Silkk The Shocker Reacts To Mystikal's Cash Money Signing, Compares C-Murder's Case To Trayvon Martin

Exclusive: One-third of TRU shares his feelings on Mystikal joining Cash Money Records and discusses the documentary about the handling of his big brother's murder case.

Lil Boosie’s trial for first-degree murder begins on April 30th. He is facing a mandatory life sentence if found guilty.
If the Baton Rouge reality rapper’s case goes anything like his Louisiana brethren C-Murder’s has in recent years, fans may be faced with the permanent loss of another powerful voice in Southern Hip Hop to either the careless disregard for human life that it takes to pull that trigger or the unethical, unspoken code of conduct many believe some members of our criminal justice system have secretly swore to uphold.

New Orleans native Vyshonn King Miller, p/k/a Silkk The Shocker, is taking to task the latter in his forthcoming self-produced documentary examining the alleged railroading of his big brother C-Murder, Conviction By Name.

The documentary is only part of Silkk’s 2012 itinerary, as the baby-faced baby brother of Master P is also in the midst of a musical revival, having scrapped his stutter-step delivery that drew the ire of No Limit Records critics during the label’s late ‘90s commercial peak for his new offerings like the lead single, “Get Stupid” to his upcoming comeback album, Game Changer.

On Thursday (March 29th), the still shockingly youthful looking 36-year-old gave what some may find to be a shockingly mature interview to HipHopDX about his revived career and his steadfast conviction that his brother should have never been convicted of shooting a 16-year-old, Steve Thomas, during an argument in a nightclub 10 years ago. Older and wiser, the COO of the recently re-launched No Limit label (now known as No Limit Forever, which is being co-operated by Silkk’s nephew, Romeo Miller) also took a quick moment during his discussion with DX to revisit some No Limit past, including the beef between the label that has sold more than 75 million records and their onetime crosstown rival (and how the friction between those two label’s leaders prevented Silkk from even being able to shake hands with Lil Wayne). The aspiring director (who is currently constructing a script for Hot Boyz 2) also shared his thoughts on former fellow No Limit soldier Mystikal joining the Cash Money army. But the crux of his conversation was attempting to sway the skeptical as to why anyone should believe C-Murder is, according to Silkk, “a poster child for the innocent.”

HipHopDX: I wanna start off with a question I’ve been wanting to know the answer to for 14 years. Were you personally offended at all when Mystikal spit on your #1 smash single “It Ain’t My Fault,” “I might not be nothing to you, but I’m the shit on this label”? Because as much as that was a slick middle-finger to critics who didn’t think No Limit had spitters, it also struck me as a kind of knock on the rest of the label’s lineup, like Mystikal was saying that there were no other No Limit soldiers anywhere near his level.   

Silkk The Shocker: [Laughs] It’s funny ‘cause I thought about it like that. But then if you feel like you are, then you are. So I didn’t never trip on it. I thought it was like a big-up to the company, but then a lot of people said [what you’re saying]. But I didn’t never get caught up into it. So it never really was a bother to me.      

DX: Now you know there’s an automatic follow-up, I gotta get your thoughts on Mystikal signing to Cash Money. What was your reaction when you first heard the news?
Silkk The Shocker: I just think, man, at the end of the day do what’s best for you. And do what’s best for your career, do what’s best for your life. And if he thought that was it, then that’s it. The decision is about yourself. And actually, I think Cash Money [Records] is doing they thing.

I wish [Mystikal] well, because he is a cool guy and I got a lot of respect and love for him. I know he made the best decision for himself and so I don’t have no problem with it.

DX: I was personally shocked that Mystikal would ever do business with Birdman, especially after the beef between Cash Money and No Limit back in the day. Speaking of, how serious was that friction between P and Baby back then? Because when I spoke to Mannie Fresh last fall he revealed that “the two heads of those labels was the people that was beefin’. The artists were never beefin’.”

Silkk The Shocker: Yeah. I never thought it was a problem. I’m on [Master] P’s side and he never explained [how his beef with Birdman started]. I’m sure he maybe had like a few words about [Birdman] … but they grew up together, so I don’t know how that [relationship between them] was. But as far as the artists on the labels amongst each other, I don’t think it ever was a problem.

I liked what Cash Money was doing. I always thought everybody was talented. I think people got caught up into the fact that we’re from the same city. But I gave everybody props and respect. If any brother is getting they money and making it happen, then that’s what it is.

I would say I’m guilty of it as well somewhat though, because [during the time that] all the stuff was going on I actually had a chance to say “What’s up” to the homie Lil Wayne and we both was kinda like – nobody wanted to say “What’s up.” But me and him had no problems, because I know that he got love for us and we got love for they team. I’d be lying to you if I tell you I don’t play they music. And I think it’d be the same way too if they tell you they never played a No Limit song.

So, at the end of the day we just gotta be men and everybody get they money and make stuff happen. That’s the page I’m on, everything else doesn’t exist to me. That’s how I live my life.

DX: Well let’s switch gears here to a difficult subject but one I know you wanna talk about: the documentary that you’re about to release on your brother, C-Murder. Did you actually go into Angola to film him?

Silkk The Shocker: No, but we got some footage on him [where] he’s in Angola. But everything else is all like evidence.

I’m not a person who talks about this much because I know that people will say, “Well that’s his brother, of course he thinks he’s innocent.” But I don’t think that way, because I personally think that if you guilty you just gotta go do the time. And when my brother [Kevin Miller was shot and killed] I felt like give the person who killed my brother a thousand years. And if my brother was guilty, give him a thousand years.

