Ace Hood Reflects On His Daughter's Death

Ace Hood recalls the tragedy that caused him to write "Hallucinations."

Many emcees use personal tragedy as the basis for some of their subject matter, and Ace Hood is no exception.

In an interview with, the Florida native opened up about the death of his daughter, which he raps about on the song "Hallucinations ."

“That’s my only way to actually release,” explained Hood. “That goes back to me saying this music is just more… This music is my getaway. That’s why it means so much to me. The shit that I put out. Everything I put into this music, it’s meaningful. These types of records is why people love my music. It was hard. It’s hard for me to get in the booth and put forth what goes on in my personal life, it ain’t easy, man. That’s just my way of releasing. The way I know how to release it. Putting my message into something like ‘Hallucinations.’”

Ace Hood added that recording the song helped him with the grieving process.  

"It’s still fresh in my mind. I’m a Christian, man. I grew up with a family and I was raised that way. I know how to cope with these types of things. I know God does everything for a reason. I truly believe that. If I didn’t believe that I would handle things differently than what I did. Everything happens for a reason. Like they say: ‘you’re in a better place.’"

Watch the interview below:

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  • Shame

    I couldn't imagine burring my daughter, Ace Hood hold strong. RIP

  • Anonymous

    Reflecting can be good, but some things should stay private.

  • Anonymous

    When ace is talking about stuff like he did in hallucination he's good...if he keeps rapping like this hell be a good rapper...we know now he has the skill to do it

  • caino81

    sorry to hear about his daughter, but God had nothing to do with that......cos he aint real!

  • Anonymous

    How old was the child?

  • So Icy Boi!

    Ace Hodd iz my nigga. swag check out ma new singe "Check My Swag" featuring Mystikal. ma debut album Hip Hop Is Alive comin soon. YMCMB! swag

  • Anonymous

    what happened to his little girl? RIP

  • Swag = Fag

    @ Swag, I hope someone blows your kids and family away one day for that dumb comment

  • IAmControverse

    Peace and love to you, Ace, and your family, including your beautiful little girl. She got the biggest honor of all: being with our Father, and as long as you follow him, you will get that honor too. Stay strong and keep in mind that we are never really gone. She's just upstairs. Much love to you and your loved ones. GODBtESS


    I never cared too much about ACE's music. But i have to say that song sheds new light on Hood. I dig it. It wasn't bout the money, cars, and "we the best". Had some real substance. R.I.P to his little girl.

  • problemz/problema

    Never cared for his music but R.I.P to his daughter..When your kids go before you do it truly must be the worse feeling in the world..

  • Anonymous

    You're right Ace Hood, God killed your daughter for a reason. Don't forget, he still loves you. lol Christian logic.

    • krux

      Yes you were made in his "image", but that does not make you him or give you all his power.

    • Anonymous

      If we are beyond that logic then saying "God did it" to explain things is silly. The bible says God made you in his image. Which would make him a person. Since we all know he's not a person it kind of makes the whole God talk silly.

    • John

      I'd like to think we are advanced enough to know God is not a person but with everything in motion(God's works) it is easier for explanation and understanding purposes to personify actions as God 'did' it and 'did' it for a reason. So there is nothing wrong with his logic that your ridiculing.

    • Cri

      I doubt God had anything to do w/ his daughter's death.

    • LJbigbang

      Agreed. It's a difficult thing to dispel as well because people are grieving, but, it is ridiculous logic. R.I.P.

  • Anonymous


    • randy

      ^it annoys me when people like you only choose to respond after someone retaliates. where were you when the first guy said some appalling? why did you only wait for someone to respond before you started talking about morality? fucking coward.

    • Anonymous

      It annoys me when people meet ignorance with ignorance. You're both appalling human beings - at least behind your keyboards.

    • Anonymous

      Heartless faggot

    • Anonymous

      shut the fuck up stupid fag i hope your child dies and no1 cares about it either show some fucking respect

  • Anonymous

    God does everything for a reason. SMH. People need to live in real world. Sorry to hear about his daughter though.

  • Anonymous

    I dnt know this cat or his music.. but RIP to his daughter... no parent should have to burry there child... TRUTH

  • So Icy Boi!

    Ace Hod iz a real nigga. RIP his daughter. what a shame... but be happy niggas!!! ma debut album DIE YUNG ICY BOI --- LIKE A SWAGSTAR comin soon. YMCMB. swag check out ma CD Cover:

  • Flawlesss

    I think its funny a bunch of people/FakeAssInternetGz come on these sites and run they mouths actually finger-tips (anonymously with no way for anyone to contact you or see you) about someone when you prolly live in your momma house, aint ever did no g shit, aint ever hustled or struggled for shit in ya lives, and wont ever be shit but a listener and a fuckin jealous ass hater.... Im not a big Ace Hood fan myself, mostly because the squad he fucks with, hes got some hot verses but not cd's he tries to sell and I respect that hes finally taking a different direction .... But how you gonna come on a post and talk shit about him when all this basically is about is his daughter dying and how hes coping with it....Fuckin cowards bet you wouldn't say that shit to his face!!!You even too scary to put a name next to your comment... Anyways sorry for your loss Ace if I lost 1 of my kids I wouldn't know what to do, keep ya heead up G...

  • Anonymous

    that was the realest thing he has ever spoken why cant he be that real on the mic only reason he cant be taken serious is because he hangs around with that fat arab he seems like a cool cat he needs to leave the arab he aint making much money shit he got kicked out his apartment for not paying the bills someone give him a deal

  • Anonymous

    this a wack rapper

  • Sonny James Rene

    shout out to Ace Hood, he has improved his craft and it wouldn't be easy to rap about personal tragedies. "Starvation" is fire as well.

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