2 Chainz "Based On A T.R.U. Story" Deluxe Edition Cover Art

UPDATE #3: 2 Chainz reveals the deluxe edition cover art for his Def Jam debut "Based on a T.R.U. Story."

2 Chainz has revealed the producers for his upcoming Def Jam debut Based on a T.R.U. Story.

During an interview with The BoomBox, Tity Boi revealed that he has worked with Drumma Boy, C-Note, Mike Will and Lex Luger for the project. He asserts that the LP will drop on August 14th, and that he is 75 percent finished with recording the album.

"It's coming out this year. I'm excited about it. Great features. Excellent production. Still a work in progress. [I'm] about 75 percent done with that," he said. "I may talk about some producers, but I'm gonna have some elements of surprise on the album. Of course I'm workin' wit my Drumma Boys, my C-Notes, my Lex Lugers, my Mike Wills, plus this new generation, the new people that I'm working with as well. It's a well-put together project. It's conceptual, and you should be looking out for some new dope visuals too."

Read the full interview at TheBoomBox.com.

UPDATE: During a Def Jam conference call this afternoon, 2 Chainz announced that his label debut Based on a T.R.U. Story will release on August 14th. He also said that the album wouldn't be pushed back, but most likely pushed forward, based on his work ethic.

[April 5]

UPDATE #2: 2 Chainz has revealed the cover art for his debut album Based on a T.R.U. Story.

2 chainz

[July 3]

UPDATE #3: 2 Chainz has revealed the deluxe edition cover art for his Def Jam debut Based on a T.R.U. Story.

2 chainz

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  • urkstit

    i listen to his music not his cover

  • Anonymous

    can he speak english? coop da kuluh uh manay.

  • Anonymous

    Only faggots care for art n fashion....

  • Anonymous

    "That's how I see 2 Chainz, Waka Flocka, etc; it boggles my mind that they can get on and people will bump that trash" Trash to you could mean entertainment to someone else. That's why music exists to give people choice. We can question why certain songs ever get made, but regardless of what we think, the bottom line is every rapper (even 2 Chainz) has fans. It's not a big deal.

    • truth

      We'll have to agree to disagree on this one. I know there are different types of music for different people, but according to your view, there's no such thing as crap music because if at least one person enjoys a song no matter what the song is about, its entertainment. I can't cosign on that. I never said everybody has to be Nas or Pac, but obviously if you used those two in your answer to me, then you know what a good artist is. But you're right about one thing, its not a big deal at the end of the day.

    • Anonymous

      HIP HOP/RAP it all has different flavors and spices... some people have different taste budz... regardless, show respect for anyone out there spreading luvvv!

    • Anonymous

      Exactly. Not everbody has to be a fucking 2Pac or Nas. Don't you realize that there are different types of hip hop? You have you hype/trap shit, your lyrical shit, your experimental shit, your old school shit...

  • Anonymous

    "So rappers aren't supposed to be good at their chosen job?" Based on today's standards? No. Someone could be the most ignorant, retarded, English butchering motherfucker, yet if their single sells a million copies they're called a star.

    • truth

      And that's the sad part, when retarded English butchering motherlovers can actually sell a million copies sayin' nothin' on a track.

  • Anonymous

    Wow. That is so much more creative and thought provoking lol

  • Anonymous

    the regular version isn't half bad but the deluxe version is just silly. is that the best Kanye and his team could come up with?

  • 4Rangz

    2Chainz aint gotta be 2Pac but nigga wtf...u sound like a broke bitch wit a black card...dis mf went from da hardest verse on go 2 sleep hoe..2 ill cut ya girl now she need a band-aid..dude sucks really bad...louis dis louis dat..nigga u like 6'4 Louis Vuitton dnt make shit for guy yo height...noticed that on bet awars floodin like Katrina

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Both versions are offensively bad, I laugh at people who defend it

  • RealMusic

    Its crazy how underground rapper RADIO BASE last mixtape is called Based On A True Story... B.O.A.T.S! You suck 2 chains just for stealing his name... Underground artist coming up and you take from them cus ur main stream now!

    • Anonymous

      stolen? you act the the title was unique to begin with? everybody has heard that saying all their life. It wasnt original to begin with. gtfoh!