But, what I realized is the same thing as Trayvon [Martin]. Stuff gets brushed under the rug so easily. And New Orleans [Police are] bad for this, man. So I know that C is a poster child for the innocent.    

People are rallying behind him because they’re locking up young Black men on a plea bargain. Like, if I catch you I’m gonna make this crime stick to you because you don’t have enough money to fight with the system. Then they tell you I’ma give you 100 years but I’ll give you 10 years if you plea bargain. As a man I’ma be like, “If I’ma lose and get the 100, I might as well plea out and get the 10.”

So, what I’m saying to you about my brother is this right here: forget about he’s my brother for a second, what they are doing to him is just wrong. And the fact of the matter is that they could do it to you or me. I pick you up, I put a whole bunch of witnesses that don’t exist, I get a judge that doesn’t like me, I get 12 white jurors that hate the name C-Murder, and that’s the problem that we have. Forget he’s my brother for a second, I’m fighting more for [this] to be stopped in our community. And that’s why I think [fighting for justice in] the Trayvon case is a must because they are just sweeping stuff up under the rug.

And it’s not a Black or White thing, but I’m speaking for the Black side of it right now because I’m watching young dudes, 15 years old, getting 30, 40, 50 years and they are literally innocent. And that’s what my brother’s situation is.

Yeah, his name is C-Murder and all that, but the average person doesn’t know how they did him. How they railroaded him. And I just wanna put the facts out there to where it helps the next person down the line. That’s what it’s really about, man.

DX: Well you know I gotta play devil’s advocate here … I think a lot of unbiased observers were willing to believe your brother might be innocent of that murder until that surveillance footage surfaced via a few years ago of C opening fire into a nightclub entryway during a previous incident. How do you contextualize that against what you’re saying, when there’s actual video footage of him doing something that reckless and dangerous?

Silkk The Shocker: And I would tell you this: I’d say you’re right on point with that. And what I would also tell you is that the guy who did that is a different guy from the case that he’s on now. C took the time on that case. He talked to all of us and was like, “Man, I’m sick of getting in trouble. I got my three daughters. I’m trying to do the right thing.” He didn’t even fight that. He said, “You know what? As a man, give me what you wanna give me for this. I understand that. Five years later I’m a different dude with three kids and I wanna do the right thing.”

But those are two different cases. And you can’t try a person on a different case because of what they did in the past. I get the fact that people say, “Well if he could do that [he could conceivably kill somebody].” But the guy who did that in the club, I’m not cool with that guy there. But I so got love for the new guy that I know who didn’t do this second case. And that dude right there could change society because people look up to him.

He’s getting his degree, he’s doing everything right, he’s raising his daughter, he’s doing everything he was supposed to do as a man. He’s just getting better. And I’m fighting for that guy there.

If he did it, he would just have to be a changed man in jail. That’s how I feel about it. Like, if you killed somebody you just gotta do the time. But the fact of the matter is that he’s a good dude and he deserves to be home because he took his time for what he did do. I said to him, “Man, you did that, so guess what? You gotta make that happen.” And he did it. He did it on his own. But then, okay, after he manned up and took the plea on the first one, he was like, “I don’t wanna live this life no more, Silkk.”

He was going into that second trial while he was on that [personal] transition. And he wasn’t even worried about it. He was like, “I’ma get home, take care of my kids.” But they railroaded him – three or four times. If you gotta do all that stuff to convict a person, based on the fact of his past life or his name or whatever, that’s not fair to none of us. It can’t work like that. That’s not how the system’s supposed to work.

DX: You talk about what’s gonna happen “when C get home” on “Fast Livin’,” so let’s use that to segue to a much less heavy topic: your musical revival. You’re about to drop your first full-length in almost eight years.

Silkk The Shocker: Oh, eight years?

DX: Yeah, it’s been almost eight years since [Based on a True Story]. So the obvious question is why the comeback and why now in 2012?

Silkk The Shocker: Man! You just slapped me there. I thought it was maybe five or six years. The thing about it is though that I feel so good. I feel like it’s ’99 or something.

I thank God that he kept me in a good frame of mind, good shape. But I had to do [this comeback] when the time was right. I did it on my time. Like, I had a couple of songs that I was gonna put out but I stepped back because I was honestly so happy with what I was doing with my business game. But then I got called for a soundtrack, and it was a lot of money so I was like, “Alright, I’ll do one [song].” And I did it, and it was like the best thing that I’ve ever done. And so I just kept going.

The timing ended up being perfect because I was still doing spot shows in cities and everybody was like, “When you coming out with something new?” The fanbase was still there. And I feel like the Rap world ain’t so far along where I’m a fish out of water. I feel like my music steps right in to what’s going on right now. And this time around there’s no pressure. If I sell a million, if I sell one record, it’s whatever.

DX: It’s just weird to hear the guy who was on the label that put out an album a week talk about not rushing things. [Laughs]

Silkk The Shocker: [Laughs] You’re correct on that. And I appreciate those moments, but I also know that we didn’t take advantage of the stuff that we could have done.

And I tell people all of the time, we made a lot of money, did a lot of things, did everything you could possibly do, but at some point I wasn’t happy. Like, you gotta succeed and be able to enjoy your life too. But I was on the road for like 320 days out of the year. I would be at home for like 30 days a year. You do that for [several] years straight and you can’t enjoy it.

