Slaughterhouse Reveals Eminem Is Mixing And Arranging "Welcome To: Our House"

Eminem literally takes a hands-on approach with Slaughterhouse's upcoming album, as the crew reveals he'll handle the mixing and arranging of "Welcome To: Our House."

By all accounts, Slaughterhouse’s upcoming album should be in stores at some point during the second quarter of 2012. An iTunes release of “Hammer Dance” and the fact that the Shady Records collective have already filmed an accompanying video back up the group’s statement that Welcome To: Our House will be dropping this spring. While pulling double duty performing at the Shady 2.0 Showcase and filming “Hammer Dance,” the group also revealed that Eminem will take on an additional role behind the scenes.

“Marshall is actually mixing right now—he’s actually mixing the entire album,” Royce Da 5’9 revealed to MTV. “So everything that’s mixed, he’s mixed. That wasn’t even the original plan, so we’re super excited about that. He’s just taking songs to another level.”

Royce added that the crew is “working out some minor tweaks” while the as yet to be revealed release date draws closer. Slaughterhouse’s peer/current label head, Eminem, has logged production credits for the likes of Jay-Z (“Renegade”) and Nas (“The Cross”) among others. And while it’s unclear if he’ll provide beats for Joe Budden, Royce Da 5’9, Crooked I and Joell Ortiz on their collective effort, it’s clear the crew is more than comfortable with him behind the console.

“Real talk, a lot of people don’t give Eminem enough credit for his production,” Crooked I added. “What he’s doing to add to the album is phenomenal. I think he deserves props and a salute for that.”

Watch the full MTV behind the scenes interview below.

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  • Lumba

    Had I not listened to Yelawolf's Radioactive, which was executive produced by Em, I would be absolutely stoked for this. However, I felt that album had a lot of corny beats and hooks ("Made in U.S.A." made me cringe) and the album went downhill immediately following the "phone call" from Marshall. While this will no doubt be a good album, I'm lowering my expectations so I'm not disappointed again. Having said that, I love Slaughterhouse and am actually seeing them live tonight!

  • philly

    Nothin but hate on this website, do yall listen to music or just skim threw it, people sayin em and royce fell off ha, bad meets evil was a crazy,album the lyrics on that shit was crazy the both go hard on every track except lighters, but that was clearly for,radio play, they made one,radio,song the rest they go hard and them tracks hit the radio, hiphop is,about your lyrical ability, not a hot beat,and a catchy hook. The hate on here,is,amazing yall bitch about everything I think its cause its,a bunch of youngins who think wayne, drake are the best,rappers ever when wayne talk nonsense. Be real for us hiphop,heads,that,grew,up in the 80s 90s these guys are the only thing we are gonna get to a,wutang group again they go hard and dont give a Fuck, I just went to concert in philly they all killed it and got whacked on stage but put on a great show, people hate and they dont kno why they are hatin, im done

  • KJ

    And I guarantee the people posting the hate in the comments are under 25.... They haven't been exposed to real hip hop since they went through puberty, so they don't appreciate it when it passes over their heads

  • KJ

    Hip hop fans are the most pussified assholes in the world.... Well, at least 25% anyway.... Ya hate on everything and everyone.... If they make songs that they try to appeal to a larger audience, the "sell out" if they battle rap the are "shitty underground" artists.... People don't appreciate rap anymore.... They only appreciate gimmicks

  • Anonymous

    ETK - Oh I know plenty, bro. You seem to be the one lost. Anon - Imagine when Em finally does retire for good and can't "do" people's careers for them anymore. Royce was one thing. He was overdue, but these other bustas have been around for a minute and should be able to handle all aspects of their album.

  • Anonymous

    This Slaughterhouse album is not going to drop. Mark my words!

  • tyrese

    just suck me off ladies and ill burst all over

  • rickyross

    since i cant get a this white nigga to do a song with me, imma hav to cop dis album for the works. i secretly love shady shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...

  • the don

    em be hot sometimes with his mixing, dis shit gon be hot ill def buy this album

  • Desaun

    I dont know if he went pop, he just released shit that appealed to the world, i would call stan, the way i am, my name is, all pop but i do agree he released some stupid shit like love the way you lie... but in all reality look at hov who released NY and 4ever young. look at wayne who releases shit every month which has no substance and is just for radio play. Tough shit deal with it you fucking HIPSTERS

  • RhymesReasons

    If you like Eminem, you might like my blog, Rhymes and Reasons. Its a series of interviews with hip-hop heads who discuss their lives and a few songs that matter to them. Pretty powerful stuff. Checkem out here:

