Scott Storch Sued By Singer For Allegedly Being Too "Drugged Out" To Produce Album

Scott Storch's well-documented drug problem rears its ugly head in the courtroom.

Scott Storch, who in the late 2000s was one of the most sought-after producers in the Hip Hop game, is now being sued by a singer who claims she paid him money to produce her album, but that Storch never delivered because of his rampant drug abuse. 

TMZ reports that aspiring singer Treena Ruberg agreed to pay Storch $45,000 in October 2011 for six songs, $30,000 of which was paid up front.

The lawsuit claims that Storch "continued to have a drug addiction and other personal problems which rendered him incapable of producing any recordings," despite the producer stating he was now "cured of his past problem" with drugs.

Ruberg is suing for the $30,000, in addition to $70,000 for out-of-pocket expenses including plane flights, studio time, and having to hire another producer.

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  • Anonymous

    Scott is a loser for many things including taking coke and losing so much from receiving a chance for being a recognized producer. Its a seriously bad look on the entire music production industry and those amateur talented producers who are having a difficult time achieving that type of stardom because most artists and labels want free beats these days. As for her (the singer) she was dumb enough to give him the money and should of watched his track record from blowing $30 million before on coke in 6 months which almost made him broke. I don't feel sorry for either one of them because she could of chosen another producer who's striving for success.

  • Assassin221

    That's some sad shit but I still want to hear the other side. I mean, did he really just not deliver the beats at all? Was she just not feeling whatever he cooked up? I mean damn, how hard can it be for a guy who's been doing it since the 90s to make six tracks?

  • imeafk

    i wish this guy was sober and made music... he is an icon for producers. His beats are flawless... Whatever.

  • Anonymous

    $30,000 for a coke head must seem like a million. If she has proof she paid him up front then it's a slam dunk, but alot of these aspiring singers are naive. I bet there was no paperwork, and I bet if he was still ridin high off the drugs, banged her a few times, then said there's the door.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah those were probably some c grade beats for some mothafucka nobodys heard from and to get this coke head to do a few tracks it would make her feel like a celebrity.Scott storch I got that raw Nigga but I need 6 tracks maybe he would of got the job done if he was payed in coke instead of

  • the_observer

    $30 000 for six tracks???? damn, has Scott Storch fallen that low???? this nigga need to reunite with Dre, and help him on Detox with some more melodic piano loops - make millions again not $30 000 a beat for a producer with such an impressive resume

  • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      Man if you want your shit to be nice, you get a good producer. Scott Storch still got it, he's just a coke head. You gotta realize just because you got a dream and a hustle, don't mean it's gonna pan out and it's easy. Shit you get what you pay for though, a $70 THOUSAND studio is gonna sound like shit ya mean. Low quality shit, will make a low quality product.

    • Anonymous

      LMFAO!!!!! Give me 70K and watch my foot work! pussy! you obviously have no heart, hustle or motivation in your blood.. you can kill yourself now..

    • Anonymous

      Are you serious? $70, 000 isn't going to cover the costs of building and maintaining a recording studio you jackass! You must be 12 years old

  • The One

    Scott needs to overdose. Get er done Scotty!

  • Anonymous

    When ur bored and got money to blow .........



    • fdsa

      u cant sue ppl for being high dumb ass lol like if u pay someone to do something and their drunk or high and csnt do the job rite than u can just sue for your money back lol.i think hes used to recording with rappers who dont care what your on lol

    • staxx

      I was saying the same thing to myself. So she telling us that if he never got pinched a lil while back for possesion then this lawsuit would have no basis. She reachin'.

  • Jackson

    He should change his name to Scott "Snortch."

  • Mitch 3K

    Meh, people like Storch are just weak , I did drugs, including Coke, all through college and when I got a job that does random drug testing, I quit everything because the money is more important You have people who do drugs and then you have people who let the drugs do them, and storch falls into the latter category, he likes the high more then he likes success I dont feel bad for him tho, if he wanted to quit, he could quit, dont give me that "Addiction is a disease " bullshit because its a cop out. Cancer is a disease, this idiot just needs to get his priorities in order

  • Anonymous

    i believe it, scott says hes cured but we all kno wats really good, cocaine is a hell of a drug

  • Anonymous

    keep it wavey!

  • Rick James

    Soft little bitch. I made classics sniffing! Lil kids don't have the pair of nuts that were given to him! I'm Rick James, bitch!

  • Anonymous

    storch used to charge 500k a beat!!! man he fell off big time

  • Anonymous

    Scott Storch is a living example of why you should stick to weed and leave the cocaine alone if youre gonna do drugs.

  • Anonymous

    Storch used to get over 45k PER beat. smh

  • Passages Malibu

    Damn. Now you know, that ain't right.

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