So I took the time off because, like I tell young people all the time, you can get the money but it doesn’t matter how much money you get if you don’t know how to keep recreating it. And I was just getting money. I didn’t know what it was for. I didn’t know what to do with it. I was just getting it. And so, I had to put myself through financial classes. I put myself through directing school. Like, I started taking time to do what I really wanted to do. I’ve directed a few movies. Stuff like that is really my passion. But now, because I feel like I’m so good at making music, I just feel like what the heck, let me get back out there.

But your point is well taken. Real talk, we did that, and we was good for that, but I wouldn’t do it now because I wanna enjoy the music more.


  • kendra jbethune

    i'm a woman silkk and my cousin corey davis would be very upset if you shot me kendra joy bethune all woman everyday of my life and my mother and father thanks i used to watch lisa standfield all woman i'm 37 and 12 months

  • slick aka smitty

    and to africa the reason dungeon family wasn t mentioned cuz he asked for artists from the south over the last 10 yrs. if you were any kind of hip hop head you d know that the dungeon's claim to fame came in the nineties and ended in the nineties. if you say that trap music, urban legend, thug motivation, recession, teflon don, and deeper than rap weren t classic albums i don t know what to tell u. the source don t matter no more so there s no such thing as certifeid classics. a magazine ain t got to tell me when its a classic. only 3 or 4 albums in the 2000 era were deemed classics face - the fix, common - be, and a few of kanye s joints and if i recall correctly common came up short on the rating. so u mean to tell me that u only heard 3 or 4 classic hip hop records in the last 10 - 12 yrs? ti, jeezy, and ross got classics. period.

  • slick aka smitty

    okay for size em up what i said was that when the word hip hop is mentioned cats such as tribe, mos, and kweli come to mind. i didn t say they weren t from ny. what are u talking about? next thing as for cats from new york being in the game for 20 yrs? what does that have to do with anything. last time i checked nas dropped in 93'. hov first joint dropped in 96'. mos, kweli, and them ain t been out for 20 yrs. jada and the lox been out since the mid nineties so they looking at 20. busta may be the only artist thats still relevant from new york who s actually been out for over 20 yrs. the south got legends too like scarface, andre 3000, bun b, and 8 ball and mjg. i m not really getting your point on that one. last but not least you want me to check out up top s underground rap scene as if to put me on something that i haven t heard. i told u im a fan homie. secondly im honest. i give everybody a chance. you mentioned them as if they re the future or something. if that s the future of uo north rap music then let me introduce you to some rappers u need to get acquainted with. big krit, yelawolf, curren$y, kill kyleon, and thats just to name a few. ya ll need a savior right now and it s going take more than the asap mob.

    • Anonymous

      Lol another south dude acting like ny ain't shit. I'm from Denver and can tell you the eastcoast will always be relevant. Westcoast niggas stepped their rhyme game up because of who? The east. The south maybe running shit but theres still fans of raw lyrics and neck snapping beats so the east is still relevant.

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  • BRAINWASHED!!!!!!!!!


  • Anonymous

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    • Gunner


    • Anonymous

      Its not my problem thats a he problem because if you up there in the north and you dont have buzz thats on you. Nobody cares about you NY niggaz anymore. Yall shit played yall sound like some over EMOTIONAL bitches. Always complainig about the south..shit is said SON!!! LOL IF YOU DONT WANT TO HEAR THE SOUTH ANYMORE THEN MAKE BETTER MUSIC ITS ABOUT COMPETITION. YALL NIGGAZ SLACKING HELL EVEN THE FEMALES ON THE EASTCOAST FUCKING WITH SOUTH SHIT. HELL SOME YALL NIGGAZ BE ON THAT SOUTH SHIT. OUR SHIT GET PLAYED ON YALL RADIO. I DONT HEAR NO EASTCOAST NIGGAZ ON THE RADIO. HELL EVEN JAY-Z DONT FUCK WITH YALL HE FUCKS WITH THE SOUTH...YALL LOST LOL SON...BEE

    • Gunner

      If you don't know who Action Bronson and "these other guys" are, that's your fucking problem. I'd rather you not know who he is personally because I'd hate to think we listen to the same shit. Some of the cats on scene in NY have BEEN on scene, pay attention. No need for brand new acts of fuckery when what we've ALWAYS HAD has been good enough. And by the way, you can keep the media. We don't need em up here.

  • Anonymous

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  • WTF

    People talking about what has the south done for hip hop yall forget about the Clipse Pharrell Missy Elliot Timbland 9th Wonder Lil game over. Ny hasn't produced a rapper in 15 years...shut the fuck up.

  • WTF

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    • Gunner

      You ever been to NY homo? Obviously not. Nobody in any burrough does any of that fag shit you just mentioned. And the audacity of you or anybody else to say NY bit off the South is fucking hilarious. You high off the stink of your own shit. And let's not even talk about city comparisons. The fattest, most unhealthiest motherfuckers on Earth are in your region, FACT. And guess what, its just as many South niggas up here looking for whatever the fuck it is their looking for as it is North niggas down there. Try and make some valid points next time. Eat a dick cornball. If you from the A you probably already did anyway, faggot.

