PETA Lambasts Kanye West Over "Theraflu," Calls Him "A Caveman"

PETA took issue with Kanye West over his latest song "Theraflu" due to the song's hook.

For many Hip Hop fans, Kanye West can do no wrong when it comes to music, but one activist group is taking issue with the rapper's latest song "Theraflu." Animal rights organization People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) spoke out against the G.O.O.D. Music star over the song's hook, on which he raps, "Someone tell PETA my mink is draggin' on the floor." 

In a recent report from MTV News, PETA spoke out Yeezy's lyrics and storied penchant for fur. The group's senior vice president Dan Mathews released a statement against the rapper, calling him a "caveman" and pleading him to join their cause. 

"What's draggin' on the floor is Kanye's reputation as a man with no empathy for animals or human beings," said. Mathews. "He's a great musician but doesn't seem to have the fashion sense to design anything more than caveman costumes...we keep hoping that one day he'll find his heart and join evolved style icons — including Russell Simmons, Pink and Natalie Portman — who have dropped animal skins."

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  • kuku

    i swear the comments on this site be cracking me up!

  • SG

    I love animals and all, and I think hunting is dumb (we got past the need for it 12,012 years ago) and animal fur is lame. But fuck PETA, I know plenty of vegans who hate them too. Long before this track came out (which is pretty weak to me right now).

    • fuck peta

      so let me get this straight: youre saying its bad to hunt but youre not condemning eating meat. farm raised meat is like shooting fish in a barrel-which apparently is ok. but going in the woods and shooting the animal and doing all the work yourself is wrong? wearing leather is ok-but fur is not ok? good luck getting people to stop wearing leather

  • GQ

    oh no kanye is the 1st to use fur! fuck that! if i had the dough to, I would mos def buy fur! ill go ask if a bear if he gives a fuck and try to run before he claws me up! na yall white people stupid! PETA is corrupted as fuck anyways...

  • yooooo check out this mixtape its dope!

  • Daddy

    Kanye is hella funny! Hes in his own lane so yall need to gtfo!...I can tell just by these comments most of you are white... haha no racist tho...

  • Handsome

    If you respect this bitch named Kanye West, you're not supposed to be living.

  • Fuck Kanye

    I hope everybody gets together and get this nigger Kanye and cut his balls off (if he have any) cut his body into pieces and set his bitch ass on fire

  • unclesam

    Fuck PETA. Go Kanye! I hope more artists do anti-PETA shit.

  • Anonymous

    Why do I feel like this is going to turn into a Geico commercial ...

  • Dana Wade

    kanye is doing it again. He saying the shit that is making sure all the attention is on him and fans and haters are eating his brand of hip hop up. I like what he does and the haters are so stupid, they dont realize that the more attention you give him, the more motivation he has to stick around, so come on with it. Say hes garbage, trash, he fell off and all that other silly shit you say. It only extends his life within hip hop and pop culture

    • YGZ

      @Spif He collabed with them cause they squashed the beef.

    • Anonymous

      $p|!90: If things are so baaaaaaad for the black man in America...why don't they just leave??? Go back to the jungle and live nice...without the "cracker" pulling you over. Why don't they think about that instead of changing the system, rather change the location of your community? Sounds logical yes/no? ^ DATCHU SPLIFF90?

    • $p|!ff90

      We can say whatever we want, the thing is you are right about what you said although Kanye has haters and his bitchass ego drives him to fire back in an immature way. It's funny how Dipset dissed him but he never had the balls to reply to them, instead he collaborated with them - that's cocksuckery at its finest, he's good a cocksucking...

  • Anonymous

    Seriously yall dickride rappers a little too much. Yea I know petas full of shit sometime and makes a big deal out of little shit but to say fuck animals for a fucking rapper you kids got some serious mental issues.

  • Anonymous

    PETA don't care about people though. We just as animal as anything in this earth. Save us!

  • triPAUD

    Is there something wrong w/ being a caveman?

  • Anonymous

    what happened to baggy jeans and bomber jackets yo fuck this wack ass fashionista wannabe faggots wear fur.... and you must be the monopoly guy.... i want to wear kanyes skin so i can look cool

  • slick

    fuck an animal and fuck peta too. michael vick got 23 months for knowing people who fought dogs and zimmerman is walking around free as a bird after killing a kid walking with skittles and an iced tea. people need to wake the fuck up and get their priorities in order

    • Qu-Pol

      True, but it doesn't mean animals shouldn't have rights and be kept safe/healthy/happy/etc. That being said, the whole situation with zimmerman is heinous and far more tragic/bad than the mike vick shi.

