Hip Hop Album Sales: The Week Ending 4/1/2012

E-40 places all of his "Block Brochure" albums on the charts, and MAYDAY, DJ Premier and Bumpy Knuckles also make an appearance this week with "Kolexxxion."

There were five new releases on the charts this week. And while no Hip Hop albums managed to crack the top ten, E-40 was joined by ¡MAYDAY! along with DJ Premier and Bumpy Knuckles for a total of six new Hip Hop albums charting this week.

E-40 Charts Four Times With His Block Brochure Collection

After releasing pairs of separate albums in both 2010 and 2011 with his Revenue Retrievin series, Vallejo, California veteran E-40 topped himself by releasing the Block Brochure trilogy last week. The complete set, which combines all three albums, debuted at the #42 spot with 9,500 copies sold. Meanwhile, when sold separately, Volumes 1,2 and 3 landed at the 56, 57 and 70 spots respectively. By both selling the albums separately and bundling them together, E-40 totaled over 32,000 albums sold.

¡MAYDAY!, DJ Premier and Bumpy Knuckles Place Albums On The Charts

Miami Beach, Florida collective began their partnership with Strange Music by making a strong showing. Their album Take Me To Your Leader debuted at the #86 spot with 5,400 units sold. Famed Long Island emcee/producer Bumpy Knuckles (aka Freddie Foxxx) and Gang Starr’s DJ Premier saw their collaborative album Kolexxxion land in the top 200 at the #156 spot to round out all of this week’s new Hip Hop entries.

Hip Hop Album Sales: The Week Ending 4/1/2012

#22. Drake – Take Care – 15,900 (1,651,973)

#31. Tyga – Careless World: Rise of the Last King – 12,400 (169,432)

#34. Odd Future – OF Tape Vol.2 – 11,900 (52,000)

#35. Diggy – Unexpected Arrival – 11,500 (32,900)

#41. Young Jeezy – TM 103: Hustlerz Ambition – 9,900 (540,000)

#42. E-40 – Block Brochure: Welcome To The Soil 1,2 & 3 – 9,500 (9,500)

#56. ¡MAYDAY! – Take Me To Your Leader  – 5,400 (5,400)

#156. DJ Premier & Bumpy Knuckles – Kolexxxion – 3,000 (3,000)

* data comes from Nielsen Soundscan, rounded to nearest thousandth for units above 10,000, nearest hundredth for units below 10,000. Each week, HipHopDX presents top albums in Hip Hop/related, and five notables.

Is Nicki Minaj poised for another top 10 debut when Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded hits the charts next week? Stay tuned to HipHopDX.

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  • bizzalls

    I gotta say, it's a great fuckin day for hip hop seeing that the Bumpy/Premo album made it on the charts. Imagine if there was no illegal downloading going on? People would be sellilng double. Fuckin pathetic ass bootleggers. That is exactly why "We Are At War" was made; to talk about you cheap ass bootleggin muthafuckas.


    _|_ ( _ ) _|_ to these niggas who don't like DJ Premier

  • Carlos Rodriguez

    E o piru gulugulu e o galo corococo e a galinha co e o pintinho piu e o pintinho piu pintinho piu e o pintinho piu F-U-C-K-D-J-P-R-E-M-I-E-R

  • Lil Wayne's #1 Groupie

    If you love old school hip hop, you don't love yourself. Any faggot that listens to Public Enemy or N.W.A is retarted. This is YMCMB nigga, forever!

  • alex hong

    "swag" new heads aren't worthy to comment on dj premier's album sales. go listen to the radio

  • Anonymous

    With that being said, This a must see, Copy link http://youtu.be/iXNMwQU7-hE

  • a

    Never thought I would get into Mayday but their album is absolutely amazing. Strange Music always producing good shit.

  • pascalbah

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  • Anonymous

    Ymcmb runnin this rap shit

  • Anonymous

    Keep Hating Kids: All you new hip-hop fans (15-25 yr olds) have horrible attitudes about life and music. You don't even discuss the music like we did back in the day when Run DMC, Nas, Wu-Tang, Rakim, Biggy, Pac, etc. was running the game. ALL you guys do is have your little online race wars and cry about Eminem vs whoever or Jay-Z is illuminate or who's "real" or not. Worst of all you think there is one way to rap or one style to floss. You guys are too myopic, boring and ignorant to call yourselves "hip-hop" fans. It was never like this in the 80's and 90's. Black and White kids grouped up and pushed for better race relations. We were too smart to suck on the FOX news or CNN teat. This is what's frustrating the pioneers of rap music and new well rounded rap artist. You FANS, YOU FANS, have lost ALL perspective. Posted2012-04-04T18:07:59-05:00

    • So Icy Boil

      Nigga break yourself I don't wanna hear none of that shit! Can't you see that everybody in here hates you with a passion!? You're not loved, so die motherfucker!