  • slick aka smitty

    man im so tired of you ny dick riders with all this hip hop talk and who s hip hop and who s not. im a rap fan first. im not biased. and if you want to be honest with yourself everybody knows that the ny scene is irrelevant right now. ya ll got to come fuck with us down bottom now. them white folks fucked up ya ll heads when they made categories for this rap shit. hiop hop meant you was underground and barely selling records. then it was gangsta rap which was profitable but controversy came with it. then there was pop where a artist would cross over and not be accepted by the hip hop commuinity. all the shit is rap but since u wanna let them whitefolks brainwash u hip hop is a tribe called quest. talib kweli. mos def. thats the type of artists who come to mind when u say hip hop. who on the new york scene right now are dropping that type of music. the most innovative shit io hear right now is from the class of new school artists such as kendrick, mac miller, dom kennedy, krit, j cole, schoolboy q, etc. ain t none of them niggas from ny. then u got asap rocky who personally i dig his shit but he s trying to monopolize of the houston culture. it s a difference between paying homage and trying to gain off another region s sound all together. but we appreciate the love. lol. just be honest with yourself. if new york is hip hop i sure can t tell cuz every new artist coming out of ny sound like they from somewhere else. if not they on that battle rap shit and can t convert to dropping actual songs with meaning cuz all they wanna rap about is how tight their lyrics are. thank god for the god mc. when he retires it s officially over.

    • Size Em Up

      You made almost no sense B. Mos Def and Tribe ARE from NY. And just because you're not familiar with NY hip hop, believe me you aren't, you would understand a couple things. 1. Most East Coast MC's have been on the scene for a long ass time. Nas, Wu-Tang, Jay-Z, Talib, just to name a few, are 20 years in this game. 20 years AT THE TOP. Longevity my brotha. Not many Southern cats can make that claim. No they aren't selling as many records as they used to, but our region isn't that large. The south is damn near 50% of the country! You should be selling more! 2. I invite you to listen to Action Bronson, Maffew Ragazino, Aasim, and some of the other "new" talent coming out of the east. Take a listen to Ryshon Jones out of Philly. I can't sit here all day and name everybody but those are just a couple. I don't hate the South. I grew up listening to Scarface. I love UGK and Outkast. Cee-Lo Green's first joint is one of my favorite albums. Don't allow the ignorance of a few to sway your judgement. Like you said, I too am a fan of hip hop, no matter where its from. But I have a major issue with anybody doubting NY presence, influence, or legacy in this game that we created. Peace.

  • pop

    Bad music is bad music period. North, South, East, West. And as far as where hip hop started New York made it popular in the 80's but that shit dates back to your fucking roots over in Africa. Call and response songs by tribal groups centuries before you niggaz existed is where that hip hop shit started and James Brown aka Godfather of Soul a southerner laid the foundation for hip hop music and that's just facts. New york niggas have used the same break beats from James Brown music for the past 40 years and wonder why people don't wanna hear that shit. Try something new "SON". "Word is Bond Son" LMFAO

    • Size Em Up

      You are truly fucking reaching. Africa nigga? Really? If you wanna reach that hard you might as well say ALL music originated there. But then you'll turn around and talk about it dating back to dinosaurs and shit, GTFOH. James Brown is without question a huge hip hop pioneer, but he wasn't the only one. Phil Collins, The Beatles, Isaac Hayes, B.B. King, etc all left a footprint on hip hop so what's your point? We all borrow styles back and forth. BUT HIP HOP WAS BORN IN THE 70'S IN NYC NIGGA. Period. That's documented and acknowledged hip hop wide. Open your eyes and quit trying to create your own rendition of its creation. Check the history, "shawty, gull, Y'heard me?"

  • slick aka smitty

    one more thing tho'ed. the late great pimp c said atlanta wasn t the south for a reason and real trill niggas know why it was said. a nigga know technically atlanta the south but the era pimp came from ain t nobody was embracing this country shit in atlanta but outkast and the dungeon family. much respect to jd but he ain t start saying shawty and claiming the south until he seen where the dungeon family took it. before that nigga was g funk trying to sound like dr. dre. after atlanta seen it was a market and that it was alright to be country everybody from tlc on down started putting a twang on they voices and embracing southern slang and things of that nature. but mafuckas took it one way as if to say pimp didn t know atlanta was the south. alot of rappers in atlanta ain t even from the south trying to monopolize of this country shit. long live the pimp. i got alot love for atlanta especially the dungeon family because before them i had no idea that them mafuckas was country like the rest of us down bottom but besides them in the early and mid ninties niggas know who represented this southern shit to the fullest and made millions off of dropping qaulity music. that s why the south is here to stay.

  • -_-

    The south is "running hip hop" with one hit wonders! ok same 3 artist on the radio over & over & over, everybody is sick to fuckin death of it, all these spins but little respect, tired ass beats that all sound the same, ABC retard ass mush mouth niggas you can barely understand...And? what else yall got? yall got maybe 5 CURRENT platinum rappers down there...and thats probably stretching it! How many LEGENDS has the south produced in the last 10yrs? How many UNDENIABLE CLASSIC albums has the south produced in the last 10yrs? How many of the rappers out RIGHT NOW from the south will even be here/hot next year? thats what I though...yeah your running the game alright...right into the fuckin ground...after your done fuckin everything up NOBODY will be able to eat off hip hop commercially good job guys -_-

    • Africa

      South niggaz r lost...the only pipo in u mentioned close to lengendary status is Scarface and maybe to some extent Luda... when u mentioned albums only the Fix qualifies the rest are a joke if dats what u call classic in the south u must get serious...T.I, Wayne, Jeezy, Rozay r all a joke jst average rappers n u wanna call em legends...wer the dungeon family at, Zero, return of outkast, scarface...not thz joke of artist trap nonsense, swag bull***** etc

    • SWISHA


    • A$AP Blaze

      @slick it's obvious that he doesn't know about southern hip hop smh

    • slick aka smitty

      okay to answer your questions. how many legends has the south produced in the last 10 yrs? have you heard of t.i., young jeezy, rick ross, ludacris, or even lil wayne even though his first solo came out in 99/2000. how many classics? scarface - the fix, ti - trap music, ti - urban legend, jeezy - thug motivation 101, jeezy - inspiration, jeezy - recession, rick ross - deeper than rap, rick ross - teflon don, lil wayne - carter 1 - 3, not to mention the countless classic mixtapes dropped by wayne, ross, jeezy, big krit, curren$y, gucci, gotti, boosie, the list goes on. how many going be here next yr every last one of them i named. next question.