  • Anonymous

    please no help from this white poprappper

  • Olivia Munn

    Recovery was some Pop bullshit. Eminem has been extra Pop and corny lately and unfortunately it rubbed off on Royce. Death Is Certain is a classic, but look at how nerdy Royce started rapping now that he's back with Eminem. I hope this album will good but, sadly, I'm pretty sure it won't be. -OM

    • Anonymous

      who the fuck said ANYTHING about nas? who said anything about the beats on recovery? The whole album was soft and're clearly a dickrider, same as the clowns cheer leading for lil gayne or officer ross..only difference is the team you're dickriding lol i hope you're not an adult

    • ILL

      By the way NAS just did a track with NICKI MINAJ as well as TYGA. But I guess we won't be hearing anything bout him "selling out". Eminem's still the best, fuck whatever beats he had on recovery listen to the spitting, hell the sequel was hardcore and highly lyrical. Royce's flow has improved since 2001. Time to be honest with yourselfs bitches.. Who right now (who is still relevant and active in the game) can compete with slaughterhouse????????

  • Dicky Bennett

    Album gonna sell 6000 first week.Battle rap is dead. And Eminem production skills are shit.

    • Anonymous

      i agree he got that same guitar country sounding bullshit on almost every beat he makes..that shit is annoying

  • Anonymous

    dead ass battle rap for white retards, awesome

  • dj-deej

    Man, you douches are idiots (people commenting here_. Hip hop ain't nothing but hate these days. Why you gotta diss people? How about you just chill and listen to the album then make your mind up? Even if you don't like it, sit down and shut up because you ain't the king of this hip hop shit and there is now fucking law stating the album should be made the way YOU think it should be. Ya'll are some retarded dick heads.

  • Pedro

    Shady 2.0 killing it, heard their is a jay and nas feature too

  • Will

    This albums going to sell 5 mill first week

  • John

    Def buying this album

  • Anonymous

    Eminem gets a lot of credit for his production. Crooked I is delusional

  • Anonymous

    LAUGHTERHOUSE coming soon... Obese Joell Ortiz "Still A Free Agent (Because I'm A Whiny Voiced Cornball Never Was)

  • Real Talk

    Y'all are some idiots, it says Eminem is mixing the album, Not Producing it Dumb Fucks, That means he is just getting the levels right , EQ'ing and Compressing the Vocals, I swear u niggas must be the stupidest fans on earth

  • Beezlebud

    itll be garbage then coz Em hasnt made a dope album in 10 years n the 2 joints released so far have been fuckin let downs, only Crooked I came correct on Monsters in my Head and Hammer Dance is just wackness Royce has become corny as fuck since reunitin with Eminem, jus compare his 2 projects with Em with Bar Exam, DIC, Street Hop n it's embarrassin how hard he's fell off Joell hasnt been on point since Road Kill which was fire with the exception of Battle Cry on Free Agent Buddens mediocre but is improving at least Crooked still spittin flames

    • Young King

      and nah Ortiz is fuckin dope. EVERY MEMBER of Slaughterhouse spits crack foh wit all that yo. I'm not gonna let you tell me "BBC" and "FREE AGENT" wasn't dope and his covering the classics and road kill tapes.. foh b. Now on to Eminem. PLEASE.. do tell me how he "sold out" with recovery.. plz i'm begging you. because he got Rihanna on a track? I don't know if you've noticed but rappers been having R&B artists on their trcks since the 90's it ain't nothing new yo. wait It's because the beats were by different producers and not Dre and the Bass Brothers.. nah nah.. maybe it's cause he did a track with wayne?? nah nah.. it's definitely because he's not rapping the same way he was on the SSLP and MMLP yeah that's definitely it.. haha you "Stans" crack me the fuck up GTFOH. Recovery was dope it still had hip Hop producers and he was still rapping so yes that makes it a rap album.. you "stans" need to cut that shit out.. and don't even fuckin say Em ain't nice somebody needs to smack the life outta ya'll fam haha. will end this by saing simply this 1. you lil bitches don't know me.. so you definitely can't speak on where i'm from. 2. "SSLP:4/5" "MMLP:4.5/5" "ES:4.5/5" "Encore:3/5" "RLPSE: 3.5/5" "RCVRY:4.5/5" and on that note i'm done with you dumb fucks.

