Kendrick Lamar & Dr. Dre Discuss "The Recipe," Reveal Scrapped Song Title

Kendrick Lamar and Dr. Dre team up for the former's new single.

Earlier this morning, Kendrick Lamar and Dr. Dre spoke with Power 106 LA’s Big Boy to discuss the new single “The Recipe.” Before debuting the track, K. Dot and Dre revealed that the previous title for the song was “Women, Weed & Weather,” inspired by the three necessities of a West Coast lifestyle.

“Old title was ‘Women, Weed & Weather,” said Dre, who called in to the show. “That’s the three things you need in life. ‘The Recipe’ is when you mix it all up,” added Kendrick.

The cut, produced by Scoop Deville, features Dre on first verse duties before Kendrick steps in and finishes up. Dre admits that Kendrick wrote the lyrics for the song, and that “they fell in love with it” once they recorded it in the studio.

“This track was done by a guy named Scoop Deville, and we just went into the studio and added our elements to it. I mixed it up. Kendrick wrote the words. It came together and we fell in love with it,” said Dre.

The song is expected to appear on Kendrick’s upcoming Aftermath/Interscope/TDE debut, Good Kid in a Mad City. Listen to the interview below (via HHNM).

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  • D

    Where the hell are the stupid comments by so icy boi?!?is he dead? I thought this was a dre beat and just the thought made it even better-guess i am still riding even though i hate the Way he treats the Fans wirh that detox lie

  • tizzlybear

    Excuse me,still don't* like...

  • tizzlybear

    Man I could care less if Detox comes out I just hope he let's Kendrick put something out. He has a huge fanbase and has been delivering quality music on a consistent basis. I just hope they don't make a bunch of incredible records that only exist in post like these. Hopefully Kendrick made a deal that guarantees his albums comes out in a timely matter sort of how Drake did his deal with YMCMB. Dre is notorious for signing artists and making albums with them that just end up in a vault. I still like that Stat Quo had over 300 songs from Dre and eminem that will never see the light of day. Same for Bishop Lamont, GAGE, and all the other artist formerly on Aftermath minus Game that actually got albums out

  • Anonymous

    tune is dope as fuck how can u hate?

  • Anonymous

    dr dres like quincy jones, hes and old guy but hes still in the game composing and doing things giving light to new talent. nobody knows if detox will come out but if it does it will go platinum because at the end of the day everybody who is interested in hip hop has listened to dre at some point whether they knew it or not

  • Anonymous

    they should have scrapped THE SONG

  • Anonymous

    Dre is lazy nowadays. He don't write songs and don't make beats.

  • No Homo

    Are Kendrick and Dre dating or something?

  • Jason

    so this kid is like the son Dre always wanted is that it? or he reminds him of himself.

  • Mike

    Good chemistry, reminds me of old Game X Dre

  • faj

    so wait.....dre not only doesnt make lyrics...but he barely ever produces either now. What is he? I heard the hey young world song that they showed on here a while ago and it was banging..vintage dre. Where is that? Someone else produced I need a doctor...someone else produced the song he did on games album. Now someone else produced this song. So i guess hes just a name nowadays

  • Lil Loc

    Dre made some funky music back in the days... but I don't know much about this Kendrick though.

  • hhmayhem

    Download and Stream Kendrick Lamar ft. Dr. Dre "The Recipe"

  • Anonymous

    whats the point of putting this nigga on your songs if you gotta write his verses? and he didnt even make the beat

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