The Kickdrums Release Teaser Of "Ridin'" Featuring A$AP Rocky & Lana Del Rey

A$AP Rocky and Lana Del Rey lend their talents to a track for The Kickdrums.

A$AP Rocky and Lana Del Rey have teamed up for the track "Ridin'" off of The Kickdrums' upcoming mixtape Follow the Leaders, releasing tomorrow (April 3rd) on

The track features a flute-driven beat complemented by pattering drums and a chopped and screwed vocal. Lana Del Rey leads the cut with a half-rap, half-sung verse, throwing it to the Harlem, New York rapper for a few brief bars.

Back in January, A$AP shared his love for LDR, telling Complex about the song in question. "I have a song with Lana, she sent me something through to do. But let’s talk about how I have a crush on her. [Laughs.] Tell her I’m in love with her lips." 

Preview the track ahead of the mixtape's release.

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  • yeah

    the song's not even on the tape, they had to pull it before it came out because it apparently got "too big, too fast" and Rocky wants it for his album. I want to hear the whole thing. The dude said he didn't know about this until 30 mins before the tape released, which sounds kind of sketchy but whatever. Guess i'll just have to wait.

    • anon

      yeah it's pretty shitty that had to happen, it doesn't really make sense though, i think the KickDrums had it planned out though. 30 mins before the tape's released, yet the tracklist art doesn't even have the song listed. I doubt they had enough time to call up the graphic designer or whoever made the tracklist to change it. It was probably planned like that all along and it was most likely just previewed to get downloads for the mixtape. The Rockie Fresh song on it is pretty dope though.

    • Anonymous

      damn thats some lame shit, put out a snippet of the song saying its coming out tomorrow then hold that shit back for your album

  • johnwill

    Sounds kinda dope actually. Can't wait to hear full release of this.

  • Pretty Moffo

    ASAP! I hope Rocky blows up. We need more original MCs like him to do it big and bring back hip hop.

  • Jay

    Lana sounds horny af, its a dope track tho

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