Joe Budden Explains Parking Violations Arrest

Joe Budden explains that last night's arrest stemmed from an unpaid parking ticket.

Last night, fans were concerned when rapper Joe Budden was unable to appear on stage at the Best Buy Theater with his Slaughterhouse brethren after he was arrested over parking violations from 2007. Now, Budden opens up about the nature of his arrest last night.

In a recent interview with Fuse TV, Budden explained that he was detained by NYPD last over a parking ticket from 2007. He said he performs regularly in New York and that if had known that he had the outstanding ticket to his name, he would have handled it immediately.

“I'm pretty cut and dry about," he explained. "It was an unpaid ticket, bench warrant; and when there's a bench warrant they catch you when they can catch you. And it just so happens we had a sold out show at Best Buy Theater, and that's where the decided to catch me...I always perform in New York. The bottom line of it is if I would have known about the situation it would have been cleared up, but I didn't. It had never popped up before and I had gone through the system a few times.”

Check out the full interview below.

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  • SHG Slaugtherhouse Gang

    Some lame dude on here say 2chainz make millions of dollars from tour and dumb yo really. My dude you don't make MILLIONS OF DOLLARS FROM TOURS LOL AND what endorsements does 2chainz have I don't see him with no type of JORDAN shoe deal contract like carmelo. Don't let this rappers fool you on these tv screens about how much money they got with there so called jewelry they have cause everybody know they are not paying full price like they be claiming they paying even if it's custom made they still get deals and stuff. but by the way. Glad Joe got this thing straighten out. Slaughterhouse MAY 15

  • Anonymous

    I don't understand Budden. You know police is targeting young black dudes so why don't you move proper? Take a little bit of time out of your day and ask your team to research if you have any legal work that needs to be taken care of, and do it periodically. They're not fucking around with us, they see us getting paper and they gotta get us so move correct man.

  • King

    check out obie trice's new track >

  • Anonymous

    Fred - Congrats on being arrested b4. Hopefully you learned your lesson cause Hiphopdx would hate for you to end up like Tray.

  • So Icy Boi!

    Joe Budden iz a dumb nigga & fake gangster. Lil Wayne iz a real blood nigga juss like me. tha police cant catch smart niggas like me. swag

    • cream infinte

      who the fuck is so icy boi ? so now you are real blood huh ? yesterday you begged for a record deal,today you are a tough guy.

  • Anonymous

    No they don't dummy , if you ain't in court they drop a warrant on you right then and there. This is NY lil dude.

  • Smh

    Joe Budden should be put in prison for life for collaborating with that faggot Wayne.

    • mnice101

      Yeah, all down south artists are wack, except Outkast.. Funny comment though... But yeah- these people should have someone look into their past and see if there is any tickets, warrants, etc.. I'm a MMA fighter, so I always check into my credit, warranats, something.. You'll be driving one day then get pulled over for something bogus.. C'mon son.

    • Anonymous

      You should kill urself.

  • True2HipHop

    Joe budden first of all is dope. Glad he got his issue taken care of, its unfortunate but forget the cops, they nothing but some arrogant devils. Joe budden is always & will be far better than lame chains. This 2 chains is crap compared to Budden. Budden is all about hip hop the culture & its essence of lyricism & creating smart but good songs too. He is also very introspective & a great story teller. Lame chains is practically just like all the other southern rappers I hear now in days or all the ones that sound the same, stealing each others flows, & topics to rap about. Those artist songs are one word "drought." Can't wait for the slaughterhouse album our house. It will be much better than the majority of stuff that will come out this year, i guarantee it. #Horse shoe gang #slaughterhouse #lyricist #C.o.B

  • So Icey Boi

    i love budden, he has a great penis...swag swag im a fag

  • Anonymous

    if he wuda rolled wit 2 Chainz he wudnta got arrested, he wuda been on tour makin millions of dollars and endorsements, the sooner these niggas figure out that 2chainz is hip hops savior the better

  • Anonymous

    I'm sure he had plenty of notices sent to him in the mail.

    • Anonymous

      This is NY...This is NY...fuck you and NY dipshit.

    • Jesse Jackson

      Obvious. Shut the fuck up.This is NY buddy. They drop a warrant as soon as you aren't in court.

    • tccc

      they definitely notify you via mail multiple times before they drop a warrant on your ass, pay attention

    • Anonymous

      neva, 2chainz is here to stay he gon b the next thang ta blow, im talkin lil wayne status, he already killin nas on his own tracks

    • Anonymous

      lol, 2chainz is going to be unheard of 2 yrs from now like that dorrough nigga

    • Anonymous

      2chainz aint gotta worry about no shit like that cuz he steady gettin that paper ya dig, joe need to get like 2chainz ya feel me

    • Fred Sanford

      Shut up bitch you probably a cop. Who are you to say they even have the right address ? Also I have maaaad court dates and unpaid tickets and not once has a warrant been issued. You don't know what you're talking about and have probably never been arrested in your life.

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