Tyler, the Creator Explains Getting Choked By Gucci Mane's Bodyguard And His "Dykes" Line Aimed At MC Lyte

During an interview with DJ Drama, Tyler says the exchange with Gucci Mane's bodyguard "wasn't as crazy at it seemed" and that his rhyme about MC Lyte "was a joke."

In early March, streetwear brand The Hundreds threw an invite only party to celebrate the release of their collaborative watch with Casio/G-Shock. A performance by the event’s headliner, Gucci Mane, was highlighted by Odd Future’s Tyler, the Creator being choked and thrown into the crowd by someone from Gucci’s security detail. In a recent interview with DJ Drama, Tyler—a frequent stage diver—didn’t seem phased by the incident.  

“The security for the venue was already pissed at me—they choked me out until they realized it was me,” Tyler explained. “They were like, ‘I’m sorry.’ Then I went back in that motherfucker. And then Gucci and his people told me to just come onstage. But they didn’t let his security guard nigga know. So when I jumped onstage, they thought I was just some random nigga going on stage. So the nigga got me by the neck and picked me up and threw me. I landed on my feet…it wasn’t as crazy as it seemed.”

Other topics covered by Drama and Odd Future included their new album, their show “Loiter Squad” and a possible collabortion with Pop star, Justin Bieber. Another subject was the track “Rella,” which featured Tyler rhyming, “Let’s get it poppin’ like MC Lyte around some dykes.” Lyte gave an exclusive response to HipHopDX in March. And upon hearing Lyte’s response, Tyler gave his reasoning behind the lyric.

“I don’t know if she’s gay or not,” Tyler added. “It was a joke. But if she took offense, so be it…I’m not gonna apologize, but I didn’t mean for her feelings to get hurt. Usually people in that position, you’d think they would laugh it off and go on with their day. But I guess she caught feelings. I didn’t mean to do that, but whatever.”

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  • Anonymous

    this guy says alot of really dumb things, which dumb people tend to do.


    TYLER is a pretty chill guy but when people talk shit on him he could be a bitch to u guys or when u guys through water bottles at him...... bruno mars is a fuken faget nd i hate his music too just like TYLER THE CREATOR ITS ALL ABOUT OFWGKTA

  • Anonymous

    all u guys instead of liking tyler u guys like young money they are fucken gay all they talk about is money and bitches giving them head but wat tyler talks about is sluty ass bitches giving head any body can get more money than young money :0

  • Anonymous

    i used to like tyler then i thought he was retarded now i like him again, because hes retarded

  • Yupdawg

    I don't give a fuck about the people who don't give a fuck

  • NatTurner2k

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uacBbHU_mHk He better realize who he is dealing with. Here is a history lesson for u new jacks! Siisssyyyy!!!!!

  • The Don Robinson

    That nigga got gorilla gripped

  • Anonymous

    fuck tyler support real hip hop not this garbage

  • Anonymous

    "Fuck that shit, I get money, my bills are paid and my sex life is fine" Sleeping with your mom doesn't count

  • Fabo

    The Niggas that don't like OF are the ones that like Young Money Fucking Young Money Fags Drake Dick Suckers Wayne Dick humpers

  • Anonymous

    still dont care for his music all that much (some of stuff is dope) but as an entertainer tyler gets two thumbs up....

  • ppsq

    i honestly DONT like tyler or odd future one bit, but if there is one group that can bring the raw lyrics of the underground to mainstream, it's them

    • yo

      btw i love OF i just know this isnt even the same type of music as common, mos def, krs one, gangstarr, rakim. whether or not you feel like tyler bit older people, his sound is completely original in my opinion

    • yo

      haha i thought slaughterhouse before i even finished the sentence. OF is kid shit right now. Mac Miller is kid shit right now. OF will probably mature past this stage and make some crazy shit. tylers only 21. Mac miller tho. I see him being like wayne in the future

    • SH?

      ummm I would def. go with Slaughterhouse if your going to say that..

  • Internet Hater

    DURR IM A HATER ON THE INTERNET, EVEN DOE THESE ARTIST ARE MAKING WAY MORE & FUCKING WAY MORE BITCHES THAN ME I GOTTA HATE EM. Yall Niggas Trippy. You Can Have A Valid Reason To Not Like An Artist But Why Hate Em If You Dont Even Know Them Personally? Why?

