J. Cole's Dreamville Foundation Launching "Nobody's Perfect" Writing Contest For Kids

J. Cole's foundation encourages participating kids to use creative writing to honor their mothers.

J. Cole's Dreamville Foundation is slated to launch its "Nobody's Perfect" writing contest for local kids in Fayetteville, North Carolina.

According to Fay Observer, the contest is inspired by Mother's Day and encourages entrants to use creative writing to honor their mothers or primary caretakers. Each submitted poem or essay must be between 50 and 350 words and complement the statement "Nobody’s Perfect but my mother is perfect for me."

Each entry will be judged 80 percent on "originality, insightfulness, creativity and completeness," while 20 percent will be based on "organization and development of thoughts, use of proper grammar, punctuation and spelling."

The deadline for submissions will be April 15th and victors will be notified on May 1st. Ten winners will receive an invitation to The Dreamville Foundation's first Mother's Day Brunch.

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  • Verbalise

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  • Anonymous

    its good to see rappers like rick ross and others providing opportunities for children

  • Anonymous

    This is a good look Cole, props

  • IAmControverse

    God broke the mold when he created the strong-hearted, smart masterpiece that is my mother. She has done everything in her power for us and has never stopped or had second thoughts about doing so. Having to raise two kids (including one with autism) with the help of her parents (our father died when I was 2), work hard to make sure we could get any toy, CD, or whatever we wanted, help us with school, take us out to have fun, and like any good parent, keep us happy and comfortable in this stupid world that isn't even built for two grown men, let alone two little boys. My mother knew exactly how to keep us safe and keep us in line. My brother and I didn't always like it, but in the end, like most cases with a mother and her children, we the kids realized that she was right all along. She not only told us to follow our dreams, she helped us along the way, and showing is better than telling. She has shown us the fun parts of life and protected us from the pain of it as best she could. Not only has she helped us, but she has helped everyone, and I truly mean, EVERYONE in our lives, including our grandmother who has had to overcome so many black days. She helped put a roof over our tiny hairy little heads, kept food in our little bellys, gave us toys to keep our little brains occupied, gave us schools to enhance our knowledge and take us somewhere that would look towards us for that knowledge, and above all, has been the greatest mother and one of the greatest women He has ever taken the time to create. Nobody's Perfect, but my mother is perfect for me. I LOVE YOU MOM. Your proud 21-year-old little boy, Michael.

  • Swag

    Diggy destroyed Gay Cole's career.

    • NOSIR

      THERE IS NOWAY IN HELL! Diggy destroyed King J.Cole's career ya'll haters are delusional J.Cole is doing big things even for kids while Diggy still lives at home with his dad SO SAD! father Run has to write a check for his son Diggy everyday of the week just so Diggy can pay the record label for his horrible big ass album Flop LOL! 20,000 first week come on J.Cole did 218,000 his first week little nigga and J.Cole produce 95 percent of his album by himself and went certified GOLD now that's SWAG BITCHESS! and on top of that he got another album on the way to that will more than likely do even bigger numbers than the first one did, so face it Diggy it's a Cole World and u don't stand a chance the only reason your popular is because of your dad stick to something your good at cause music is not for u Diggy u can't even sell let alone go Gold or even Platinum your done Diggy u get no pussy, your still a virgin, u really don't have any fans, and your disses are straight garbage SHIT! Nursery Rhymes sound better than all of your lyrics combined LOL better go apologize to J.Cole for that worthless diss u leaked out and ask him to teach u how to rap and get pussy cause J.Cole actually has experience he has talent and amazing lyrics so he is the face of Hip Hop right now and he fucked a shit load of bitchess and Gay ROC NATION Groupies like me sad LOL I guess Diggy will never grow up and come out the closet he's just a little bitch nigga in a GROWN MAN'S COLE WORLD cryin for attention it's over R.I.P TO DIGGY SIMMONS CAREER and shout out to J.Cole for doing your thing sellin lots of records, having lots of fans, reach out to the community as well as the youth, and just being a driving force in the Hip Hop game today THAT'S RIGHT FUCK THE HATERS AND DIGGY IT A COLE WORLD BITCHESS KING SIMBA IS TAKING OVER THE RAP GAME JUST FACE IT LOSERS!!!! 28 LETTERS FOR U ROC NATION DREAMVILLE GOOD MUSIC


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