Tyler, The Creator Gets Punk'd By Bam Margera

Tyler, The Creator is the latest to get pranked on "Punk'd."

Tyler, The Creator is the latest artist to get tricked on "Punk'd."

In a recent episode, Jackass' Bam Margera is behind the prank on the Odd Future rapper. The OFWGTKA front man was under the impression that he was heading to a charity event for the Tony Hawk Foundation with Margera. They had him ignite a grill in a food truck to warm a tortilla but the truck exploded and one man caught on fire.

Tyler took pictures with his phone and hopped onto the back of a truck. But he was put in the hot seat when the charity founder pointed the finger at him for leaving the gas on and causing the car to explode.

Watch the full episode below (via Yardie).

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  • Jen

    What a screwed up kid to stand there and record a man on fire. Real funny ha-ha! Total losers!

  • Anonymous

    Tyler you faggot, monkey looking bitch

  • Nuff said...

    #fact....Only ppl that like tyler the creator are suburban white teens.... 2nd, why the fuck did hip hopDX re-post this bullshit?? they posted this yesterday and they are postin it again why!?!?.......... nuff said...

  • Anonymous

    lmaooo tyler is the best

  • dre

    "Fuck zach effron, this nigga is dead"

  • Anonymous

    why tha fuq does anybody even like to this atheist bitch? imho anybody getting paid like these niggas should be thanking god not the opposite. prophets coming true alot these days. end is near.

    • Tribal Wisdom

      It was Written for Tyler he can thank god but his god isn't Jesus. It can be whatever he believes in and himself along as all of us. As far as Christianity goes.. thats a corporate religion pushed onto every non-white culture. Look at history. Hate Tyler all you want but give the kid respect for being his own self, an ignorant black child growing up in todays culture ( and i don't by mean than in a negative way). I'd rather listen to whats on his mind rather than being fed what WE as a CULTURE should think is important like the false power of currency and materialism. simple as that.. Hip Hop is the spreading of knowledge, this kids doing his own speaking his mind so +respect to hip hops roots even if its a thorn vine..rather than a pile of dirt thats on the radio that claims to be from rooted from the tree of hiphop.

    • Anonymous

      Fuck you and all ya imaginary friends, bitch.

    • Swag

      Fuck atheism & Christianity. I worship BasedGod. Based till I die. #TYBG

    • Anonymous

      bitch please, when the fuck did i say i was christian? i dont wanna be preaching and shit but dont get me started besides im high as fuq so dont be blowin my high

    • anonymous

      get your head out of you a$$. Maybe people wouldn't turn away from your "god," if your religion wasn't full of a bunch of judgmental, hypocritical a$$holes. Christianity is completely against forward progress, i.e They were against the freeing of slaves. FUCK THAT

  • Anonymous

    tyler wants to be white so bad

    • am

      he was bullied in school because people didn't think he was black enough. he skated and listened to rock, when the black guys were listening to rap and doing other shit. he doesn't hate the black culture, obviously. he just said a bunch of times that black people need to loosen their fucking minds a bit. so what about how he acts, how the hell does anything he do make him white?

    • wolfman

      I guess stupidity just breeds more stupidity.

    • Anonymous

      i think this is the case as well bc I remember seeing this interview with him in the past in a mall where he reveals how he was bullied in school a lot when he was younger by all the other black kids and all that jazz

    • Anonymous

      thats why he's been made a star so the rest of the young black kids will be influenced by his mentality...new ways the west can be won...again

    • lol

      yessir! i agree....

  • Anonymous

    Black Eyed Peas Fight Punkd Prank A prank from the MTV show Punkd has reportedly gone wrong when host Ashton Kutcher and crew attempted to trick Black Eyed Peas into a fake arrest. According to published reports, the BEP entourage began fighting with the shows fake cops after the attempted apprehension within a sex brothel. Neither Kutcher nor show producers anticipated that the fun-loving group would actually physically fight the officers during the practical joke. Will.I.Am, lead rapper in the group, was party to the joke and when officers tried to arrest him, the star a BEP entourage member struck the police in the face. The show crew immediately stopped the prank and explained they were taping a hidden camera show, a notion that wasnt well received. No charges were pressed. Show producers havent revealed whether or not the incident will be aired. Reps at MTV were not available for comment at press time. ^ BEST. PUNK'D. EVA! AND IT AIRED TOO.............

    • Anonymous

      Hol'up......I didn't see the nixed show on TV, just remembered I saw it in a NYC recording studio....it was HILARIOUS....

  • thought dog

    The new punkd is terrible.