    • Anonymous

      There on TV, it comes with the job, if they didnt want opinions they wouldnt put themselves out there like that, especially not acting like overgrown children and talking shit about legends This generation is so pussy..... "Wow, Tyler the creator went on stage wearing a mini skirt, dancing the Funky Chicken and sang "I'm a lil Tea Pot", but he gettin that money and them bitches tho tho!!!!" Fuck that shit, I get money, my bills are paid and my sex life is fine, I dont give a fuck how rich he is or who he layin puipe to, he's in the public eye acting like an idiot, I call em how I see Em, live with it or kill yourself, either one is fine with me

  • Anonymous

    Why MC Lytes gives a fuck about Tyler? He's just a wack rapper with a wack rap name.


    TRAYVON MARTIN SAMPLED BEAT (JUSTICE 4 TRAYVON MARTIN) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t4oBijNymCI please follow twitter @Classamg Lets get Justice 4 Trayvon Martin.....

  • Anonymous

    I can't stand Drake but I won't deny his talent. I just wish people would do the same with Tyler. The kid has mad talent. If you don't like his style or lyrics so be it. But to call him garbage is going over the top.

  • Anonymous

    To bad when the security guard threw him off stage he didint land on his neck and die. Fucking fagboi and his fans can suck a big dick

    • m.a

      "fuckboi", lol nigga are we in 2001?? and aight u can hate on his music.. thats normal.. but u gotta be one bitch ass nigga to wish death upon a nigga jus livin his dreams

    • Kuto Kende

      finally someone with some sense these fuckers should die especially Tyler he sucks so bad he'll do ANYTHING to stay relevant let em come out here where i live in Africa so i can stick the AK up his ass and empty the whole clip :)

    • Anonymous

      Dw Anon#2, He probably loves chewing on waynes joint. Fuckboi

    • Anonymous

      Because, its my thoughts fuckboi. You a fucking fag. What you love chewing on tylers dick?

    • Anonymous

      Why do people talk like this?

  • Anonymous

    I dont understand why she cared either, I mean consider the source, its tyler the creator, who gives a fuck what he thinks about anything, lol

    • DMX

      ^^^^^^ "Yo, Lyte rhymes with Dykes" lololololol You're right man, Lil Wayne's voice is so annoying, what people see in that!?

    • Anonymous

      ^^^^^^ No I equally hate Young Money as much as Odd Future Lil Wayne looks like a faggot and has the voice of a retarded gremlin Drake is a G Rated Disney land knock off of Joe Budden with his Emo "Cry me a river" bullshit Nicki Minaj is a generic Lady Gaga impersonator And Tyler the creator is an overgrown 12 year old skateboarding weirdo who isnt talented enough to write decent lyrics, I bet he was like "Yo, Lyte rhymes with Dykes, AWESOME DUDE!!!!"

    • Anonymous

      whatever son. but i bet if someone says something hurtful about any young money artist, you would catch a feeling. Tyler is just an out of control punk kid who needs a serious reality check. is he going to be immature for the rest of his life?

  • mgruppe.com


  • joe

    its kool to know gucci voted themoneylesson.com

  • sam uk

    seem like some affable gents

  • Anonymous

    Let someone throw a line using Tyler's name like "let's get stuck like a man up in Tyler's butt" & see if he take it as a joke. Disrespectful prick.

    • Anonymous

      Saying a negative thing about someone regardless is disrespectful. You muthafuckas these days don't know shit I swear. Just because he said something as a joke she's suppose to laugh at it? That shit's hurtful regardless. Not jus tthat for a dude that hates gays, or atleast talks about how he hates gays, he sure has some day shit (Rella) and his DJ is a homo (Syd). Dude got 0 room to talk. I like Tyler and shit, but I thikn dudes a lil fruity or atleast confused.

    • sayed

      he's not disrespectful people are easily disrespected have a sense of humor

    • Alf Capone

      nigga probably wouldnt care at all. nigga is still a goofy fuck tho. its not often someone can make gucci man look intelligent but scroll up and look at that pic at the top

    • Rapfan

      he actually probally would laugh pretty hard at that

  • Burmy

    I wish Gucci had been convicted of that murder charge back in '05...hip-hop would be in a much better state.

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