  • Anonymous

    to this clown nigga tho' ed luke and j prince started out in the eighties clown. no ideas original so it wouldn t suprise me if there was somebody up top doing the same thing that was being done in the south but the south gets the credit for popularizing it and monopolizing off of it. if u could read i included cats like too short, and e 40 so i didn t leave the west out. you can t name me one black owned record label from up top that sold thousands of records consistantly without any kind of backing and had majors dropping 30 million and taking 15% and all types of shit. how many can come in the gate owning their own masters and shit. all that hip hop started in ny shit is fact. u can t argue fact. just like u can t name but one godfather on the ny rap scene and that s russell and he ain t do it without backing. down bottom we got plenty of dons like master p, baby, slim, tony draper, j prince, dj screw, micheal 5000 watts, hump, luke, ted lucas, man the list goes on. real defintion of black owned and independent. millionaire status before a major deal. learn about it.

  • S & B

    No-limit soldiers were at their best when they rep'd Richmond, Ca. Never ever supported flip-flop artists. I kept listening to the music. The could of did south and bay albums and rep'd it all. For the whole coast. They sold out in the south. Thats somethin from my block

  • GrimGenius

    ^^^your kidding me right? idk whose worst: this guy or so icy boi smh


    The south killed hip hop, nuff said


    I don't give a fuck what yall say, the south can never be hip hop, they spit on the culture, hip hop will always be in NEW YORK.


    niqqas still hate on the south? even though they been running the rap game for a long time, woooooooooow lol

  • joem

    conviction by name eh.. Isn't there surveillance footage of C-Murder pulling a gun and trying to shoot it but the gun misfiring?.. LOL.

  • Huey Newton

    Between the year of 97 and late 98 early 99,NO LIMIT was the TOP INDEPENDENT RECORD LABEL IN HIPHOP at that time. What Record do you know that had an ALL STAR ROSTER and 90% of their artist went DOUBLE PLATINUM? Not to mention P put Snoop on and schooled him to the GAME. All Snoop's albums went DOUBLE on NO LIMIT. MUCH RESPECT TO C MURDER....TRILL BROTHA!!!!!

    • twoholla

      Yeah..behind the NO LIMIT...Master P bought all of his artist albums for it to chart & ship GOLD & PLATINUM to generate sells & sold whatever else to the mom & pop stores. THAT'S WHY EVERY LP SOLD SOOOOO MUCH...the guy who ran loud records back in the day talks about this ol'industry can find it on youtube. The same thing happened wit some of JAY-Z rocafella albums, as well as Alicia Key's 1st album. It's not something that's done too much anymore. In cases like Alicia Keys...the high charting & reported numbers helps because it brings a needed spotlight on a great talent & before too long...the artist is really officialy moving all those numbers becomes a self-fulfilling to speak


    I didnt even read the interview and IM SURE hip hopdx is reaching puttin trayvons name in the headline like that! the whole notion that c murders case is ANYTHING like trayvon martins case is BEYOND a fuckin joke! yall ought to be ashamed of yourself even goin there. c murder is on camera shooting into a crowded club lobby...end of discussion! You cant put yourself in dumb situations then reflect on how fucked up the court system is! shit BEEN fucked up and it was NEVER designed to work in your favor black man! get a clue smh! If we had more enlightening hiphop music out there shit like this wouldnt happen so much...IMO...there was a time when you had a CONSTANT message in OUR music for US, there was a time when going to jail was something you were actually ashamed of, something you didnt tell everybody! We didnt know and didnt care that melle mel had a rap sheet back then! wasnt important! now adays the same thing that makes you "street" is the same thing the media, the law etc uses AGAINST you! This is why we need balance in hip hop! Its IMPOSSIBLE to defend this kinda shit in the media when theres nothing to counter balance it, what can you actually say to defend what he did? In all fairness you wind up supporting the same crooked system thats got c murder locked up when u see that video...right is right...right? c murder was clearly wrong but what happens is the same fickle fans who have no struggle or hood in them wind up supporting the court system and feeling as if were just "playing the race card"...they cant relate they dont really give a fuck either way theyre just here for the trends and to be down...those kind of folks are the ones driving hip hop cause they buy EVERYTHING... these media outlets can have their way with hip hop because its a one sided story with ignorance leading the way... ignorance = entertainment = $$$

  • IROC

    Good article Big Ups for standing by your brother Silk alot bogus crap was going on in his case may God bless Cory Miller

  • slick aka smitty

    and to the clowns who don t know the whole history it s bigger than no limit and cash money beefing. before mystikal signed with the tank he was on big boy records and mystikal was beefing with unlv. unlv were the flagship artists for cash money at one time. this was early nineties mid nineties. before the deal. that s why it such a surprise to hear mystikal signing with cash money. rip yellaboy.

