Joe Budden Arrested Before Slaughterhouse Show In New York

Joe Budden runs afoul of the police due to a 2007 violation.

When a full house greeted Slaughterhouse at New York City's Best Buy Theater on Thursday (March 29) night, they couldn't help but notice that one of the quartet's members, Joe Budden, was missing.

After the group performed the songs "The Illest" and "Sound Off," the group announced that Budden had been arrested by the NYPD.

Budden was reportedly arrested for a warrant stemming from a 2007 traffic violation, reports MTV's RapFix.

In response to his absence, the crowd began to cheer, "Joey, Joey, Joey."

"We love Joey too, chanting for him ain't gonna get him outta jail," responded Royce Da 5'9.

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  • RIP7

    That was fuck up for those PIGS to do that. But Joe came about an hour after the show was over he was looking pretty piss... OH Yeah Fuck The Police!

  • True2HipHop

    Royce told the truth like a boss! Why chant except to show you support him but give up some money that will do better since the system loves to lock up people.

  • yo

    he was released and came back to the venue after concert is done. I saw him coming into theater later that day. so he's free now

  • Shady305


  • Anonymous

    whats with all these YMCMB guys posting the same stuff on all the links. They obviously arent serious , but i dont understand the purpose . Why dont they just let the grown ups talk

  • nuc

    i wonder if george zimmerman has any trffc violations......

  • kid

    My real name is clarence

  • gstrapped

    atleast now hes got some street crediibility..

  • Burmy

    These cops have obviously never heard of a "statute of limitations"...5 years is the limit for a MISDEMEANOR, much less a traffic violation. FREE JOEY!

  • Anonymous

    LAUGHTERHOUSE stays winning-- 5-0 should have locked Joell up too for being a public nuisance with his whining cornball raps. And lest ya'll think this is 'hip-hop cops' bullshit, folks get sent to the can in NYC all the time for petty crap like this, even white folks.

  • dmg02e

    Prodigy said it best...New York Pricks and Dicks

  • Razvan

    damn. i can't believe how many people are hating on Budden and Slaughterhouse for absolutely no reason, y'all need a reality check, they will shut your shit down on 15.05

  • large g

    i dont even like slaughter House ,but i bet you with out him it was a better show

  • Gucci Flame

    The dudes is wack...Who care...YMCMB is the best label.... Drake WEEZY NICKI ALL GOATS! Eminem is wack. HOV is wack. Pac is wack. BIG is wack. WEEZY the best alive!!!! I RIDE SPINNAZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • nasirjones

    i like slaughterhouse

  • Swag Boy

    lol Joey Budden is wack. that emo ass nigga aint shit. how is it that all Shady Records artist is wack? YMCMB is tha only perfect label. YOLO my fav rappers / artists 1. Drake 2. Nicki Minaj 3. Trey Songz 4. Chris Brown 5. Tyga 6. Flo Rida 7. Wiz Khalifa 8. Lil Wayne 9. Rihanna 10. Nickelback ps. Im So Icy Boi's lil brother.

    • mrcool612

      lol u is a bitch trey songs u soft ass and flo rida? i think luda said it best "u's a hoe HOE"

    • Cole World

      LOL obviously these dudes are joking. Why So serious?

    • Anonymous

      posting nickelback in the list made it obvious you're a troll lol

    • You got to laugh

      Does it really matter what sort of genre he raps to? You hate because of that? He is one of the realest rappers going. Who cares if he doesnt put 7 syllables in one line to rap, your favourite rapper being drake? Really? Hip hop artists sample rock and emo music all the time, e.g. Eminem, Method Man, Busta Rhymes, Drake and a whole lot more, your just hating for no reason its boring.

