G.O.O.D. Music Single "Mercy" To Feature Big Sean, Kanye West, 2 Chainz & Pusha T

UPDATE: Pusha T says that fans can expect for the single "Mercy" to drop on Good Friday.

Pusha T has revealed that the first single from the G.O.O.D. Music compilation will be released this Friday (April 6th).

Breaking the news on Twitter, the Clipse member said that the track, titled "Mercy," will arrive in classic fashion on Good Friday. "April 6th is GOOD Friday...," he wrote. "'MERCY' drops," he later added.

The cut is rumored to feature Kanye West, Big Sean and Pusha T. It marks the first official release from the highly anticipated G.O.O.D. Music compilation, which is expected to feature guest appearances from Mannie Fresh, Marsha Ambrosius, Frank Ocean and more, in addition to the G.O.O.D. Music immediate family.

RT @PUSHA_T April 6th is GOOD Friday... "MERCY" drops..
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UPDATE: The cover art for "Mercy" has been revealed, confirming that Big Sean, Kanye West, 2 Chainz and Pusha T are on the track.


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  • Anonymous


  • BishopgotDJuice

    Hating ass niggas, yah niggas dont know shit about rap music if yah dissing Good Music..Nut ass nigggas

  • Fuck Kanye

    Me needing that money me have to rob rape and kill your wife bitch made nigga

  • Handsome dude

    Weak motherfuckers like those bitches from G.O.O.D. Music don't deserve to breathe. Seriously. Die fucking faggots.

  • Handsome dude

    Kanye West ain't shit "Ye" is the most ridiculous nickname I ever heard fuck G.O.O.D. Music fuck Pusha-T and bitch ass Clipse fuck Bitch Sean fuck 2 Gay Chainz



  • Killalex

    Fucking 2 chainz again! dude is on the same level as french montana or future aka the pure garbage class of hiphop. Everyone in GOOD is a millions times better than that fool.

  • Anonymous

    With that being said, This a must see, Copy link http://youtu.be/iXNMwQU7-hE

  • Mack

    Looking like pookie wit a fitted

  • so icy boi!

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  • dentaldamboy

    This album is going to be great. Kanye always comes correct. I hope for his sake the album sells well. He really needs the money right about now. That $500k lawsuit he's facing is pretty much going to wipe him out. The GOOD Music compilation will give him a little bit of a re-up.

  • Anonymous

    what??? am i late or suttin because is 2 chainz on GOOD music? why the hell Kanye corrupting his own label with these wack ass rappers. push and kanye's verses should be hot

  • Anonymous

    2 chains..?....where the heck is cyhi.....man kanye sleeping on this cat...how are u gonna sign him and not put out his music...he is the best in good music....gonna start a cyhi petition

  • realnesssss

    man i bet that wiz TGOD shit is gonna be better than this GOOD shit cuz that nigga stay in the studio with his whole team..when the last time you heard ye cudi sean together and their the biggest acts

    • Anonymous

      actually i think wiz is better at collaboration than ye like it or not because on how fly you can tell they really did that together in the studio unlike watch the throne that besides like 2/3 songs u know that they just put verses together on the tracks PS the shit he did with snoop was NOT A ALBUM but it WAS A MOVIE SOUNDTRACK YOU DUMBASS

    • hahahaha

      yeah Wiz's last collaboration album with not only Snoop but with other guest features sold a shit ton of units, and was praised by both critics and regular listeners for it's lyrical content. Haha shut the fuck up.

  • realnesssss

    this GOOD shit is gonna flop after gettin overhyped just wait ye dont even got good chemistry with his whole team nigga only doin songs with jigga and shit

    • someguy

      yo man i just looked up that good friday shit and not only was that like 2 fuckin years ago ..most of those songs had other artist on them and only good friday had the good music niggas on it so take the dick out your ass

    • huh?

      "ye doesn't have good chemistry with his team", apparently you didn't listen to any of the G.O.O.D. Fridays, because if you did, you wouldn't have said something so fucking retarded. As I recall, at least majority of those songs, except maybe one or two of them consisted of Kanye and various members from G.O.O.D. Music, and they were all pretty successful, rating's wise on this site. So, you should try and listen to some songs before you act like you know what you're talking about.

  • Well...

    at least French isn't on the song....PLEASE DON'T LET FRENCH MONTANNA BE ANYWHERE ON THIS CD!