    • Bro Kick

      smh you poking your chest out like all that shit progressed the culture & artform or something...aint nothing to be proud of...yall niggas aint even hip hop let yall tell it

  • Anonymous

    No Limit was to blame for what exactly? Selling millions of records? I give Master P credit for after making his money, stepping back and realizing that what he was a part of was foolish nonsense. He could have easily been in the same situation as C, but apparently was alot smarter. No Limit's legacy may not mean much now, but for a time, they had the game locked, and as bad as most of those albums probably sound today, it don't change the fact P laughed all the way to the bank.

  • Anonymous

    the independent grind started in the south and the west with cats like luke skywalker, too short, j prince, etc. tommy boy and loud records? are u serious? def jam, i can t really speak about how it all started but i can tell u this those labels had backing. no limit and cash money sold 100 s of thousand cd s independently way before u ny boys even caught on to the grind. the south didn t have a market cuz ya ll was hating then and still hating now. we created a market for ourselves and closed distribution deals that your so called fav record label wished they had. you mentioning major labels owned by white folks with who had promotion and backing from the start. i said independent. look the word up.

    • Anonymous

      Rap a lot started in the south Suave House Swisha House No Limit Cash Money. WTF yall talking about only one I know in New York is Def Jam. We do this independent thing in the south. Slip n Slide and florida and North Carolina is not East Coast its the south niggas walking around with gold in their mouth. Times most be bad when NY is claiming Florida and North Carolina knowing 15 years ago yall was calling us country.

    • SAMBO

      AHHH HA! yall niggas got OWNED! facts win everytime...

    • Texas

      @Thoed Pimp C NEVER said TEXAS was the WEST Coast he alwayz represented THE SOUFFFFF!!!!!!! He did say Georgia was the EAST because when you go there You gotta set a watch to EAST COAST Time...Thats why the late great PImp C said That...sooo I dont know where you got yo info from buttttt google that shit again and read it properly!!!!!

    • realtalk

      hahahah @ south hatin on ny yett the south runs the rap game. top rappers in the game wayne ti ross jeezy andre 3000 all fr the south. who does ny have? french montana?red cafe?lil kim?? maino?? jim jones lol if the north would concentrate on putting hot shit out instead of trynna sound like the south all the time they would prob be on top

    • Tho'ed

      LMAO u hear this guy? def jam started out of an NYU dorm room in the 80s...ALOT of hip hop labels stared out indie in the 80s but got bought out by the MAJOR LABELS right up the street from them!!! but I wouldnt expect you to know that talkin the way your talkin smh...u got it stuck in your brain that there was this "hating" thing goin on waaay back then! get over yourself! the problem with you south niggas is you hate NY so fuckin hard you never realized what was happening in front of your eyes you was just tryin to keep up with us thats why yall so bitter now! in the 80s the south was all about mosquitos jerri curls and hot weather shit aint start popping till the 90s when those black universities in the south full of young ambitious black men & women from everywhere else came down south and made the south vibrant...yall woundt be shit but en extension of the bible belt if it werent for hip hop and the hood being so fucked up! you also have to thank afrocentricity for actually being cool at one time...wearing black college hoodys and shit was actually cool! right around the time alot of folks went OT and went to those same folks graduated and run business in the south! getting out of the hood & going to college was actually cool at one time... THE WEST COAST started that out the trunk shit...not yall...they was doin it in Texas too...but let pimp C tell it texas is the west coast and atl miami and all that is the eastcoast lmoa...before you go acting proud do the knowledge scrap...lil internet geek lol...the aint do shit but hate & capitolize off somebody elses shit...yall stole that crunk shit too lol...1st time I seen 24's candy paint etc etc was in cali in the 90s not the south...yall nigags is bottom feeders...

  • GrimGenius

    i see people talking about CASH MONEY & NO LIMIT ARE TO BLAME FOR THE DOWNFALL, -_- really niqqas? smh. News Flash: THERE IS BAD RAP EVERYWHERE, NOT JUST THE SOUTH.

  • slick aka smitty

    no limit, cash money, sick wid it, suave house, rap a lot, and few others laid the blueprint for all other independent labels. roc a fella, ruff ryders, and alot of other labels that get the praise followed suit. the mixtape game, dropping music without a major and getting exposure ain t nothing new. down south we been did that way before the internet. like 40 say "learn about it"

    • BRO KICK

      memphis is in the south and that crunk shit was stolen from memphis, happy?

    • gilly

      memphis is the south...u sir need to buy a map


      Glad u said it...shit before that THE WEST COAST pioneered that out the trunk shit, see HAMMER, ICE T, TOO SHORT JT THE BIGGA FIGGA etc etc etc...south didnt even invent 'crunk' shit was stolen from memphis...niggas in the south want credit for shit but yall aint really do nothing...yall are the 1st group of blacks ever in life to WILLINGLY sell your soul just to be somebody in the world thats what the south invented...

    • !!!

      Def Jam, Tommy Boy, and Loud was doing it before all of them. I see what your trying to say, and I respect it, however, Hip Hop was born in NYC. The whole grind started in the Boogey Down. All of it.

  • Money First

    Good article! The author didn't go lightly over the C-Murder subject but his brother is right he served that time. Its clear they made an example out of him on this new case and they won't hesitate to do that to anyone of us sitting behind these computers!!! Time to wake the hell up people!! Good to see Silkk back and I think the single is nice!

  • Nuff said....

    Oh yeh i read it and understood it. Did U???

  • Real Man

    Silk worth between 50-60 million dollars, has a beautiful wife, 3 kids and has his freedom. If I was were him, I wouldn't even worry about making music. I would be sitting back in California enjoying my millions.

