Usher "Looking 4 Myself" 30-Second Snippets, Tracklist & Cover Art

UPDATE #2: Usher preps his seventh studio LP, which features production from Salaam Remi, Diplo, Jim Jonsin and more.

Usher has announced the release of his seventh studio album Looking 4 Myself, due June 12th via RCA Records.

The album is set to feature production from Salaam Remi, Diplo, Rico Love, Jim Jonsin, Max Martin, Empire of the Sun and more. He is currently putting the finishing touches on the project, which will be available in standard and deluxe editions.

Ursh has already released the LP’s first single “Climax,” which currently sits at No. 40 on the Billboard Hot 100.

[March 30]

UPDATE: Usher has revealed the tracklist and cover art for his upcoming album Looking 4 Myself.


Can’t Stop Won’t Stop
I Care For U
Show Me
Lemme See (feat. Rick Ross)
Twisted (feat. Pharrell)
What Happened To U
Looking 4 Myself (feat. Luke Steele)
Lessons For The Lover
Sins Of My Father


Say The Words
2nd Round
Hot Thing



[May 2]

UPDATE #2: Thirty-second snippets of Usher's seventh album Looking 4 Myself have been released. Check out a preview of the album below.

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    Damn HHDX this is supposed to be a Hip Hop related site c'mon is news so weak that y'all have to post Usher related articles?! This pussy ass clown is not Hip Hop quit posting shit about him I don't wanna listen to his music I don't wanna see his face start posting HIP HOP news

  • monalee0528

    I love it all good job hun its a total different sound from all your other albums.So people dont understand sometimes you have to switch it up.Ignore the negative comments YOU GOT 4 STARS IN MY BOOK!!!!!!! #TEAMUSHER

  • chris

    Usher needs to go back to the studio with Jermaine Dupri and B. Cox. His music sucks lately. Even climax...nothing relevant since Confessions.

  • duck

    fan of usher but seriously his last two albums where not strong at all. its like he didn't even care when he was making this album. Big fall compare to his other works.

  • Anonymous

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  • c

    Why didnt I hear Climax or Lemme See?

  • Obviously


  • jesterxxl

    After the 1st three wack tracks Usher returned back to himself I was feelin it track 11 what the flyin fuck is that!

  • MIKE


  • MIKE


  • Amelia

    Why are people so negative?? I really hate seeing people say such horrible things about a man so talented. Anyway, I cant wait for the album release. I love his style, techno and all!

  • Usher

    I bet my tight black ass that this will have a fucked up collabo with Ho Ass Nigga (Drake)

  • C-Town Stand Up


  • Scope

    i H8 2 say it but usher is fucking shit now. Im so pissed. looks like omarion will finally be better than him. Now usher is a mowhawk bitch and no one rocks them anymore. Shit I could take a child to go see jerry sandusky with a mowhawk and the kid wouldnt even get raped. hed b like get that nigger kid away from me I dont want aids.

  • Anonymous

    Yo Usher when you gonnna let the world know you got a boyfriend in the A that Keisha Knight Pulliam's brother used to keep secret along with Luda's suga in the tank ass until y'all got him murked...Come out that closet you bitches...

    • Got Money In My Ghetto

      Bitch fuck you ain't no gay love in the A you ho you starvin just to get attention cause your ass ain't selling in the street no more.

  • Usher Deserves To Die

    Some niggas ain't hustlers. So, when you get a nigga that's not a hustler, he becomes a bitch. And Usher is a no-good bitch.

    • Usher Deserves To Die

      ^^^^^^ Bitch if you can't handle me then get down kiss the cock and recognize don't be fuckin with my shit like that!

    • Anonymous

      Really? Usher deserves to die? GTFO

    • The Predator

      ^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Some bitches ain't bitches. So, when you get a bitch that's not a bitch, she becomes a nigga. And you're a no-good nigga.

    • @Usher Deserves To Die

      Some niggas are natural born bitches, like you. So, when you get a nigga that's a natural born bitch, he becomes a bitch bitch. And you are a bitch bitch.

  • Anonymous

    More techno gayness from usher. he needs to make another album like the one that had yeah, my boo, confessions, let it burn and shit like that

    • NotTechno

      Nothing about Usher's music is techno. it is trip hop. different genre. only a gay noob would not know the difference.

    • T

      Nah I assisted (engineering) on this album. Its not like that. The song Show me was produced by Danja and is crazy. Also the song dive is like a love making song sooo dope. I loved working on it and it def doesnt sound too commercial. Although there are some songs like that

  • QWAR

    Personally I think the album should be produced by Diplo in its entirity.

  • jesterxxl

    Usher don't do it please don't do it we can;t fuckin go through it haha we don't want more dub-step shit we want r&b stick to whatcha know

    • smoke

      none of Usher's songs are "dubstep" Diplo is not dubstep he is trip-hop and electronic. Usher has been riding that reggaeton wave with Pitbull.

  • Anonymous

    Groan...really? And bet you by the dollar he'll have a Drake collabo

  • Anonymous

    Salaam Remi?so that means he wants dated it..

    • The MG

      Wackest producer alive? Okay, I'm not saying he's the greatest or anything like that, but Salaam is definitely not the wackest alive. And that's kind of a weak argument saying he's stuck in the 80s and 90s. Premier's beats sound like the 90s, but a majority still enjoys them. 9th Wonder's beats got that throwback feel, and people still praise it. So why hate Salaam for doing the same thing? And weren't the 80s and early 90s considered the "golden era of hip hop" anyway?

    • Anonymous

      Salaam is just stuck in the 80's early 90's..wackest producer alive..

    • The MG

      Stop talking shit about Salaam. He's got nice vibes to his beats. I dig them.

  • Anonymous

    Oh shit, this bitch is coming back...

  • John-Boy

    He need to look for some album sales cause his last two were lacking in that department.

    • Anonymous

      Here I Stand Zwas good. Kiddies just couldn't relate to mature subject matter

    • Anonymous

      what u talkin bout all those albums gon platinum...altho they were not as quality as confessions..versus was way much better than here i i stand was really mediocre

  • Anonymous

    More disco. looks liek we have anothe r r. kelly on our hands who refuses to age gracefully.

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