  • Anonymous

    "want them to at least stand in their subject matter, in other words, say something catchy & clever in their music" That's not a rapper's job to be clever. If they can, like say Jay Z or Eminem, that's a bonus.

  • Anonymous

    "I don't want to see guys playing that I personally can beat" I'm sure people were saying that about Jeremy Lin. Now he's about to sign for big money with the Rockets. Point being... There are no scrubs in the NBA. Even the guy at the end of the bench has game. He just doesn't get the chance to play on a regular basis because most teams today already have their starters and bench set in stone.

    • I think I see his point

      Jeremy Lin is actually good. 2 Chainz sucks, and generally you think when somebody gets in the rap game or NBA or whatever on a pro level, that they're at least decent. 2 Chainz ain't even decent.

  • Sweetdickj

    I respect what your saying Truth, I just feel that people are always wanting something from certain artists that they are not trying to give. If you want to hear some deep shit, listen to rappers who go deep, if you want to hear that grimey street shit, listen to 2 Chainz, Ross or Wacka. I think people try and read way too much into the rappers backgrounds, I could give a fuck less if a muthafucka got shot, was a CO or whatever else as long as the music is good, why? Because your never gonna meet these fuckin guys so who gives a shit, it's entertainment! Like watching a movie, if you want action you watch that, if you want drama you watch that... Not much different, you pick your poison.

    • DL Dub

      I feel truth on that view. For me though, there's acertain level of wackness I dont go beyond. When I want to listen to grimey super niggarish music, there's only certain artists I go to. Project and Three 6, 8ball and MJG and some of those types. But I wil never step to the level of a waka flaka, plies, rocko type of nigga, cuz you can tell these niggas never had an education. 2 chainz is a special type of rapper or me though. I'm highly aware of his very limited skill set. But for me, he's fuckin funny, and he learned how to ride a beat. As titty boi, he was awful, complete trash. Now he's more like a cheeseburger that you know been sittin out too long. You know you shouldnt eat it, but your hungry fat ass is going to anyway

    • truth

      I see your point. I guess for me, I compare it to, let's say, the NBA. I don't expect to see dudes score 50+ points, do crazy crossovers or dunks every game, and I know every player doesn't have the exact same skillset, but when I watch a game, I don't want to see guys playing that I personally can beat, and I'm not even that good. If someone that garbage was playing and made millions of dollars, people would say 'How did he get a contract?!' especially if this player had no one area where he stood out like defense, rebounding, scoring, whatever. That's how I see 2 Chainz, Waka Flocka, etc; it boggles my mind that they can get on and people will bump that trash. Even their fans can't say that it isn't trash. Me personally, I don't always listen to soul searching, deep rap but if I do listen to someone, I want them to at least stand in their subject matter, in other words, say something catchy & clever in their music. That's my take.

  • Anonymous

    And anyone who says it's good is a bad person

  • Anonymous

    This is the worst art I've ever seen for an album I wanted to buy

  • semval

    At least its better than Rozay's cover, and album gonna be little more trash than Rozay's.

  • So Icy Boi!

    dis is da most creative album artwork of da year. dis is what ppl call real art. 2 Chainz album gonna be in instant classic. swag

  • dentaldamboy

    2 Chainz is a perfect example of what rolling with Wayne for a long time can do for an artist. Wayne taught 2 Chainz how to be a star. Jay-Z never puts his people on. Wayne does. YMCMB is like family.

  • da1

    I understand his name is two chains but what does that have to do with a true story? Anyways 60-75k the first week. He's actually kinda dope when he wants to be and he kinda does have a distinct voice so maybe that will work for him.

  • Stevie

    This little fuck is gonna be on the Slaughterhouse album!!

  • Anonymous

    bruh is dat rose gold?

  • Anonymous

    look at this artist piece

  • God diets, Ross Dont

    This goin be the Album of the Year

  • greatness

    Gay cover by Tity Boi oops I mean 2 Chainz. My unborn nephew could have came up with something better

  • Anonymous

    the album cover is dope!

  • Immortal On My Grind

    nigga you's a sissy. "Based On A Tru Story". What story bitch?!?! You were born rich, you got no story, you ain't got nothing, you're trash.