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous: @adam there was nothing racist about that comment. just pointing out the irony of it. plus i read so much racist bullshit from white people on hip hop sites... where are you and your moral code when the whites are being racist. you dont say shit b/c it doesnt offend you as a white man. but the second anyone says something about white fans you get offended. calm the fuck down +++++++++++++++++++++++++++ this this this this this

  • God

    Truth time! I am a black guy. But sometimes black race just over exaggerates racism from white people. A black guy can say something like "yo white boy get ur ass here" and a white guy not meaning anything racial says something like "I was so drunk man and i didnt know what i was doing and i accidently bumped into a Black guy" and OOOOHHHHHHH its a racial shot for fucks sake niggas, i m need to divide people in races...

  • Jim

    I was at this show a few hours ago, lol. They still held it down and it was really tight, just a little shorter then I was expecting without Joey's set.

  • So Icy Boi!

    lmao this nigga iz straight dumb. this why Laughterhouse sucks. these niggaz are wack. be smart like Lil Wayne & Gucci Mane. swag

    • GOD

      FOO u obviously BEEn touched by your dad faggot boi

    • Bmbu


    • riy

      what does being a virgin have to do with having common sense.

    • Lmao

      Ur writing paragraphs now over nothing? did i get under ur skin that much? Virgin ass niggas only act like the way u are acting

    • Anonymous

      for real it's amazing how many retards are able to type and use the slow do u have to be to not be able to recognize someone saying outlandish, ridiculous shit ONLY to get responses..has NOTHING to do with being a "internet ass faggot," just requires common sense..what a fucking idiot lol

    • So Icy Boi!

      shut up niggaz. I ant a troll or orc. Im a blood nigga juss like Lil Wayne. fuck u Harry Potter niggaz talkin bout trolls. go fuck professor Dumbledore u fags. swag

    • Lmao

      I dont know what a "troll" is cause i aint an internet ass faggot that you are

    • Anonymous

      stop responding to this nigga jesus christ are you fucking retarded. do you not know definition of a troll? my fucking god how fucking gullible are you? jesus christ i wanna smack you so hard.

    • Lmao

      Nigga shut up wayne did a year in prison

  • yoo

    yoo royce is a hate for that comment and I aint a fan of nobody in slaughterhouse but him

  • Anonymous

    its funny how most of slaughterhouse fans are white. only because of em..

    • aPoCaLaPtIc.

      STFU anonymous u ignorant fuck. As if eminem himself only has white fans. Eminem outshines every rapper weather they black or white.. And I aint white. Debate debate debate try to prove try to prove try to prove.... No body spits like Em, nobody compose like Em.

    • Anonymous

      @adam there was nothing racist about that comment. just pointing out the irony of it. plus i read so much racist bullshit from white people on hip hop sites... where are you and your moral code when the whites are being racist. you dont say shit b/c it doesnt offend you as a white man. but the second anyone says something about white fans you get offended. calm the fuck down

    • Jay

      Its funny how most wayne fans r white girls

    • Adam

      What is funny about that? I hate how hiphop fans like to divide the races but then complain about racism.

    • Wrong

      By "em" do you mean Eminem or Budden cause Eminem has nothing to do with white fans and slaughterhouse...they were big with white dudes before they even signed with Shady

  • ETK

    that was a bit funny. doin a few tracks then Royce: yo Joey's in jail y'all Crowd: Joey! Joey! Joey! Royce: k shut the fuck up *show resumes*

  • Anonymous

    Meh, traffic violations, he'll be okay, tell Eminem to break the checkbook out and it'll go away...... Money talks, Em assaulted 2 people in the same day once and walked away with 18 months probation, lol, I got 18 months for smoking a blunt, tell Em to get this handled

    • trojon

      Dick riding? Thats a new one!

    • Anonymous

      stop dickriding em like he's yours and budden daddy or something. i dont know what you're talking about with regards to 2 assualts. he got probation for punching a guy and the guy lied and said he pistol whipped him. stop dickriding em brah. sounding like a cheerleader and shit.

    • Anonymous

      i never knew em assulted 2 people in 1 day wtf was i wen this went down

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