Snoop Dogg "Stoners" EP Tracklist

UPDATE: Snoop Dogg enlists Tha Dogg Pound, Hustle Boyz, Chris Starr and Indastree for his 10-track digital EP.

Snoop Dogg has revealed the cover art, features and production for his upcoming Stoners EP, releasing digitally on April 20th.

The 10-track project, which comes on the heels of Snoop's recent leak "Stoner's Anthem," features guest appearances from Tha Dogg Pound, Hustle Boyz, Chris Starr and Indastree. Production on the EP is courtesy of Battlecat, 1500 Or Nothin', Josef Leimberg and more.

Tha Doggfather is simultaneously recording his upcoming twelfth solo album Reincarnated, which he previously said would show a more "loving, caring" side of himself.

"It's a project where it's more about the element of surprise, but at the same time it'll be talked about in due time," Snoop said. "It's special; it's a real special project to me because it's like the reincarnation and the birth of me becoming who I really am...I never really knew who I was through the music. I was always a very peaceful, kind, loving, caring individual and making music to symbolize that sometimes never was my key."


[April 3]

UPDATE: The tracklist has been revealed for Stoners EP, releasing April 20th. Production comes courtesy of Battlecat, Terrace Martin, 1500 or Nothin', Josef Leimberg and Snoop's production alter ego Niggaracci, who produces on "Breathe It In."


1. Snoop Dogg - 1st We Blaze It Up
2. Snoop Dogg - Stoner's Anthem
3. Snoop Dogg - Show You How A Gangsta Do
4. Tha Dogg Pound - Make It Hot (ft. Snoop Dogg)
5. Snoop Dogg - Breathe It In
6. Snoop Dogg - It's Gettin' Harder (Interlude)
7. Chris Starr - Weekend Lovers
8. Ndastree - Need It In My Life
9. Snoop Dogg - Really Wanna Be With You
10. Hustle Boyz - Can You Take Me (ft. Snoop Dogg)


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    Snoop's charisma is so incredible that he can put out whatever kind of music and it still sounds good. 20 years in da game and still relevant and still gettin' that check. Mad respect fo' Big Snoop Dogg!

  • Anonymous

    fucking stupid lp.

  • Anonymous

    Snoop Dogg R.I.P. 1992/1993 it was a hell of a run you first and only dope album Doggstyle although i think it was a little commercial for me.

  • Anonymous

    from gangster rapper to poprapper. so sad. Wack lyrics about smoking weed lol. How many times he is gonna make songs about smoking weed. How old are you Snoop 45 years?

    • ETK

      the fuck does age matter? he's got cash flowing out his ass, he probably doesn't need to work for the rest of his life. I'd be chillin on weed too.

  • da1

    Didn't snoop do a song with that wack ass boy band Big Time Rush. He'll work with anyone for some money.

  • Jason27

    I think everyone wants to see Snoop end his career on a high note. Though I feel like a lot of people have lost patience and totally understandable. He's lost his hunger.

  • Quest

    Snoop 50yr old rapper still rapping abt smoking weed all day damn somethings never change, yet he got a song about change someday he needs to do Doggystyle 2: The Second Round with Dr Dre, Battlecat & Daz on production to reclaim his relevance in hip hop or else go work @ a dogghouse watching dogs

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    Damn get off Snoop. The man is in his 40's yuo cant expect him to rap the way he did in his 20's. Its about growth people he has a family...smh. Kids these days

    • Anonymous

      Plus its not like you listen to the radio...smh

    • Anonymous

      If he wants to put out wack music for the rest of his life he has that right. He has done enough in rap and hip hop to do what the fuck he wanna do.

    • wer

      well he can stop with rapping if he aint that good as he used to be instead of poluting the airwaves with his garbage music

  • Anonymous

    He once was my favourite, but today i wouldnt be suprised if we find out he collabed with bieber

  • Anonymous

    Snoop went from one of the better rappers from the 90's to a wackass poprapper. Dude can only rhyme about weed. R.I.P. Snoop 1992/1993

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    Battlecat on production is always good, but the stoner theme is PLAYED OUT

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    Snoop's always on that cool shit

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      i dont give a fuck if u like da nigga. his music is wack as fuck nowadays. tell dat nigga go do a song with justin bieber. sell out ass nigga

    • DutchWeazel

      What else do you want from DPG? I like their Smoke/Chill/Fun/Gangster shit. Why should I wanna hear Snoop rap about the pyramids in Egypt, or let him talk the stars and the moon, gods & earth. I like about 85% of Snoop Dogg's songs Let that man do whatever he wants to do As long as he keep putting out that LA shit

  • DutchWeazel

    Tha Dogg Pound and Battlecat, sounds good 2 me.

    • Snoop Can Die

      Read the Title

    • DutchWeazel

      When I have more than 300+ damn dope tracks from an artist, in my book he's good Hell, for all the things Snoop did in/for Hip Hop you should/could cald him a legend. But in 1 thing you where right about, he makes trash, yup The man can create trash, but that shit is for the radio/tv, and thats trash in its purest form Maybe the reason he's still kinda rellevant, dont you think? When the US get tired of Snoop, he's the man in Japan, when they get tired of him, he's the man in Amsterdam etc etc As long as he (also) can create dope shit, im not gonna hate on Snoop

    • Alf Capone

      snoop gets by on reputation alone now

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