  • Diggy Simmons

    Hey, why nobody talk about my album...?

  • wolfman

    Who thought the day would come when a DJ Premier titled album lands at #154 on the top 200 of Hip-Hop. SMH...

  • Doubl Negative

    There are only three thousand real hip-hop fans left in America.

    • bizzalls

      Double Negative, that is not true. I GUARANTEE there are even more than 3,000 real hip hop heads that downloaded this album. That's the problem. A lot of the real hip hop heads are the ones with the blogspots who illegally post links and know where to go to download them. Shit is a shame, man. IT should be the total opposite. IF you're a fan of something, you should support it, not fuckin give it away for free!! "WeAreAtWar", go listen to that.

    • Doubl Negative

      @Deadpool; I'm not from the States either, but I assumed these terrible sale figures only relate to America. If Premo's new record shifted so few units in the birthplace of hip-hop, I would imagine over here in the UK the result would be even more atrocious. It doesn't help when faggot hip-hop DJs on English radio only support suck-ass music by Em, Nicki, 50, Drake and Wayne. If radio stations in Britain would balance out their one-sided schedule with sophisticated, urbane, fervent DJs like Sarah Love, maybe we'd get to hear real hip-hop like Premo, Ill Bill, Gangrene, Homeboy Sandman, Danny Brown and Planet Asia. As it stands, the atrocious, abysmal shows on our radio hosted by asinine, irritating assholes Semtex, Charlie Sloth and especially Tim Westwood is the reason I'm an ambivalent B-Boy with nothing but contempt and disdain for 90% of modern hip-hop.

    • Deadpool

      @Anon: I haven't listened to It yet but I would assume Bumpy rapping over throwaway preemo beats gave It that outdated sound. Then again whos to say It might not have been very good If new preemo beats were used aswell? I dont really know. @Double Negative: You're absolutely correct. There is however a huge real hip hop fanbase outside of america, but I guess our numbers aren't taken into consideration.

    • Anonymous

      this has nothing to do with real hiphopfans. bumpy and premier sound outdated and i know there work from the 90's and this album aint that special

  • joem

    Hahaha... E40.. can't stand that shitty ass "music."

    • Anonymous

      The complete set, which combines all three albums, debuted at the #42 spot with 9,500 copies sold. Meanwhile, when sold separately, Volumes 1,2 and 3 landed at the 56, 57 and 70 spots respectively. By both selling the albums separately and bundling them together, E-40 totaled over 32,000 albums sold. ^ that bum ass music just generated over a quarter of a million dollars in a week with TRUE fan support and close to zero promotion on sites where BS fans like YOU JOE, exist.

  • Anonymous

    Doing it for the love? He's a fucking teeenager lol What could he possibly know about hip hop, well besides freestyling to Shook One's.

    • Anonymous

      ^^^ .....was that quote necessary? n yea diggy probably saw his uncle fucking dudes

    • Anonymous

      Aye there, its Diggy Got the key to the city Check my family tree You know my uncle taught Diddy Who turned around and taught Biggie And Biggie taught Jigga So you can just imagine what he teaching yo nigga- Diggy Simmons

    • Anonymous

      you must don't realize his father and uncle are rap pioneers? diggy done seen more behind the curtain than you ever will......lol

  • Anonymous

    been looking for ja rule album in the shops in the uk n cant find it any where.

  • Anonymous


  • damn

    nobody buyin cd's huh

  • RTJ00

    Good to see some real music on the charts, props to DJ Premier and Bumpy doing it from the underground all the way to the sky scraper roofs.

  • kennyken

    that e40 is jammin. i hope people go to amazon and at least check out the snippets. good purchase.

  • suicide

    Hip hop returns on the charts via Bumpy and Preemo!!!!!


    see them lames still on here


    I need to make a mix with E-40's last 7 albums that he's dropped in 3 years. "Revenue Retrieving (Day, Night, Overtime, Graveyard) Shift" MIXED with "The Block Brochure" Welcome to the soil 1,2,3. He has more dopes songs on those 7 albums than any other rapper in the game. Each CD has 20 tracks. Thats 140 songs. You would be surprised how many TRACKs are bangers. You could make a platinum record without a doubt. He's the hardest working rapper in the game. Much love from the BAY!!


