonymous

      I live in Canada and I never heard of Theraflu. I dont think they sell it here. Along with vanilla Coke and Cookie Crisp.

    • geronimosupreme

      @ETK Im pretty sure they have Theraflu in whatever Section 8 area you reside in. SMH

    • ETK

      hey you fucking idiot dumbturds, maybe Theraflu isn't available everywhere, and that different companies make their bidding in different states/countries... god damn stupidity makes my head hurt

    • joem

      These dumbasses probably haven't heard of TheraFlu.. bunch of broke ass ghetto birds.. it's like Chris Rock said on his show.. it's all about the Tussin.. Robitussin.

    • FuckilliteratePeople

      Its obvious it's the same person commenting with different names cause people are dumb but not that fucking dumb. Anyone with any kind of Television or who has ever had a cold or flu and went to the doctor would have knowledge of this brad. Thats like saying you've never heard of Tylenol, was you born yesterday dumbass?

    • Anonymous

      yo where do you guys live? lmao its on every pharmacy shelf

    • flex

      never heard of that shit sure theraflu is just covering their own ass and really dont give a shit about free publicity.

    • Spirit

      Never heard of it...

    • Gerard

      Never heard of it as well

    • Anonymous

      never heard of it either, but really, they released this statement as an ad, they like it but they can't acknowledge it.

    • Sam I Am

      You are way past borderline idiot if you've never heard of Theraflu.

  • Anonymous

    fuck kanye & peta kanye wack rapper

  • Anonymous

    Has kanye ever done anything clever? the same ppl defending him and saying hes creative n shit you look at their comments here and their grammar, spelling and english are all fucking terrible.. i think this dude appeals to the uneducated.....

    • Anonymous

      please don't talk about grammar while getting it all wrong. and on another note kanye was cool for 3 albums then found his head up his arse, i digress

    • Anonymous

      etk randy and a few others probably the smartest dudes on this site.

    • Lol

      LOL @ETK always spitting that real on this site. Respect.

    • Anonymous

      etk just SHATTERED your ignorantly selective argument.

    • eeeeeyussh

      His music may not be appeal to you. Plus, recently as in ever since watch the throne there is nothing to justify his creativity. This is just an ugly facade he's put up for neutral hip hop listeners. However he also just sucks at being a celebrity altogether, but which doesn't say anything for him artistically. No, I'm sick of this new stuff as far as commercially. These cover bannings, are just annoying publicity stunts. However musically he was the first mainstream rapper, to have an underground style. He's also an intelligent lyricist, and a top of the line producer. Critics love him and he only has two albums that haven't won grammys. The skill it takes to make all vocal beats, like spaceship are only appreciated for his true expertise by experienced musicians who realize: the honest calculations neccessarry to make an all vocal beat, the greatest Marvin gaye song (distant lover), was never touched until 2004 because it doesn't seem suited for beat making, and the aggressively long loop the beats composed of.

    • ETK

      really? you notice perfect grammar in all other articles' comments? GTFO with your bullshit, son

  • Anonymous

    people complain about the dumbest shit

  • music1loveca

    Yesterday: FUCK PETA! (i respect their purpose though) Today: FUCK THERAFLU! KANYE is KING

    • Anonymous

      just cause you a fan doesnt mean you have to dickride hardbody. this got nothing to do with you unless this nigga ye pay your bills you sounding like a groupie right. ill never understand dickriders

  • CrackPipe

    None of these people need to worry cuz the song is TRASH, Kanye hasn't made a good song since his Graduation LP

    • Com

      @last anon: Obviously you gave enough of a shit to reply to his. @2nd-to-last anon: Co-sign @3rd-to-last anon: What? Opinions can most certainly be wrong in the sense you used. If I believe the earth is a square, then I'm wrong and stupid as fuck. You're just hiding behind entitlement.

    • Anonymous

      @last anonymous: opinions are like assholes..who gives a shit.. @crackpipe: co-sign

    • Anonymous

      im all for freedom of opinion and am the first to defend someone who doesn't like a song or an album for example... but im with "idiot" on this one (except the "you dont know hip hop" part) there's a difference between opinion and blatant bias based arrogance. to say kanye hasnt made anything good since 2007 is clearly just an illogical statement. you're entitled to your opinion but to make such a blatantly nonobjective comment as "he hasnt made ANYTHING good since 2007" is a position that wouldnt be accepted as reasonable in even the most liberal circles. Its your opinion, but THAT degree of disapproval is more indicative of "hate" (a word i despise) because it just doesnt add up. if that were truly the case, his latest album would not have been critically acclaimed as his best yet by ANY standard. Good fridays would not have a been such a major success....and his biggest denouncers would not have gave him due credit after the taylor swift incident. don't use entitlement to an opinion as a excuse to express bias and selective thinking. even an opinion requires a minimal degree of reason and logic.