    • Young King

      @Anonymous & @Doc Ha. You mothafuckas couldn't be any more wrong yo. 1st and foremost to say I don't know anything about Hip-Hop.. you can't cause you don't know me but i will tell you i ain't listened to the radio in years because of the state hip-hop is in.. and i know all about Elzhi i have elmatic shit's dope Elzhi is definitely underrated and Canibus yeah i'll give him his props he's dope as fuck, Also underrated. But don't bring him up in a conversation about Eminem or Slaughterhouse.. ever. Canibus has been a fuckin cornball for the past few years dissin cats for no reason, just cause he ain't doing nothing to make him self and or stay relevant. As far as saying i wasn't listening to Slaughterhouse before they signed with Em.. yeah i bought their 1st album the week or a week after it came out before they appeared in the forever video or were associated in any way with Em so FOH with that b. Not only that but been bumpin their solo shit for a minute to so again shut yo asses up. too sum shit up I don't fuck with anything ymcmb, mmg or basically most mainstream shit except Em and Jay and mothafucka i'm still listening to the chronic, 2001, ready to die, life after death, reasonable doubt, ilmatic, mmlp, etc. I hate everything being played on the radio "Rap Music" is whack now days all we got is shady records and Roc Nation. as far as the mainstream shit i fuck with goes. ya'll can't tell me shit man.

    • Doc

      @Young STFU son coz you clearly dont know shit about Hip Hop n i'd bet my life your jus some punk ass kid from the fuckin suburbs who's never set foot in a real Hip Hop environment and prolly only started listenin to slaughterhous when they signed with Shady Eminem's fuckin mediocre lyrically n he cant keep up with any of todays top tier lyricists, Black Thought, Elzhi, Crooked I, Canibus would all fuckin murder him K-Rino - Perpetual Ascension Elzhi - Deep>>> EVERY VERSE EMINEMS RELEASED IN THE LAST 10 YEARS LYRICALLY!!!

    • Anonymous

      @young king Recovery was fucking aweful..em completely sold out with that one..that shit was probably his worst album, and thats saying somethin since he hasn't made a good one since the Marshall Mathers LP..the fact that you referred to it as 'that shit' completely discredits your opinions on real hip hop..and for the record i agree with every1 saying that Joel Ortiz is CORNY AS FUCK..always been a fan of Crooked I and Royce..even Buddens has some good shit from time to time, but Ortiz ruined so many tracks on the first slaughterhouse album its ridiculous.. one of his many god-awful, corny lines that pops in my head right now is 'a lot of frogs go "ribbit" but never leap lilly' just terrible..should replace him with someone who isn't going to spit some complete bullshit just for the sake of saying it was a punchline

    • Ya Man

      Hell the sequel was donkey shit.

    • Oster

      Hammer Dance was wack? Get the fuck outta here dumb bitch

    • Young King

      You're an absolute fuck tard b. you really gon act like Recovery and Hell: The Sequel wasn't that shit huh.. yeah aight nigga smh and for you to even say this album will be garbage or to even say any memeber of slaughterhouse is whack? get the entire fuck outta here b. the album will be fire.. 5 elite emcees that "NOBODY" in the game currently making music can fuck with lyrically.. coming together to make this project that has been almost 2 years in the making and with top notch producers supplying the beats but it's gon be whack.. or their whack.. yet they have a sold out show in NY tonight. but you don't hear me tho..

  • Anonymous

    Does Eminem make sure they wash their hands after using the toilet too? A favor here, a favor there is one thing, but it sounds like these guys are relying totally on Em to save their careers. Show some pride as men and mix the album yourself.

  • SniperGuy

    Ugh, still coppin it but I'm lookin forward to this less and less. If em fucks this up then I ain't touching any shady affiliated acts no matter how dope they are.

  • Assassin221

    I have nothing against either Eminem or Slaughterhouse, but is it part of their contract that in every interview they have to be all over his nuts? God damn.

  • Anonymous

    I cant wait to hear their album

  • So Icy Boi!

    (F)eminem iz tha worst producer ever. he fucked up Pac's Loyal to tha Game. (F)eminem's bears are fucken wack. T-Minus, 40, Boi-1da, Bangladesh & Lex Luger are tha best producers period. swag

    • reece

      Fuckin lucky your behind a computer screen bitch

    • BIGED


    • nickrazor2000

      Yeah you fuckin swaggot, emeinem's bears are wack. i didnt even know he had some bears. he must keep them in a cage in his backyard. if you are gonna be a hater and post some bitch shit at least proofread it! Damn you are a dumbass!

    • Anonymous

      Stop it you noob, you oblviously dont know anything aabout Eminem and keephating for no reason, I guess you havent heard eminems productions, you may not give him enough credit just like the interview says here but hes definitely a genius when it comes to this part

    • LM83

      your mom sucks cock in hell!!!!

    • Knuckles

      You sick ducks so your words don't mean a damn thing. Go piss on an electrc fence.

  • ItsTheTruth

    How the fuck does HHDX still not know that the Slaughterhouse album is set for May 15th for a release date? Whether it gets pushed back or not is still unclear but as of now it is set for May 15th. Step your game the fuck up HHDX.

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