  • Anonymous

    can't a young nigga get money anymore tell peta my mink is draggin on the floor.I still can't believe he fuckin said that.Yeezy is do whatever the fuck you want personified.He should be an inspiration to you even if you completely disagree with him

    • ETK

      he's not empty as a lyricist, that's just not true. and I'm not even a big kanye fan. he often says shit that matters, even on WTT... but as soon as something like this happens "oh he says whatever the fuck he wants"

    • Ben

      Why? Being a contrarian just for the sake of it makes the artistic aspect seem pretty you think thats how Kanye REALLY feels? Or is it something that he knows will draw a headline?? I will say it again. This man as a lyricist is EMPTY. There is no subject matter. His beats are great, I would definitely have him as an occasionally top 5 producer.....aside from that, I just dont get it

  • verbalis


  • Anonymous

    Why would anyone expect him to care about sacrificing animals lives for fashion.Kanye made his mum have a tummy tuck cause he didn't want her looking fat next to him on the red carpet, she died from the operation.

  • Anonymous

    He looks like a Russian prostitute in that photo. Leather pants and a fur coat lmao..

  • Anonymous

    Fuck PETA and everybody that work for them or supports them. They always bitching about something. The same ppl that be shouting out animal rights be the same ones chowing down on meat every night at dinner. Wear ya mink coat kanye. If I had money like you I'll wear one too. eat shit and die PETA

  • Ramiro

    On the real fuck PETA. motherfuckers be making millions of dollars out of shit they dont really care about. They claim to love animals yet they kill 90 percent of the dogs and cats they are supposed to adopt. Where is the love in that shit?? Hypocrite ass people just be doing anything for attention. Look it up PETA has a lot of dirt on their hands, yet people still support them. If I ever see Ingrid in the streets of LA ima smack her.

  • Anonymous

    respectable response to the kanye jab.



  • Anonymous

    Bad look Kanye, at least in my eyes. He must not have anything to talk about so he wants to be controversial or he just hates people that dont want to support the murder of animals for no reason, either way its fucking stupid. Not saying I support everything Peta does either, cause I know they have some fishy business sometimes. Oh and fuck people who wear fur coats, get the fuck out of here! Let me come to your house and cut your dogs fur off and wear the shit.

  • Randem

    Someone tell PETA that Kanye uses baby hamsters as earplugs and he can't hear their bitching.

  • D Tom

    Straight up dramatic as hell

  • ASEE

    I support PETA here. I think fur coats are fucked up. The hate that some people have for this organization is ridiculous. How many of you haters have dogs or cats? It's bullshit that you don't care at all about animal welfare. You know, you can be a meat eater and still think that animal welfare organizations are doing good things around the world. They make their messages in ways that are provocative and often offensive because that's the only way people can get attention these days. Fucked up shit is happening to animals all around the world and these people are trying to reduce torture and suffering. What's wrong with that? It doesn't affect your life at all apart from seeing their news headlines.

  • music1loveca

    man FUCK PETA! i respect their movement but right now they are acting dramatic, they are lyrics and there are way worse lyrics out there its just because kanye west said it the fuck did this even get to PETA??? -This game you could never win, Cause they love you then they hate you then they love you again

  • jr_rider

    Even though in this world there has been war from politics, racism, sexism, and religious disagreements I think the one thing we can all agree with is "Fuck Peta"!

  • ETK

    you know, usually PETA would jump on every fuckin little thing they see or hear, like a bunch of pussies though this time Kanye kinda baited them in with that hook lol. I like how Kanye doesn't give a fuck, he dissed the shit out of SNL and afterwards SNL still booked him on their show. Trust, he won't be fazed by this

  • Jus10

    I said "lol" because the idea of aliens may be funny to some of you, but my comment is in all seriousness.

  • Jus10

    I believe we humans, being of higher intelligence (supposedly), should look after the lesser species. Afterall, we would expect advanced aliens to treat us better than we treat our fellow earth-creatures. lol.

  • mike

    you guys are small minded...I'd bet money you'd all suck his D if he asked you to...smh.

  • ahaha

    People Eating Tasty Animals

  • Anonymous

    no one gives a fuck about animal rights rofl i bet animals got more rights than brown dudes

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