    • Anonymous

      @ idiot Get off your high horse, if somebody thinks none of Kanye's new shit is any good, thats called an opinion and everyones entitled to there own Only song I liked on Dark Fantasy was "Devil In A New Dress" and only song I liked on WTT was "Murder to Excellence" Those are my opinions and an Opinion cant be wrong...... And for the record I been a hip hop head since 93 when I was in 6th grade, so take that "You Dont Know Hip Hop" shit someplace else

    • idiot

      u can h8 Kanye's new music all u want & no, he hasnt created an albulm dat was as good or close to his first 3 albulms(even tho some ppl think MBDTF is a classic) but to say he hasnt created good music means u simply dnt know hip-hop...He had some decent songs on MBDTF, WTT & wat about all those good friday songs? some of those should've made his albulm cuz they were so good. Go back & do ur homework cuz dat was a complete brainless comment right there. He's had countless number of good songs since Graduation

    • Anonymous

      realest shit i heard in a minute

    • Anonymous

      All of the lights and Blame Game were good...

    • JahRandom


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    single is piss poor, and sucks, only getting love because it Kanye, not hating Kanye does make great tunes but i aint feeling it.

  • Anonymous

    i think your just too stupid to realize that in todays world people dont go by white black brown etc. ^ you've never filled out an application or a census form "Theraflu is an over-the-counter product used to help relieve cold and flu symptoms that millions of consumers rely on." ^ THAT'S THE PURPOSE OF THE TITLE AND SONG STIFF SHIRT PR GUY

  • O

    "Theraflu is an over-the-counter product used to help relieve cold and flu symptoms that millions of consumers rely on."" LOL what the fuck does that have to do with anything? FUCKING ROBOTS!! Dont worry Kanye they are just Robots. lol

  • Anonymous

    I wouldnt want my product associated with this douche either

  • The_Observer

    Kanye West created this attention on purpose to hype up Good Music next release

  • ETK

    Kanye gettin heat from all corners like Durant in the 4th

  • Assassin221

    Haha, PETA always acting like bitches.

  • WTF

    Hood guy... you are the epitome (probably to big of a word for your ass) of an idiot. (Here let me translate) Yo cuz you is stupid.

    • Anonymous

      so the white guy comes up here and speaks on racism and says he doesn't like it and drops the N-bomb and NONE of you say anything? it'll be taken down soon anyway but damn, y'all SOFT. ho**** is weak brah they laugh at that remembering the days when they HONKED at the hoes trying to pay for some.

    • Anonymous

      i donk think this was racial but jay/wtf sounding like straight uncle toms. i hate black people who talk down to other black people and im not even black. you're just as much of a nigger as they are. fucking coon

    • HOOD GUY

      You mad honkey?

    • Anonymous

      hahahah that was the funnest comment i have read in a while...

  • Anonymous

    Haha say some ignorant shit and get a ignorant backlash, maybe he should come up with something good to actually say. And all you black this black that white this white that motherfuckers need to get some knowledge and stop using color as some kind of argumentation point instead of actual facts and valid points. Dumb fucks!


    These white companies are always getting mad when black rappers reference their products....They should be happy they're getting free promo and stfu.

    • Jay

      Hood Guy: There's a reason you are a "hood guy". No one is defending anyone white. The point is this is no race issue. Is always that one black guy that uses race as AN EXCUSE!!!

    • rdcj

      Black CEO's are growing in numbers so stop trying to hold us back Hood. Black people are more than being ghetto. Because you didn't do shit with your life dosen't mean that black people aren't fucking with corporations.

    • HOOD GUY

      There's always that one black dude ready to hop on white dick and defend them when they aren't defending your black ass. smh

    • Anonymous

      I Agree In Todays World Race Is Just Not A Problem Unless Stupid People Start Playing The Race Card So Get Over It And Get Ready For A One World Government Soon My Friend Its Coming Soon Because We Are A Global Group Of People Now

    • Anonymous

      i think your just too stupid to realize that in todays world people dont go by white black brown etc. so your comment is just irelivent u were prolly one of those people who thought zimmerman was guilty without looking into the case because a BLACK man was killed

    • Anonymous

      * black rappers

    • jay

      man shut up. im black and it has nothing to do with "black people". Dude made ignorant references. I PERSONALLY don't have an issue with it because Im part of hip hop culture. We're rebels. But some of yall niggas act like you don't understand the basic principles of normal, non-hip hop people. A lot of what we talk about in our music is IGNORANT to the average person. You do know that the average person doesn't have jail culture, drug dealing, disrespect of women and money, etc as a regular part of their life, right? Again, Im not mad at ye but dont act like it something racist when a company doesnt agree with his message.

  • Smockey

    Fuck Theraflu Fuck Peta

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