  • georgel

    Its so easy for people to judge others. You dont know what was going thru tylers mind, maybe he thought it was a stunt at first he was smiling at first then looked concerned after a minute. To think he doesnt care about someones life is just ridiculous. Yes he could have called 911 but thats bs too because there were many other people there who could have too and what is 911 going to do to a burning man. By the time they get there hed be dead. And it is MTV and reality tv i dont even trust that its not scripted or that these people dont suspect.

    • Anonymous

      anons why are you butthurt? fuckin fags^

    • Anonymous

      ^^^lol straight up fanboy. u can spin the situation in defense of tyler all u want to, their is no justifying taking out your cellphone and filming a dude on fire RATHER than call 911. it made tyler look bad doing that and you know it

    • Anonymous

      and what is 911 going to do to a burning man. ^ HELP HIM You're on here jumping in front of bullets for Tyler just because you like some rap music. FANBOY.

  • f!

    this mothafukca is sweet! fucking basterd laughing instead of helping!

    • Anonymous

      ok shawnpawn, when your ass somehow lid on fire, and no one does shit to help you, dont get mad, because by your logic, there aint much they can do for you, except maybe pull out their cellphones and film u while your in pain buring. fucking idiot.

    • Anonymous

      Another bird. Ever heard of throwing a blanket on him or getting them to stop, drop and roll? Water maybe? The jacket you're wearing? Y'all some scrubs I tell you.

    • shawnpawn

      yeah cause theres a lot u can do for someone who is on fucking fire. should he have pissed on him

  • f!

    http://www.hiphopdx.com/index/singles/id.19792/title.rah-digga--the-nia-in-me-fat-trel-tylerthe-creator-diss http://www.hiphopdx.com/index/singles/id.19792/title.rah-digga--the-nia-in-me-fat-trel-tylerthe-creator-diss http://www.hiphopdx.com/index/singles/id.19792/title.rah-digga--the-nia-in-me-fat-trel-tylerthe-creator-diss http://www.hiphopdx.com/index/singles/id.19792/title.rah-digga--the-nia-in-me-fat-trel-tylerthe-creator-diss http://www.hiphopdx.com/index/singles/id.19792/title.rah-digga--the-nia-in-me-fat-trel-tylerthe-creator-diss

  • Joe

    What's with this video player? This shit sucks, it buffers every 10 seconds.

  • natan

    Was the man getting set on fire part of the act? I don't think that was supposed to happen.

  • sayed

    fuck zac efron this nigga dead hahahhahaha

  • Anonymous

    I cant wait till odd futures fans hit puberty and move on from these idiots

  • Miles

    lmfao i was cracking up when he pulled out his cell phone. Tyler is awesome



  • hahahhhAhahahhaha

    "Fuck Zac Efron this nigga dead!" Quote of the year lmao

  • Julie

    While everyone else is screaming and is acting scared, this a**hole is smiling gets out his cell & starts video taping. He doesn't even think to call 911 as a man is burning to death. Doesn't even attempt to help, act worried, & all the while he is smiling. You Tyler, the Creator are a piece of worthless s#$t and shouldn't even be allow to live. I hope if you ever catches on fire, everyone around you takes out their cell and start video taping it and not call 911.

    • agreed

      I'm disgusted that so many people think this is funny. Tyler is a pathetic excuse for a human being. And his fans just laugh and become more fervent..

    • wtfuuuuuuu*k

      yeah u right! after seeing this i think he is a fucking worthless piece of shit too!...c'mon who laughs at somebody who might die & takes photos instead of helping or calling help!? this kid just lost his cred! this is the best evidence right there, rappers are fucking skinny jeans wearing zombies without any message ...in the 90's he would have been eaten alive...fucking pussy! http://www.hiphopdx.com/index/singles/id.19792/title.rah-digga--the-nia-in-me-fat-trel-tylerthe-creator-diss

    • Earl

      hahahaha you said i hope you catch on fire... well matter of fact i hope i can catch you on fire cus im a sick individual i guess me and Tyler are sick as shit but we dont see the problem i meen i cook chicken all the time and cows motherfucker . :OFWGKTA then piss on em'

  • highed up

    I thought it was pretty funny how his immediate reaction was to bust out his phone to record that shit.

    • Zac Efron

      Tyler was worried about the dude. You can even hear him saying "I'm not gonna chill till I know this dude is alright" and shit like that. He did go too far when he said "Fuck Zac Efron" that hurt my feelings :(

    • Rodrick

      Thats how sad this generation is B, there could be 5 dudes raping a lil girl and instead of pulling their cell phone out to call the cops, they just use it to tape it so they can upload it on World Star and see how many clicks it gets

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