  • Tits Child

    it's all about buyin shit designed by french and italian people..i gotta put money in the white man's pocket, then brag about it to all of my own people and talk down to them like 'yeaaaa 2 chaiiiiinz yall mad cuz u aint got these cool jeans and this badass watch SWAG' look at for that 'based on a d.o.c.k.e.r.s. story' droppin winter 2013

  • Tits Child

    i like tru religion jeans so much im going to talk about them on every song..next year it will be all about levis so look out for that "based on a l.e.v.i story" droppin summer 2013, 2 chaaaaaaaiiiinnz

  • richryne

    im drunk n high at the same time, drinkin champange on a airplane

  • Anonymous

    Simple, but very effective. Great idea.

  • Anonymous

    I'm actually suprised. This is discreet, yet dope. Expected some mean-muggin' poser shit.

  • Anonymous

    Oh cause his name is...2 chainz... so theres....2 chains on the...album...ohhh....thas so witty...thas so like...deep....his name is 2 chainz....theres...2 chains on his album cover...thas like....so deep...

  • Anonymous

    "I believe this album cover is successful in its simplicity and an adequate cover for his DEBUT album" It's simplicity is atrocious, but since it's his debut, what the hell.

  • Anonymous

    WHERE FAFUQ is Mr Flamboyant and Alf Capone deze days anyway?

  • Anonymous

    Not that album coveres matter that much, but this cover is terrible...

  • Mr.west

    G.O.O.D. Music cruel summer album snippets http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Bjsb7rHvDlE

  • amirhossssein

    next to MBDTF's cover (all of them) its worst cover ever

    • ^


    • Anonymous

      Your ignorance only demonstrates how much you know about art. There is something called artistic expression, and perhaps you may not have been in the target demographic of people who would appreciate Kanye's album covers for MBDTF, but understand there is. It has been well known that he went to college to study art, and he is now incorporating that into his music. It is like how most people do not understand abstract art and because of that believe it to be bad. My guess is that you DO NOT live in a metropolitan area or have not visited a museum outside of a class trip for school. In order to dislike something, you must learn it. P.S. 2 Chainz, while I may not necessarily be too fond of his music, I believe this album cover is successful in its simplicity and an adequate cover for his DEBUT album.

  • amirhossssein

    worst cover ever?? yeah?

  • truth

    I know 2 Chainz got some fans on this forum, but he is trash lyrically. I know I'm not the only one that thinks he sounds retarded shouting "2 Chainz!" before he starts spitting. Yeah it sounds like I'm hating, but it amazes me how him, Waka Flocka, Gucci, Rick Ross, Meek Mill etc make so much money for the same ol simple lyrics about money, hoes, and crimes they probably never committed.

    • truth

      I'm not saying that the cover is wack or dope. What I was saying is that 2 Chainz, Titty Boi, whatever he calls himself, is garbage lyrically; even people like you 'Sweetdick' can't say he isn't. What us 'hatin muthaf***' want from 2 Chainz, Waka Flocka, Gucci, Rick Ross, etc is to hear good, clever, diverse music, not the same money, hoes, and fake thuggin' they talk about in EVERY song. Heck, even if that's all they rap about, at least stand out from all the other rappers. But like I've said before, you can't really hate on them so much; the quality of the fans has gone down so much, ignorant trash is what most people want to hear nowadays.

    • Sweetdickj

      Damn there are ALWAYS hella hatin ass muthafuckas on this website..The cover is dope! What else was it supposed to be, him standing next to some bitches or something...What the fuck do you guys want...Or him behind some fucking turntables or something...Fucking Squares! Not gonna say he's the best rapper, but one of the best comebacks as of late, I thought this guy was fucking done with a name like Titty Boi, but somebody smart got in his ear and told him if he wants to blow, change the fucking name.....

    • Anonymous

      Exactly like ^^ said. Can't put the blame on aformentioned artist for trying to make some money though. If getting a few ten / hundred stacks worth it them to be a well-known clown for years, then be it. The best part of the story that 99% of those guys will blow that money in a minute, so the result is always the same: being broke again and being clowns still.