  • Anonymous

    That new track would be hot if he didn`t jump on the same flow everybody else do these days.. didn`t fit him if you ask me..

  • So Icy Boi!

    Slikk iz tha truth. swag check out ma new singe "Check My Swag" featuring Mystikal. ma debut album Hip Hop Is Alive comin soon. YMCMB! swag

  • tommykreed

    But when I seen him bust his gun in the club entrance with that New Orleans Saints Jersey on, I knew it was a wrap for him... Did yall see that footage??? Goddamn dogg... My boy from N.O. told me C-Murder used to have them CashMoney boyz running.

  • Fossie


  • So Icy Boi!

    fuck Lil B! YMCMB iz tha best! swag


    Birdman is irrelevant. I fucked his bitch. Swag.


    YMCMB is irrelevant. Based God bruh. Swag.

  • Mack

    Not gonna front I was bumpin Charge It To The Game in jr high super heavy him mystikal and Fiend were my favs. That stupid track is cool but I see hes not tryna target me. Good luck Silkk

  • BrownSuga

    WOW! I read the article and the comments and it amazes me how people connect dots. If C killed a person and said he did it and went to jail for his crime, why wouldnt he do it again if he was guilty. He only go 5 yrs for the first murder. He could have gotten 7 and promised to move out of state and been done with it. New Orleans is one of those places just like alot of major cities that are so overwhelmed with crime that I believe they do sweep alot of stuff under the rug in terms of crime. I listened to some of the No Limit stuff and the dudes around my way were fans of Fiend and Magic back in the day, so I dot feel like they ruined hip hop. I do believe they brought it back to the hood with the white tee before that was a regular rap uniform and spoke about stuff that was going on in the hood, but we canot blame them for the death of hip hop. We have to blame ourselves for that for not supporting our artists who put out real hip hop and let the genre get mixed with rap and watered down to club ad radio songs only. I remember when you bought an album because it was hot and you heard it and bought it and did not rely on the radio and music execs to tell you what was hot in the streets. We had our own shows and the radio was forced to have hours when they played real music. Now we just have bullshyt and slow jams. These two groups are one of the only black self made house of southern rap besides the house of J Prince and all the artists he had a hand on. Silk did not compare his brothers case to Trayvon Martin accept to say that the judical system is blind for real and makes judgements based on how to stay off the news. If C is guilty of the second case or not is not of that much importance because you are known by your behavior and his behavior and judgement was very poor during that time. The video should not have been allowed but it was and he has to answer for his actions and sometimes things you didnt get caught for before have a way fo catching up with you.


    you're just asking for Silkk to get hated on putting that Trayvon comparison shit in the headline. He said that cops brush evidence under the rug, talking about his brother case and off-handedly saying the ssame type of thing is what happened in the Trayvon Martin case

  • Up North

    Being from NY, I was never a fan of No Limit or Cash Money. I hate everything YMCMB. But back in the day when these crews were at their pinnacle (No Limit's anyways), so was Ruff Ryders, The Roc, Wu-Tang, Def Jam, Bad Boy, Murder Inc, etc. It was a special time in Hip Hop. I would give my left nut for those days to return. Nowadays on the rare occasion I even go to a club, I have no idea who is being played AND it sounds like shit. Fuck it, call me old school. Proud of it.

    • TommyKreed

      The Headline is misleading and it was done on purpose. DX is no different then any other media outlet handing out candy to attract an audience. Boderline shamefull

    • Trypticon

      Co-sign to the motherfucking fullest!! I feel the exact same way.

  • forevertru

    A lot of you clows going around talking about Cee this, Cee That..... SMH! If you wasn't with him on that night, Don't speak on the situation. And if you was, You would TRUly know it wasn't corey miller "@iamcmurder" FREE C-MURDER. TRU, NOT GUILTY, INNOCENT AND WRONGFULLY ACCUSED!

  • Anonymous

    anybody that says no limit is the cause of the downfall of hiphop is crazy no limit was hiphop in its prime they made records for the streets you all need to go back and listen to there records but again those comments are prob coming from kids that are to young to even remember the no limit days of and silk can spit!

  • Anonymous

    good to see u back silkk

  • Anonymous

    fuck outta here !!! c-murder was involved in this kid's death ! he deserves to be locked down ! comparing his situation to trayvon martin is a fuckin disgrace to trayvon's memory and like one of the dude already said in the early comments, no limit and cash money records are among these labels who killed hip-hop

  • Anonymous

    it aint my fault suck

  • Anonymous

    This east coast faggots no nothing about Nolimit I will would put MIA X, MAC or Mystikal against anybody in newyork

    • Jason

      Anonymous and They should have a rap Battle Royal: I think you been sippin on too much codeine fam...there's no way MIA X, Mystikal or MAC can even hold a candle with Ghostface, Beanie and Kiss...I love southern hip hop but fam u truly high bruh...

    • LoOpis

      GTFOH! busta rhymes would wipe the floor with mystical! bringing up nas jay rakim or big daddy kane aint even necessary for what he's talkin about! mia x?? HAHAHA! she not fuckin with MC lyte, rah digga, jean grae I could go on and on...I swear I hate you niggas from the south yall act like you dont know nothing else but that mush brain bullshit...

    • Up North

      Sweet mother of God, Mystikal better than Ghost and Beanie?? I'm done.

    • room2roam

      ghost and beanie wack. aint neither one of them fukn with mystikal. now kiss sick wit it. one of the best...