  • So Icy Boil

    please believe the icy movement is here. will make GOOD look like BAD. me and my crew are game changers baby. dawgs 4 life. lemme here ya. icy movement YMCMB adn MMG. we run this shit

    • anon

      is that why you hyping your bullshit on a hiphop comment section? you ain't in the same tax bracket as Ye you fucking faggot groupie bitch ass nigga.

    • So Icy Boi!

      and for t he h8ters. what my nameeeeee is? icccccccy! 100, stunna

    • So Icy Boil

      u clownin' son. icy movement for life. we dont follow, we lead! fuck old skool. this 4 my dawgs

    • Hip Hop Unity

      If it weren't for old school hip hop none of yall would even be in the game. Cats need to stop being so hateful towards music thats not trap music. I'm not knocking it cause some of those songs go hard but I'm only saying respect what others have done to get you were you are thus far. If we help and encourge each other and stop beefing then Hip Hop could be even bigger than what it is. Albums will sell more and everybody will eat.

    • So Icy Boil

      thats some pretty boi swag right hurr. all i can do is keep it 100 ma dude. fuck these clowns. icy movement. no stopin' my dawgs. where they at? lez make some noise. its cha damn boi grizzle

    • Handsome Dude

      This nigga Icy's tellin the truth right there. Fuck old school hip hop fuck clipse fuck Gaynye West. YMCMB all day niggas.

  • okay

    i'll wait to hear it, but i know i'm probably going to end up saying that CyHi should have been in there instead of 2 Chainz.

  • Young King

    ... of course 2 chainz is on it.. smh rappers need to learn how to make their songs pop again without getting the "who's in" rappers on their shit. i'll listen for Pusha Ton.

  • Anonymous

    really 2 chainz? Not trying to hate, congrats to him on getting as far as he did but i don't see the hype. Every song i've heard him on i always skip his verse.

  • BUT!!!!

    2Chainz...WHY!?!?!? he better not fuck this song up.

  • Jaymalls


  • jepy345

    Guys lets just hope this is better than Watch the Throne and KAnye goes back to producing like he did in the old days with all samples. Songs like Higher, Down and Out, Gone, etc....thats the shit im looking for. I'm done with Niggas in Paris and Amen type of beats from this crew. Theyre better ha the south shit that Jeezy and guys put out

    • Anonymous

      First off... Amen was Shawty Redd's beat. That was Jeezy's track at least a year before Pusha and Kanye hopped on it. Get ya facts right. 2ndly, that song went hard so fuck what u gotta say about that. I will agree though, I miss the old Kanye, but both sides have an ear for sounds, I don't see him stepping backwads anytime soon...

    • Anonymous

      nah nah, his best album is his last, people just tend to like artist's debut album while he cleary topped that already

    • Jepy345

      Yah he didnt...He has tried to be a great producer without using samples but why change something that worked so well...I liked MBDTF but I dont think he songs were as classic as the ones on college dropout, late registration, or Graduation. IT was still a great cd but i liked the Kanye before better...like the songs he did on Blueprint(Takeover, I.Z.Z.O, Heart of the city, NEver Change)...those are just so classic man

    • yeah..

      true, but MBDTF had amazing beats, i feel like he barely did any samples in that.

  • mbongeni

    guys relax on the expectations...this is wat causes hating. just relax and enjoy what good has cooked up for us

  • music1loveca

    ha! like i said G.O.O.D. Music is going to own the summer and game. I hope Good Fridays come back.

  • Anonymous

    this is what i dont get "feature guest appearances from Mannie Fresh, Marsha Ambrosius, Frank Ocean and more, in addition to the G.O.O.D. Music immediate family" like seriously? i understand mannie producing but c'mon they have enoughh people on that label to do an inhouse album. i thought thats why they were doing it? to showcase GOOD music artists. so stupid.

    • Anonymous

      Well come on, obviously two of the atists listed are there to provide hook duties... Mannie might possibly end up part of tha team (hopefully he does) and what's wrong with other artists adding their flavor? It's still an in-house album once it's said and done

  • Anonymous

    *awaits shook niggas take random shots at lil wayne and young money revealing how threatened they are*

  • Nigerian boi

    word! the single gon be dope and the album too....cant wait

  • Anonymous

    Need to have cyhi on alot of tracks...

  • Brandon Hamm

    Gonna be sick as fuck, can't wait

  • Nice

    been waiting a long ass time for something from the album to drop. Hopefully we get an album release date soon.

  • Anonymous

    GOOD Music on GOOD Friday

  • Anonymous

    I hope lil sean aint all over the album

  • wzrd

    let's c what Kanye has up his sleeve

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