    • ^^

      Blame the music industry and the people who buy the music.

  • iamhiphop

    Why am I not surprised by this album cover? This album will be wack anyways. 2Chainz suck ass.

  • youngsta

    2 chainz is an old ass nigga trying to be young. nigga u 35! be the old nigga you are. his career started way too late. no lie is his only good song and that was because drake was on it. i don't see this album selling six digits in the first week. and that's one of the worst album covers ever.

  • Mortis

    What the fuck happened to 1 chain?

  • Anonymous

    What a surprise...his album has 2 chains on it! HA!

  • Anonymous

    hes never gonna top that mixtape cover of him pissing in the urinal



  • yooooo

    theverbalist.bandcamp.com check out this mixtape its dope!

  • Anonymous

    I see this album struggling to sell 375,000 copies total. Depends on the hype. He seems to be in demand, but I wonder how many know or remember him from Playaz Circle.



  • dentaldamboy

    It would be amusing if 2 Chainz shot Jay Z and J. Cole and then turned himself in. 3 wack rappers with one stone.

  • Anonymous

    Parallel park as I'm ghost riding black diamonds I'm racial profiling I'm so fly man I need a co-pilot So i might let ya dumb hoe drive it pull her hair gotta admit i love rough sex dropped out I never passed a drug test Ya know my lingo baby lets Mingle! so i gotta thousand dollar worth of singles I got racks in the cargo of my camos thick still won't give em a god damn lifes a gamble so i had to make a bet these ain't air max but i can make a trek they took me out the street but it still in me I've been selling work since we had bill clinton Im the voice of the streets so they still listen on the back of the milk carton still missing

  • Anonymous

    2Chains is entertaining as hell, He definitely talks about the same south stuff but puts his twist on it.

  • Anonymous

    Wow...this is the new era. 2chainz really does go hard. I dont know how they do it where u from, but he killin the streets in da south bruh. There is no cure a haterz!

  • ClassAMG

    TRAYVON MARTIN SAMPLED BEAT (JUSTICE 4 TRAYVON MARTIN) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t4oBijNymCI please follow twitter @Classamg Lets get Justice 4 Trayvon Martin.....

  • C.C waterbound

    he's too materialistic for my taste and personally i feel like he wont be around for no more than 3 years IF he can keep his current buzz up for the remainder of this year. i mean for god's sake's we need to incorporate information and messages in these lyrics to distribute them to the masses and if he was smart he would've stayed independent.

  • stabler420

    He ain't the most talented for sure. He is entertaining though. A lot of the shit he says make you wanna chuckle. I think if he works hard and keeps doin his thing he will grow into something much bigger.

  • Alf Capone

    i dont get yall niggas sometimes. i try. i listen to this nigga and i try to see what it is certain people see in him. there is nothin special to this niggas music. there is nothing stimulating about his music. it is that same old bullshit. yall niggas know what i mean by that same old bullshit

    • Mr Flamboyant

      No. You respect the architect and call this shit for what it is...WACK! He's literally talking about nothing and doing it in a kindergarten way. This nigga is trash like 95% of the mufuckas out now. It's the same old bullshit like Alf Capone said. Fuck niggas look like respecting some gatdamn garbage, you clown? Exactly...a gatdamn clown just like you are. In the golden era, niggas like this would get slapped and couldn't stand a chance of being on. Now due to the foolishness of this wack ass industry, anyone can get on and not only get on...be co-signed nationwide due to promotion and whatever monies are paid under the table. It's disgusting. Just flat out say it. The nigga is wack and makes wack music. Done deal.

    • Maaannn

      Respect people for who they are. He's not tryna be the most lyrical, or most complex, or the most stimulating. He just a real nigga having fun and makin money. He's an entertainer. I ride to his mix tape. Its dope. The beats are dope, he saying some real shit, and his features were hot. When I listen to his shit , its just to give me a hood vibe when I'm riding.......nothing more, nothing less. Just listen to his shit with an open mind, instead of comparing him to people

  • Anonymous


  • GOONhoodMAN


  • truth

    the new people he talkin bout is the taylor gang...the producers and of course wiz himself and those tracks are gonna be fire

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