      Every E-40 album brings the heat. But, start with "In a Major Way" and really listen to the lyrics and beats on a knocking sound system. E-40 was laying down slappers all through the 90's.

    • Anonymous

      I've liked him whenever he's turned up in guest verses. What's a good album to start with for checking him out?

  • Anonymous

    Diggy fallback on Cole u just mad ur album aint sellin #CaughtABrick

    • Anonymous

      and dont put words in my mouth i never said j cole was hood...he started from the bottom of the industry he wanted to work in n made it to the top...while diggy started from the top n still couldnt sell more than 50,000 even though millions of people saw him on tv every week...

    • Anonymous

      ^^^i would never trade my life for diggys...i would rather work hard n make something of myself than have everything handed to me on a silver platter and still be unsuccessful at my career which was given to me on a silver platter by my dad...

    • Anonymous

      Y'all know damn well you would trade your life with Diggy's in a heartbeat so cut it out with all the BS, we can see all around the world your jealousy. And if you're a grown man you look even worse, that's the position you want your children to be in.

    • Anonymous

      J Cole was raised in the suburbs by his white mother and his white side of the family. Diggy doesn't know struggle, but J Cole doesn't neither, so lets not pretend that Cole is hood.

    • Anonymous

      diggy will never sell more albums in total than j coles first week in his life...j cole went from nothing to something while diggy was born into money...and its that money that hes going to use to pay atlantic back for his flop

    • Hip Hop Fan

      Pause...J Cole will never have Diggy's balls in his mouth like you either.

    • Anonymous

      J Cole will never have a multi-platinum album and will never have more money than Diggy..........lol.

  • Anonymous

    congrats MAYDAY!

  • Anonymous


  • Swag

    YMCMB are dominating the charts right now fuck all those old ass rappers like E-40 and DJ Premier washed up motherfuckers

  • PrickJames

    Real heads like me & the EIC will be checking for the B.A.P joint... ...that's Bumpy And Premo for the hipster fags..

  • Statutory Ray

    40's new album is better than anything he's put out in recent years, no argument.

  • Anonymous

    Dig a grave Diggy

    • Anonymous

      ^^^lmao says the nigga with less than 2gs in his bank account if he even has one...

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      Diggy became a millionaire off of endorsement deals and his reality show. That's not even counting his album deal and his trust fund.

    • Anonymous

      ^^Real talk...i cant respect diggys money because he didnt earn it himself...and hes wasting his fathers hard earned money on his soon to be washed up rap career

    • Hip Hop Fan

      Diggy is not a millionaire, his uncle and father are the rich ones. He ain't done shit yet. Just thought you should know that

    • Queens Stand Up

      Diggy already a millionaire, so he doesn't have to rap for a living. He doing it for the love.

  • KPeezy

    I know E-40 is an acquired taste...but his new CD is on point..cop em if you're a 40 Water fan..

  • Anon1

    Honestly fuck the arguments about to ensue about real hip hop not selling and lil Wayne and slaughterhouse and all the other garbage. This generation is hella fucked up when it comes to realizing quality > quantity of records sold. If I like an album or an artist I'll buy the album and if it's good I appreciate giving them whatever money they earn. I don't care of I'm the only nigga in the world that bought it. Every week like an idiot I check these comments and shit makes me sick that cats can't just appreciate that there's people supporting their favorite cd whether it went gold or plat or sold a few thousand if the content is good who cares

    • Hip Hop Fan

      I always say that record sales mean shit. If record sales mean something then MC Hammer, Vanilla Ice, Nelly, and Will Smith are the greatest rappers of all time. Case Closed...LOL

    • Anonymous

      Well if you need the flock to put the value on something, it pretty fucking sad human being!

    • Anonymous

      u sound mad because whomever ur favorite is, isn't selling millions.

    • TaZzZ

      That's what I'm Sizzlin'... Highest quality music are the last two on the list, as they are almost every time. And when I say quality, I mean music that doesn't reiterate the same shit I've been hearing for 20 years. Quality=originality in hip hop. I'd much rather listen to someone pour out their heart in a rickety basement studio than listen to bullshit with amazing clarity and crispy beats. Whatever happened to content mattering? This is the only form of entertainment outside of pop music that values the same thing over and over and over. History is an important quality of hip hop, but ppl get this confused. Build on the history that came before you, don't just repeat it or bite it. We want to hear YOU!

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