    • Up North

      That's funny. I'm from NY, and I personally have nothing agsint the South. Why would I? But I'll tell you this. The East Coast is more than just NY just like the South is more than just New Orleans. The three you just mentioned can't even stand in front of the same mic as Beanie Sigel, Ghostface Killah, or Jadakiss. I would've brought up Nas but that ain't even fair.

    • They should have a rap Battle Royal

      10000000000% AGREE

  • Nuff said....

    I know thats his brother and all, but c'mon son.... Comparing c murder situation to treyvon martin situation??? Get the fuck outta here with that bullshit!! Any nigga who would open fire in a club with total disregard of whos in the line of fire deserves to be lockd the fuck up. real talk Nuff said....

  • Anonymous

    i stopped reading when they said Boosie was "another powerful voice in Southern Hip Hop"

    • slick aka smitty

      what u mean u stopped reading when they said boosie was another powerful voice in the south as if they said something wrong. i can tell there s alot of cats who are really not qualified to speak on topics such as this otherwise even if u didn t listen to his music you d still have enough sense to know the contributions he made to the south and when statements like that would be made you d understand.

  • Anonymous

    C helped beat the kid down before shooting him. You already bloodied and embarassed him. That's a dude with no conscience.

  • Cash Money And No Limit Killaz

    No Limit and Cash Money are responsible for the downfall of hiphop. No talent, no skillz, just crap.

    • slick aka smitty

      the 2 biggest labels to ever come out the south in the history of hip hop and they re responsible for hip hop s downfall. nah they responsible for giving u boys up top the game. and ya ll thought we was slow. im into lyrics and all but im also into good music and if its a smash its a smash. just like jay z and nas got classics, i consider nore to have a classic or two under his belt too. look at french montana right now. damn near every track he jump on he gets outshined but the boy still nice in his own way. mafuckas wanna blame the south. jay z the only cat from up top still dropping albums worth checking out. meek mills is that new dude he s hot. all the lyricists ya ll praise like styles, jada, ghost, busta, etc., when s the last time they dropped a album worth mentioning. and i love all those dudes to death but it is what it is. they time came and went. down bottom we use them for features to get some of they fanbase like up top use to do us to get some fans down bottom. tables turned.

    • slick aka smitty

      if you re a rap fan or hip hop fan and u say ignorant shit like cash money and no limit are hip hop s downfall it s obvious you don t have too much knowledge of the culture. not only that it s obvious you don t have any knowledge of the southern hip hop culture. i don t know why folks entertain comments like that.

    • Huh?!! Turns into WOW

      Please you fools are not worth arguing with!! Please continue to suck the white mans dick and carry out the illuminatis agenda. Yall some stupid muthafuckas!!!

    • okthen

      Agreed. Especially wack ass no limit. Make em say Uhh na, na, na. Srt8 trash. im so glad those wack ass making stereotypical degrading raps fell off. Good riddance

    • Anonymous

      @Huh Typical idiot, beat around thepoint and bring up the buisness and Racial Issues They put out garbage music, made money and influenced a whole generation of awful MC's to do the same thing And wasnt No Limit Independant??..... So how can you blame the big bad White Illuminati Machine for there Coonery??.... There wasnt any Jimmy Iovine or Steve Rifkind around telling Master P to set black folks back to the Jim Crowe days, he came up with that idea on his own, the white companies just hopped on the bandwagon

    • HUH?!!

      So No Limit and the old school Cash Money are responsible for the downfall of hip-hop all by themselves. Yeah ok and I guess white corporate music executives who have the power and the money to make shit happen or not happen have nothing to do with it at all. PLEASE GIVE ME A FUCKIN BREAK. That statement sounds like some straight up uncle tom ass nigga shit. Did No Limit and Cash Money have the best lyricist? No they didnt but what they did kept hip-hop alive it keep money coming in and it gave people opportunities to shine that we wouldnt normally get to see shine. If you want to blame someone for the downfall of hip-hop blame white corporate America who wants to put out hip-hop that they seem fit or they seem to think that we all want to hear. There is no FUCKIN way in hell you can put that on No Limit or the old Cash Money. Actually when you think about it they did have lyricists (Juve, B.G., Mystikal, Mia X, Mac, Fiend, and Lil Wayne when he was young just to name a few) I have no clue as to how they benefited from Biggie and Pac's death!! If you ask me Jay, Diddy, and Suge benefited from that so that was a STUPID ASS comment to make!!!

    • Me

      Truer words were never spoken. If anyone benefitted fron 2pac and biggie dying it was these clowns.

  • tru jp


  • Anonymous

    good to have silkk back

  • nixnox

    got no hate for no limit, but don't care for em either. in real news, Beanie and Scarface - Mac n Brad - that's where its at.

  • Anonymous

    No Limit Forever - you can thank RZA for that name. Good to see Shock back out and about though. Thought he crawled up into a corner and died.

  • Kev Mac

    that n*gga silkk is back! really feeling his new joint get stupid

  • Anonymous

    Master P won't go visit C Murder. Hasn't for years. Nobody stands to gain anything by railroading him. He may be and feel like a changed man, but it doesn't erase what he did. I understand Silk feels obligated, but if C's capable of firing a gun in one instance, then how can you turn around and say there's no way in another? Interesting case, but one where the outcome isn't in question.

  • Anonymous

    is this nigga and his brother still broke? For christ sake these niggas were worth 350 million....too bad dumbass Master P was ratchet ass hell to spend money on stupid shit.

  • free this man to kill again its allahs will

    I only listen to rappers doing a life sentence

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