Nas Opens Up About Divorce From Kelis, Says Split Got "Crazy"

Nas speaks on his nasty divorce from R&B singer Kelis.

During an appearance yesterday on MTV's "RapFix Live," Nas broke his silence about his ugly divorce from R&B singer Kelis in April 2009. After ending their four-year relationship, the Queensbridge, New York native was dragged through the mud in court and pilfered for an exorbitant amount of spousal and child support. Esco says that he always tries to stay out of the limelight, but acknowledges how the divorce made him more of a public figure.

"Life is crazy. I [wound] up paying more money to baby mommas than what some of my rap brothers and sistren make," he said. "I've always been away from too much limelight and that right there put me in your... No one's exempt from people probing into your life once you get into the game. So it put a lot of my business out there, man. It was like, people weren't thinking I was making that kind of money, and now they knew.

"I was always low key with it in a lot of ways. It was hard with people being all in your business, and it was just ugly. Divorce can be crazy," he continued, offering some advice for married couples. "Man, if you're happy... Love is a beast, man. Hold on. Be prepared for any way it may go, and be honest."

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  • Nobo

    She smoked weed 14 old, at 16 kicked from home. Had casual sex and dated woman. Friend relationships ment sex relationships(BJ). Christian? Noaah, dont tink so.

  • Acesun

    You have to begin with the end in mind, in anything you do, nothing lasts forever. That "love" chit is for the birds, nothing is wrong with being in love but love can change over time and too many than not, when your married that "love" bond is a BUSINESS. You may think it's not a business but you won't understand until you go through a divorce and see how 'unfair' it really is. All you cats thinking about marrying your wiz, remember to discuss openly and have a disaster preparedness plan, so in the event your lovely wiz turns into DIGGER over night, you can have your wealth bullet proofed because you made PRIOR arrangements to cover your ass.

  • Lil Locsta

    This nigga should stick to the mic and evade those tricks...

  • Locsta

    This nigga should stick to the mic and evade those tricks

  • Anonymous

    I don't give a fuck who Nas married as long as he still married to the mic also....... Nas still the best MC u suckers........

  • 1love

    life is good for nas.

  • mad man

    i'm wondering what my boy dame h has to say about this.... dame tell em what it is son.

  • Anonymous

    He made a mistake, life goes on. NAS STILL THE ILLEST

  • Anonymous

    Nas is my favorite emcee; but he made a big mistake marrying Kelis. She is really a huge bitch - she is a skank and pretty much a pathetic human being. He would be in a different world right now if he had never gotten with her.

  • Anonymous

    Nas u still the nicest on the mic... But the Family Court Judge fucked u! I knew that nigga" album was going to get u in trouble!

  • Anonymous

    The dudes with more money our supporting their kids. That's the difference. Ever wonder how these figures get so astronomical? Nas ain't paying, dummy. If he had been cooperating, the figure would be super low.

  • westLA'sfinest

    "I hate you so much right now I hate you so much right now Ahh... I hate you so much right now - So sick of your games, Ill set your truck to flames And watch it blow up, blow up! So far from sincere" -Kelis Looks like God's son married the wrong broad...

  • Anonymous

    If she was married to him, and she was, then none of this is out of bounds.

    • GoReadABook

      Who gives a fuck if its legal...its fucked up and wrong. Define 'bounds' and you'll see that MORALLY that money is not hers to take. She's a trifling bitch who used the legal system to steal money from her ex-husband to repair her ego that was damaged in the divorce. This has NOTHING to do with taking care of a child and EVERYTHING to do with manipulating a law that was created to help alleviate the pressure of a single mother raising a child or children alone, especially in the all too common circumstance that the father left the family, which means really all she is doing is taking advantage of those families who take refuge under this law by being reasonable and using it appropriately and responsibly. Beyond her and this being distasteful to the point of disgustingness, Kelis is using her own child in a personal war she is waging against her ex. Sounds like a model parent to me. Fucking A...if you aren't a woman you should be ashamed of yourself. If you are you should realize when you are being biased, cuz you are delusional or lying to yourself if you honestly think that this is morally ok.

    • NONO

      "WRONG". It's guys with way more millions than him, that don't have to pay that much. Child support and alimony are appointed for welfare of the significant other and child for the reason of taking care of them. These numbers are ridiculous, regardless of the sex being punished.

  • YadaMedia

    Is it bad that I figured he'd say the split got "NAS"ty? Would have been some great self promo/set up. lmao. Love Nas though for real. Sorry about the crazy split up man.

  • Chuck D

    Ive been sayin this since the Nigga" Album came out... Nas ruffled a lot of feathers in Corporate America and the US Govertment, he had no chance once he walked in the Courtroom's to get a fair deal... Have u ever wonder why 50 Cents or Puff doesn't pay nearly half what Nas is payin? And don't give me that we'll them niggas got good lawyers bullshit cause that's not even the case.. Like Nas says Puzzy Kills and u right it can be a man's downfall but trust Nas is good he b on some Calm shit and Nas will always b busy working its just to bad he's getting that Will Smith treatment hopefully Esco doesn't end up like Wesley Snipes behind Bars...... With all that said Nas to me is the most prolific Hiphop writer of all time! Gotta admit The Don' still has it... Peace!

  • UltimateMegadon

    i feel my dude nas i wouldnt wish this situation on any man out there is alot of dirty bitches out there but it goes back in ancient times that some of the greatest most smartest men downfall where woman so start thinking with yall brains instead of yall dick and you will be straight

  • Anonymous

    Naturally, if you let your child support and taxes go then of course the amounts reported you owe are going to make it seem like you got it like that, but it's obvious he's having problems settling his debts, so the less he says about it the better. Cause Kelis will win this battle whether she deserves it or not.

  • DJ Premier

    #fuckKelis Nas come holla at me if you want some anti-bitch track

  • Mr Flamboyant

    Pussy....a nigga's greatest downfall. Man I know that public part killed Nas. He's a low key private chill in the cut and shadows type nigga. Kelis needs to be beaten with a bag of nickels for that foul shit. Playing with God's vows and using them to get money is just the worst. That's not a good picture of her. She looks way better than that from what I recall. Nasir Jones hip hop career > her life Word to Alf Capone.

  • Anonymous

    she look like jay z wit a wig

  • Swag

    Nas fucking sucks and Kelis is an ugly bitch.

  • Anonymous

    Sorry to throw salt in the wound but she ugly as fuck..


    Hold your head my nigga, your legacy will outlive this bullshit...

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